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alright so, it is time. this is going to be a long, winding, rambling thread. i posted yesterday about demons existing and this interesecting with the world of psychedelia. ive posted about this in the past a little and there is always a huge response, people are very into it.
the thing is ive been hesitant to paint the full picture as i see it for a few reasons. mostly because what i see as the full picture is an intersection of so many seemingly completely unrelated things that its quite a long walk between many seemingly disparate things.
its also seemed completely insane to me for some time. however at this point there are so many connections and threads that sync up that ive actually changed over from this being a crazy idea that i have to actually thinking that this is the most sane thing ive ever thought.
ill also go into some of my own experiences that ive never really discussed on here (funny as its been years of me posting). we’ll just get started. ill be using this as kind of a mock up of something id like to write more in full at some point soon.
dont think of this as me presenting evidence to convince you of anything, this is more me laying out certain pathways and connections so that anyone that would like to poke deeper into this stuff can do so. also im just some guy and am not an expert in anything.
so we’ll start with a little bit of what turned me on to this stuff. i guess last little note is that as ridiculous as it sounds ive basically spent the last ten years of my life studying “third eye stuff” as hard and as seriously as possible so, this is the result of that.
my obsession with “third eye” topics ranging from religion to mystical things to conspiracy theories meant that i had always seen, in the distance, people discussing aliens and alien encounters, but I never looked into it for a variety of reasons.
those people could just be lying for attention, and theres no way for me to confirm their experiences. its also something that is discussed in normie world and on the history channel, for example, so i was basically completely uninterested.
this changed as i got exposed to certain data and information on people who have alien experiences. for example, there was a study done (pretty sure it was at harvard) where they took people who had traumatic alien experiences and had them write down their experiences.
they also did this with people who had conventional trauma like PTSD from Iraq. they then hooked these people up to machines that measure signs of stress, like sweaty palms, heart rate, things like that.
the people with alien experiences showed the same or a higher level of physical stress compared to people who were hearing about their war trauma. so whatever is happening is at least real to them. i got exposed to lots of info that made me think certain cases werent totally fake
i was also surprised when i looked into it that peoples experiences are almost always traumatic as hell. like people get really shaken up by them. this also intrigued me as if it was just a dream or something why would the one dream of aliens induce PTSD, instead of other dreams?
as in, lets say theres a subset of the population who can have these traumatic dreams and think theyre real. well then we would expect a huge folder of wildly varying experiences because theyre just “random” dreams, but that is not what we get at all.
far from being random, these alien experiences also display similarities + archetypes across a huge number of people who dont know each other and who would have no way of confirming this information with one another at the time. the public is largely unfamiliar with these themes
alien abductions are almost always very terrifying, but there is also often a sexual component. in the Harvard study I think over 70% of people had a sexual aspect to their alien experience, this is true for most of the data ive gathered. so... whats up with that?
on top of the sexual component, the theme of alien human hybrids is also extremely common (dovetails with the sex obviously). people report seeing some alien human baby and the aliens making you touch it, or the aliens discuss human alien hybrids, those 2 themes come up a ton.
naively, i attempted to explain this with the conventional explanation. well, maybe theyre like visitors from another planet or something, right?

this failed to hold up to any scrutiny at all.
for one, why would a super advanced high tech race need to stick a traumatic anal probe into you to gather some medical data when they can apparently travel across the universe in hyper advanced almost magic high technology? makes no sense they would [need] to do this.
if we have MRIs its safe to assume with hyper advanced tech there would be some way aliens could get the info they want without permanently traumatizing people. as i considered this more and more any explanation where they were benevolent or even neutral had to be discarded.
as i considered that they could be malevolent, i also became skeptical of their claims of coming from space. there are some weird threads here like, at first aliens claimed to be from mars + close planets, but as our tech advanced they now claim to be from extremely far off stars
this all got kicked into overdrive when an explanation i never considered but that is extremely obvious was dropped on me like a ton of bricks by an extremely woke dude named seraphim rose.
the phenomenon of beings who come in darkness and who like to fuck with humans who have a weird sexual aspect who lie about who they are to try and suck people into their world is well documented in human history, it just goes by a different name.

