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One boarding school
Two lonely boys
And a fight against their fate and the world.
Will their feelings be enough when there are no cell-phones or internet connections to keep their love from dying as they are miles apart?
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !! This is a small gift from me to all Yoonminions. A little bit of angst, sprinkles of fluff and a whole 80s-90s vibe.

#yoonmin #YoonminAu
August 15th, 1987

It was still early in the morning when the clouds gathered around in the sky hiding the sun behind them. The colour of the sky had turned grey from black. There was stillness in the air, everything was at standstill, not a single leaf rustling on the trees.
It was only sometime when the silence of the morning was pierced by a low rumbling in the clouds. In a matter of few seconds sky roared loudly waking Yoongi up from his sleep.
He groaned and wrapped the sheet around himself like a cocoon, trying to block the loud hungry rumbles in the sky.

Half an hour past but there was no sign of sleep. His eyes remained wide open staring at the empty bed across him.
By then tiny droplets of rain had started hitting the glass pane of the window of his room. He got up, his sleepy eyes staring at the closed window half shielded by thick curtain. The diffused grey light slowly padded into his room from behind the curtains.
Yoongi stretched his arms and a loud yawn escaped his mouth as he walked toward the window and yanked open the curtains. His eyes fell on the tiny droplets rolling on the glass pane lazily.
His room was at second floor, at perfect height to look past the walls of the school and stare at the wide spread lush greenery around. He watched the group of trees in the distant, their leaves dancing in the rain in unison.
Those trees were home to many birds and their babies, embracing them, shielding them from the harsh weather. He felt satisfied knowing that all the baby birds living there were safe and happy under the wings of their mama birds, they were safe at their home.
HOME! Yoongi missed home. He missed the warmth that only home provided, he missed waking up to his mother singing sweetly to him. He missed being spoilt. He just missed everything and he hated everything here.
He was ten when he was thrown into the boarding school. Why? Because his father believed that he needed to get proper education and learn discipline. It was a family tradition afterall his whole family studied there.
Yoongi was still watching outside when the sound of rain was accompanied by a sound of engine. He squinted his eyes and pressed his face to the window.
An unfamiliar car stopped at the gate of the school for a moment before the gates opened and it barrelled past them, leaving tyre marks in the muddy pathway.

Yoongi’s eyes followed it until the car halted outside the dormitory.
A large black umbrella snapped open as soon as someone stepped outside the car and opened the trunk of the car to withdraw a large suitcase. Another baby blue coloured umbrella opened and a kid stepped out of the car.
. Yoongi tried looking at who the kid was but only could notice the white shirt and khaki shorts paired with white shoes that were surely going to get ruined in wet mud.

A new admission? That too in August? It was rare when a student got transferred to their school in August.
And rare things always made Yoongi curious. He wanted to run out of his room toward the office and know who was the new admission but it was barely eight in the morning and Yoongi was too lazy to get out of his room.
It was around nine when Yoongi finally convinced himself to go to the bathrooms and clean himself up. He took an empty seat in the dining hall and ate his breakfast thinking of plans to spend his weekends.
“Did you hear it?” Senior student Seokjin spoke, slamming his tray of food on the table.

“What?” Yoongi asked.

“There’s a new transfer student.”

“Mhmm.” Yoongi hummed in response.
“That’s a lame ass response.” Seokjin rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“I saw HIS car.”

“Woah !! Did you really? Was it big? Is he rich?” Seokjin asked, shifting closer to Yoongi.

“I guess so.”
“Another rich brat huh?” Seokjin snorted.

Yoongi dropped his chopsticks and tilted his face. He quirked his eye brows up and spoke, “Rich brat? Funny coming from the one who owns the school.”

“Shut up! It’s different for me.” Seokjin slapped Yoongi’s arm.
“Ow ! You’re a bully.” Yoongi winced with pain.

“I’m not.” Seokjin slapped again, Yoongi rolled his eyes and continued eating his food.


Yoongi was heading to his room after his breakfast when he heard ruckus from the corridor.
A/N- I'll continue in a while uwu.

