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"In 2019 this is the growing reality for communities and knowingly innocent Targeted People of Integrity in Western Democratic Society today: Voyeuristic Torture-For-Profit Programs utilizing stealth/neuro-weaponry/microchips..." everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/new…
Clear-eyed analysis of Torture in the West today, in UK, US, all 5-Eye countries, Intel-created, Military-created, continuously witnessed to and reported by thousands worldwide in this new Age of Weapons of Human Manipulation-w. paid journos of MSM & AltSM studiously ignore. 2/
Astonishingly, the Scoop of the 21st Century has been left to the handful of writers, journos, whistleblowers who are ALL targeted with these neuroweapons of Brain Hacking & Bio Hacking Brutality--to reveal despite the continuous assault on their persons w. these 24/7 weapons. 3/
The horror, of course, is that other writers, journos, whistleblowers simply stand and stare and DO NOTHING in classic Bystander behavior while reporting victims continually knock on the doors of @ACLU @amnesty @P4HR @hrw @ICRC #UN asking for help in exposing, protecting. 4/
The power of this analysis lies in its unflinching comparison of Guantanamo tortures, visibly-received by inmates, to Today's New Age tortures effected with Electronic Warfare neuroweaponry, invisibly-transmitted, invisibly-received. Stealth Assault Weapons are still weapons. 5/
Participation in inflicting SAW-Stealth Assault Weapon-Torture, permitting Torture is a Stasi feature of these Fusion Center Times. Quailing neighbors succumb to threats & bribes. Disbelieving family acquiesce to cellphone tracking apps, "consensual monitoring" on #FBILies. 6/
Vitally, this analysis informs the world abt covert programs of Torture running unseen inside UK, US, Can, Aus, NZ--5 Eyes who pay lipservice to human rights globally but casually abuse, subjugate, torture their own citizens w. deadly SAWs 24/7--w. MSM is forbidden to expose. 7/
Absurdly, Fusion Centers using Brain Hacking & Body Hacking SAWs on people decided to use a False "Psych Commit" protocol for anyone complaining of EMF Neuro DEW attacks, & this they run like zombies, on #PoliceLies #FBILies & COINTELPRO Harass-Provoke-Induce Reaction ops. 8/
Featured in this analysis is a primally heinous Crime Against Humanity run on people of integrity, hive-assault of brains & psyches w. off-the-scales abusive V2K or synthetic telepathy, where hive-mind minions torture the target nonstop w. sound, voices, abuse, death threats. 9/
What this piece brings to fore as well is the lunacy of torture meted out at #Gitmo, as recorded in Justine Sharrock's "When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things" where mil. guards were forced to follow orders to torture & sleep-deprive inmates, losing their own humanity in doing so. 10/
Highlighted is the part played by PDs in maintaining the bleak conspiracy of silence against knowingly innocent targets by blatantly ignoring the SAWs-Stealth Assault Wpns-they're perfectly aware are being used-from celltowers, drones, satellites, portable DEWs-as per @OJPNIJ 11/
This article also highlights what Dr. Millicent Black and I have been striving to cover in our series on Surveillance Targeting. everydayconcerned.net/2018/11/06/ram… 12/
In that series, Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture, we've examined a few facets/reports on Torture, much in the same vein. The fact is: Current assaults with SAWs equate to Torture & I hope @SharylAttkisson catches up to this. Episode 1: 12/
Episode 2 in Surveillance Targeting Today is Classic Torture: . Whatever people at @P4HR @Amnesty @ACLU @hrw & other orgs think they are doing, fact is: they are ignoring 1000s of cries from reporting victims of EMF/Neuro DEW Torture. Victims are dying.13/
Episode 3 in Surveillance Targeting is Classic Torture discusses the @P4HR rpt Broken Laws, Broken Lives, & the place Medicos play in Torture Ops, both at Gitmo/black sites & domestically in the US/UK/EU/Can/Aus/NZ & everywhere, w. SAWs & remote radiation:
Nothing that @JamesOKeefeIII @BenSwann_ @kgosztola @SharylAttkisson @SaraCarterDC covers holds a candle to the truthtelling re. #SurveillanceAbuses covered in this rpt-& all cited text-on the MOST EGREGIOUS Crimes Against Humanity today in the West. everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/new… 15/
Of course, the failure of MSM to cover this sub--marking their allegiance to the CentralBankerZioNaziJesuit shadow govt--is a large part of what permits these Crimes of Assault on Humanity continue. @Nytimes @washingtonpost @vice @wired @thedailybeast @RationalWiki @wikipedia 16/
Thankfully, writers like @NHScorrupt , @ReneePittman124, @RSchneider333, @markmrich, #DrEricKarlstrom, @28Spirituality, #PaulBaird, #DrJohnHall, #DrRobertDuncan myself & others are leading the charge in publishing for the world the truth about these extreme 21st-Cent. Crimes. 17/
In the wasteland of Media Perfidy, every labored-over article covering the horrors of today's #SurveillanceAbuses #NonConsensualMilIntelExperiments shd be treasured. Pl. read, share widely. Let the truth ring from rooftops: It's not Surveillance they're running, it's Torture. 18/
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