theyre demons.
aliens are obviously an extension of the demonological phenomenon. this dovetails perfectly with the theme of sex and alien hybrids, and explains their supraphysical nature (ie their “ships” aren’t literally physical ships like ours but supraphysical like a spiritual phenomenon).
we’ll get to this more later, but in this thread as im describing demons, dont think of like, hellfire black shadow beings with pitchforks. demons are “just” fallen angels. theyre angels that are in rebellion against god so they have the power of angels but do what they want.
it just so happens to be the case that in the book of Enoch the fallen angels come to earth and bang earth women and create a race of human fallen angel hybrids and give humans a bunch of tech. hmmmm thats interesting, we’ll come back to this.
not gonna post all the evidence like I said as this would take days but u can look into it. ill just say the amount of data on people having these sexual+ hybrid based alien encounters is huge, its completely unable to be dismissed as a body of evidence, whatever u think about it
theres also a few famous “alien” people who wrote books about their encounters who also came to this conclusion independently. one guy even, who had repeat abductions, said eventually he felt like his soul was in jeopardy and thats what they wanted, he felt they were evil.
theres also a researcher who was an atheist who decided to research the “strange” reality of peoples experiences where, theyd be abducted multiple times (common) but eventually theyd realize that saying the name of Jesus would stop the encounter and make them stop entirely.
he found that other researchers knew about this but didnt want to touch it. he found a lot of people who desperately wanted these abductions to stop and nothing worked until they tried this. he became christian later. just something to look into if you want.
so that was the first big piece of the puzzle, that the alien phenomenon is an extension of the demonological phenomenon. I thought this was extremely interesting and it gradually became part of my worldview as more data only reinforced this conclusion. next piece of the puzzle..
for the same reason i avoided the topic of aliens, i also avoided other “paranormal” stuff. it was totally uninteresting to me as i had no way of confirming peoples stories and people could be making them up for attention so, i basically had no opinion or interest in that sphere
this all changed when i heard a dude named david paulides on a conspiracy podcast i often check out (the higherside chats). this is review for people that really follow me but im painting a whole picture here so, just roll with it.
basically, he is an ex-cop who got hired by these two rich guys to research Bigfoot (pretty sure this is the origin story). these two rich guys were talking and figured out they both had the same bigfoot encounters when they were super young. naturally this intrigued them.
so they wanted to get to the bottom of it, so they hired this ex-cop to do a real investigation into what the reality and what the fiction of all this bigfoot stuff is. thats David paulides. In the course of looking into this he discovered an extremely strange phenomenon.
he found hundreds and hundreds of cases of people straight up disappearing, usually in national parks, with zero possible explanation. to give you an example of what im describing, im talking two people are together, one walks behind a boulder, and bam, theyre never seen again.
dogs, FBI, helicopters, search and rescue, will all fail to find any trace of this person. theres hundreds of cases like this. sometimes theyll inexplicably re-turn up in a place that was already searched, or miles and miles away in a place they never could have gotten to.
theyre often never found. or, a kid will go missing and turn up miles away 4,000 feet up on a peak a kid couldnt have gotten to. wont go into all the details but when you look at the details of each case its truly inexplicable, its actually mind blowing.
the disappearances tend to happen in spatial clusters that are only observable in a huge time scale. like one place will have these disappearances once every 20 years so, no one would notice unless theyre surveying the whole thing like he was.
so, he drops the bigfoot thing and makes this his main project. its called Missing411. now, even moreso than the aliens thing, i was looking at stone cold evidence of something paranormal. real cases with real people with the real authorities with real families, its real.
now the weird thing is that the trends you see in these missing persons cases PERFECTLY dovetail with certain “mythologies”. most notably, what are referred to as the fairy folk, the fae, from Celtic countries, who i will be referring to here as fairies.
for anyone that doesnt know, fairies in folklore are nothing like tinker bell fairies. theyre like an invisible civilization that lives somewhat alongside or above (like literally physically above) humans that enjoys messing with us and have powers and are very dangerous.