He paced his steps to know what all the commotion was about when he saw warden standing outside his room with the same young boy he had seen getting out of the car. The white shirt and Khaki shorts one.

But what was he doing outside his room? He had to find it out.
"Good morning Sir." Yoongi greeted and bowed to his warden, his eyes looking at the boy who was hiding behind him.

Warden turned around hearing his voice, "Oh Yoongi. I was waiting for you."

"For me Sir?"

"Oh Yes ! I want you to meet your new roommate here, Park Jimin."
"Jimin he is Min Yoongi. He is in middle school and your senior. I'd have made you stay with someone from your class but currently all rooms are occupied. Come say Hello." warden moved aside revealing a small boy with the softest features Yoongi had ever seen.
"Hi." He spoke, almost like a whisper but enough for Yoongi to draw out his voice.

Smooth, velvety chocolate ice-cream with lots and lots of choco-chips just the way he like. His face round, his cheeks chubby and lips, Yoongi had never seen lips so plump.
Yoongi was staring, he couldn't help it. When Jimin felt Yoongi's gaze on him, he scrambled and hid behind the warden again.

"Hello." Yoongi managed to speak again tilting his head toward one side and gazing at the boy again.
Warden spared them one glance before walking back to his office but not before a quick "Take care of him."

Jimin was now alone, in the company of Yoongi and a suitcase bigger than him. He clutched tightly around his arm making himself look smaller, his eyes fixated on the floor.
"Let's get you inside." Yoongi scratched his head and reached out to his suitcase.

It was heavy, very heavy but Yoongi couldn't back down. He was a big boy, certainly big enough to carry a suitcase of his new roommate inside.
Yoongi tried to lift it up, Jimin stared with his soft eyes.
Yoongi tried to lift it again, Jimin stared.

Yoongi gave up!

He pushed the suitcase with all his might, the screeching sound echoing in the entire hallway.
"Oi I'm trying to study. Keep it down." Someone yelled from one of the rooms.

Yoongi stopped for a moment and muttered an apology, looking at the young boy next to him who's eyes were still at the floor. He took a deep breath and pushed the suitcase inside the room in one go.
Jimin followed him inside and stood in the middle, looking around the room not knowing what to do.

"That's your bed." Yoongi pointed to the empty bed who's sheets, surprisingly, were changed to fresh ones while Yoongi was gone for breakfast.
Jimin nodded and slowly moved to sit on the bed, moving his hand gently on the bed to smoothen out the little creases of the sheet.

"So!" Yoongi cleared his throat. "Jimin."

Jimin immediately lifted his head up on hearing his name. His eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost.
"Relax !!" Yoongi said and plopped on his bed, facing Jimin. "So I was asking. Why did you join in the middle of academics?"

Jimin looked down at his hands, his thumbs fidgeting with each other. His lower lip wobbled as he bit them.
Yoongi noted the nervousness in Jimin, "It's okay. You don't have to speak if you don't want to. We can talk later."

"Toilet." Jimin mumbled. Yoongi looked confused, unable to decipher what he said.


"Toilet. Where is the toilet?" Jimin spoke in a little louder voice.
"Oh !!" It's down the hall, at the end of the corridors. You'll find it easily." Yoongi explained.

Jimin nodded and got up, taking baby steps out of the room. Yoongi watched him go, he found the boy pretty and soft like the mochi he had seen in one of those sweet shops.
Yoongi stared outside while waiting for the boy to come back. The rain had slowed down, chirping of birds could be heard from a distance.

Yoongi was waitinf and it was taking Jimin too long. He was contemplating if he should study or sleep again till lunch time.
But then again he wanted to talk to Jimin, get to know the little boy.

It was after a long while Jimin came back. He quietly shut the door and lay on his bed, his back toward Yoongi.

Yoongi saw the redness in his eyes and he was sure Jimin had cried.
But why? He was just trying to be his friend. He didn't want Jimin to feel alone, the way he used to feel when he first came here.

