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Thread: An Alternative Theory on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn—Part III
[h/t @REMFtweets]

1. This is the third part of a continuing series on an alternative view of LTG Flynn. Recommend reading Part I before continuing with this thread.
2. And then Part II, which explored yet another element of the Flynn saga:
3. In this thread, we will take an orthogonal path to divine the mysteries of Flynn by examining his protégé, Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Is he a “Deep State witch,” and if so, what does that make Flynn?
4. Before diving into these questions, why use the word ‘witch’ to describe ECW as opposed to another term such as ‘operative’? Because using the moniker ‘witch’ simply acknowledges the historical roots of intelligence services.
5. Sir Francis Walsingham, one of the earliest British “spymasters” and who, without being much of a stretch, could be considered a direct ancestor of the UK’s MI-5 & MI-6. To refresh your memory if you’ve not seen the excellent Kate Blancett movies on Queen Elizabeth I:

6. Walsingham made a point of accumulating and mastering a vast array of information and statistics concerning government administration, economics, and practical politics.
7. Walsingham assembled a far-flung network of spies and news gatherers in France, Scotland, the Low Countries, Spain, Italy, and even Turkey and North Africa.
8. Using prison informants and double agents whose services he secured through bribery, veiled threats, and often subtle psychological gambits, he worked to penetrate English Catholic circles at home and abroad, particularly among Mary’s friends and agents….
8A. … in Scotland and France and at the Catholic seminaries established in Rome and Douai for training English priests.
9. He eventually was provided £2,000 a year by the government to pay for these secret activities. Walsingham also employed experts on codes and ciphers and in the art of lifting the wax seal of a letter so that it could be undetectably opened and read.
10. Although he closely guarded his own methods and secrets and thus left little in the way of a direct legacy for his immediate successors to follow, he was a pioneer in intelligence methods that would later become staples of professional ….
10A. …government spy agencies throughout the world.


Read more about Sir Francis here:…
11. Walsingham was known to use witches as spies.


In 1570 Walsingham was appointed as the new ambassador to France. He proceeded to set up his own network of undercover agents in France, Italy, Spain and the Low Countries.
12. One of the famous occultists [witches] he is known to have recruited was Queen Elizabeth’s court astrologer and the magical architect of the British Empire, the Welsh magician Dr John Dee.
13. It has been alleged that Dee used the famous Enochian magical alphabet as a code to disguise this information.
14. [Walsingham] asked Dee to use his knowledge of astrology to calculate the weather prospects for an invasion [the Spanish Armada of 1588]. The magus told him there would an impending disaster in Europe caused by a devastating storm.
15. When news of this prophecy was leaked and reached Spain, naval recruitment fell and there were desertions of sailors from the Spanish Fleet.


Read the rest here:…
16. One popular explanation of how the word ‘witch’ originated is that it derives from the word ‘wik,’ meaning ‘to bend’. Witchcraft is the art of bending reality. Witches bend reality. Intel operatives bend reality. By extension then, many intelligence officials are witches.
17. As you ponder the facts presented to you, ask yourself this question: is the subject of the thread “bending reality”? If you find the evidence sufficient, then the subject under examination is a witch by definition. Let’s now examine the elusive ECW.
18. Many patriots view and defend ECW as the heroic “whistleblower” who alerted Devin Nunes about Obama’s illegal “unmasking” of people within Trump’s orbit.
19. Thomas Wictor proclaims ECW is a “spook” brought in by General Flynn to clear out the Deep State leakers, and that he’s now over in DoJ working on the various “leaker hunts” whispered about in the media from time to time.…
20. I’ll admit that, until recently, I never questioned this MAGA-oriented conventional wisdom.
21. Meanwhile, members of the Resistance have the polar opposite opinion of ECW. A simple duckduckgo search (still hate the “G” word) will produce a wave of results showing near universal animosity for ECW. Here’s one example:…
22. This thread from Galactic Red Pill does an excellent job highlighting just what a “spooky” and polarizing figure ECW is, as well as providing useful background on ECW in general:…
23. But those dueling viewpoints are rather incomplete — and heavily influenced by the Deep State’s employment of continuing disinformation and misdirection by paid media operatives.
24. Fortunately, we have Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) whose deep insights show how incomplete our analysis can be. For those willing to critically examine ECW, it’s smart to follow the example of VDH.
25. In the aftermath of the Nunes “scandal” (when he was forced to recused himself for a time from his participation in the House Intel Committee’s investigation into “muh Russia” because two WH aides (ECW+1) had shown him info indicating that the Trump campaign….
25A. …was under surveillance by American intel agencies), and while many on both the Right and Left were immediately jumping to conclusions, VDH stepped back to make some interesting observations about the actions taken by a “whistleblower”:
26. <quote>