theyre actually very similar to the djinn in Islamic + Persian cultures, and beings described in many systems. the djinn (thats where the word genie comes from), are like a third thing aside from humans and angels who also are invisible, live alongside humans in a parallel world
im trying to paint a little bit of a nuanced picture here which is why I bring the djinn in. in both of these systems, its not really that these things are EVIL like we think of when we hear the word evil, it’s more that they’re powerful and can do whatever they want.
for example in most Islamic and Persian systems I’ve seen, the djinn can be Muslim, or they can be whatever, they can be evil, or just apathetic and not care, they can do and be whatever they want. consider this in light of the fallen angels, who are fallen because...
they’re in rebellion against god. im not making any theological posits here, of course theyre bad, im just saying I think you will get a clearer picture of things if you think of evil in my story as “in rebellion against god”, its a spectrum, like humans:
you can be in rebellion against god and be straight up evil, like wanting to kill babies, or you can be in rebellion against god just by not giving a shit. so, dont let the connotations of the word evil cloud what im really saying here. small detour over.
so, i see the fairies also running this spectrum. like some of them might steal your mittens so they can laugh at you, and some might kill your baby, its not as black and white as the popular conception of evil and malevolence makes it seem.
now, back to missing411. the recurring themes id see over and over in these cases are just like what youd see in fairy lore. paulides is neutral and doesnt make this connection himself at all, frankly I think that just makes it more compelling. ill discuss a few here.
twilight. people often go missing at twilight. this is an extremely famous “magical” time as its the boundary between day and night when things are ambiguous. its also classically associated with the fairies.
the people that go missing are almost always young, and they’re often very intelligent (like PhD status) or theyre very athletic, like they have noteworthy accomplishments in their field. lots of young attractive people. this perfectly syncs up with who fairies take...
or would be interested (it also means they have good genes). kids and people that go missing were often picking berries, the theme of berries comes up so much. well thats classic fairies, those berries are theres and they dont like you touching them, in folklore.
boulders. people often go missing around boulders or [inside a ring of boulders]. this is again classic fairies, sometimes they live in boulders and rings of big stones is so classic magic i wouldnt even know where to start.
hunters often go missing. of course you’d say, well they’re the ones out there right? but oddly enough its a specific subset of hunters: bow hunters. aside from a bow being less dangerous than a gun a bow is a classic mythological item associated with many folkloric beings.
it often happens near swamps (they search the swamp and don’t find the body). sometimes a bloodhound trail will lead right up to a swamp edge and go cold, theyll often actually just find peoples shoes sitting right there (creepy). swamps are classically portals + magic places.
could keep going on connections but there’s one last one I want to touch. one guy came back. he disappeared like his footprints lead out onto a frozen lake (pretty sure that was it) and just stopped. gone for months. showed back up one day. wouldnt say anything about it.
the classic trope in fairy lore is that they take you to fairy world and you often get sucked in there. you want to stay. its like a big party happening place. in Irish lore theyd often take great musicians for this reason. in most folklore this is a warning.
theyll take you to this awesome party and youll want to stay but you dont realize time is passing way faster in that realm than in this one. so youll be at this party for what feels like a night but when you come back years have gone by.
keep this idea of traveling to some cosmic extremely festive place with time distortion on the backburner. one other connection is with something called will o the wisp which are common in folklore and missing411 cases.
will o the wisp are basically like navi from ocarina of time but without wings. theyre floating lights that people see off the path or in the sky that lead them off the path, apparently intentionally.

hmm... floating lights in the sky.... whats that sound like?
sounds kind of like UFOs. and hey some of these people like the guy i just mentioned seemed to be [picked up] out of thin air, almost like they were just.. abducted or something, in the literal sense.