He had thrown a tantrum, wailing loudly, clutching to his mother's legs too tightly not wanting to let go.
His mother had cried while unclasping his arms from around her legs and kissing him goodbye.

All memories came alive before Yoongi's eyes again. He still felt lonely but he had made some friends who made him feel less lonely than before.
"Don't cry." Yoongi said in a small voice.

Jimin stilled on his bed and brought his knees closer to his chest.

"No talking is okay but crying is not okay." Yoongi said again.

It took Jimin a while but he raised his body to sit back on his bed and stared at nothing.
"How old are you Jimin?" Yoongi asked out of blues.

"I-I'm ten." Jimin answered, hesitatingly followed by a hiccup.

"Ten?" Yoongi jumped in surprise. "You're a little baby."

"I'm not a baby." Jimin whined. " I'll turn.." he stretched both his hands out and started counting.
"Eleven. I'll turn eleven soon." He spoke showing his outstretched palms.

"Cute." Yoongi chuckled. "I'm thirteen. So i'm your hyung. Call me hyung okay?"

Jimin nodded fervently, staring at Yoongi with googley eyes and a pout on his lips.
"Now I'm going to sleep. You should sleep too." He turned off the lamp and snuggled into his pillow, slowly falling asleep.

That day went well, Yoongi slept till noon and woke up just before lunch. He had woken up to Jimin snoring softly as he clung to a plushie.
The day went surprisingly well, Jimin didn't cry again. Though he followed Yoongi everywhere quietly but who was Yoongi to complain. He introduced him to his friends too.

"Who do we have here?" Hoseok, Yoongi's friend and favourite junior, asked during lunch time.
Jimin hid behind Yoongi immediately.

"Hoseok-ah. Don't scare the kid." Seokjin swatted his hand away. He scooted down a little and smiled brightly "Hello, I'm Seokjin."

"Jimin." he answered from behind Yoongi.

Jimin didn't really open up to anyone, though he was tagging along Yoongi and others, he barely talked. Yoongi wished he talked more but it was his first day so he didn't bother much.

"Maybe in few days he'll start talking more." Seokjin had explained
The next day came and so did the rain. Weekend was passing by slowly and Yoongi was tired of the time moving slow like a sloth especially when Jimin was quiet again. He would open his big red notebook and stare at it for quite a long time.
It was Sunday night and the sky had not stopped roaring since the morning. With every loud roar Jimin would wince. He had wrapped himself nicely in the fresh sheets but he couldn't stop the loud noises.

Yoongi was noticing how Jimin would tremble everytime it thundered.
Yoongi got up from his bed, took his blanket and moved on to Jimin's bed.

"Shift." He spoke placing his blanket on the bed. Jimin was confused bur still shifted toward the edge of the bed.
Yoongi lay on the bed and brought his arms to wrap around Jimin. Jimin froze at his spot.

"My ma did this everytime I couldn't sleep." Yoongi said, hugging him tightly and humming the only lullaby he remembered.
Jimin relaxed slowly, "Thankyou Hyung." He spoke.

"Shush. Just sleep."

Jimin nodded and closed his eyes. Yoongi's hum near his ears blocked out the thundering and his breaths slowly evenned out until he was fast asleep.

And Yoongi did too !!
The days passed, Jimin's shyness was slowly fading away with the help of Yoongi but still there were days when he would be quiet and lost and not even Yoongi could help. He loathed those days. His mind would barely stay on studies so he would do what he know would help best.
He would sneak out of the school and run away to a place only he went to. A clump of trees with a small rivulet in the middle that was not too far in the South from his school. He had discovered this place in the first few days of his joining the school.
That place offered him solace like no one could. Somedays he would cry for hours other days he would climb trees or swim until his limbs are worn out.

That was his place, his haven that comforted him when he couldn't break past Jimin's walls.
Jimin had been awefully quiet after his birthday, which Yoongi learnt when the warden wished Jimin during their attendance time.

