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HyunSung AU

In which Han Jisung’s toxic ex-boyfriend tries to get him back and comes to Jisung’s school to talk to him.
But Han tells him that he’s already dating someone else, and to prove it, he kisses the nearest standing random guy.
Which is Hwang Hyunjin, the school’s coolest guy and everyone’s crush.
After that accident, the whole school thinks that they’re really dating, but is that good?
- This is my first au on twitter so it’s not going to be very long.
- I’m a whole loser at writing and I’m sorry for that.
- Time stamps don’t matter.
- Quote don’t reply please🥺💗
Han Jisung.
• A senior year in JYP Arts High School.
• Hates his ex and can’t find a way to get rid of him.
• LOVES cheesecake and music.
• An actual sweetheart.
• Doesn’t get why is everyone so whipped for Hwang Hyunjin.
• Best friends with Felix.
Jisung’s twitter.
Hwang Hyunjin.
• A senior year in JYP Arts High School.
• THE star of the school.
• Sometimes gives dance classes to kids.
• Is low-key an ass sometimes tbh.
• But everyone’s whipped for him anyways.
• Looks kinda cold, but is actually really soft.
Hyunjin’s twitter.
Starting this off tomorrow 🤪 get ready.
If this flops Kkami wrote it.
Jisung’s friends:
Jeongin and Felix.
Jisung’s friends:
Chan and Woojin.
Hyunjin’s friends:
Changbin and Seungmin.
Hyunjin’s friends:
Minho and Daehwi.
1. That’s how it started.
Also not going to detail their past relationship cause I don’t like describing abuse + that kind of stuff is actually really hard to read.
2. Unknown number.
3. Apologising?
4. 🗡
5. Wtf
6. Yeah
7. 🤪
8. Aggressive keyboard smash
9. He’s not that dumb (btw ignore my shitty editing, never doing it again 🤪)
11. Is that true? 🤔
12. He’s not giving up.
13. Daehwi?
14. ✈️kneecaps haunting
15. The explanation
16. Well fuck.
17. Well good luck with that 🙂
18. Daehwi? Do you mean a hero?
19. Hyunjin’s secret account
20. Don’t 🤪
Well that was a lot🤠
Pls let me know if you like it or not :(
I also have a curiouscat if you have any questions or ideas or just want to talk.
21. Hold on
22. K😔
23. No way!
24. He hates this.
25. He mad
26. Brush
27. 🙃🔑👈✨
28. K
29. He’s sad :(
30. Kids.
31. 🅱️eter
32. YES (once again, the time stamps do not matter at all)
33. He did🤭
Images Seungmin sent
34. 😔
35. Jisung needs some bang chancla
36. But I kinda like kissing you.
37. A honest opinion.
38. Not yet.
39. Do you?
40. He’s fine.
41. They’re meeting.
42. He’s sorry.
43. Interesting 🤡
44. He’s going crazy.
45. Creepy.
46. Daehwi the unexpected spy.
48. Yes. (There’s a typo in Seungmin’s message, I’m sorry😭)
49. OMG
50. Hyunjin’s and Jisung’s meeting. Pt1
51. Hyunjin’s and Jisung’s meeting. Pt2.
52. Pt3
Hello! Please answer this poll to select the next scenario:
Also!!! This is my first time writing a long text in English and I’m pretty nervous. 😔 pls excuse my mistakes and live quotes to let me know if you like it or no.😊✨💖
You guys chose: 💖
54. 💖
55. Tweets
56. Changbin is: confused
57. Hey, Minho!
58. Jisung?!
59. It’s okay.
60. 🤡
61. Operation: Save Hyunjin
62. He’s Lee Daehwi
63. 🥺
65. The gc
66. I see
67. OMG
68. Following ✅
69. Ahahah 😄
70. He ✈️ bald and famous
71. Yeah
72. ✈️ catching sumn
73. The fight (🍪)
74. He ✈️ mouth shut
75. I got him.
76. He will thank us.
77. Ugh👺
78. 👀
79. He rant
80. Seungmin is dumb.
Here’s my cc for any questions!
81. Time to apologize for his dumb ass boyfriend.
82. But-
83. Panicked gay mode: on
84. I-idea he says.
85. Oh?🤭
86. If you say so.
87. Gotta say this out loud.
89. Jisung’s secret account.
Actually kinda unsatisfied with this update, but yeah, here we are🤩
And I apologize for the typos I’ve made :(
Here’s my cc for any questions! Feel free to ask me anything abt the updates or just the au in general! 💕
90. Changbin ✈️ putting some brain in that skull.
91. Changbin ✈️ putting some brain in in that skull. Pt2
92. Seungmin’s brain working.
93. SM?
94. Jae-blah-blah-I-don’t-remember-his-name-guy
95. Whipped
96. I am: wtf
97. Oh
98. 🅱️eter
99. Changbin: Jaehyun’s invited for the party.
Seungmin and Daehwi: well fuck.
100. Throwback to Seungmin’s plan.
+ Jaehyun’s fake story.
