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Time for Kotobuki, Episode 6.

Will the girls meet some enemies that can GIT GUD, or will the Seal Clubbing Extraordinaire continue? Methinks the former, as we're along far enough now that Plot should be kicking in soon!

Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this "six foot turkey" as you enter a room...
We've finally found a font worse than Comic Sans. What the fuck is that supposed to be? It's like Engrish in print format, holy shit.
"I STILL cannot believe that actual fucking clown is someone I owe a life debt to. How even the fuck did that happen."
The older women all act like rational adults rather than fighter pilots, even Reona herself. It's nice to see a lack of forced drama, such as Origami doing the exact same shit she did in season one because I MUST KILL ALL THE SPIRITS-

- er, you know what I mean.
The younger ones, on the other hand, have a ways to go.
Miss Kuudere here has wonderfully technical flying skill and all but that hair never, ever worked, and is still not working. Can someone please tell me what the hell the studio was thinking giving her that particular hairstyle? IS that even a style? It looks like a nun's habit.
Bitch you live with a deadass actual living breathing Dodo that ATTACKS PEOPLE and has the glassy, empty eyes of an Osprey mechanic and you're worried about the doll?
And so it begins. I sure hope he landed somewhere else that day. Far away. Very far away.
>cut zeroes off the invoice for the job of cutting off Zeroes at the pass

Nice try supergreen, but you're in the most dangerous place on earth right now - between Kylie and her pancakes. If the shortest path to carbs goes through your wallet, you'd best shell out.
I guess "greenbacks" is a depreciated slang for cash cash dollas in this setting. What do they go with instead? Flocks? BIRDIE BIRDIE FLOCKS? What do you call a run on the bank, pigeon shooting? Is a heist referred to as a duck hunt?
Yeah because regulation of PMC's always goes smoothly and without a hitch. 🙂
Looks like Kylie is on her way back to Zepp Base with the cash.


Good thing she's got a cloud deck, she might need it soon. 😐
Oh dear.

There's literally a cloud deck right th-
Okay. That's bad. Especially for a zeppelin. Might wanna get away from that, yeah.…
I swear to fucking God that bird would not do that shit to me twice.
This is a very good representation of what flying through overcast cloud columns looks like. The Zero ace could fly INTO a cloud at any time to escape, she's just fucking with Pancakes here for grins and giggles.
They even added the right audio to indicate wind buffeting as they fly through this cloud system.

The sound designers of this anime deserve a goddamned medal.
"You made me use 5% of my power"
Predictably, she slips behind Pancakes in the overcast as soon as Pancakes loses her visual on her.
Because you're nothing personnel, kid. Literally, you're a fucking non-entity in a fight against her.
The sound design in this sequence is again great.
Note that we can see this ace rustling Pancake's jimmies is flying a clipped-wing Zero, which has better dive and roll characteristics than its unfortunate earlier-war brethren.

From the expression on Pancake's face she wasn't expecting such a tight, fast defensive roll here.
In fact, that wasn't a standard barrel roll at all, was it? What did this ace do just now, and why was it so fast that Kylie didn't react? Why did she not predict this would happen if she got close enough? Let's take a look.
This is the moment Kylie tripped her gun trigger. In anyone's book, this is a dead Zero - this is the kind of point-blank shot they taught nuggets to strive for, from dead-astern.

The Zero pilot clearly knows this is the shot she's waiting for.
Definitely signed her empennege, here. This pilot knows how Kylie thinks and how she flies, from repeated encounters (which Kylie just angrily recounted during the chase.)

Psychology is an aspect of dogfighting rarely discussed.
Kylie's still firing as the bandit climbs, giving you an idea of just how fast and hard the maneuver was. Given the FOV penalties imposed by that fucking Aldis sight, this delay in reaction is understandable; she'd be unloading the controls for a good, clean, straight shot.
What the pilot did was a very sharp yo-yo, probably with a throttle chop, that, on its own, would've ended up with the Zero directly over Kylie's Hayabusa. If they were co-alt at that point they'd be wingtip to wingtip, to give an idea. Zero's clearly not rolling yet here.
Now, over Kylie's canopy, the Zero is beginning a roll -and it's rolling very, very fast. There's only 2 frames between each of these images.