Yoongi had sneaked in a cupcake and a candle. He had asked Jimin to make a wish before blowing the candles.
Jimin had smiled at him that night before secluding himself in his own bubble. It hurt Yoongi, seeing the younger boy sulking over something he wouldn't tell.

Two days went by but Jimin was still the same. Yoongi had to do something.
The next day Yoongi dragged Jimin along, running past the abandoned part of the building until they reached a hole in the wall enough for a human of the size of Yoongi to squeeze out of.

"What are you waiting for?" Yoongi asked.

"I-I don't understand." He asked, confused.
Yoongi clicked his tongue and climbed into the hole and jumped onto the other side much to Jimin's surprise. Jimin's eyes gawked at him as he stood on one side while Yoongi stood on the other side of the wall.
The other side looked like a different place, a bright happy place with sun shining above and the one Jimin was standing in was dark, humid and abandoned.

Yoongi outstretched his hand through the hole, "Come on!! hurry up."
Jimin gaped at his hand and then back at his face. That side looked happy to him. He hesitated but nevertheless took Yoongi's hand and climbed out from that hole in the wall.

"Let's go !!" Yoongi said and started running pulling Jimin along.
Their hands still clasped, their feet stepping forward in same rhythm. A shriek left Jimin's mouth followed by a giggle.

Yoongi smiled widely, he had found his new favourite song, "Jimin's giggles" and he would do anything to hear it more often.
A/N-Sorry it's time to sleep for me. I'll continue soon, in couple of hours. Good night 💜🌙🌟
So lets continue this now, Shall we?
"Huh? you want me to climb the tree?" Jimin looked baffled.

"Yes it's pretty easy. Here let me show you." Yoongi grinned.

Yoongi stretched upwards and wrapped his hands around the thick branch that was nearer the ground. He placed his one foot on the trunk and swung himself up.
Jimin gazed at him in awe like a child watching a magician do tricks. He carefully examined all the steps Yoongi took to get on the branch.

"Now you try."

"But..But What if I fell?" Jimin pouted.

"You won't. Here take my hand." Jimin outstretched his hand for Jimin to hold.
Jimin hesitated. He had never trusted anyone, he had never had a friend trying to help him or make him smile until Yoongi, his cute but funny hyung. He finally reached out to grab his hand.

"Now place your one foot on the trunk of the tree."
Jimin was scared but he trusted Yoongi, his puppy like eyes were staring right into cat-like Yoongi's. He followed Yoongi's instruction and placed his foot on the trunk.

"Place your other arm around the branch I'll pull you up."
He was following everything Yoongi said and soon he was being pulled upward by Yoongi.

Jimin stumbled a little but Yoongi held him from his waist. His feet were now on the dark coloured thich branch of the tree. He couldn't believe he was standing few feet above the ground.
"Wow Hyung look, Hyung I climbed the tree." Jimin beamed with happiness.

"Yes you did. I'm proud of you." Yoongi whispered, watching the younger boy's eyes disappearing as he smiled widely, forming half moons.
Yoongi's tummy felt weird, he had never ever felt anything like that except when he had eaten something funny. What was going on?

"You like it?"

"Yes a lot. I love it." Jimin had spread his arms, standing straight.
This was the first time Yoongi heard him spoke these many words in one go and he felt proud of the little progress they made.

Yoongi sat down on the branch, his legs dangling down as he pulled Jimin to sit beside him.
"They're little birds." Jimin whispered, pointing at the end of the branch.

Yoongi looked in the direction and saw a nest hidden in a tuft of leaves.

Jimin scooted closer, his eyes softening as he watched the tiny birds. His brows furrowed and he tilted his head.
Before Yoongi could understand anything a stream of tears was falling down Jimin's eyes.

"Jimin.. Jiminie. What happened?" Yoongi was panicking. He wanted to make him smile, wanted to see him smile not to make him cry.
"Where is their Mama? Did she leave them too?" Jimin hiccuped. "Like my Mama."

