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Today was a good day. If Whitaker got the OK to roll out publicly the info that Huber's team of US Attorneys has been investigating the Carter Page/Steele Dossier FISA warrant stuff, that means we're almost at 'go' stage.
People seem to think Huber's just one guy, maybe got a couple fellas in his office helping him out.

Huber is leading a TEAM of US Attorneys. His team is likely far larger than Mueller's ever was, and I suspect a lot of the US Attorney's on Huber's team aren't based in Utah at all.
Until THE top guy at the DOJ wanted us to know Huber's team of US Attorneys has been investigating for more than a year the Carter Page/Steele Dossier/Fusion GPS scandal at the FBI, we didn't know.

THAT, my friends, is operational security.

I got tweets like this every damn day for the last year and a half.
They didn't tell you because....are you sitting down?

Can you handle the brutal truth?


These people are engaged in the serious business of saving the country from a coup.

Your curiousity doesn't mean shit to them.

They're busy.
The legal experience, the intelligence experience, the political experience of the people pictured here, the targets of these investigations Horowitz & Huber are pursuing adds up to HUNDREDS OF YEARS.

You BETTER NOT MISS if you go after these people.
So they took it slow and their operational security was airtight. As far as I can tell, just about the only thing that leaked out they'd rather people not know about yet was the McCabe grand jury.
When the public finds out, when the Congress finds out, then the targets find out.

That is why control of investigation information was as airtight as they could make it.

These people are EXPERTS at escaping accountability. They could write BOOKS about it.
So people have basically been angrily tweeting at me for a year and a half "Why aren't they sharing details of their investigations, if any, in these slimy snakes that have slithered away from every single attempt thus far to nail them?"

"Wow, Comey and McCabe and Strzok and Yates and the Clintons, they've escaped every attempt to hold them accountable!


WHY do you think they always get away? 🤔
Because friends in high places always leak to them and the media and blow up any attempted investigation.

Serious people put careful thought over 2 years ago into how they were going to go about this.

And the very first thing they had to do was stop any real leaks.
Real leaks coming out of the DOJ/FBI that would compromise real ongoing investigations stopped LONG ago.

Every now and then the bad guys find something to leak that's real, like the McCabe grand jury, but 95% of their leaks are fake disinformation.
So Whitaker going in front of Congress today and VOLUNTEERING this information is huge.

If he's pulling the curtain back now, that's a sign things are ready to start moving.

ADDENDUM: The Clinton’s have a tried and true playbook to use against anyone assigned to investigate them. I call it “The Starr Treatment” after the special prosecutor assigned to investigate them in the 1990’s, Kenn Starr.
WHY haven’t the Clintons and the SpyGate plotters been able to give Horowitz and Huber a big heaping dose of what Ken Starr got for daring to investigate them?

Well it’s simple really.

The Clintons don’t have any INFO to feed their network of political & media allies.
Starr believed in transparency and so was issuing REGULAR UPDATES on his investigation. Even so, there were still numerous leaks.

The Clintons, knowing exactly what he’d found, where he was, who was on his team, spent 3 years making KEN STARR the villain of a soap opera.
Remember? The Greatest Prude Of All Time, Ken Starr And His Awful Team Of Sex Obsessed Witch Hunters?

The Clintons used their political allies and media henchmen to make Starr and his team the politically correct TARGET of 1/2 the country.
So more two tears ago, WHEN VERY SERIOUS people put their heads together to solve the problem of “How do we PREVENT the Clinton & their SpyGate allies from using political allies & DNC Media from relentlessly going after our prosecutors while these investigations are underway?
Here’s the plan they came up with:

KEEP THE REAL INVESTIGATIONS OUT OF SIGHT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Don’t let the Clintons know who leading these investigations or who’s on their prosecution teams.

GIVE the Clinton political/media allies a fake investigation to distract them.
So what happened over the past two years as all the big players in SpyGate were rooted out of the fed. agencies or flipped?

