I am going to make a thread about my #awakening and I am seeking help for my illness. I only have 86 followers so I will tag some of my favorite #anons #patriots
@jordan_sather_ @tracybeanz @docdhj @jonrappoport @gregRubini @cronsell @markdice @cordicon @prayingmedic
In Sept of 1994, my first “real” flying job, I flew a Piper Lance from Ypsilanti to Searcy AR on an automotive freight run. Eight to 9 hours round trip… long flight!
We had all heard of the rumors that Connie Kalitta’s B-18 were ex-ci_ and had been used for running drugs/guns in Mena, AR. A local pilot warned me not to ask questions. I wish that I had stayed awake
July 17 1996, I flew a stand-up overnight to Fayetteville, AR in an ATR-42 for Trans World Express airline. That night at dusk is when TWA 800 was shot down. I lived this rabbit hole waiting forever for the real story not some BS C_A version… I wished I’d stayed awake
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TWA_Fligh… In December of 1998, I interviewed and accepted a job at TWA as a First Officer flying B727. Do you remember TWA 847? I operated that aircraft before it was retired. The bullet holes were patched up
One of our ground instructors told us of all the shenanigans the FBI was involved in during the investigation of flight 800. Phones were tapped. People were followed. Evidence tampered with. Items dismissed on the ocean floor. We still haven’t heard the truth…. back to sleep
Pilots get scrutinized on line checks once a year on revenue flights. It makes for a cramped MD80 cockpit which was the aircraft that I had the pleasure of flying while awaiting merger agreements between American Airlines and TWA.
I was pretty excited to wear a new uniform and leave my ailing TWA. The route was FLL-STL. The date was Sept 11, 2001. A morning flight , we diverted to TPA for 3 days, I passed my line check but was fast asleep regarding 9/11
9/11 - I was fast asleep and bought the MSM version hook, line and sinker. I didn’t know one pilot that thought any different. Pilots are great mental slaves. They conform to all norms, following procedures… SOP
After being furloughed from AA, I rekindled my spirit with the great outdoors. I got closer to God but didn’t pray or attend church. Although my spiritual side was there, I never seeked out the truth, the light, knowledge.
After a brief stint on the dinosaur DC8, I checked out on a B747. The new assignment enabled me to move to Anchorage, AK. An absolute dream of mine. Within a few years the financial crisis was here… new furloughs… I made it by the skin of my teeth.
I’m telling you all this so you know there is a human behind this story telling truth. It’s the following to some that is tough to swallow unless you are red-pilled and following the truth movement. #Normie #greatawakening
In 2011, I ended an on again off again relationship with my girlfriend who had fibromyalgia. What the heck is that? She gobbled Tramadol every day because of “pain monsters” all throughout her body
Never ever drink the water melon juice in India. On a trip from Mumbai to Cologne, I got a case of salmonella poisoning. After a round of ciprofloxacin, I was better but...
...nobody told me that I just wiped out all of my gut microbes and I should have taken probiotics or good gut microbe foods that we don’t eat anymore. Should have been a wakeup call
In 2012 I met my wife. We had a son together. The pediatrician recommended that I take a dTap and flu shot. He said I run a great risk for pertussis and flu with all of my travels. I rolled over, still sleeping and extended my arm. #vaccines #vaxxed #vaccinedamage
2012/2013 my back issues really flared. One area, along the nerve on my right side felt very painful. It felt like the nerve was dying. A slight resting tremor developed. This all gave way to a Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2014. My flying career had ended at 46
I went down every conceivable rabbit hole and tried to discovered the #truth. The beautiful truth that evil hides from us. If you took away my Parkinson’s tremor and I would definitely have CFS/ME. A mild/chronic inflammation of the CNS, spinal cord and brain. Mild still sucks!
It starts in the gut but Neurologists practice within the guidelines of the AAN. They offer symptom treatment but don't look at underlying health issues. There is no money in cures...
#Trusttheplan #WWG1WGA #Qanon My health issues deteriorated rapidly in 2015-16. Sinemet is carbidopa and levodopa. The carbidopa extents the life of levodopa but it depletes vitamin B6 to the point where you have none. Sinemet leads to dyskinesia.
I started to chelate metals with Andy Cutler chelation protocol. I had a hair test analysis that showed mineral derangement that implied metal toxicity livingnetwork.co.za/chelationnetwo…
I’ve chelated over year with some success, but I still get these flare-ups that knock the shit out of me. I now see a Holistic doctor that uses rife therapy. After eliminating EBV (Epstein barr virus.. common with CFS), I bought a GB4000 and zap pathogens.
I’ve zapped viruses, fungi, bacteria, etc. To me my illness feels like pathogens acting on the CNS and even the brain (Brain on Fire). royal-rife.com
After knocking pathogens down by rife, new ones inevitably crop up. I think these are co-infections but to what? Toxic metals or a retro-virus? Dr. Judy Mikovits gets creamed by the CDC. XMRV doesn’t exist… or does it? vaccineimpact.com/tag/dr-judy-mi…
I really do believe the #cabal will be nailed but when?. It is my hope that #disclosure, full disclosure, over humanity’s hidden secrets; health cures, Tesla energy projects, SSP, etc. I know the body can heal. God did not intend for us to live with this kind of suffering
@VOnline46 @StormIsUponUs @SaRaAshcraft @TraceyCooke1027 @kabamur_taygeta @Arc339 @Ascension_Guide tagging some great voices. Seeking help for an illness and speaking my truth
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