He was crying continuously, spilling on his face along with the snot running down. He looked distraught. Yoongi didn't know what to do. He looked around and pushed his hand in his pocket.
He pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed Jimin's cheeks and nose with it. Yoongi embrace him, his arms rubbing sides of Jimin, peppering soft kisses in his hair.

"Jiminie, Don't cry please." he pleaded
"H-Hyung." Jimin whimpered. "Mama left me." Saying this he hid himself in Yoongi's chest.

"J-Jimin. I don't understand." Yoongi was confused, he didn't quite understand what he means.

"Papa said Mama is gone." He looked up. "in the sky."
Yoongi understood now and his chest clenched. He wanted to protect the little boy in front of him with everything he had. He was grown up, a big boy and he will protect his little Jiminie.

"Jiminie." He spoke.
"huh." Jimin looked up, his puffy eyes set at Yoongi.

"My Ma told me, when people leave they turn into air, always staying around us" he spoke.

"Really?" Jimin wiped his cheek with the sleeves of his shirt.
"Yes." Yoongi nodded. "They never leave us, protect us all the time, hug us. They cry when we cry. Do you want your Mama to cry?"

Jimin shook his head furiously.

"Then stop cry."

Jimin wiped all his tears and snot, "See I'm not crying."
Yoongi smiled and hugged him tighter, "You're a big boy."

"But I still want my Mama." Jimin pouted slightly, his lower lip trembled as he did his best to hold back his tears.

Yoongi thought for a while. An idea struck him and he grinned wide.
"We can share." He spoke enthusiastically.

"Share?" Jimin was lost, he didn't know what Yoongi meant.

"I have my Ma. She is really nice. I won't mind sharing my Ma with you."

"Really? We can do that?"

"Why not? She will love you."
Jimin was happy. Why? He got to share his favourite hyung's Ma. Now he had a Ma too.

Jimin changed after that. He became more cheerful and giggly, not that Yoongi was complaining.

They spent most of their time together, sneaking off from school, climbing trees.
Yoongi even taught him how to swim.

"Hyung you are so cool. You know even swimming." Jimin watched him with stars and moons in his eyes.

"I can teach you too."

Jimin shook his head.

"C'mon. I taught you how to climb tree too. Trust me."

Yoongi smiled and Jimin agreed.
He held him as Jimin paddled his arms and legs in the water, swatting water in Yoongi's eyes.

Jimin made failing splashy strokes but somehow made progress in few days. Yoongi was proud watching his little friend swim across the rivulet.

The summers passed and came the fall. The classrooms and dorms turned colder but Yoongi had his own someone who kept his heart warm. They never really understood what was that tug they felt when they were together.
They were friends, best friends even and maybe that is how best friends were supposed to feel.

They had watched those tiny birds grow and fly away, in search of new home. Jimin was sad, a little bit but nothing that a hug from Yoongi couldn't fix.
The trees lost their leaves and stood naked around the school only to be covered by snow in the coming month.

The rivulet was frozen and their hangout place was covered in snow making it impossible for them to spend alot of time there but still they just liked to sit there.
And admire the winter beauty, the snow kissed trees and ground appearing like a white wonderland.

The time they couldn't go out they spent in their room under their blankets, talking and giggling.
February 14th, 1858

It had snowed alot the night before. Yoongi and Jimin stayed under their blanket, snuggled together, limbs tangled because it was cold. Yoongi somehow couldn't stop thinking what his friends had said him earlier.
"Are you gonna kiss your little boyfriend?" Seokjin asked him near the lockers.

"B-boyfriend what?" Yoongi's face heated up, Was it summer already?

"It's Valentine's day tomorrow. People kiss those they love."

"They do? But I always kiss his cheeks. what is the difference?"
Seokjin laughed, throwing his head back and smacked Yoongi's back, "I meant kiss on the lips not on cheek."

"Just like you do to Namjoon?" Yoongi asked.

"Yeah just like that." Seokjin smirked.

"Okay." Yoongi answered as they halted outside library where Seokjin had to go.
Yoongi waved at Seokjin abd started climbing the stairs.

