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...so, I’m one of those people who had such a rough childhood that I grew up way too young. I began going to Church on Sunday, at age 6, by jumping on the Church bus early in the morning.

Now, understand that I didn’t know anyone in my Family who went to Church. They read the
Bible & sometimes argued about Revelations while drinking a bit too many “spirits” but...

My Grandpa read The Scripture everyday like clock work. He was as close to religious I had! So, I continued in Church up to age 13 when my sister died in a horrible car accident. I blamed
God! I was VERY angry bc in my YOUNG 6 yr. old mind- I had “made a deal” with God (ha ha!). But, I believed if I was good, really good, that my family would be okay even though they didn’t go to Church & they did stuff they shouldn’t be doing! When my sister passed, I felt
Betrayed by God & I chose, quite literally, to walk away. My young minds ability to reason logic with spirit in a healthy way was very limited by my broken home life.

After some very bad years of alcohol & drugs, I got clean at age twenty five. By that time I had been married at
18, Lots of Partying, Child at 19, more parties & bigger “drugs”, then Divorce, worsening drug addiction, then had a second child and by some miracle, By GOD, I survived long enough to find my way back to him. That was 29 years ago.

When I returned to Church, after having had
a Spiritual Awakening, I had a completely new & involuntary response! It was quite strange to me...I began to notice that EVERY TIME we would begin to sing & praise the Lord, I would begin to weap. I don’t mean cry, or whale out loud, I mean WEAP, using lots of tissue
on elephant tears 😢!! I never really returned to attending Church bc I didn’t agree w/the words being spoken by most ministers & it seemed to be ALL about money now (age 25). Now that I am WOKED (= I was already awake & then I got Educated on Consp. Theories), I know that most
Churches have become 501(c)3 Tax Exempt orgs. who are in bed with the Globalists, which definitely explains why the preacher & the Bible studies “felt” different. The only part I really “missed” was the Gospel Songs, but even that had been perverted to some degree back
then (1989-1993). It seemed like all the Churches got BIG & had giant screens to play video and show the lyrics to the songs. Long gone were the Individual Hymnals, sang from the book of hymns! The singing still effected me, but not nearly as profoundly.

Now, why am I writing
My Personal Testimony? Because I was moved to write about the SINGING & HOW MUCH IT EFFECTS ME!!!!

Now, I follow my gut, my still small voice, my God-Conscience, What ever label works for you. When I feel the urge to go do something, or in this case to share something,
I just do it. I don’t ask why anymore. But, I had to share a bit of my story so you understand where I am coming from with regards to the singing. So, if you’re still with me...thank you for reading this. My hope is that at least one person will read it & feel “a connection” with
the info given. Now, for the Gospel Singing. Please understand that when I say I become “overwhelmed” with emotions, love, & connection, AND that I have allowed myself to be led astray from it. I rarely go to church & I rarely listen to Gospel music.

Many different things have
caused me to react this way, but the biggest was the Campaign & Election of Donald J. Trump & having my life profoundly changed by stepping up & speaking out. By following my GUT to discern between who I follow & absorb and those I follow for entertainment or opposition info.
I’m a #Patriot who follows #QAnon, and many other great Patriots!! I am not a Content Producer, I’m more of a “messenger” for God, Country, Q, and #Patriots!!

I have been blessed with information received on the #WayneSteiger YT videos called “Talking to the Planets”. These
Shows captivated me from the first show he did with #PatrickGarrett (youtube.com/channel/UCK7_i…). Now, I would suggest watching so you see what he does & decide for yourself whether to believe or not. Completely up to you. I will say, I believe!

Now, during the last show,...
or “Session”, someone asked Earth: <all loosely quoted>

🌎[We call you Earth, but do you go by another name?]

🎵 As Sentient Beings...I, WE, do not have a name or label BUT rather a “Frequency” that we are known by. We do not use “labels” the way humans do.

When I heard
this my jaw dropped, I was holding my breath, and my mind literally went blank. I just heard the most remarkable statement ever.

I have been researching & studying EM, RADIO, & MICROWAVE FREQUENCIES for the past year. I know more than most & have barely learned anything! There
is just so much learn, & some of it very technical. I grieved for months after the #Paradise Fire & for all the 50k+ Souls that were killed. I also felt for the lives lost the prior year in N. CA in the Santa Rosa / Napa areas. I wasn’t “awake” on>subject back then...I didn’t
Understand the magnitude of FREQUENCY IN OUR MODERN WORLD & THE ROLE IT PLAYS IN OUR DAILY LIVES. Some Good? yes. But for the most part, it’s just all bad. Well, the correct statement is “All the devious ways they are beginning to use frequencies in our world to control, spy,
harm, maim, & KILL anyone or anything they choose, is TERRIFYING!

Okay, so the basics for my out cry tonight done, now my insightful/gut feeling:

The “Frequency” we live on, SHARES her frequency with every living “thing” dwelling on her lands. This is “why” we humans match
The Schumann’s Resonance! We share her “frequency”& are very effected by any changes TO that stable frequency of 7.83!!!

This is also the reason we are very affected by MUSIC of any kind. But, for me personally, it explains my overwhelming connection with the Spirit while
Singing Praise to God!!

The resonance of Earth has been gradually changing. Most people are completely unaware of the changes. Hell, most people are unaware of the Schumann’s Resonance!

As of today, 02.17.2019, the frequency is at 8.08.

Hundreds of thousands of people feel...
the change but haven’t made any connection to this. Thousands & thousands more believe the Earth is going through changes (She is!!), but 1/2 think it will be better & 1/2 think it’s the END. Many believe we will have several years of tribulations, and THEN the land will be
Restored, along with many Nations. They will be restored to a Sovereign Nation by the People Rising Up Against Tyranny & Rampant Corruption In Govt.!!

People, we are living in the Greates Time of Man’s History!

So buckle up, get ready for some GREAT, & not so great, events to
come. The good news: God wins!

This is for those who maybe “don’t sing in church”, & to you I say SING LOUD & CLEAR > God, Jesus, & 7.83/8.08 (?) we live on ALL HEAR US! It’s spreads joy, love, & peace.

I believe this is why we are so attracted to the ARTS!

So~Tune In!

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