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Y’all, it’s that time of year: LoveLife is starting their #40weeksofharassment campaign today in Charlotte, Greensboro, and in Raleigh.

Poll time: do I make another weekly update thread like last year?
Alright y’all. You win.

WELCOME TO WEEK ONE OF #40WEEKSOFHARASSENT! I’ll be your Sherpa of Shenanigans through this ordeal. Please keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times. And don’t forget:
Off the bat, we have some developments from last year. The kickoff event today was not a permitted parade, and it was held primarily on the property next to the admin building.
This means a few things:

- it’ll be hard to get exact protester counts
- parking will cause chaos/issues
- sound will be excessive, and there’s currently nothing CMPD can do about it
I’ll keep an eye out to see if any official numbers get posted, and continue to think on ways to count protesters safely.
In the meantime, here’s what we do know:

There were a lot of folks today. They did not have a parade permit, but proceeded to have a prayer march and impact traffic anyway.
As I mentioned, they set up their stage and sound system on their property. Since its private property, the sound ordinance is 55 dB measured at the nearest RESIDENCE. We’re in a business park. There isn’t a residence near us to be impacted, but a hell of a lot of businesses.
That being said, it gets REALLY loud. This is AFTER the event, as people are leaving.
One of the protesters kept singling me out since I spent a lot of time outside today. When I started recording, he stopped saying the vicious things (like asking “How rich have you gotten from snapping the necks of babies? How much does the blood on your hands cost?”).
A consistent issue these events cause is confusion. In fact, a lot of protesters are trying to capitalize on this confusion- several patients reported to staff that they were instructed to park on the street or drive past the clinic.
However, this confusion also extends to their own “attendees”- we had an incident today where a man parked on property and walked into the clinic with a patient, then immediately turned around and told staff that he didn’t know where to find his church.
Lesson learned today: I will be drinking a lot of beer this year. I should probably buy stock. Ideally, a beer sponsorship. #clt breweries who love autonomy and repro rights, hit me up.

Kidding. But not really.

If you’re in Charlotte and want to volunteer, check out @CLT4Choice and @C4CClinicEscort.

If you’re in Greensboro or Raleigh and want to volunteer, check out @Triangle4Choice.
Alas, it’s week 2 of #40weeksofharassment. It’s cold and rainy and generally miserable. Adding to the potential sponsorship list: handwarmers.
Set-up for mayhem has begun. It’s already pretty loud- multiple PA systems are in use.
It’s pouring rain. Between the sidewalk and the lot next door, there are approximately 65 protesters. Unfortunately, the rain isn’t impacting the sound.
Shout out to some MAJORLY committed escorts and defenders today. Seriously in awe. So much love for @C4CClinicEscort and @CLT4Choice 💕
They had a march anyway. Approximately 115- I may have missed some in the back of the crowd.
Today’s “hymn” of choice?

“Sing a little louder in the presence of my enemies,” emphasized by the men at the driveway yelling “don’t murder your baby!” and “this woman gets rich on the blood of your offspring!” (while pointing at me).

#notcounseling #40weeksofharassment
My fiancé just texted me this (he was trying to drop off a biscuit for me).

Even Google knows the protesters are impacting traffic. #40weeksofharassment #notcounseling
Update: no biscuit.
.@CLT4Choice got this lovely interaction today. Can you imagine someone trying to guilt and shame you with lies like this at any other doctor’s appointment?

Bonus content! Check out this thread about today’s protest from @heatherpeagler, who I love and adore. #notcounseling #40weeksofharassment
It’s week 3 of #40weeksofharassment.
How is it only week 3?
First off, in honor of @YellowFund and @helmsinki, rocking my “Roll Abortion” sweatshirt to work.
Numbers for today:
- 317 protesters
- 50+ rubber fetus dolls
- 12 frocked priests
- 3 warnings to protesters crossing police barricades

And a Flip Benham in a khaki utility vest.
#notcounseling #40weeksofharassment
The setup for the stage is literally ON the property line. They’re as close as they can be to our space without trespassing. But they “aren’t intimidating us.” #40weeksofharassment #notcounseling
This is a damn circus. This is harassment, #notcounseling.
With increasing hostilities to abortion providers right now, I think it’s important to make sure we let folks know how awful clinic harassment and intimidation already is, and how it’s continuing to worsen.

