So, the past few weeks has seen a growing public awareness in the UK of how the far-right, especially the religious far-right, in the US likes to operate, and likes to use willing, if witless, pawns to do their bidding.

The name that's been making the headlines recently...

is The #Heritage #Foundation. But what, exactly, does The Heritage Foundation espouse? What is it's driving ideological foci?

And the answer to that, if you care one iota for women, or for LGBTQI+ people, is grim to say the least.

This is an organisation that states:

On SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws):

"SOGI laws are about forcing all Americans to embrace—and live out—certain beliefs about human sexuality. They are not about protecting the freedom of people to live as LGBT, but about coercing everyone else to...

support, facilitate, and endorse such actions."

Yup, The Heritage Foundation straight up campaigns for the right to discriminate against all LGBTQI+ people.

"In Congress, Human Rights Campaign leads the charge to pass the Equality Act, a bill that would add...

both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Civil Rights Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Jury Selection and Services Act, and several other laws regarding employment with the federal government.

If passed, the Equality Act would impact a broad spectrum of private businesses by adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to laws prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations. Although the original purpose of such laws during the...

civil rights movement was to shield racial minorities from invidious identity-based discrimination, LGBT activists seek to abuse these laws by turning them into swords to punish people. . ."

Yup, the Heritage Foundation openly campaigns to allow for discrimination...

against #LGBTQI+ people by denying them equal access to civil rights, housing, credit, employment, and the benefits and protections of the legal system. This is exactly what #DozyParker and #LickspittleLong were campaigning for on their US jolly - a paid for junket...

designed specifically to target the #gay, #lesbian, and #bi communities, amongst others, for exclusion from legal protections and recognition.

And this isn't a new campaign. Not by any stretch of the imagination. As with the wedge strategy the far-right US fundie groups...

are funding in the UK, this is a campaign that targets LGBTQI+ people to make them outlaws—a term that actually means forcibly placing people outside the protection of the law so that it becomes legal to do anything you want to them. And a strategy designed to force...

#LGBTQI+ people out of society - to deprive them of recognition, of employment, of housing, of protection, health care, and acceptance, and to drive #LGBTQI+ people to their deaths—to make being #LGBTQI+ so utterly onerous and dangerous so that in the warped and...

hideously dangerous minds of groups and people like The Heritage Foundation, and AFA, and Focus on the Family, and #DozyParker and #Lickspittle, people will stop "choosing to be deviants". That is quite literally what these people think they can do—force #LGBTQI+ to stop...

being #LGBTQI+, and if people still persistently end up being #LGBTQI+, to force them into the position that being so just leads to their deaths, either at their own hands, or somebody else's, or through the hands of the State via the legal system, or through...

homelessness and poverty.

And this is exactly what #DozyParker's cheerleaders, including those infesting "#BigotsCorner" on @MumsnetTowers are cheering on—the forced removal and then eradication of lesbian, gay, bi, et al, people from society.

"J. Crew’s Pride Month campaign also helps market homosexuality and animus toward orthodox religious believers. For instance, images of same-sex couples, children, and a celebrity are used to market the attire. Each...

photograph is accompanied by a quote relating to “love” or “pride.”

Yup, The Heritage Foundation's position on #LGBTQI+ support is an attack on, and a drive for, persecution of religious believers. Sound familiar? It's the same line that's been fed by them to their...

witless UK supporters who mindlessly regurgitate the same talking point; "Accepting and supporting #trans people is a persecution of women".

And, of course, both arguments are made in extremely bad faith, as supporting #LGBTQI+ people is not persecution against...

those who are religious or women, but is instead the removal of a weapon from the hands of fundamentalist extremists who want to attack the marginalised and oppressed in society for their own sick reasons.

And again we see exactly the same argument espoused by The Heritage Foundation in another argument:

"It is too strong to say that those promoting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer agenda are just kicking in a rotten door when they prevail over persons like...

Jack Phillips and chaste innkeepers and modest students. It is about right, however, to say the “door” is rotted and hanging off its hinges. Indeed, only after the public realm was secularized and religion thus privatized and in the private sphere treated as...

just one of many possible sources of personal “identity” could American religious liberty be so threatened by the rival claims—in fact, demands—of others to define themselves sexually, and to do so without having to endure moral criticism by others."

