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With respect to events in #Pulwama I present a thread. Let’s go back in time to WW1. The British needed to destroy Ottoman the most powerful at the time. When Ottoman sided with Germany , British knew to maintain their hold on resources divide & rule were necessary.
We all know about Sykes-Picot where Sunni Shia divide was created which continues to this day but here we will talk about something else. A Ministry Of Commonwealth was established in london to fight Islam & create schisms. One of such many thousand agents was Hempher.
He travelled to Egypt, Iraq, Hidjaz & Istanbul for this purpose. He learnt Turkish & integrated seamlessly. He returned to London for briefing and was subsequently sent to Basra, Iraq a strategic location for his mission.
In Basra, Hempher set about integrating himself as a local from Turkey. During this time though the differences between the sects prevailed they still lived in relative harmony with each other which was detrimental to British interests. The ME was an important buffer against
Russian imperialism against British control. After WW 1 oil entered the picture making this a deadly cocktail. Britain’s Secretary Of war cabinet Sir Maurice Hankey said : the future power is in the world of oil. (1918)
In Basra, Hempher net Abdul Wahhab & found him the perfect candidate to create an ultra orthodox sect called Wahhabism which would consider all practitioners of other sects as unbelievers. Hempher pandered to his ego in well documented reports to the British ministry.
After a long period of indoctrination, the British administration gave him the measure of his job which suited his ego & importance. They also supported him with finance & weaponry as the new sect would definitely be countered by other scholars & leaders in the region
In 1744 Muhammad ibn Saud the tribal leader of a town near Riyadh joined forces with Muhammad Wahab which became an ideological partnership which continues to this day. Ibn Saud then only enjoyed power locally but after the fall of the Ottoman, he returned from exile & seized
Riyadh, in a series of conquests leading to the modern creation of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1930. Hence it was British backed support to Abdul Wahhab that ensured partnership with House of Saud that placed the family in power with the condition that the descendants would
Enjoy political authority as long as the Wahhabis enjoyed administrative status. Thus Britain ensured a foothold in the heart of KSA along with their desired goal of a divided ME via client states that ensured oil flows uninterrupted to maintain their hegemony.
After WW2 the USA took over the role of England though the British roots still remain strong. Oil became King & the US could see how well the policy of divide & rule had served the British to ensure schisms. Unfortunately for USA WW2 meant independence of British colonies, a
Condition which Roosevelt insisted on with Churchill to get US participation in WW2. This along with rise of Russia via USSR meant the schisms needed to be exported to ensure dominance. Thus we saw Brzezinski the architect of the Taliban in Afghanistan go there & incite
To reclaim their land to actually reduce soviet control. The individual discharged with responsibility of Wahhabi dollars was non other than OBL who went on to carry out 9/11. As KSA became flush, the ideology was exported globally with Asia receiving special focus.
The global nations were well aware but unity in Asia was detrimental to control & schismsneeded to be encouraged & there was non stronger than ultra orthodox Wahhabism.
Coming close to home now : till 1970 Pakistan maintained good relationships with both Iran & KSA. After the revolution it found a similar home in KSA. Their ties deepened during the Afghan War when Pakistan was ruled by Zia who adopted Islamization or Wahhabism. Hence though the
Afghan war ended, Pakistan’s ties with Wahhabism didn’t & have only grown stronger. Zia’s rule saw the ISI grow stronger with their intent to wage the war of a thousand cuts against India. Prior to this India had pulled off the liberation of Bangladesh which only emboldened them
Today US policy goals are shifting. Withdrawal in Afghanistan & rise of China hv given Pak a new master. Oil power is on the decline due to Shale Revolution Which is putting India in a much stronger position of negotiation. We can see this via recent extradition events.
KSA is now embarking on industrial expansion as oil days are running out. 5G will replace data as new oil. China & North Korea enjoy largest global REE & REM reserves which are critical in 5G. Hence the battle field will change. For 🇮🇳, this only means more & more chaos in the
Region as China will ensure its rise can be contained. A strong India will not be acceptable by China. Unfortunately geography can not be changed so we must prepare for chaos for a long time. Hence strong actions are necessary now. Human rights only apply to humans! End.
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