A Zero simply doesn't roll that fast at ANY speed. Note the nose-up attitude of the bandit here, however.
After coming over the top she rolls out, having just described the spiral around the other aircraft's forward velocity vector you usually associate with a barrel roll.
Now, seconds earlier Kylie uses a very tight roll. It's a great example of the kind of roll I've mentioned in prior threads; the very tight one you use to finesse your speed when you're saddling up on an evading bandit. As you can see it's almost entirely an aileron roll.
Now, keeping that in mind, along with the Zero's abysmal roll rate at any speed, look back at the beginning of the ace's maneuver.

Note that the Zero pilot is giving her ship hard left rudder as she yanks the nose up in that evasive yo-yo.
In an actual "barrel roll," where you are trying to execute a spiral around a forward axis (in this case, Kylie's plane,) the Zero would be inverted right now, canopy-to-canopy with Kylie. Instead, her wing's pointing at her.
Now, finally, recall Kylie's snap-roll maneuver from Episode 1. Hard back on the elevator, full left ailerons, full right rudder. This stalled the right wing out before the left wing, and generated what was effectively a horizontal spin, rolling the aircraft very fast...
How does this all come together? In short, what this Zero is doing is a less aggressive version of Kylie's snap-roll, to increase roll rate without going so far as to induce temporary loss of control.

Understanding how this works illustrates why aerodynamics are hard.
Roll and yaw have an intrinsically linked relationship. One of the basic elements of flight is learning how to "coordinate" turns; that is, applying a little rudder in the desired direction of your turn when you first bank into it.
This is needed because when you roll, the wing on the side you're rolling towards raises its aileron into the airstream to produce drag, while the opposite one drops to produce lift, making the plane bank. But when you increase lift, you *also increase drag.* i.e. "induced drag."
Thus the outside wing tends to yaw the plane's nose towards the higher wing, when you'd rather have it not fighting your roll. This is known as "adverse yaw," and is the whole reason you have to use rudder coordination:…
However, yaw can also cause roll. When you yaw a plane, you effectively enter a slip, crabbing the aircraft into the airstream at an angle. This causes the wing opposite the yaw (on the "outside") to advance into the airstream, and thus an increased relative airflow.
With the outside wing producing more lift than the inside one, the same thing happens as if you'd unbalanced the lift with your ailerons - the plane rolls towards the lower wing.

In other words, *rudder input will produce roll in the same direction.*
This effect is reliable enough that you can start and stop shallow bank angles with just the rudder. In fact, the first R/C aircraft I ever built, a "trainer" model for newbies, (SIG Cadet Sr.) had no ailerons at all! It relied solely on this effect to roll the aircraft.
(Bank angle itself also produces yaw *towards* the lower wing, but that's a smaller effect than the adverse yaw unless your bank angle is extreme. Remember this chap from EP. 1? At 90 degrees bank, his rudder becomes his elevator, fighting gravity since his wing lift cannot.)
Pilots can use all these effects with or against each other depending on what they want to do. A "slip" lets you offset your plane's nose and direction of travel. For a very exaggerated example of what this looks like in practice, watch this:

Slips are enabled by using rudder and aileron *opposite* each other to prevent roll from producing yaw or vice-versa, to deliberately make the plane "crab" like this. Sometimes to adjust direction (sideslip) or sometimes to shed speed (forward slip, as above.)

Sound familiar?
As described above the right rudder input yaws the plane right, increasing the left wing's lift. But the exact opposite aileron input cancels out roll effect from this. The plane is fighting itself, shedding speed in a side-slip... and that's where the hard up elevator comes in.
Deliberately uncoordinated flight *feels* wrong even when you do it in a simulator; you *know* you're making the plane fight itself. To add a sharp climb input to that makes it even worse - because when you climb hard, you shed speed.

For a snap-roll, that's what makes it work.
Already shedding speed fast due to making the plane's controls "fight itself," the nose usually doesn't manage to climb much (esp. when chopping throttle, as Kylie did) before it slows below stall speed...
... but since the rudder-induced yaw is causing the opposite wing to have more lift, the inside wing will stall before the outside wing does. Now you have one wing producing a LOT more lift than the other, and as usual, this produces roll..

