I hadn't considered Hamilton 68, Investigate Russia, or Integrity Initiative upon looking into legalized govt propaganda.

I imagine we could find a few links between these organizations.

Speaking of propaganda:

Everyone's heard about Obama's deal with Netflix, right? What about his use of OFA to fund his digital active measures campaign?

It's the new R&D side of the DNC. They're privately funded & already taking over liberal media.

Meet their team. It's deeper than you think.

One can look into nearly every name on that link ⬆️ and find some notable connections.

For today's purpose I will just point out this dude.


Who is the CTO of the DNC as of 2016. Also former VP of Engineering for Twitter. On the Higher Ground Labs Board.

In case you doubted the claim that they are now part of the DNC.

Raffi's quoted here but they don't even mentioned he's also on the HGL board. ⬆️

He's telling you they now have access to more funds by using a DNC cut-out for R&D.


Hello? 🗣️🎙️
The "anti propaganda" Hamilton 68 tracking site is directly linked to New Knowledge which is the company [Reid Hoffman] (LinkedIn) funded to create fake Russian influence in the Alabama election.

Must Read:
So to reiterate...

Obama legalized domestic propaganda ✔️

Hamilton 68 dashboard created ✔️

OFA drains DNC 💰 ✔️

HGL becomes R&D ✔️

HGL funds digital startups ✔️

Reid Hoffman funds New Knowledge through HGL ✔️

NK used H68 disinfo campaign to defeat Roy Moore ✔️

Uh huh.
That's right!

It was Reid Hoffman who used the DNC research lab to plan & fund a fake Russian disinfo campaign in Alabama.

In case you didn't get a chance to read the politico article:
Reminder: Jonathon Morgan developed Hamilton 68 and founded New Knowledge.

Fueling the Russian bot hysteria from both ends.

Pay no attention to the stuff about NATO & USAID. Also ignore Alliance for Securing Democracy, Omidyar, and Brookings of course.
Morgan tried to downplay his involvement in the operation with his explanation/apology.

But it's too late.. because it's already been admitted to. He's just spinning...

It's important to realize that this was just one example of their new opposition propaganda strategies.

This goes much deeper...
From the DC article ⬆️

The Soros funded [Democracy Integrity Project] hired Fusion GPS & MI6/Orbis Intel agent Chris Steele to CONTINUE the Trump Russia investigation.

They also funded the New Knowledge (H68) Alabama Russian hoax.

«Active Measures»
Daniel Jones founded TDIP and works closely with the democrats on the SSCI (Ask @carterwpage about Dan & Mark).

Btw, Morgan claimed #ReleaseTheMemo was a Russian hashtag.


I watched it start on 8ch.


We still want #Declas.
The hard working @themarketswork wrote about the relationship between Soros, Jones, Fusion GPS...


Oleg Deripaska? 🤔
In an interesting move Oleg decided to drop the MOAB on Soros, Jones & Fusion GPS.

Including a nugget about thr network of "Silicon Valley billionaires."

(See Above)⬆️⬆️⬆️

B💥💥M 👇

Democracy Integrity Project 🇺🇲


Integrity Initiative 🇬🇧

Oh, wait you already know each other?

You're working partners already? 😱

Is that MI6/Orbis agent Pablo Miller & Sir Andrew Wood working for you now?

Do you believe in coincidences?
Solid article describing the Alliance for Securing Democracy & the swamp creatures behind it from @with_integrity of Disobedient Media.

Nice handle Adam 😂

Over the past year we've had numerous researchers dig into Hamilton 68.

I challenge all of you to review research from @BenKTallmadge
Search any of those names + Hamilton. You'll find fascinating research.

Like this:
It is apparent we've once again connected both sides of the pond to #SpyGate & #RussiaGate.

There is bound to more layers connecting these disinfo operations.


Here's a little more on the Integrity Initiative to get your wheels turning.
Nice Integrity Initiative thread here as well.

