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1) God in His infinite mercy gave me a cold so I would slow down.
2) But I do follow the news closely, and Q's posts, and thought now might be a good time to review the past couple days' worth.
3) This is just me trying to follow along. And also we have to talk about what happened in LA, or what's happening. Whichever.
4) It's not really clear to me why Q talks about certain topics at certain times. I'm content to just go with it.
5) So we left off at Post 2686 - Feb. 10, 2019. A very disturbing post.

* Did Planned Parenthood deliberately traffic fetal parts?

* Deliberately enable underage human trafficking among Democrats, by arranging for abortions for their victims?
6) Q offers us this link to an investigation of Planned Parenthood by a pro-life organization.

7) OK so I stopped for a little while to actually watch the undercover video.

8) What you see is a very casual attitude toward sex, and underage sex, with the predominant focus being on getting treatment, including abortions, for all clients who need them.
9) I did not see Planned Parenthood deliberately trying to help child traffickers.
10) So I think we have to be careful when we characterize reality, not to impose our own filter on that reality.

I guess my concern would be more about the culture that normalizes pedophilia under the guise of "health," "empowerment," etc.
11) Q focuses on the manner in which fetuses are disposed of and refers to a previous drop (#1253) which linked to a Congressional investigation.

12) Here again, I see things a little bit differently, the problem seems a little bit different to me than perhaps Q's framing.

It may be that Planned Parenthood is guilty of unethical behavior on many fronts; it may be that fetal body parts are like car parts to them;
13) It may even be (gruesome as it is to think of it) that they absolutely don't care how fetal body parts are used.

14) The problem is really a culture that promotes depraved indifference to human life -- and calls that feminism.
15) The problem is that leftists live and die in a world of words, not a world of reality.
16) The problem is that leftists can only conceive of a person's pain as a matter of EMOTIONAL ANGUISH.

Fetuses are not people to them.
Fetuses don't have heartache, or grief.
17) The fact that leftists can only conceive of emotional pain as real explains their attitude toward Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.
18) In the leftist mind, racism is the ultimate offense.
And it is an offense. There's no doubting that.
19) But infanticide is the mother's privilege, and as such the leftist does not complain. ("But he SAID he would KEEP THE BABY COMFORTABLE....")

You cannot argue with these lunatics, because of the way their indoctrination works.

20) The leftist loves a woman with a clenched fist.
If you say that infanticide is bad, this takes away a woman's power.
They can't have that...at all.
21) To the left, Planned Parenthood is a godly organization.
Because to the left, women and their desires are a desirable alternative to God.
22) Q intimates that the @FBI has purposefully avoided investigating Planned Parenthood because of "senior political officials providing cover."

This is a bit confusing because the officials he names, RR (Rod Rosenstein) and McCabe (Andrew McCabe) were CAREER, not POLITICAL.
23) The obvious answer to this riddle would be that Q is stating Rosenstein and McCabe behaved as political officials, rather than civil servants.
24) Let's move on.
25) Drops 2687 and 2688 focus on the suppression of the Q phenomenon by the mainstream media, despite its worldwide popularity.

2687 shows us Finland and the UK.

Why are globalists uncomfortable with people uniting worldwide under the banner of independent thinking?
26) 2688 talks about the media, and their horror at the thought that they simply do not control the narrative anymore.

They don't.
27) It's funny to me, that I have mentioned Q in official settings multiple times -- at a job interview, at a communication meeting, in several speeches.

I've said: "You need to take a look at this."

I've said: "Give the people the info they are looking for."
28) It seems to me that there is something so genuinely broken here, when the government considers how to do communication.

It's one of those culture things, it's so subconscious.

I am not sure that it can be fixed.
30) The bureaucrat has to control the crowd with insufficient resources and he or she knows it.

They neutralize threats by preventing challenges to their authority.
31) "The greater the degree of authority that can be imposed, the less the threat." (p. 7)
32) "Hence comes the often-reported tendency to be lenient with offenders whose attitude and demeanor are penitent, but harsh and punitive to those offenders who show signs of disrespect." (p. 7)
33) We could go on and on about this, but the point is that the bureaucrat has good reason to make their work impenetrable to the taxpayer they're supposed to serve.