... a LOT of roll.
Now, (finally,) let's get back to our Zero ace and Pancakes and see what the hell is going on. Due to the SUBLIME detail this show is imbued with, we can see the control inputs are full up elevator, full left rudder *and* full left aileron, too.
Now remember all that I said above about roll, yaw, and sideslips? It can all be combined to perform something called a "rudder roll," where full up elevator combined with rudder - and NO aileron - will produce a very tight roll that's very controllable:…
This clearly isn't a rudder roll, however, due to the full aileron input. But it's similar in the use of full up elevator. Up elevator pitches the plane's nose towards the lift vector (i.e. the direction the wing's lift wants to pull the whole plane).
Yanking back on the stick is of course a pre-requisite to do any kind of "roll around an axis" instead of just a simple aileron roll, wherein the aircraft twirls about while moving more or less straight and level.
But it also "pulls" the nose tighter towards where the lift vector wants to take the aircraft, and if you're already rolling, that means tighter into the corkscrew path... and if the corkscrew "barrel roll" is already a tight one, that translates to a faster roll *rate.*
This is why spins in instrument-only conditions are so lethal to many pilots - the pilot fails to realize they're even IN a spin, but sees the altitude plummeting and tries to pull back on the stick to pull out - but only pulls harder into the spin itself.
In a snap-roll, you're trying to produce something very much like a horizontal spin, which is why full back elevator helps you get there much faster. The *opposite* aileron is to keep your plane from rolling into a barrel roll, because you want an aileron-roll effect.
In other words, you want to keep moving as straight and level as possible, but to spin like a damn top while you do, increasing drag and shedding speed very fast. Ideally, this means your enemy ends up right in front of you after you fight the plane out of the snap-roll.
As Kylie found out, this is far easier said than done, and unless you AND your plane are very good at it, an awake opponent won't be waiting in front of your gunsight by the time you fight the plane back into controlled flight.
When you use the ailerons *with* the rudder, you simply roll the plane around its own longitudinal axis as normal for an aileron roll. Add hard up elevator to that, and you pull the plane into the developing spiral, producing a very tight roll around the velocity vector.
So, just like Kylie's snap-roll, it's a very aggressive maneuver we're seeing here, but unlike her snap-roll, it's a controlled one - using the yaw-induced roll of the rudder to aid the ailerons instead of fight them.

Executing this well enough to matter is hard.
This, by the way, is the details behind my comments in prior threads about using the rudder to assist a roll. It's intuitive enough if you've played flight sims, but explaining it to the layman requires... well, all of that shit you just read.
And you need to understand *all* of that to understand why this maneuver in this three-second sequence makes sense, to understand why this isn't just the plot obligating Kylie to hold the idiot ball while the ace is allowed to fly literal spirals around her for Plot Reasons.
This kind of flying is hard. Your average pilot would know to execute a barrel roll defense. This pilot combined a high-yo-yo, then pulled it into a tight rudder-assisted roll. That's a pilot that understands *all that shit I just talked about above*. In-depth.
That's the depth of *understanding* behind every single sequence in this show - just to explain it with proper terminology for the layman took me *two fucking hours,* much of it looking up the Scientific Explanation of things I already know intuitively.

I'm just...


I really cannot believe that this fucking show actually exists.
Oh, hey.


Remember Kylie's tight little barrel roll she used earlier, the knife-fighting kind? Perfect time to use rudder to aid your roll rate.

Her rudder has the usual rattle from airflow, but she's not using it at all in this sequence to aid the roll.
If you google a little, you will find that *actual real-life pilots* often don't really understand their rudder and what the hell it does. They understand turn coordination, but not really why it's a thing.
That's why I had to take two hours to look up the Formal Scientific Reasons that what I'd learned intuitively playing combat flight sims all my life actually work. You can absolutely fly a plane - even fight a plane - without properly understanding everything about planes.
So that "what even the actual fuck" look on Kylie's face, here? We were just shown WHY she's floored just from the control surfaces on each aircraft, earlier.

Kylie doesn't understand the rudder. This ace, sure as hell DOES.
This show exists.

This show is actually happening.

Before my very eyes.
There might actually be a God.
I'm... I'm gonna go make myself a drink.

I'll be back. Sometime.

... so, anyway.

Pancakes is fucked. She climbs out of the canyon and now she's basically jinking with rudder yaw.
Trying a loop now, and she's still fucked.
Kylie just did something really dumb, trying a defensive roll (well, defensive spiral) so hard that the Zero had to pull back on the stick hard enough to stall out. Pulling those kind of Gs is unhealthy for a plane.
This maneuver might look funny to some but recall that neither of these aircraft can safely exceed around 400+ MPH in a dive, so they're probably not at *very* high speeds when they pull this.
Take a second to appreciate this. The bandit waits till Kylie pulls up hard, giving him/her a top planform angle to shoot at - and then fires over Kylie's nose, very, very carefully, aiming to hit the engine *without* hitting the cockpit.

Trying very hard not to kill her.
Meanwhile Zepptown has bunkered down inside a canyon.
Aw, how tsun. But she should be worried for the money, because Kylie's got it stashed in her plane.