If you've made it through this thread please look around the comments below as we often continue discussions & collaborate.

Please jump in if you've found something that connects or have questions.


A little more regarding Higher Ground Labs.

Every single one of these orgs need to be looked into @MattWhitaker46.

Btw, I mentioned Netflix earlier for a reason.

It's what had me look into HGL months ago.

Here's Obama's production company, "Higher Ground Productions."

Sick yet? 🤢
Isn't that comforting? Obama's using his private network of spooks & geeks to help run his media ventures.

More legal propaganda?
I guess it's nice to have friends in low places.

Pfft. 🤨
Sure... Netflix execs claim the Obama content won't be political.

Is that right?

That was a lie.

They didn't make it six months before announcing their first deal.

They're going to make content using a book about the Trump admins transition.

They couldn't even make a cooking show with subtle jabs at Trump.

Nope, full on attack. nytimes.com/2018/11/01/art…
Also they've done fairly well hiding the company from public attention.

Of course we won't let that stand.

They hired axctivist producer Priya Swaminathan.

I'm sure we can find more..

Anyhow here's the latest on Integrity Initiative.

Pretty much sums up their game.

I may not sleep tonight.

More coming out on Integrity Initiative.

Take a look at file names.

This dude @21WIRE & @nw_nicholas are covering this topic.

UK govt/MSM is suppressing the story for obvious reasons.

Hoping we can get something from @EpochTimes on this.

Quick reminder that Obama was an avid propagandist.

Plenty of experience in South America.

This is a nice update.

Former Estonian PM who is part of GMF housed ASD & Hamilton 68 is married to the head of Latvian Cybersecurity.

GMF is funded by USAID, NATO, and...Latvia.

Where did that Trump Intel that Hannigan gave Brennan come from?

Which justs adds to the intrigue behind Toomas.

Toomas is very likely a CIA groomed puppet.

.@ECEverett1 opened my eyes to Toomas long ago. Now he pops up everywhere.

So our tax dollars fund these propaganda operations against US citizens. Along with NATO, Latvia, Google, and Soros.

Sounds legit.
Another update from @Avery1776 which looks at similar operations employed by Hillary and the notorious David Brock.

I wonder if the Hillary bots are repurposed into anti-Trump bots now? 🤔


As expected David Brock plunged all the way into the soulless abyss of the deep end.

He also almost plunged to his death after Trump won.

He never thought she would lose.

This has to be the funniest post election story I've ever read.

Just look at this:
This article outlines Brock's post election plans.

He almost moved to London to work PR for a "friend" but instead decided to convince 120 billionaires to form a Trump resistance instead.

His motivation was #PizzaGage revenge.

#ColdPizza 🍕
The big change was pivoting his bots and monitoring algorithms to focus on attacking Trump. I may have a thread on Mary Pat Bonner somewhere..
The article goes on to give us a very good 40k foot view of Brock's plan.

Low & behold the main character from this thread Reid Hoffman is included in this scene.

Also mentioned is HRC explicit guidance for Brock to chase Russian collusion litigation.

Are David Brock's bots and ShareBlue shills promoting ASD's Hamilton 68 fake Russian hysteria propaganda?

Just ask Caroline:
As @MadAddictSport pointed out the Integrity Initiative was behind the silence of Julian Assange using Hamilton 68.

Remember Brock's motivation is to get revenge for #PizzaGate.

@DefendAssange @AssangeMrs

(@Snowden was also targeted)

FYI Integrity Initiative used Digital Forensics Research Lab (@AtlanticCouncil) who partners with FaceBook to protect election integrity.

Pretty gross huh?
Okay here's the old thread that mentions Bonner.

Yes it's pizza themed but not about "pizzagate."
Good point.

I recall reading this when it popped up and I laughed at how it seemed so far out of reach.

I'm not laughing anymore.
They declared all out war on information.

This doc is real.
Yet another layer of liberal activist propaganda disguised as fact checkers etc.

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