An unidentified intelligence official, possibly, it is now reported, attached in some role to the White House, apparently contacted Nunes.
27. We have no idea whether the source did so because he did not completely trust high-ranking intelligence officials, or because he did not yet have confidence in the experience of the new Trump administration to digest such information, ….
27A. …or because he was caught up in internal politics or wished himself to adjudicate the veracity of a prior Trump tweet.
28. We do know that he did not in this case leak classified information to the press (as have higher-up officials).
29. In any case, the source sought to have Nunes confirm the authenticity of his information — which purportedly suggested improperly handled intelligence-agency intercepts of the Trump transition team.

Read the rest here:…
29A. Any speculation should begin by asking what may have been the “whistleblower’s” true intentions and who ultimately benefited after everything had played out.
30. In another article, VDH rightfully defends Devin Nunes as an outsider and not one to partake in typical “inside the Beltway” silliness.
31. <quote>

The mainstream media has caricatured Nunes’s bulldog bluntness in going public as naive and partisan, and they have predicted his demise as a committee chairman amid a climate of hysteria.
31A. Instead, Nunes seems unconcerned and plows straight ahead — in the fashion of dairy farmers from the Central Valley of California.


Read the rest:…
32. These observations suggest that this matter could have been handled differently. Who knows what the “proper” way was for handling the situation? Was Nunes presented with any other options? Was Nunes even the right guy to approach in the first place with such concerns?
33. We don’t know the answers to those questions, but the fact is that Nunes was deliberately selected – by somebody – to make that “peculiar midnight run” to the White House SCIF.
34. Following the example of VDH, let’s ask the questions nobody else is asking that might assist us in understanding ECW’s intentions. What were the short- and long-term results? Who ultimately benefited?
35. First, the evidence Nunes uncovered was explosive. The Obama administration engaged in political espionage. But the legacy media refused to tell that story; in fact, they purposely discounted, obfuscated, and defused the bombshell.
36. Rampant partisan shouting ensued. The legacy media shaped public debate not around the evidence discovered, but rather the means by which Devin Nunes discovered it. [Sort of like manufacturing a process crime ala Mueller and associates!]
37. Devin Nunes became the story and the target of a partisan smear campaign. The legacy media “demonized” Nunes, branding him a “controversial figure”, a “partisan hack”, a “Trump stooge” and other pejoratives.
38. Andrea Mitchell (the long-time Deep State shill) went further by calling him a “clown.” Dems called for Nunes to “step down,” “recuse,” and even “resign.”
39. While Devin Nunes continues to fight the good fight, he will bear the label “Trump stooge”; anything he does or says is dismissed as partisan. Which is exactly as the Deep State and cabal want him labeled in order to further discredit anything he says.
40. I would argue that Trump’s enemies won that round. Being defeated in this manner psychologically conditions people to accept raw gov’t power. There are no apparent consequences to illegal domestic spying on Americans. There is no accountability for breaking laws with impunity
41. Let’s face it: a LOT of people on our side now accept this as “just one of those things” – and apathy sets in. That’s an YUUUGE psychological victory for the Deep State as they seek to protect the cabal & the institutions of government (and the inherent political corruption).
42. Considering the way things turned out for the poor congressman, it sorta looks like ECW’s intent was to set up Nunes. A lot of media cycles were spent on his recusal. Perhaps ECW was just inexperienced, politically speaking; let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
43. But ECW was working for the NSC. If ECW made an innocent mistake, why wasn’t he immediately reassigned? The answer is because he was smart not to directly involve himself. ECW was simply doing his job as directed.
44. It’s entirely likely that ECW was ordered to conduct the audit that led to the “concerning findings” of “wrongful unmasking” that he reported to the National Security Council (NSC) Counsel Eisenberg. Then someone told him to contact Nunes and show him the goods.
45. On one hand, ECW is protected from any charges of incompetence or wrongdoing, allowing him to continue his employment while simultaneously being labeled a Trump fixer because that’s how the story initially leaked out.
46. As most people are aware, ECW was eventually “forced out” of the NSC by Gen McMaster, in spite of Bannon and Kushner urging @POTUS to go to bat for him (according to legacy media reports, anyway).
47. From this ordeal, we learn about tensions between the CIA & DIA.


