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1) @realDonaldTrump #QAnon post No. 2682...
#TheHill reports, in a damage control effort, the realities behind #Dem [#HRC] #RussiaCollusion in #U1/#Rosatom. This & more, have always been the issue! The time of a set stage, ripe for action, moves closer.
2) These arrests & prosecutions will be the way faith is restored 2the public.
Projection here, is the transference of ill acts from the guilty party, 2another party, in this instance, #Patriots.
With the system so thoroughly corrupted, the necessitation of a complete removal of
3) #OldGuard Minions in the #FBI & #DOJ (& replacements within a corrupt court system) becomes a necessity. 2restore, for the sleeping masses, an image of trust, they must be subjected 2a deprograming effort.
A slow speed, high torque, effort is needed to combat the #Clown's,
4) #MKUltra & #DARPA R&D stratagems. #DSMedia, using #FabricatedNews & scripting #Hollyweird propaganda, of both a subliminal & overt nature, are diversions created to negate truths. Alternative & social-media have enabled a full on frontal response to those efforts. It's
5) painfully obvious that #MockingbirdMedia tacts work. Why else would we experience such #CognitiveDissonance even from those closest to us? They wouldn't deploy their narratives if they didn't know they would induce the desired responses! In this #DSIllusion,
6) there exists in the minds of those thus corrupted, an absolute. If it is said to be factual, it is, regardless of a complete absence of truth. To hear it & repeat it over & over cements it, confirming it! The way this is successfully achieved is thru the use of a tantalizing &
7) psychically edible propaganda. When taken by the disbursed frequency talking points, any questions that may arise are negated by the attachment to the parroting within the circles of the clique mentality grouping.
These are the underlying reasons for the establishment of the
8) counter-narrative belittling, found in the #Clown's #ConspiracyTheory, criticism, negation function.
All of these dumb-down efforts are seen in the entertainment arm of the #DS. There is a constant portrayal of a life, whereby, you have a birthright to be gifted all you need.
9) This is the #Socialist agenda as it's being deployed & why statements like #FreeStuff exist. Ppl actually believe they are entitled to such. The acceleration of attack models are evident. Division is the end goal. It leads to conquest & from there, a culling! Critical thought
10) is the enemy of the #DS. They want control over a weakened, silent populous; a group think of mindlessness, bound in poverty & reliant on gov't assistance. Logic begets common sense conclusions & is a capability unwanted by the DS. #TheSwamp is filled with those lusting,
11) filled with greed & ehthralled in actions, they believe, will bestow power 2them. As they never thought "she" would lose, the #Panic has grown & nears a crescendo. Acts related to complete transparency are the only way forward. The actions which have sown lies as truth, which
12) have designed a narrative 2keep the people powerless & them in full control, will end with exposure of truths in forms utterly undeniable & beyond reproach. Transparency, ending in prosecutions is the way forward & the only way to restore our way of life & a societal sanity.
13) #QAnon post No. 2683...

If not for #SocialMedia, would we even know of the continuation of the #YellowVest protests thru-out the #EU [ ? ]
Ppl are becoming aware of the nightmarish pitfalls of #Globalism. As such, #DSMedia's playbook is to throttle
14) coverage at all cost. Fabrication of events for dissemination & propagandist lies are among the avenues in use. All methodologies are made real in an attempt to silence dissent & control the media #TalkingPoints. The "Opinion" & #HitPiece are deployed to counteract any
15) movement working to disburse truthful versions of reality. The reality which conflicts with the #NWOGlobalist agenda. Fear is a tool in use to instill insecurities & act as a catalyst for reactionary behaviors.
Division is the goal in this divide & conquer effort.
16) #QAnon post No. 2684...
#Q reposts bottom portion of 2582.
The plan has been from the start to have #ArmyCorpsOfEngineers build the #BorderWall. The recent shutdown made it clear to most that the #Ds don't want border security. The flow of #Illegals helps them secure their
17) #Globalist intensions. They want 2grow their voter base using illegals. They profit from grants for #SanctuaryCities, & it will no be overlooked that they profit in human suffering via trafficking & black market drugs!
#POTUS #Tweets Re: #NationalEmergency declaration quote.
18) #Qanon post No. 2685...
#Q post link to short #Youtube video ==>
#Regan Quotes: As Gov't Expands, #Liberty Contracts
19) #QAnon post No. 2686...
The #Dems operate as a blockade to stop intrusion or interference in the immoral, largely covert, ops that are run under the cover of [PP].
The #Ds want #PP funded as it is one of their $ cycling entities. Money goes from the
20) #Feds to PP & then goes to #Dem campaigns thru donations which are pathways to hide $ & launder it. PP provides services for #HumanTraffickers (abortions for underaged sex slaves). It deals with #NWO life extension orgs by selling fetal body parts. The #Ds want to legalize
21) late & post term abortions to those ends & think they need to do it to counter the inevitable strike down of #RoeVWade.
#CecileRichards, once #Pelosi's chief of staff, after, president of PP. The article shows That she & #KirkAdams are #DSMinions w/ties to #Eugenics group
22) #UNICEF.
This #Admin has the #DOJ launching a federal investigation into #PlannedParenthood’s practices & the sale of fetal tissue.
The investigation into PP was begun in 2015. As mentioned #D bad actors had stymied that effort.
23) Here's the investigation report as it is posted. It's the chronological listing of events that relate to that effort back in 2015.
Here's one of many links from the 2015 era investigations into PP. It addresses the link between #PP & #UNICEF & that
24) orgs efforts 2endorsed abortion documents, back abortion & aid in drafting new pro-abortion legislation!
This effort is massive! Top senior gov't officials aided in the effort 2coverup facts & keep the abortion profits machine moving. We know who!
25) #QAnon post No. 2687...
#DSMedia continues to attack this so called #LARP because they fear the truth. The #Panic thru-out the #Left escalates & as seen in the next drop, there are 1000's of #AntiQAnon hit pieces that appear with a #GOOG search.
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