#40weeksofharassment #notcounseling
I’m asking @DCampoamor, @jamilsmith, @laurenarankin, @Rewire_News, @laurenduca, @LPJLeague & @lizzwinstead to amplify this thread/help folks understand the reality we face here in Charlotte.

Last year, we saw over 18,000 clinic protesters. We’re on track to pass that this year.
In the past three years, we’ve seen over 40,000 clinic protesters. We’ve been subjected to multiple parades, and three more are already scheduled for this year.

#howdareyou #notcounseling
In other news: if anyone has recommendations or advice on how to get my eye to stop twitching, let a girl know.

Me right now:
For more insight on what our morning was like, check out this thread of clips that @heatherpeagler got at the clinic this morning. #notcounseling #40weeksofharassment

I’ve seen some rumors floating around about an incident in our neighborhood today, so I feel obligated to clarify. There were shots fired this AM adjacent to Latrobe, and the shots were very audible at the clinic.

HOWEVER- this had nothing to do with the clinic or protesters.
While it definitely put everyone on edge, no one was harmed on Latrobe. We have absolutely no reason to believe that the clinic was the target, or that protesters were involved.
On that note: I’m going to find a beer.
Hi friends! It’s week 4 of #40weeksofharassment- 1/10 of this forced visit to a circle of hell complete.
So far- it’s cold, foggy, and there’s a lot of offkey singing and acoustic guitar over amplified sound.
#notcounseling #40weeksofharassment
Today’s total: 137. #notcounseling
I find myself thinking, “wow, a low turnout- I bet it’s because of the crappy weather.” It’s conditioning to this cruelty that I think 137 protesters- outnumbering patients, staff, volunteers, and cops combined- is a low turnout.
3/10 is National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. It falls on the anniversary of Dr. Gunn’s murder by an antichoice extremist in 1993. Harassment/intimidation is something all providers face, whether it’s 1 protester or 1000. #CelebrateAbortionProviders #notcounseling
Help @C4CClinicEscort and @CLT4Choice honor our local abortion providers by filling out a note of appreciation- they will be mailing postcards to clinics out this week. #CelebrateAbortionProviders

Today was week 5 of #40weeksofharassment- it’s been a long day, so apologies for the late post.
Today’s total was 316 (shout out to @heatherpeagler for the count!).

#40weeksofharassment #notcounseling
Also today: a super badass event hosted by @NCAbortionFund with @robinmarty about her new book! #AbortionIsHealthcare
Week 6 of #40WeeksOfHarassment. It’s been a week, y’all. States all over the nation are trying to pass abortion bans & TRAP laws like they’re going out of style.
Here’s your newsflash: Abortion is healthcare. We’re gonna keep fighting for abortion access, no matter what bullshit gets thrown at us.
Today’s count: 289.
#40WeeksOfHarassment #NotCounseling
Every week, this antichoice group does a march around Latrobe. They don’t have a parade permit- they walk in the road & impede traffic anyway. This is #notcounseling. This is not “peaceful protest.” This is not free speech.