“It also highlights ongoing tensions between the CIA and Trump aides who are skeptical of the agency, feeding into concerns expressed by the president and his allies about the intelligence community.”
48. Cohen-Watnick was brought onto Trump’s transition team and then the NSC by a leading critic of the CIA: retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was Cohen-Watnick’s boss at the Defense Intelligence Agency and preceded McMaster as national security adviser.
49. Cohen-Watnick and Flynn “saw eye to eye about the failings of the CIA human intelligence operations,” said a Washington consultant who travels in intelligence circles.
50. “The CIA saw him as a threat, so they tried to unseat him and replace him with an agency loyalist,” the operative said.

Read the rest here:…
51. On his way out the door, The Atlantic hinted ECW still had a future in the gov’t reporting.
52. “A source close to Kushner said ‘Jared is a big fan of Ezra’s and is grateful for his contributions to the administration as part of the NSC but obviously completely defers to General McMaster on all NSC personnel decisions."
52A. " He looks forward to seeing what’s next for Ezra.’”

Read the rest:…
53. He landed at Oracle – which donated to Nunes, further eroding his impartiality (to the political benefit of the cabal and congressional Democrats) – before resurfacing at DoJ:…
54. When news reports announced that ECW was about to begin employment at the DOJ directly for AG Jeff Sessions, the simultaneous reporting on this story by multiple news outlets indicates this was a well-crafted PR campaign. Here’s one of many:…
55. MAGA folks everywhere were doing backflips claiming ECW was going to clean up the place by nailing all of the leakers. Well, not so fast…
56. First, all the news reports emphasized the hand Trump had in the process. AG Sessions “personally” hired him, it was reported.
57. AG Sessions appeared particularly interested in advancing this narrative when he recognized ECW during a speech to the Union League of Philadelphia, two months before the announcement:
58. ”And I also want to recognize Ezra Cohen-Watnick, another Trump White House veteran from the National Security Council team.”…
59. Follow-up reporting implied that ECW had to clear some legal hurdles before he was officially brought on at DOJ. As you were reading through those articles on the controversy surrounding ECW’s hiring at DOJ, did you catch the name of his lawyer?
61. This caught the attention of Matthew Miller at MSNBC questioning the appropriateness of a DOJ employee needing civilian attorney representation:
63. Mark Zaid is one of the most virulently MAGA-hating attorneys imaginable. A darling of the Left, he hangs with the likes of Comey protégé (and now anti-Trump commentator at CNN) Asha Rangappa and the Lawfare crew.
64. Zaid hates Trump so much he even sued his hotel on behalf of a wine bar. [The case was thrown out.]…
65. What the heck is he doing representing the vaunted Trump WH leak-hunter ECW? And why did ECW need his legal services in the first place?
66. Or rather, did ECW need his *PR* services? Was the purpose of the attorney to drive ECW back into the news cycle? Notice how Mark Zaid extricated ECW from the “Nunes scandal” while promoting the narrative that Trump placed him at DOJ directly under Sessions?
67. Do you see a new narrative being engineered? Was Ezra Cohen-Watnick placed in the AG office to actually taint the Mueller report? You can bet we’ll be hearing more about this soon as another angle if the media can’t hang that spin on AAG Whitaker.
68. In conclusion, might it be possible that ECW is a witch running interference for the Deep State by destroying people of the Right? First the firestorm with Devin Nunes, helping to cement the “muh Russia” kerfuffle in the public consciousness at a critical time.
69. Then the association with Mark Zaid, a rabid anti-Trump lawyer; and now buried in DoJ as a fail-safe mechanism for the cabal when the Mueller report doesn’t deliver the good against @POTUS.
70. You can judge for yourself.

For those wanting another comprehensive picture of ECW, there is this:…
71. If ECW is a Deep State witch, the next logical question is how did someone so young and seemingly inexperienced get placed in such positions of power and influence so quickly? How did the strings get pulled to make this happen, and by whom?
72. As we all know, the answer is that is LTG Michael Flynn, which begs the question whether Flynn is not all who the MAGA conventional wisdom deems him to be. We will add still more fuel to that alternative theory fire in the next parts of this series. ///The end.
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