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The first in a new series. Since Trump's election, Democrats are panicking as they watch him roll back all of Obama's "progress". It's caused them to reveal who they really are.

The Party of Late Term Abortions & Infanticide

The key to the success for the radicals who took over the Democratic Party in the 1960's was *incrementalism*.

They didn't just come right out and say what their real agenda was and make big moves or strides towards their goals.
The radicals understood their goals were explicitly anti-American, since their philosophy is based on Communism/Marxism/Socialism.

Collectivism & surrender of rights & liberties to the State doesn't play well in America.
So all through that period from the 1960's to the 2000's, the radicals went slow, a nibble at a time, using reassuring language, swearing they weren't really trying to do what they were trying to do, or stood for what they really did stand for.
Why, the rest of us were just *imagining* that these people were anti-American anti-libery collectivists wanting to implement Marxist policies using gov't power.

Obama was the epitome of these kind of people. Talk softly, turn on the charm, don't frighten the nice folks.
It was understood before now that open, in-your-face radicals never get anywhere, never achieve any real societal power, can't win elections.

So they went clandestine, using soothing words to move forward just a little bit at a time.
So they made inroads towards their goals and they acheived progress towards their vision for America.

With Obama's election in 2008, some of them got overconfident and decided to stop nibbling and go for some huge bites at the apple.
With a complicit media, Dems crafted for Obama the persona of a 'racial uniter and healer', a truly special person who was going to lead America to great things.

Once he got into office though, the truth came out.

He was a petty, small man with an anti-American agenda.
Obama & Democrats set about fully weaponizing the federal gov't to punish their enemies and to fix it so they could never lose another election. They set about rigging the game in their favor.

Following Obama's reelection in 2012, confident Democrats stepped up the fixing.
They were confident they held all the cards. Hillary's long awaited coronation would happen, and then another 8 years of full control. Their agenda was assured!

And in just 2 short years in office Trump has enthusiastically set about rolling back all that 'progress' that Obama had foisted on the country.

Watching Trump rollback the agenda of the Obama years has caused Democrats to react emotionally in rage and fear.
Can you imagine what it feels like to climb a mountain slowly one foot at a time for 40 years and then just as you are about to reach the mountaintop and stay there FOREVER, some ORANGEBADMAN shows up and shoves you downward and you slide back a couple of miles?
So this is the state of the radicals who run the Democratic Party today.

THIS is why on almost every issue, abortion, the border, climate change, health care, they aren't even pretending any more to be rational or reasonable or restrained.

They have been TROLLED into coming right out & demanding what they really wanted all along.
And Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz is the perfect poster child for this present Democratic Party.

A Democratic Party that has dropped all pretense about being coy when it comes to what they really want to do to this country.
Yes, the Democratic Party and AOC have BIG PLANS for this country, as their Green New Deal demonstrated.

And they have ditched the old strategy of incrementalism for in-your-face radicalism.

And you know who couldn't be happier about that?

This guy:
Sucks to be you, Democrats.

You're about to learn yet again you don't really understand the country you are trying to get control of.

ADDENDUM: And as if to *emphasize* the point I was making in this thread:

Our President, just 20 minutes ago on Twitter:

So today after that disasterous Green New Deal rollout, AOC learns that the internet is FOREVER.

They took the FAQ down, but it was saved. Nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet.

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