The real investigations were hidden from sight, only beginning to *partially* surface in December 2017.
Meanwhile the carefully monitored and HIGHLY VISIBLE Mueller Special Counsel kept ALL of the Clinton & SpyGate plotters enthralled, watching Mueller chase Trump, it was only going to be a matter of time until Trump goes down!
And now? Mueller’s about to close up shop, having only process perjury, Bank/tax fraud, illegal foreign lobbying and some Russian trolls in his bag.

NO Trump/Russia election collusion.
Meanwhile, the Clinton’s and the Spygate plotters *still* don’t know about much of what Horowitz and Huber have found, what they are investigating, what evidence they’ve found, who’s on their prosecution teams or where they are.

2 YEARS later they are STILL in the dark.
They CANNOT USE THEIR USUAL TRICKS of having their media allies hound the investigators and turning them into national targets and pariahs while they are trying to investigate like they did Ken Starr and Starr’s team because these new prosecutors have kept such a LOW PROFILE.
The political friends of the Clintons and the Clinton's media shills turned Ken Starr and his team into targets *well* before their investigation was completed.

It was decided there was NO WAY this time they'd let the Clinton's media allies turn THIS into that kind of circus.
So what did Trump do to shield these key investigators who are prosecuting the coup attempt? He offered HIMSELF as the target.

He figured out what the Clinton's & SpyGate plotters wanted and he 'gave' it to them:

A big honking public witch hunt with HIMSELF as Chief Witch.
For almost two years Trump played rope-a-dope with Mueller & his team of 12 Angry Democrats, bobbing weaving, complaining and 'whining' the whole time about it while keeping the attention of the Clintons, the SpyGate plotters & the media firmly fixed on HIM and MUELLER.
Meanwhile all the silent professionals under Sessions [and now Whitaker and soon, Barr] and under Horowitz & Huber quietly went about their crucial work.

NOBODY got to target them. NO investigative reporters hounded them, trying to blow their investigations.
Trump was never in any danger. Mueller has been watched carefully the entire time. Since there was no *real* Russian collusion to find, Mueller wasn't going to find any and he *knows* he's in no position to try to manufacture or invent one.
Of course, as we all know, Mueller's team got some scalps, the biggest of which is Flynn's. But note he hasn't 'cashed in' that scalp yet. I believe there will be more developments coming in the Flynn case before his sentencing goes forward.
Understand what I'm about to say here. It's going to sound callous, but it's a brutal truth.

Trump & his team are in a war for the future of this country against some very serious, entrenched, evil people.

In war there are casualties.

It can't be avoided.
So by offering himself up as a target to distract from the real investigations, Trump knew he wasn't going to be the only target. People around him were going to be targeted too.

A sobering thought on the state of war for the soul of America.
Well here's another thought: after a period of time, when the Mueller SC ends, and Mueller & his team are forced to publically report they found no evidence of Trump campaign/Russian collusion, Trump is still President.

Presidents can pardon people. Trump is a billionaire.
When people tell me "Even if Flynn volunteered for this, it's too much. He's lost so much money defending himself!"

You know what I tell them?

Don't worry about Gen. Flynn. He has a BILLIONAIRE who knows what he did for his country. He'll be looked after.
The witch hunt did it's job, and it's almost over.

Meanwhile the Silent Professionals are getting ready to move. Next week Barr gets confirmed. So Whitaker was *comfortable* revealing another thing that Huber's team of US Attorneys has been investigating.
Just think about this: even with what's been revealed so far, that Huber's team of US Attorneys is investigating the Clinton Foundation *and* the FISA/Fusion/Steele scandal inside the FBI, you *still* don't know what, if anything else, they are doing.

That's on purpose.
The bad guys weren't able to spend the last 2 years weaponizing any investigation info they got to give to their political/media allies to help them go after the investigators 'persecuting' them the way Starr 'persecuted' the Clintons in the 1990's.
If you can't see WHY that's a good thing, I'm not even going to try to explain it to you any further.

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