Sure hope she has time to snag the suitcase before the plane brews up after the crash-landing!
Holy shit. She actually managed a wheels-down landing. Which means her aircraft will be salvageable.

After the psychotic loli crew chief is finished shoving every part of the destroyed engine up her asshole, that is.
Sure hope you can power the radio off the battery, kiddo!

If you survive her beating you fucking senseless for getting her plane damaged, that is.
RIP radio.

And "for some reason?" You mean she didn't drop the gear herself before landing? That was an accident? What?
Jesus CHRIST Pancakes, you know that rattling sound you hear when you shake your head too fast? Ain't your dog tags, kiddo.
... strange way to spell Chernobyl NPP but I'll allow it
Remember the scene in The Rescuers Down Under, when the Local Aussie has to improvise an arresting cable/barricade setup so the dipshit Albatross can safely land on a too-short runway?…
So apparently people used this little plateau to practice carrier landings? You could do that with a chalked-out runway of the right length and avoid the whole "risk of death" thing, but you do you I guess
If she cannot repair her radio, she's gonna need to do some Flight of the Phoenix shit to get out of here alive.
P.S. She's pretty much dead.
What in the actual name of *fuck?*

Was Humanity advanced enough to go etching huge advertising slogans on the surface of the Moon before the great collapse? Nah. Not "advanced." That's not advanced. WE HAD IT COMING. WHAT DID WE DO?
Is this young Kylie? Jesus, she's ALWAYS been a piece of work, hasn't she?

Not that I can say jack shit here, I abuse dream sequences and flashbacks so much as a writer it's a miracle nobody's burned down my fucking house yet.

Does one follow the other? I don't know. Let's ask my White Russian. Another sip? Yes.
Ah, is this Kylie's Pilot Mentor?
Mentor my ass, he's basically her fucking spirit animal.
>Alice spelled with an S
"The old man who lives in the shack must be a WITCH!"
At least she doesn't sound *disappointed* this time!
I see her unique diplomatic acumen is an intrinsic trait.
Wait. Wait. She's not calling it a shithole country, she's referring to it as... these fuckers came through a wormhole or some shit? What?
Boy real shame about that EVE gate huh
>short-haired girl who wants to know more about tanks


I'm trying not to be charmed by this and I'm failing miserably. One of my favorite things about Attack On Titan was the sequence where all the traditional Motivating Forces For The Hero (revenge, etc.) failed, but the character's intrinsic curiosity, his dream, worked.
Wakey wakey back to work-y.

To answer you question, Kylie, it was a landing that probably looked a lot like so...
So she definitely took a 20mm round to the engine cowling, smack-dab between her guns. I think the damage would be bigger than this, though. She'd need more than a new plug and a scarf to hold the cut ends of the plug wire together.
Hell, if she only lost one cylinder, she could've flown home. You don't need every cylinder producing power to fly.

Ah, that's where the plateau comes in. She needs max power to avoid crashing into that ravine, as mentioned earlier.
She cranks it up, you can hear the flywheel making the magnetos buzz, but... fucking nothing happens. Ayep, it's gonna take more than that to deal with a 20mm shell to the litso, kiddo.
Meanwhile in Flashback Land, a Mysterious Figure tries to enlist Ol' Sab's help in an R&D project by invoking the possibility of opening the Final Countdown portal again and heading back to a world that isn't shit.


Meanwhile, it seems that Kylie has finally been missed by her friends, and a search is underway.

As many real-life instances can attest, this means Kylie is still pretty much fucked.
... oh no.

She's not.

She's not gonna try push-starting a fucking Oscar.
Wew, thank god, she just cranked it more and hit the gas pedal with her hand to get it engaged before the flywheel wound down too much.
They actually show the fluctuations of the landing gear's suspension as you'd expect from a rough field. I'm impressed.
Polite reminder that the Oscar is not a carrier fighter.
Smart girl, raising the gear as soon as possible to minimize drag.

Also, if she had half a fucking brain she would've waited for the wind to pick up a bit, coming from the right direction, and took off into the wind. You know, like carriers do.

How is this bitch still alive.
Oooh Kylie if I were you I'd lie my FUCKING ASS OFF

Well, that was an episode, all right.

I've seen lots of good anime. But I've never had a fucking religious experience like this before. Hell to the fuck YEAH.
@JiroTokihama please let your colleges know that I consider you and everyone on your team to be geniuses. Most spectacular geniuses. I have waited for this anime my entire life. Thank you.
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