Note the use of...

supremacist concepts and ideas—the notion that only the True Believer™ is allowed to determine what is an acceptable "identity" for a person to have, and that nobody else is allowed to make that determination, even for themselves.

This notion that only the select few...

should be allowed autonomy, and that it should be denied to all others who do not align themselves perfectly with the ideology of the supremacists that pursue such dangerous campaigns and initiatives. It is both bedrock and lynch pin to much of the strategy deployed by...

far-right supremacists such as Whtie Supremacists, far-right religious fundamentalist organisations, and TERFism—only the chosen have rights and protections, all the rest are chattel to be disposed of at the whim of the chosen.

"For the past decade, activists have used state governments and the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage to give faith-based adoption agencies an ultimatum: Comply with politically correct views on sexuality and marriage or shut down. We saw this...

recently when Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit in Texas to try to force a Catholic agency to place refugee children with a same-sex couple. In Georgia, every Democrat in the state senate opposed a bill that would protect the ability of faith-based agencies to...

follow their belief that every child deserves a mom and a dad."

Again, an argument used time and time again by supremacist organisations. Only the "right kind" of people should be allowed to bring up children, and anybody who isn't straight and married (and in the eyes...

of such people, regardless of what the law says, gay people can never get married; that any such marriage is a legal fiction and doesn't really exist). And an argument more than willingly endorsed by #DosyParker who is notably on record as stating that trans people,

especially men, should be sterilised, and has also gone on record on MN as stating that gay couples shouldn't be allowed children because "every child deserves a mother"—again, it's absolutely no coincidence that #DozyParker and #Lickspittle were picked by the Heritage...

Foundation to do their dirty work for them—the Heritage Foundation and #DozyParker's views are in lockstep with each other on this.

"Successful efforts to extend marriage recognition to same-sex couples have tempted some dispirited well-wishers of traditional marriage, among others, to call for the “privatization of marriage” by getting the state to adopt a neutral stance toward it. Such a...

policy would require the government to refrain from promoting and supporting marriage and parenthood, effectively making them merely private choices. This misguided approach subordinates considerations of how best to form self-governing citizens to...

the new ethic of self-expression, imagining that a responsible citizenry will spontaneously emerge. It also produces a culture increasingly hostile to marriage, ignores the problems posed by the human passions, and indirectly opens the door to intrusive state involvement.

By contrast, government support for marriage as traditionally understood nurtures the best possible conditions for human flourishing.

The state’s traditional concern for marriage arises from the role of marriage in the procreation and education of children.
[. . .]

Laws shape culture, and a policy that supports monogamous male–female unions encourages the behavior on which the future of democratic self-government depends."

Again the Heritage Foundation goes straight for the supremacist ideology and arguments—Marriage must be...

controlled; only the select few True Believers™ can be trusted and all others must have such decisions made for them; unless people are controlled by the True Believers™ they'll fuck for fun (*gasp—shock—horror*); only the State may recognise when people are together...

(and for State, remember this is an organisation that openly advocates for fundamentalist Christian theocratic governance); marriage is only for the production of children and wives should be spitting them out like seeds - it's their duty.

Again, #DozyParker and...

#LickspittleLong saw absolutely nothing wrong with this position when they went out to campaign on behalf of The Heritage Foundation. TERFs bang on about The Handmaid's Tale and Gilead, and then jump at the chance to actually bring it about, or to cheerlead on the...

people who are working to bring such a situation about.

Now, this is just a little taste of what the Heritage Foundation is about, and they're just one of a great many far-right religious fundamentalist and supremacist organisations campaigning against #LGBTQI+ people, and campaigning against cis straight women as well.

And it is exactly groups like this that the likes of #DozyParker, and many, if not most, TERFs in the UK are cheerleading on, convincing themselves that fucking over cis, straight, women, as well as the lesbian, gay, bi, et al, communities is perfectly acceptable,

because it's all justifiable by their #hate and #loathing for the mere fact that #trans #people exist, don't want to be discriminated against, actually make the determinations for ourselves as to who we are without permission from the True Believers™, and are willing to...

stand up and fight for our rights, rather than settle for whatever dispensation or crumbs that TERFs feel they might be willing to grant us as their perceived chattel.


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