So Saudia Arabia asked VICE to help them start a pro-Saudi, western-facing media company.…
Why VICE, I wonder? Oh, because they already had a deal with them.…
SRMG’s two main investors: “Al Ahli Capital Fund and Al Ahli Capital Fund 4 which are operated by the National Commercial Bank, a prominent Saudi bank mainly owned by the Saudi government.” (quote from Variety article linked above)
Gee, I hope VICE registered with FARA!
Let’s check in on that dinner party again: “Vice founder Shane Smith met the Saudi crown prince in April (2018) at a dinner hosted by producer Brian Grazer,...
...which was also attended by Disney CEO Bob Iger, Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (who also owns the Washington Post) and other high-profile Hollywood executives.”…
Interesting who else was in attendance at that dinner. Like Ari Emanuel, Trump’s old agent.…
That’s right. He’s Trump’s old agent.…
When did he represent him again? Oh. It was for The Apprentice.
What’s that? Trump’s old agent Ari, whose biz partner is Bezos’ sidepiece’s husband, had a $400 million deal with MBS? Looks like they were a lil’ worried about taking almost half a billion dollars from a murderer.…
In case you missed it: Ari Emanuel is Trump’s old agent. Ari’s business partner is Patrick Whitesell. Patrick Whitesell is Lauren Sanchez’s husband. Lauren Sanchez was reportedly having an affair with Jeff Bezos. Emanuel + Whitesell had a $400 million deal with Saudi Arabia.
(Lauren’s brother Michael is supposedly linked to Stone and Page, but I’m not finding anything substantiating that; as in articles *pre-dating the Bezos scandal* placing him with Stone or Page. If you see any, let me know.)
But back to that April 2018 visit from MBS. Who else was he visiting again? Oh, yes.
And who else does Saudi Arabia have deals with? Oh.…
Are you getting it yet? Transnational organized crime figured out that if they can own *all* the media (including SOCIAL MEDIA), and control what we see, think, feel, talk about, hear, know…maybe they can keep trafficking and murdering and totally get away with it.
There are other ways to own things, BTW.…
Let’s keep looking a bit more. Back to VICE.

Here’s the co-founder of VICE:…
Now, let’s check in on Jared.

Kushner owed a lot of money to a firm called Blackstone.…
Blackstone sealed a $20 billion deal with Saudi Arabia, thanks to Trump.
Kushner was sneaking off to Saudi Arabia.…
Kushner gave his murderer friend advice on how to weather the storm from being outed as a murderer.…
Who else wanted money from Saudi Arabia? Oh yes, it was Trump’s friend, Pecker.…
He would have needed $190 million.…
Hmmm…was there another time Pecker was trying to acquire a media company? Oh, yes.…
Who was he working with on that deal again? Oh. Harvey Weinstein, Mort Zucker and Donny Deutsch.
Hmmm. What was Bezos up to when all these deals were being made with Trump, Kushner and Saudi Arabia?…
Ruh roh. Looks like Saudi Arabia was moving in on Bezos’ territory.…
Let’s check in on Russia and Saudi Arabia.…
So if I have this straight: instead of allowing the US and her allies to lead with way with renewables, they conspired with each other to keep people on oil for as long as possible, while simultaneously hedging with nuclear.
So they could all continue being depraved criminals on their yachts and islands, away from prying eyes.

Among other things.
I wonder what they were so happy about?…
To repeat: we’re looking at transnational organized crime, and their hostile takeover of our government, our media, and our way of life.
Their creed transcends nations. It’s an alliance based on self interest, perpetuating criminality, and the subjugation of the rest of us.
That’s why people have been saying it’s the biggest scandal (and takedown) to have happened in multiple lifetimes.

That’s why people say this isn’t about right vs. left. This is about good vs. evil. This is the fight of our f*cking lives.
I believe we’re at the “criminals all turn on each other” part of the story.
Fun fact: criminals like to keep dirt on their fellow criminals. Never know when it might come in handy. Problem is, it’s a double-edged sword. Keeping copies of dirt means other people can find it too.…
There’s plenty for us to do. Put on your critical thinking cap as soon as you get up. This is war. Their weapon is information, along with the narrative encasing it.…
As we pick candidates to fight for us in this unprecedented time in history, ask yourself who has consistently been a threat to that weapon. Hint: one is the target of a smear campaign right now.
And maybe instead of talking about dick pics, we should add some actual context to the discussion? What do you say? Here’s a handy graphic to help. (it’s not exhaustive)

• • •

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Jan 5
Live shows contain so many moving parts that have to be going perfectly (or near perfectly) in tandem that right now it’s less risky to postpone vs. hope 1/4 of your crew or talent isn’t sick, stranded somewhere, or lacking tools.
If you decide to plow ahead and then have to cancel at the last minute, you’ve either lost your investment or have to pay significantly
more to bring everyone back for a second attempt at a later date.
People trying to move ahead with live performances right now need endless budgets and sub lists, along with guarantees that airlines, restaurants, drivers, hotels, and various gear suppliers (etc., etc.) can be counted on.
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Jan 5
Just received a completely unnuanced survey from the school district. To me the question at hand is along the lines of “our water lines are about to burst. Would you rather have a planned temporary shut-off, or do you prefer to let them explode without warning?”
And then sending out a survey: “do you want your water shut off? Reply A for yes and B for no.”
Then, when the pipes inevitably explode because policy is set based on the survey, say it’s the plant workers’ fault you don’t have any water.
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Jan 3
I agree with this 1000%. Proactively managing something isn't the same as "living in fear" or being "addicted to the pandemic." Failure to plan/manage something like this is a plan to fail.
How I am planning:
-anticipating that our entire household will likely get COVID in the near future, and thinking of how to deal with that disruption on a household level.
- expecting that stores may be closed or extremely low on things.
-Cincinnati is already in a state of emergency due to a COVID-driven shortage in our fire departments. For now we'll hold off on riskier activities (think ice skating, anything that we're not super great at and the chance of injury is high)
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Dec 21, 2021
IMO, it's because vaccinated people have taken this seriously all along, including the long COVID that can come regardless of severity of initial illness. Also: don't know anyone who wants to spend the holidays sick, even if it's mild, even if you don't have much planned.
I'll get it. I've accepted that. Doesn't mean I *want* to get it. So I do things like wear a mask here in the code purple sea where I live, to avoid guzzling it while picking up groceries or mailing a package. And put off things that involve large crowds of people, for now.
Up until my kids were vaccinated, I was worried about getting it and then giving it to them. I will continue to be worried about friends/family who have immune issues whose worlds are once again more dangerous.
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Dec 17, 2021
Interested to know what preparations she has in mind. I personally am preparing for major disruption of goods and services, just by how bad things already are where I live, the sheer number of under/un-vaccinated, and how many people are actively ignoring it.
Many things constantly out of stock, and items I ordered 6 weeks ago not due to arrive until the end of January. Customer service email: “we’re short staffed b/c of COVID and can’t answer you.” That’s all pre-Omicron.
So I’m expecting this 👆🏻but much worse.
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Dec 16, 2021
For those who enjoy comparing COVID to car crashes or whatever, be sure you account for all said car crashes happening at once in your calculations.
Ask yourself if a large percentage of your staff or the city were all in a car crash at the same time, if that might affect health care or society at large.
Imagine also that all you have to do is get stuck with a needle a couple of times to prevent car crash except a whole bunch of people are like "nah, I'll take my chances and I guess the rest of you should look out!!"
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