strange coincidence.
so, now i knew that there was this other really weird paranormal phenomenon with concrete documentation. there were also lots of really fucking odd parallels with alien stuff where i wasnt really sure what to make of it, just because it was so strange.
for example, this is just one to give you an idea of how weird it is to connect these dots, maybe youve heard of morgellons disease. if not, its kind of a thing in conspiracy and UFO research world. basically, people will find these metallic threads coming out of their skin.
theres lots of really weird attempts to write this off, like some doctors say its just a drug induced (like meth style) hallucination, or they have other weird explanations for it. well again i had no opinion as i couldnt prove anything.
well, eventually I met this really smart dude that I hung out with many times who told me point blank that his sister had this. said his mom called him on the phone and told him there was this golden thread coming out of his sisters skin. he saw it. the guy wasnt “insane”.
now whatever you think about that, this is a thing in fairy folklore. the fae wind, this magical fairy wind, can put these threads into you. its point blank described in fairy folklore. so thats pretty fucking weird.
gotta stress at this point that ive done a lot of research into archetypal symbolism + comparative mythology and the images of the human experience in general. literally years of my life on end just thinking about that (it intersects with art), so when I see something like this..
its almost impossible to write off a pure coincidence when you think about all the things it could be, literally hundreds of thousands of options, and it just so happens to sync up perfectly. of course, sometimes there are pure coincidences. [...]
one thing I hate about new age comparative mythology is when people will find two little tribes on opposite sides of the planet who have a similar idea about something and then be like “ah well clearly this is proof that its real”.
of course if you stack up 1000 tribal belief systems there will be some coincidences. thats not what’s happening here. we’re talking about a ton of symbolic and thematic sync ups over and over and over, at a certain point its incredibly naive to write this off.
so now i has this odd murky but somewhat cohesive picture of these things people were saying about some other beings or some weird stuff having some concrete reality. whatever i thought about it, there was some data i couldnt discard here. wasnt sure what to think.
we’re going to rewind a few years here. the story i just told you of me gathering this data happened after i stopped doing psychedelics, started maybe like... roughly 2 years ago, maybe more maybe less. so we’re going back now to before i had this information.
its just relevant because we are going back to a time when [none] of this stuff was on my radar at all. i literally never would have thought of anything like what i just described and never did. its just important in terms of confirmation bias and where my head was at at the time
this will probably be a little rambly and all over the place as i have to describe two complex phenomena unfolding to be at once, that being the world of the occult and shamanism, and the world of psychedelics, which sync up in some ways but are not the same.
as ill be drawing certain conclusions at the end of this, i also feel the need to paint the full picture of me exploring the world of psychedelics, which is something i actually havent done on twitter before, for a variety of reasons.
i never wanted to seem like i was promoting them, i also hate being that guy at the party who is like “woooAaah maaaan like it was craaazy bro like i saw this stuff maaaan”. basically almost every drug story boils down to “i was on drugs”. not the best optics.
however when it helps paint this cohesive picture of a phenomenon that i now more than ever think its extremely important to understand, and as this world becomes more mainstream, i suppose im obliged to share. some of this stuff ive never told anyone before, except my gf.
as soon as i went to college i got into eastern mysticism, this quickly lead to buddhism. I went deep into tibetan buddhism, which is basically a mix of central asian shamanism and buddhism (just my take). i enjoyed the idea of shamanism a lot, like many young white drug users.
this is just relevant as i was doing psychedelics with a shamanic style worldview. as in, I believed there was some “higher” or other reality that the substances would let me access, and i sought to bring insight back from this world.
im going to be focusing on DMT as its unique, and ill explain why, but to give me a little credibility here, i feel like a fucking tool saying this but i have to, im extremely experienced with psychedelics. on top of a ton of research i used them very extensively.
now, part of the research is and was knowing how to not fuck up your brain while doing them (not saying they’re “safe” but there are “smart” and not smart ways to do them). i spaced out my trips with enough time that i never experienced even slight cases of something like HPPD.