The more you know, the more you are equal and a threat.
34) The same dynamic operates with the media.

They don't know any more than you do, really; superior information depends on the quality and timing of your sources.

If the sources suck and the data dumps are faulty and/or late, the media loses its dollar value.
35) The government shutdown was avoidable (Democrats) and the #fakenews phenomenon was avoidable (Democrats) but the result has been adaptation.

Two major sectors of society have demonstrably failed to prove their value; worse, their inefficiency and intractability has cost $.
36) Drops 2689 and 2690 -- Voter ID and voter fraud; claims of racism.
37) Drop 2689, Q opens with the joint press release from @FBI and @DHSgov reporting that the 2018 midterm election infrastructure did not suffer from "foreign interference."

By this I think they mean cybersecurity/the machines. Not propaganda.

38) Q points out that foreign interference doesn't include using illegal aliens as a source of votes. That is actually happening, and the Democrats won't care about how it affects elections unless and until the tide turns against them because of it.
39) Here again, we see the leftist mindset at work. 2013 NC voter ID requirements were struck down in 2016 by the U.S. 4th Circuit because the judges felt they evidenced "discriminatory INTENT."

To the leftist, it is MIND and not MATTER that matters.

40) In 2008, it was the matter that mattered and the Supreme Court upheld voter ID.

41) Drop 2690, it is the MATTER that matters, Q points out, and we are frequently required to produce a photo ID to get and do things.
42) The distinction between THOUGHT and DEED is obviously the reason why so many of us support @POTUS -- and it is also the reason why so many bitterly oppose him.

To his supporters, he gets stuff done.
42) To his detractors, he's mean.

And nothing else matters.

(Niceness doesn't pay the bills.)
43) Adam Schiff. (Drops 2691, 2693 and 2694)
44) Drop 2691. Here Q suggests that Adam Schiff has been deployed to keep the "fake narrative" going about @POTUS. But as Q notes, if there hasn't been any evidence up until now -- and it's been years -- the act is wearing a bit thin.
45) Drop 2693, Q suggests that enough time and money has been wasted on the fake Russia investigation and that the President is going to end this whole charade soon.
46) Drop 2694. Q suggests that Adam Schiff has been caught leaking classified information and that a FISA warrant has been granted to spy on him, either as a result or due to some prior misdeed.

Either way, the offense is known.

47) Sandwiched in between Drops 2691 and 2693 is 2692 -- a reminder that the same FBI personnel who spied on @POTUS also derailed the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

A double whammy. Bombshell in and of itself.

48) (I enjoy translating these Q drops. Being a federal communicator is actually pretty good training for this volunteer job.)
49) (No, I am not a volunteer in any official capacity - I do this on my own, not affiliated with the Trump campaign, any agency, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)
50) Anyway. Drop 2695 is a wonderful photo of the President facing a woman wearing a square of cloth with "Q" on it. The expression on her face is unforgettable.

Q recounts the President's interest in Mr. Vineyard's clip.
I've never seen such a leader.

51) Drop 2696, in my opinion, is the President himself responding to an anon.

Note time: 11:11 delta: 11 min.

11 Feb 2019 - 11:11:34 PM
Here to the end, sir.

11 Feb 2019 - 11:22:27 PM
You will never be alone.
We are UNITED.
God speed, Patriot.
52) 2697/2698: "Scope of the Hillary Clinton email investigation was so private, the OIG didn't have the security clearance....&, the emails couldn't be given to Congress."

[Controlled by those who worked for the Clinton's]
They have ZERO control now.
54) Drop 2699, all eyes on...

What does a dog do when he/she has a bone?
You are the news now.
55) Drop 2700.

Checks & balances.
56) Drops 2701 and 2702. Another Q proof: Almost 0 time between Q posting and the President posting.

I don't need these, but they're nice.
57) Just so it's clear. Q posted at 11:34 and change. The President posted at 11:35.
58) Drops 2703-2705 are kind of insider baseball.
Error, no error.

But you do get the sense that Q is there, in the action.

I am not sure how, at this point, anyone can call this fake.
59) "How, at this point, could it be fake?"
60) They'll have to do better than calling it Russia.

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