Please answer this poll. It will affect the plot.🌸✨
Also! Please excuse any typos🥺
And leave quotes or questions on my cc. I really care about your opinion 🙃✨
Here’s my cc for any questions! Feel free to ask me anything 🤪
You guys chose 🌡! Let’s see how it affects the plot :)
101. No
102. Well :)
103. He’ll try to.
105. Daily question from Minho.
106. Ikr👺
107. Hyunjin: H-
Jisung: Fuck off.
109. Stop staring.
110. After one hour.
111. FELIX.
112. Please
113. Seungmin 😡
114. I see you ;)
Well that was a LOT, and I probably messed some things up but yeah, here I am with some fresh updates!🤡
AND MY CC! curiouscat.me/Renjoomin
115. He will.
116. Too late.
117. Time to hate.
118. Run.
119. You’ll be okay.
120. Time to hate (2)
121. They came.
122. Bin on his way to find out sumn...
123. Changbin’s got Seungmin‘ phone. We goin ✈️ exposed.
124. He was blind.
125. The party’s over. He’s disappointed.
So for this update only you can ask anything on my CC and I’ll make it look like the characters from my AU are answering :)
I hope you enjoy the update💓
126. Guys!
127. It’s okay
128. Hey, Sungie.
129. Jeongin is a bad boi
130. What
132. Finally, yeah?
133. Hello
134. Cutie.
135. Rumours gossips news bam
I love you all so much, thank you for waiting for my slow ass😔💓
Please excuse any typos I’ve made :(
And here’s my CC 💓 curiouscat.me/Renjoomin
136. Seems like you are.
137. Is this how you protect people?
138. All thanks to you.
139. Bin.
140. I’m not changing my mind.
141. Seungmin’s ranting.
142. S(he) be(li)ev(ed) 😔
143. A chance, maybe?
144. Yes I am very mean 👺
145. No
146. Hey
147. “💕”
148. Maybe
Welp, I’m here with it again🤩. Thank you all for your cute quotes🥺
I’ve been very busy with my work lately, but I’ve promised to update 3 times a week so I will keep my promise 🤩🙏
Next update on Friday 🙃💓
149. Softening things up a bit :)
150. Pretty weird.
151. Yeah.
152. I like you.
153. Why?
I wanted to make this a sweet Hyunsung update but it literally went aNGSt 🤪
155. Has left the chat.
156. He’s not my boyfriend
157. Figuring out a way.
158. MinLix is thriving 🤩
159. Cute
160. I miss you.
161. DEMON
162. TwEeTs🤩
163. Where’s the lie tho
164. Interesting 🤡
I really love seeing how people get interested with this and it’s honestly the best feeling ever 💕
Thank you guys so much 💓
165. This little piggy ✈️ dead
166. He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly
He Yeet.
167. Hyunjin the Beelzebub👹
168. 👹
169. He ✈️ sad hours.
170. I date u.
U meant dare.
No I didn’t.
171. 👁👄👁
172. We need to talk.
173. Okay u can.
174. Who: are they.
175. Well shit :(
My long forgotten CC😔
Tell me what you think or ask me questions about my au, I’ll answer them honestly💗
176. Hyunjin’s gut is tryna tell sumn🤪
177. I did this.
178. Well it didn’t work!
179. You don’t have to.
180. Knock-knock 🐔
181. Damn bro u got me shaking in my boots😪
182. Gotta tell him. (1)
183. Gotta tell him. (2)
184. We don’t hate you. Or we do?💀
185. He needs to cry.
Aight that’s it for tonight. I’m sorry for not updating for so long and practically abandoning my twitter, but now that I’m here and done with my work, I’m finally able to continue writing.
Thanks to everybody who stayed here, I really appreciate that💗
186. Daehwi’s message to Hyunjin.
187. Hyunjin’s answer.
188. I’m sorry.
189. I’ll sue you.
190. Can’t tell anybody.
191. It’s better if we stop talking.
192. No no no
193. Why?
What did Hyunjin say to Jisung?🧐
Be careful! It will affect the plot a lot!
🎊- “Because I like you”. Leads to: [locked]

🎁 - “Let’s talk when we meet”. Leads to: Hyunin kisses Jisung in the hospital.
194. Because I like you.
195. To water my cat🤡
197. * is smol🥺
198. Minho be like: *cat lover noises*
199. Lets do it baby I know the law <3
200. I am: confusion
201. Anna: Ou
Hotel: Trivago
202. Like like him back
203. Did your tongues battle for dominance yet?👅
Softening things up a bit🥺💗
There are not so many updates left until I’m finishing this au and going to start off the other one :)
204. - Y U SAD?
205. The seat’s taken sorry🤠
206. No questions were asked🤩
207. Felix?
208. U may kiss the bride🤩
209. Let’s take this slow.
210. Who are you?
Next update is gonna be a big mess🤠
211. Alexa play don’t know what to do by Blackpink😔
212. The mess
213. Chan’s message got cropped out but it says “Said it’s your last day at hospital”🤗
214. Momchan and Dadwooj
215. He 🤥
216. He cri
217. I hope the fuck no💀
Hey demons it’s me ya boi Di🤪
I’m sorry I made u guys wait for SO LONG, I’m really terrible at this aren’t I?😔
Anyways, I missed all of you and here’s the update. It’s a total mess, but it’s important to sort things out.
I hope you enjoy it💗
Thank you💗
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