HPPD is hallucinogenic perception persistence disorder, where basically you will get slight elements of the visuals that you get while tripping while youre sober. this can last months or be permanent, forever. its a sign that you warped your brain too much basically.
people will get visual “snow”, like visual noise, or see patterns on large blank surfaces like a white desk, or see patterns “wave” slightly, indefinitely or for weeks or months after abusing psychedelics. i never had anything like this.
this doesnt mean they had no effect on me obviously but as im talking about using a lot of substances I feel obliged to point out that they didnt overtly “fuck me up” and i dont feel damaged from them long term. I’ve seen casualties and am obviously not one of them, imo.
so to establish my credibility in this field, ive done all the psychedelics people have heard of and some people haven’t. like I said I feel like a fucking tool “flexing” this but its extremely relevant so i will do so briefly.
the substances i stayed away from were the dangerous highly experimental ones like research chemicals (2c-i, 2c-e..). If you dont know, basically, there are some chemicals that are newly synthesized that happen to have psychedelic properties, but no one knows much about them.
so the long term effects are completely unknown. extremely dangerous. this is different from other substances where we have 100s of years of use or at least the boomers who used themselves as guinea pigs so we can see what the long term effects are. thanks guys.
[not gonna caveat every post with, “normally i wouldnt say this” but, i wouldnt]. ive used mushrooms extensively. both casually + “seriously” taking solid amounts in total silent darkness and isolating myself for 12+ hours at a time. i have investigated that substance extensively
a little sidenote here is that, doing psychedelics alone and in silent darkness unlocks an entirely different dimension to them. the analogy i use is imagine that you only ever drank alcohol at 11am alone. then one time you tried drinking at night at a party.
well, when you did that, youd be like “oh wow THIS is what alcohol is all about, i get it now”. it would unlock a totally different dimension of the substance. that’s what tripping alone in silent darkness does. its a completely different aspect of the experience.
this is just relevant because a lot of people do psychedelics a lot but never do them alone in the dark like this. in my opinion theyre only just scratching the surface, even after years of potentially high doses. so, this affects my perception of what they have to say about them
acid, the other most common psychedelic, ive also done extensively. i used to acid every two weeks (imo the minimum safe gap between trips) for a long time. i stopped (and if you do it you should too) because it stopped being safe.
basically it used to be the case that nothing psychoactive would fit on the small piece of paper you buy when you get acid, so youd either get nothing or LSD (or something called DOX which is extremely rare and different enough from acid that youd know).
now, with the prevalence of research chemicals, theres no way to know what ur getting unless you hardcore test it and imo even then its sketch. so little detour but if youre reading this and you do acid imo its dangerous now, just saying.
those psychedelics are tryptamines, but there is “another” type of psychedelic called phenethylamines that are different, they basically act on different receptors in your brain. mescaline, the psychoactive alkaloid in peyote, is a phenethylamine.
ive done peyote a few times, once in the context of a native american ceremony where we stayed up all night, once while fasting in the woods, once while on ayahusca (this is actually common in ceremonies). ive also done ayahuasca many times in a variety of settings.
the psychoactive alkaloid in ayahusca is DMT which is where im really going with this so i should briefly explain. ayahusca is a jungle brew where a naturally occurring MAOI inhibits the thing in ur stomach that would break down DMT, so it makes it orally active. its a dmt drink
ive done it a few times, in “ceremonies”, once i actually didnt eat or drink water for almost 4 days, went directly into a sweat lodge, and then did ayahusca. this is just relevant because a lot of people who irresponsibly openly talk about this shit have done it like, one time.
ive also done some things people dont know about, like something called hawaiian baby wood rose seeds. these are poorly studied but its hypothesized that they contain a naturally occurring analogue of LSD (acid) called LSA, theyre different than the other things i described here.
ive also dipped into another class of substances common in shamanism and magic called dissociatives. not gonna go fully into the difference but on dissociatives you can fully disengage with reality and have complete concrete frank hallucinations easily.
these are [extremely] dangerous, they can easily kill u, theyre poisonous plants, so i never went deep into this world but its just relevant that ive used different ointments (the common way of “safely” ingesting them) that had many of these plants, all the ones people know about
so datura, belladonna, amanita muscaria, mandrake (very rare), henbane, aconite (wolfs bane), technically ive lightly experimented with all of these things as well. never seriously, theyre extremely dangerous. again only mentioning it to demonstrate that:
when it comes to psychedelics, i really know what the fuck I am talking about. i only say it this way because it gets me fucking heated when i see losers on platforms like joe rogan loudly proclaiming how theyre experts when they literally have no idea what theyre talking about.
