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Good evening folks its Saturday so that means it's onto part 15 of #crystals of #StevenUniverse series from 9pm GMT

I want to remind you that I'm also live for tarot and educational services as well as writing and beta reading services.

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See you at 9pm friends
For folks who aren't caught up here's part 14 of #crystals of #StevenUniverse series which we'll be continuing on with in just a moment right here

But first I want to take a moment to remind folks that as well as being a nerd about kids cartoons and pretty rocks

I'm also a tarot reader, writer, educator and so much more check the linked thread for details

Good evening folks it's 9pm GMT

I'm Roo and we're going to be continuing onto part 15 of my #crystals of #stevenuniverse series

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Firsr up we have a fusion that appears in the show when jasper force fuses with snow monster (“earthlings” S03E23) a corrupted gem whom jasper captures among with many others, who I assume are corrupted jaspers, in an attempt to beat the crystal gems.
The fusion that results from this forced fusion is zebra jasper.

Irl zebra jasper is a microcrystalline quartz that commonly has inclusions of organic matter or other minerals in it.
Typically it's black and white stripes resembling rather unsurprisingly a zebra, although the darker colours have been known to fall in the brown to dark grey range and the lighter colours have been known to fall in the peachy cream to salmon pink range.
Zebra jasper is a stone that is thought to help support folks  through periods of adjusting life views, particularly when it comes to finding root causes of stresses.
An excellent meditation with zebra jasper is to picture your support network and the ways in which your relationships can evolve and deepen.

If you don't have a support network that is working for you yet then concentrate on the kinds of support you want to come into your life.
Scents associated with zebra jasper are acacia almond Clary sage and orange blossom zodiac association is virgo.
It's that time again folks where I interrupt myself to remind you all that I do things!

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Next up we have the jaspers that we've not seen on screen but I hold out hope for the coming seasons that perhaps there are jaspers of other varieties among the corrupted gems on earth.
First we'll go with black jasper. It's a flinty type of microcrystalline quartz that's fairly rare.
honestly to me personally looks like a particularly gravel-y looking lump of coal in its raw state but can be tumbled.
Black jaspers a stone wonderful for learning to set personal boundaries particularly when it comes to trying to take time for yourself to heal from mental or physical trauma.
It's a stone that can act as an emotional shield against negativity and promote emotional stability.
Fragrances associated with black jasper are anise cinnamon cloves Red pepper and ginger. Zodiac association is Aries and Scorpio
It's that time folks where I remind you that as well as writing threads on crystals and kids shows

I'm also an educator, tarot reader, and activist among many things.

Check linked thread for details

Tw brief spider mentions scattered throughout the next 2 gem descriptions
Next we have spider jasper  a microcrystalline quartz with  organic matter inclusions in it.

They do kind of look like shapes of unknowable insects and spider.
Typically the quartz is brownish colour and the inclusions are yellowish brown sort of colour and have lots of curves and angles at odd places. Like someone pressed the detritus of a woodshop floor into some crystal.
In some Christian/Catholic mysticism spider jasper is a stone associated with the Mother Mary and her protections and the luck that goes with that.
It's a stone particularly useful for spells where your trying to untangle yourself from messy emotional situations with as little damage to those involved as possible.
Fragrances associated with spider jasper are anise Thai basil bay and dragons blood. Zodiac sign associated is Scorpio.
It's the final time tonight folks that I want to remind you that I'm so much h more than the nerd you see before you.

I'm a writer a tarot reader a beta reader and so much more

Next we have spider web jasper which is different to spider jasper.

it's a stone that is usually black and white but the colours may vary slightly always dark and light though.
the dark almost always is the colour of the thread like inclusions in a light background but sometimes the inclusions are so dense it appears as though it is white threads on a dark background.
Both Spiderweb jasper and spider jasper are considered good to use in works to do with multiple spider gods goddesses and divine beings the world over including ...
...Arachne from Greek mythology, Anansi from West African and Caribbean tradition, grandmother spider from several native American nations particularly in the southwest, and Sumerian mythology's Uttu.
Spiderweb jasper particularly is excellent at work to do with reconnecting with the greater web of life and reminding us that everything is connected so we must be aware for our ripples in the web.
Meditate with it in your hand maybe on the image of a spiders web dripping with early morning dew in your happy place noticing how intricately the threads work together to make this beautiful marvel.
If your not a spider fan you can think about a drop of water dripping into a perfectly still pool and how far reaching the ripples are for such a tiny droplet.
Scent associations with spider web jasper are wheat, hops, amber resin copal and pine. Zodiac sign associations libra and virgo
With that last tweet that's me done for the evening,

I hope you've enjoyed yourself.

As always you've been awesome and I've been Roo

Stay safe folks 💜

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