"And stop watching me kiss my boyfriend Yoongles." Seokjin shouted behind him.
They woke up late next day, which perhaps was a Sunday.

Yoongi held Jimin's hand as they headed to their favourite place. Yoongi loved Jimin, ofcourse he did. He cared for him the most. And maybe he would kiss him too, if that was what was meant by the Valentine's day.
"It's cold here." Jimin complained. His face had turned a pretty shade of pink, especially his nose and cheeks. Yoongi couldn't help but plant a kiss on his chubby cheeks turning them more pink in return.

"Happy Valentine's day." Yoongi muttered under his breath.
"What day hyung?" Jimin batted his eyelashes.

Yoongi cleared his throat before speaking "Valentine's day."

"Valentine's." Jimin repeated.

"Today we kiss people we love." Yoongi replied, sheepishly smiling.

"But why kiss one day? why not all days? I want kisses all days."
"I'll give that everyday." Saying this Yoongi slowly moved closer and pecked Jimin's lips.

"Hyung." Jimin was blushing harder than ever. The blush travelling down toward his neck hidden under a muffler.
"I'm sorry..I'm sorry. I mean..." Yoongi groaned, panicking that he did something wrong. "Seokjin hyung told me about it so I thought.."

"You love me Hyung." Jimin spoke softly.

Yoongi stopped functioning. Ofcourse he did and he thought Jimin knew. They both love each other.
"Yes I love you my little Jiminie." Yoongi ruffled his hair.

Jimin pecked Yoongi's lip just the way he felt Yoongi do it, "I love you too Hyung. You're my bestest friend, more than bestest friend."

"You're mine too."
That was how they confessed their love for the first time, dipped in the innocence. Now their time together consisted of so many hugs and kisses on the lips because Jimin wanted every day as Valentine's day and who was Yoongi to deny him.
The seasons changed, two years passed like a snap of fingers but Yoongi and Jimin remained same Yoongi and Jimin, only their bond got stronger.

They made new friends, Taehyung who was a new admission in Jimin's class and Jeongguk, junior and also Taehyung's roommate.
Yoongi's mother visited them occassionally, often bringing them food. Not to mention, she agreed being Jimin's new Ma. She loved Jimin, maybe a little more than Yoongi.

She was proud of the gentleman Yoongi was growing up into. It was all happy days in Yoongi and Jimin's world.
It was graduating day for Yoongi. He was finally graduating from middle school and was going to be a high school student. He would be a cool kid now, he thought.

Jimin was proud of his friend, who he loved so much.
Everything went well, Yoongi got the graduating certificate, his parents and his best friend watched him. He couldn't be any happier.

But what he didn't know was that his luggage was being packed in his room. Yoongi and Jimin walked into their with Yoongi's side empty.
Everything was packed in a big suitcase.

"Ma, what is this?"Yoongi asked.

His mother lifted his face to spare a glance at his son, her eyes filled with tear and pity before they turned toward his father.

"We are leaving." He said.

"Yes, we are going to America. You are coming with us."

Yoongi's world came crashing down hard. Leaving, that meant leaving everything, his friends, his room, his school but more than anything JIMIN.
In a panicked haze he looked over at Jimin who stood there frozen, his small fingers tightly wrapped around Yoongi's hand and his face, his face was stained with tears.

"No." Yoongi spoke, his eyes fixated at Jimin. "I'm not leaving."
"Yes you are." Saying this his father gestured a man to carry the suitcase out.

Yoongi screamed and kicked but he was dragged out of the boarding school and pushed on the car. He watched Jimin's hand slipping out of his and he tried to grab it again, tighter this time.
But they slipped, he couldn't grab them again. He watched Jimin disappear out of his eyesight as the car drove them away.

Yoongi couldn't breathe, he couldn't eat or smile. His home was gone, it was far away from him and he needed him.
He cried all the time, at his house, in airplane, at their new place, at new school. It just wasn't the same without Jimin.