for example, not sure if this is still the case, but i saw a podcast where joe rogan said hes never even done ayahusca. dude just sit the fuck down and stop roping normies into a world you literally do not understand in any capacity whatsoever. so irresponsible.
anyway this has all been a setup for the real point of this. DMT. DMT is completely different from every other psychedelic. i never imagined that i would feel compelled to expound on such a thing but now that normies know about it and its in vice media i feel obligated to explain
i can also tell that casually laying it out in this way is going to help me write something cohesive on this later so if you read this far thanks for tuning in to a cavern visuals go off juice production. this is the last big piece of this puzzle im describing but its a huge one.
so aside from DMT being radically different experientially, which ill get to, its also different in terms of what it is. DMT is the only psychedelic that is endogenous, ie its naturally in your brain, like right now. thats very interesting.
compared to DMT acid and mushrooms might as well be the same exact thing. if other psychedelics are like going out in a boat on the ocean DMT is like teleporting to the bottom of the ocean where theres huge creatures and stuff, its totally different.
typically, now, DMT is smoked. this is also interesting as people havent had access to this smoking DMT experience forever, its relatively new and until very very recently would have been confined only to the most extreme psychedelic circles.
the emergence of ayahuasca (orally active DMT) from the jungles of the Amazon is also relatively new. not that long ago people had to literally go to the Amazon to do ayahuasca. now you can do it in most major cities. theres a vice show about people doing it in Kentucky.
its also really “cool”. normal popular celebrities like lindsey lohan are doing ayahusca and talking about it. there are Netflix docs about DMT. so all of a sudden the most powerful psychedelic imaginable, truly orders of magnitude stronger than anything else, is going mainstream
now aside from the way in which it “feels different”, which ill get to, the interesting thing about DMT is that people travel to other “worlds” and interact with other entities while on it. in fact id say this is the defining characteristic of the experience. very strange.
i personally experienced this in terms of myself but also with other people around me. i was with a lot of people when they first tried DMT, and i used it with many people. they almost always talked about “going somewhere” or about some entity to guide showing them something.
what really interested me about this was that i had done research into entirely skeptical means of explaining the psychedelic experience. theres a book called “psychedelic information theory” that attempts to explain the tripping experience as an entirely “rational” phenomenon.
this model of explaining the experience as basically just ur brain generating random stuff frankly worked for other substances, but not for DMT. over and over id hear similar things that were also reflected in what “famous” DMT people were saying about the substance.
i traveled into space, i was in this temple, there was thing being there that was messing with me, or there was this guide there that wanted to show me around, id hear these things over and over from people ranging from mystics to secular video game dudes. extremely strange.
the strangeness was only heightened when i started hearing other stories first or secondhand that made NO sense. like two girls who smoked DMT together and would have conversations with the same entity, over and over, together. how can that be 100% a hallucination?
or the same batch of DMT would give multiple people across time and space the same interaction with the same entity. these would be oddly specific, like seeing a man in a purple suit or something. again, could not explain it by appealing to purely physical phenomena.
upon researching lots of trip reports and hearing people like terrence mckenna or other researchers talk about it a lot i realized there were certain archetypes that perfectly fit the data i was gathering and my own experiences with the substance, which became more frequent.
terrence mckenna famously describes these things called “self transforming machine elves”, theyre like balls of light that and rapidly transforming that are like little entities. usually theyre making something or working on something. [many] people see these things.
a space and alien vibe is extremely common. both mckenna and joe rogan (and many others) describe the beings you interact with in DMT as aliens, they say point blank, you can talk to aliens if you use this stuff. thats interesting.
the theme of like, hypermagical tech is very common. people often describe the world as like, future tech style or magical tech style. its like a happy luminous hyper creative world, mckenna describes it as a carnival, the word “potential” is used a lot.
oddly enough the theme of trespassing is also common. people will describe the feeling of like “I knew I wasn’t supposed to be here” or an entity will actually tell them that they aren’t supposed to be there. a [ton] of people report this.
also at the onset of the trip it literally feels like ur being sucked into a wormhole, or that youre “going somewhere”, people always report this. why? people literally describe it as “breaking through”, it feels like you’re breaking into another world. this feeling is palpable.
