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Here's a thread with my thoughts on the #Crisisattheborder and why we need to #FinishTheWall

What prompted me to do this? The mantra from the left that they do not 'beleive' there is a crisis at the border or that it is a fiction made up by President Trump
When people use words like I dont believe this, especially in today's world it calls to mind postmodernism and how there is no real truth. Truth is what I believe and it not based upon facts, but my interpretation of them.
When we cannot as a society agree on facts, it leads us down so many dangerous paths.
We cannot agree on when life begins, how many genders there are, and now we cannot even agree on the definition of the word crisis.
So to begin. Let's look at the dictionary definition of the word crisis.

A. A time of difficulty, trouble or danger

B. A time when a difficult or important decision must be made
Let's break this definition down

A time of difficulty.
What does that mean?

Something that is hard to deal with.

Ask yourselves, in the past 20 years have our politicians been able to come up with and agree to a solution for our immigration problem.
No they haven't. They have preferred status quo inertia to deal with it. The problem is that status quo measures are no longer working. (We will examine these measures further down)
I think everyone agrees it is a difficult situation with no easy answers left and right
The 2nd part of the definition
A time of danger or trouble.

What is the danger or trouble posed by our current illegal mmigration issues? This seems to be the point of contention between the left and the right.

So much hyperbole and disinformation is out there
It can be hard to figure out what is true or not.
It is especially difficult when the MSM ignores the real facts and figures available by a google search, and take uninformed elected officials word as gospel.
Most of what I have found is available out there. I leave it for you to decide.
When does what is happening rise to the level of danger or trouble in your mind?
Is danger/trouble truly not a fact based concept anymore, and in the eye of the beholder?
So let's look at the levels of danger and/or trouble.
I am looking at different areas.
Also think about this.
With multiple areas of trouble/danger that we are dealing with, how many of these trouble/danger areas added together equal a crisis?
One, three, five?
The first area is to deal with the actual numbers of people coming and apprehended entering the country.
How many times have you heard over the past few weeks that apprehensions were down and at an all time low in 2018?
Guess what?

It's not true
Yes, the numbers went down in 2017, but shot back up in 2018.
And guess what? We are 3 months into 2019 fiscal year.
And the numbers are way up over 2018.
January 2019 is 62% higher than Jan 2018
Is that a crisis?
The headline is misleading.
The truth is in the body of the article.

So the numbers of immigrants are rising.
Which if you were paying attention you knew because of the caravan coverage.
But there are the actual numbers that the media refuses to report and it is not anecdotal
Numbers of immigrants are up.
How about staffing at the border?
Are we staffed with enough border patrol and customs officers to deal with the issues they face?
Have you wondered why the military is needed there?

Currently, we are down abt 4k CBP officers and 2k customs
That is 2 areas I personally would call danger or trouble areas that would make this a #crisisattheborder

Let's find others
Because I work with children, the plight of children in this crisis has broken my heart.
Children are taken into the caravan for a lot of reasons. Mainly because they know that a nation with big hearts will not turn them away.
But let's look at the problem areas of this
Our border facilities/asylum facilities were built for adults. Not children. Children require a lot of care and supervision. A lot of man hours. Many of the children come with parents and families, but some come unaccompanied. Manpower is needed to care for them
Bear in mind, we are already down 6k needed.

Add to that a health crisis.


50 people a day are treated for serious illnesses at the border
Tuberculosis, flu, parasites
28% of these are under the age of 5!
Crisis? Can we care for them?
It is difficult for me to research the trafficking issues for personal reasons, I will just share this wonderful thread that does a great job with it.

Stunning trafficking numbers. Stunning violence against women and girls.

Let's move to a different area.
We know that the majority of fentanyl and heroin move in through our southern border.

In 2017 29k people died from fentanyl related overdoses. (Cant find 2018 number yet)


Sorry. Wrong article

Let's put that into perspective.

29k deaths in one year caused by fentanyl overdoses

17,284 people were murdered across the country in total

The media keeps telling us that the majority of drugs come in through ports of entry based on how much we catch coming over
It looks to me that there is a hole in the border that has let a lot of drugs come through.

How many deaths by drug overdose are acceptable?

There has also been a rise in meth (from MX) ODs

10k people died in 2017, a 33% increase over the previous year

nypost.com/2019/02/16/mex… buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons&__twitter_impression=true
Would you say that the drug issue is a danger or causing trouble for our country?
Does it fit the definition of crisis?

The final area I will address is the crime. We have all seen the Angel Families and heard their stories. It is heart breaking.
We have also heard the media tout a widely debunked Cato Institute study that measured illegal immigrants and crime stats.
This article does a great job of breaking down the actual statistics of the illegal alien incarceration issue
Danger? Trouble?

After outlining these facts about our border issues what do you think?

Crisis or not?


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