Yoongi wasn't the same anymore because Yoongi only existed, only laughed with Jimin. Without Jimin there was no Yoongi.
After days of sulking he made up his mind to write a letter to Jimin and he did hoping Jimin would read it and write him back.

Everyday after he came back from his new school he sat on the steps of their house, waiting for any new letter but nothing ever came.
A month passed by, he decided to write another letter and made sure the address of school was correct. He waited again, but he got no letter.

After few months Yoongi gave up. And it was then he woke up to a postman delivering letter for Min Yoongi.
He tore it open eagerly since it had address of his school. But it wasn't from Jimin.

It was from Taehyung.

It only took few words for Yoongi's dam to break and tears to flow out.
"Sorry Hyung, Jimin wasn't doing well so he left school few days after you left. His dad came and took him away."

Yoongi had lost all hopes of finding his best friend ever again. He had lost his little Jiminie forever.
February 14th, 1968

The early morning flight touched the land of Seoul. Yoongi stretched his body and rose up to get out of the plane. It felr weird, he was back to Korea after almost 10 years. He waited long, sometimes he had thought he was being an idiot, trying to go back.
But he really didn't want to give up. Even though he had thought of giving up a lot of time. He would be lying if he said he didn't give up at times. But them the crying face of Jimin would pop up and his heart would do a thing.
He wanted to erase the crying image and replace it with a new image of him. He was going to search for him. He knew he never lied when he said he loved him, though he realised what love really meant later on but the feelings were the same.
First thing he did after landing in Seoul was to drop his luggage at his old house and set off to the familiar place. He needed to know where Jimin went and maybe the school would be able to tell him.

But before school he had an important place to visit.
He parked the car outside school and headed to his only hangout place, those trees and rivulet.

His heart was thrumming in his chest, he could feel the coldness seeping into his skin as he walked but the old memories kept him warm.
He sat on a stone near the banks of the rivulet watching the half frozen cold water. A tear rolled out of his eyes and down his cheek as he remembered the first time he taught Jimin how to climb trees, the smile on his face was captivating.
All old memories hit him with all force, sending him tumbling down the mountain of emotions.

"Oh sorry !! I thought no ine came here." Yoongi was brought back from his memories by a soft voice and he whipped his head in its direction.
His eyes met the softest pair of eyes he had ever seen. He recognized the familiarity in them and he hurriedly got up, his eyes scanning the boy from head to toe.

They were of almost same height. Yoongi could recognize that face anywhere even when it shed all the baby fat.
He was beautiful.


"Yoongi Hyung."

Both looked at each other, none of them making a move to step forward. Yoongi felt like he was taken back to the summer of '57. They stared at each other for a long time.

"You came back." Jimin ended the silence
"So did you."

"I visited here every Valentine's day."

"You believe in it now?" Yoongi dry chuckled.

"Not really but it holds a precious memory of mine." Jimin blushed and looked away.

"Mine too." yoongi whispered.
A gush of cold wind blew and they took a step each in the direction of other.

"I wrote letters to you." Yoongi spoke.

/Another step/

"I didn't know. My father took me away." Jimin shrugged.

/Another step/

"Why are you back?" Jimin asked.
/Another step/

"I left behind something precious of mine. Why are you?"

/Another step/


Another step and they were standing mere inches away from each other.

Yoongi reached out to touch Jimin's face gently, "Wow!! You're beautiful."
Jimin blushed every shade of red, "You are too."

"I missed you Jiminie."

Jimin didn't speak, a whimper left his mouth as a teardrop fell on his cheek "I missed you too."
Yoongi closed the distance and pressed their lips together, kissing him like he had always imagined he would do. He waited for so long, so long to hold Jimin in his arms and he won't miss the chance.
Jimin gasped before kissing back and Yoongi wrapped his arms tightly around Jimin as he deepened the kiss. They pull back to catch their breath.

"Happy Valentine's day." Yoongi breathes before diving back in to kiss Jimin again.
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2) Go to a Twitter thread (series of Tweets by the same owner) and mention us with a keyword "unroll" @threadreaderapp unroll

You can practice here first or read more on our help page!

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