anyway, could keep going like this forever, but im sure you see where im going with this. it just so happens to be the case that all these DMT archetypes perfectly sync up with the picture ive painted before of some type of beings, with an alien and or fairy vibe, being there.
this realization hit me like a ton of fucking bricks, i honestly felt like an idiot that i hadnt considered this sooner. im not saying theyre all “the same” phenomena but obviously there is some overlap, something is definitively “up” here. the crazy part is that...
this all fits my own experiences [perfectly]. the feeling was like if youre a scientist struggling to explain something and then all of a sudden someone gives you a theory that just perfectly explains everything and makes sense of all this apparently disparate data youve gathered
not gonna give an intro as this is already long but ive heavily investigated DMT world. in fact in an effort to prolong the experience + go deeper i often used DMT while on other psychedelics. so once again just saying as ill get pushback here, i really know what im talking about
on DMT ive had the experience of traveling to this like, weird techy magic... zone. its kind of like a factory vibe. ive seen the small creatures working there that mckenna describes. when they see you you can tell theyre telling you that you should not be there, you can feel it.
ive also experienced the aztec style visions people have of these like, flat style creatures. one like, stopped me and “told” me (mentally) i shouldnt be there. i couldnt “go past” it. i drew a picture of it but have since lost it, it was like part aztec part nepalese style in 2d
i also once experienced what id describe as like a beautiful festive... happy magic light parade going past me. of course only later did i make the connection with mckenna describing this as “carnival” style, this is like the party vibe of fairy world.
fairies fit the archetype of “trickster” gods in the sense that they like messing with u. this is [very common] in folklore for beings that are at the boundary between this world + the next. its common for people to see jokers / jesters on DMT or to get that energy from something
in fact, its so common, that once I was with a group of people who all used DMT often, and we were faintly describing this feeling of being like, “kept out” or tripped up by some weird tricky energy and someone said “yeah thats the joker”. instantly got everyones attention [..]
and he was like yeah the joker is the gatekeeper, but if you just dont let him affect you, you can go past him into actual DMT world. instantly all of us had a huge light go off, we all knew exactly what he was talking about and I used this information to go deeper many times.
on ayahusca, I spontaneously had the idea that, oh, this thing like, initiates you into this like, ancient eternal priesthood, there are these cosmic beings, and if I could just do this enough I would be able to get information from them. this feeling is clear and palpable.
its inherent to the substance. many people get some feeling like this. its like the way being drunk makes you feel more confident, or being high makes you feel spaced out, this complex feeling is part and parcel of the substance. how and why could this be the case?
one time, while on dmt, i had this vision of this like luminous palace i was seeing into. i was like, oh, thats gods house, obviously. i was staring into it, then this like satyr creature jumped in front of it with his hands over his mouth in a “shush” gesture. [...]
obviously like, “dont tell anyone about this”. well, fuck him, but im just saying, this being i saw had a goat vibe and horns. i opened my eyes and was totally sober. just a coincidence? probably fucking not.
could go on about stuff like this but thats a clear enough picture. obviously im saying that these seemingly disparate phenomena are actually describing one big thing that, if its not all one “world”, at least has a [ton] of overlap. this “world” exists.
now, one last little wrap up. in the book of Enoch (purportedly by Noah’s great grandfather I’m pretty sure) it describes the fall of a low rank of angels who come to earth to fuck around and bang earth women, essentially.
now, im not a theologian and wouldnt want to lead anyone astray so keep in mind im just a random guy. the book of Enoch isn’t in the Bible but it is canonical in Ethiopian orthodoxy (I think). to me, that just means that it isn’t like the direct word of god [...]
it doesn’t mean that there is zero good information in there. anyway in this book one thing the fallen angels do is teach men “charms” (sorcery) and “the cutting of roots”. ayahusca which has DMT is a root. [many] psychoactive plants have compounds in their roots.
oh yeah also I’m pretty sure the book of Enoch is quoted in the Bible but I’m not sure.