This is harassment & intimidation. #40WeeksOfHarassment
People STILL don’t know this level of harassment is happening at abortion clinics. This week, I’m asking @irin, @chick_in_kiev, @laurenduca, @andizeisler, @deelizabeth_, @MollyJongFast, and @SophiaBush to RT and take a stand against clinic harassment/violence.
Major shout out to @ARC_Southeast this morning, for being amazing and incredible per usual and also for providing my morning “piss off the antis” playlist. It was QUITE effective.
Week 7 of #40WeeksOfHarassment. It’s loud, I’m tired and cranky, this is gonna be a day. #notcounseling
This has been going on the past hour. It’s so loud, I can clearly hear it in my office. The majority of protesters aren’t even here yet- just making their presence known with overly-amplified sound. #notcounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
A toddler was just coached by their mom to tell me “don’t kill babies” as I walked across the parking lot. Super chill.
This car is parked directly across from the clinic driveway entrance. Notice the camera on the roof, aimed at the driveway- filming cars and license plates. This is a regular occurrence. #notcounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
Oh look, it’s “Activist Mommy” and her brood yet again. In the middle of the road. Blocking traffic. In front of the driveway. #notcounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
LoveLife comes with their own “security” these days. I use that term lightly, because ANY security professional would tell you that bringing infants to a hostile protest is anything but secure. However- these folks use kids to manipulate and guilt patients. #notcounseling
We have a theory about protester turnout:

- less than 45 degrees, we’ll get 50+
- less than 60 degrees, we’ll get 100+
- less than 70 degrees, we’ll get 200+
- over 70 degrees, we’ll get 300+

It’s been a pretty solid theory so far.
#NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
Real talk- this week has been vicious to abortion activists. A few PSAs for everyone:

- #BelieveSurvivors
- #AbortionIsHealthcare
- #ThisClinicStaysOpen
- AntiChoice harassment is #NotCounseling

Finally, I ain’t going anywhere so save yourself the postage on your hate mail.
Abortion access is under attack, and clinic harassment is getting worse. This week, I’m asking @Alyssa_Milano, @DonCheadle, @ira, @KaraRBrown, @ZerlinaMaxwell, @PiperPerabo, and @itsgabrielleu to share and help bring attention to clinic harassment and intimidation. #NotCounseling
Activist Mommy is live-streaming from the clinic (yet again). It’s been up an hour- already has over 22K views. This is #notcounseling, and I feel like I’m screaming into the void.
Hi y’all. It’s week 8 of #40WeeksOfHarassment. Today’s total was 198. #AbortionIsHealthcare

No funny quips or gifs today. I’m exhausted. Reminder: this is #NotCounseling. No patient should have to deal with this.

Hell, I shouldn’t haven’t to deal with this either.
Just kidding. Total is 221, because 23 Catholics showed up to pray on the sidewalk.

#40WeeksOfHarassment #NotCounseling #GoAwayAlready #INeedAllTheBeer #StillWaitingForThatBrewerySponsor
Week 9 of #40WeeksOfHarassment. I’m taking the day to myself.

Count per @CLT4Choice is 139. #notcounseling
For those wanting a more in-depth update of today at the clinic, check out @heatherpeagler’s coverage of #40WeeksOfHarassment. General reminder: this is #NotCounseling.

Week 10 of #40WeeksOfHarassment. We’re 1/4 of the way there.
This is how my morning started: with a brick through the clinic window. It’s been the cherry on top of a week full of death threats and harassment. #NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
It’s so loud in my office that I can’t think straight. The sound from the antis seems to be funneling directly into my office rather than the clinic next door, so at least it’s just me getting the brunt of it rather than patients/staff. #NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
It’s cold and rainy. Usually, these days only bring out around 120-ish protesters, but today defies our usual attendance theory.

Today’s count? 304.
#NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
Daniel from Cities4Life has already gotten a warning for violating the sound ordinance, and now, he’s childishly testing “how far he can go” on property by literally toeing the property line.
#NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
When I walked outside this morning to count, a protester started screaming at me “How long will you keep murdering babies to line your pockets? How much was your soul worth? How much is your life?”

#NotCounseling #40WeeksOfHarassment
This increasing hostility shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. It’s been a week full of threats and harassment, and I’ve been open about it.

Here’s an example. For context - during my attack in 2015, I was choked with a seatbelt. I’ve been getting things like this constantly.
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