anyway, it says they made them “acquainted with plants” in the same verse where it describes teaching them charms and cutting roots. do you see what im obviously getting at here?
OBVIOUSLY what this book is describing is the fallen angels teaching men to use these substances. DUH. is this really just another coincidence? come on. how cohesive can this picture get. how much evidence do you want? theres one more big one.
the bible forbids “sorcery”. sorcery is kind of an ambiguous word but normally its associated with summoning entities. what do you think the Greek word thats used for this term is? take a fucking guess
its pharmakeia, where we get the word pharmacy from. it directly implies the ingesting of substances. boom.
what im getting at is that once you look at all the evidence its impossible to conclude that this is just a coincidence. the problem is that to put this together you need to have knowledge of so many fields that [seem] as unrelated as possible, but that actually are connected.
i never knew why i was so obsessed with all this stuff but sometimes i feel like i was slowly led through each of these spheres so that i could put this together. thats kind of arrogant so i dont [really] think that but... honestly sometimes i kind of do.
oh yeah one last closer that honestly makes it a little freaky and describes why this is extremely important.
btw i didnt even really touch on my involvement in western occult. i hung around this sphere but never “did anything” like an occult ritual. i always wondered why I didn’t but now I see that i intuitively sensed it was evil even before figuring all this out.
suffice to say if you hang in this sphere you will meet people who will point blank tell you theyve spoken with demons. Ive also has good former friends tell me stuff like this. im not gonna go into it but it all has some component that is real, im 100% sure.
anyway, what is the common realization people come to on psychedelics? ive actually had people tell me about entities appearing to them and describing this view of the world exactly, its also the stereotype of people that trip for a reason:
“dude like its not about good and evil man the universe is a balance you know, theres like order and disorder and it’s just like, your perception. like you think something is bad but it’s just your perception man really its like “what’s good” is just a construct” etc.
okay. ask yourself. if you were a fallen angel and you wanted to convince people that evil wasnt actually evil, what would you tell them?


thats exactly how a crafty and deceptive being could convince anyone, even really “smart” people, that evil things aren’t actually evil. anyone could be tricked into believing that its just your perception and people come to this conclusion after using psychedelics ALL THE TIME.
wow what a fucking coincidence that after using these substances people [just so happen] to come to the conclusion that evil isn’t actually evil and its just your perception, out of literally millions of things they could possibly think, thats the common conclusion. come on.
i hope ive painted a picture here that will allow you to connect certain threads that at first it seems completely insane to tie together. this is extremely important as these powerful substances and occult stuff are both going hardcore mainstream at the same time, right now.
all of these things sync up perfectly to create an image of spiritual warfare actually happening, which is real. there really is a class of beings out there that want to lure you in and they are primarily famous across all cultures and times for being able to [deceive people].
its real, and its really happening right now. come under the umbrella of God and enlist on the good team. we’re not totally fucked yet but without a cohesive picture of whats happening most people are just low hanging fruit for a variety of malevolent forces.
and thats the most i ever went off on twitter dot com. for the record in case its not obvious im christian now and my life is 10,000x better. the people i sadly had to leave behind are more confused or sucked in than ever. choose ur path wisely. thank u for coming to my ted talk.
also for the people encouraging me to document this somewhere, i basically made this thread as a blueprint and test of laying out all this information for an article that ill write with the same info sometime... this week. thanks for reading, hope you got something out of it.
man i got a [lot] of messages about this thread. very cool. as a bonus, i remembered i did a drawing of what it was like looking into that "palace" when that being jumped out in front of me. ive since lost the actual sketchbook but found a low res scan deep in my archives.
this is obviously just an illustration of it, so its not what it "actually" looked like, but as it was a depiction of "the vibe" i thought it was an appropriate addition to this thread. ur "mentally" seeing things, so this is a pictorial abstraction again, not actually what i saw
anyway, really enjoying all the DMs of people sharing their supernatural and paranormal / demonic experiences with me. i actually feel like writing all this out was the precursor to me getting an even clearer “big picture” so... stay tuned.
this thread you just read here dovetails with (among other things) this ongoing project and thread that will be developing slowly over time

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