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Qanon posted early showing the generational connection between Pelosis and Newsomes and how the Deep State spins their web to keep California under the control the left. I posted threads early on about how the Deep State likes to keep control via the ancient blood lines #wwg1wga
New Qanon post. It takes courage to report the truth and to speak the truth; but when you know the truth, the truth sets you free.
Q links to a great interview with Lara Logan by "Mike Drop"...Breitbart published the article.
WOW...new Qanon drop. Q cites to article saying 30 million people use Qanon search term worldwide on censored platforms; Q says no, it's more than that. We know from Q's post last year over 350 million have searched for Qanon. This article is talking about censored platforms.
All for a Larp...This writer hates Q and Qanons. theguardian.com/commentisfree/… 300-350 million eyes on as of Aug 1, 2018.
New Qanon post. Q reposts entire Breitbart article and reminds anons that no one news outlet is unbiased. Leftism will always seep into even those news orgs labeled "right/conservative". Ultimately, we are the news and we must trust what we research and verify...#armyofanons
Massive statement by @Potus: he is affirming that the Hussein DOJ/FBI attempted to overthrow his presidency via a coup. Qanon reiterating how massive of a statement this is by the President. Justice will take place. @POTUS allowing it to play out in the news; step by step
@POTUS will not allow this to be swept under rug; the whole world will know who and how and why Hussein and Hillary's cabal players tried to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. FISA declass will bring it all down on the heads of the Dems. It's happening
Q links to James Woods tweet. The coup attempt consisted of an agency wide conspiracy orchestrated by Hussein and Hillary to take out President Trump, not just DOJ and FBI. Q says we will need a new word to define what this is because treason doesn’t capture how big this is.
Hussein amazingly and brazenly continues to claim there was no corruption in his administration. Tell that to all the children you and your monster friends trafficked and r*ped !
BIG news coming...Dan Coats out as National Director of Intel...apparently he was another leaker or establishment type that is a traitor to our President. Shameful...Qanon posted photo of the beautiful Flag...the name of the file says "prepare"... we are ready Mr. President!
#Qanon reposts a message from several months ago...what the public is about to learn will shock man, but not Qanon patriots. We know what's coming. We know the depths of treason of Hussein Hillary and their ilk. We have watched this video of @Potus and the speech that help get
him elected many many times; we have full faith and confidence in our President @realDonaldTrump and we know our God is holding him up and leading him in wisdom! Get ready for a major drop...likely FISA disclosure but probably more....we will see who the true patriots are.
The fear is real! @ewarren is terrified..she knows her days are numbered; something big is about to drop and the deep state is terrified! I have to say, it's entertaining watching Q mess with the Dems...they know big things are about to drop but they have no clue when! sleepless
Interesting drop from Qanon...What I like to label as "Q theory". Q is asking the logical questions...how is Q was able to ...."united an entire world of patriots together behind the cause of freedom while destroying the Old Guard" is what I think Q is getting at. At this point
all those who are attacking are plugged into the great disinfo campaign ever witnessed and/or have an ulterior agenda (think Alex Jones, @JackPosobiec and @Cernovich ). great question Q - why are liberals always angry?..why...why...why...they are hopeless, bitter people.
the ultra hard core liberals are dictated and governed by fear which results in anger, rage, violence and emotional instability which results in people who are easier for the cabal to control...it's all about control and power for the cabal...as Q likes to say, we r sheep 2 them
the cabal wants to divide us by race, religion, class, politics, etc; individuals who think for themselves and buck the social norms of society and refuse to accept the status quo are a threat to the cabal..we are awake and we are not controlled by the cabal. we are united!
With this drop about Dan Coats, let me just once again say how proud I am of @GenFlynn . This patriot has not once wavered. he has been faithful to his President and to his country and to all patriots! When lesser men are turning and buckling, General Flynn stands strong and
suffers for it. Thank you @GenFlynn for being a faithful patriot and for being an example and leader to patriots all over the world! You will be celebrated and you will be vindicated while these traitors rot! #wwg1wga - where we go 1 we go all General Flynn!
Yes...anons are months ahead...Q posts the confirmation that Strzok and Page were pictured in the drops from months ago depicting five people from FBI/DOJ in London. Q confirms they were staying at the Corinthia hotel which anons figured out months ago...@Mark923to25 had great
analysis on this at one point; i'm not sure if it's still out there. Strzok Page and Preistap were 3 of the 5 who travelled to London for McCabe. Chatter uptick among deep state operatives about how to change the the conversation when people are discussing anti-narrative issues
on all social media/online platforms like twitter, IG, FB...they are terrified that their narrative is no longer sticking with people...WE are the news...we are causing people to question the Deep State narrative. FakeNews wants to control and wants to force public to look only
to MSM for their news. Apparently they are running scenarios to figure out new ways to censor us on social media because their attempts to censor us through added key word in biography, history and comments on social media has failed to prevent "cross-talk" discussions. Cabal
discussing scenarios that Russia, China and Iran use such as taking down entire platforms for maintenance while in reality they are "cleansing" the platform of patriots who promote anti-narrative discussions. Q has warned us that they may try to take down Twitter - referred to
as "Zero-Day"refers to the day that the globalists try to shut down all alternative forms of social media to keep patriots from communicating with the public. Q is saying countermeasures are in place to prevent this such as Emergency Alert system. White House controls access to
other alternative forms of communication such as White House news website and vide stream platform. Immediate steps will be taken to classify each as a public utility to put twitter and other forms of social media under White House control...WOW...Q is basically warning cabal
Q makes this public to warn the Deep State to stand down. These are "zero-day" measures that @POTUS will enact and implement if his hand is forced. The point is, he will not let the globalist monsters take away his ability to communicate with the citizens and patriots of the US.
Q now gives an example of how the cabal is testing differnt censorship tactics..."News guard"...sounds like something right out of Hitler's Germany: "A SWAT team of NewsGuard analysis operates 24/7 to identify suddenly trending purveyors of unreliable news among sites..."
Corinthia hotel photos were captured by White Hats via traffic cam in London meaning NSA has access to those cameras.
anon found camera where NSA/Mil Intel captured images of Strzok Page Priestap and company. Deep State hid image location so it could not easily be traced on internet, although I recall finding it several months ago after reviewing other research from anons and studying maps
New Qanon post. Q lists several FakeNews webpages with the search query of “qanon”. All of them criticize q or call q and qanons conspiracy nuts. Why? Q asks us to reconcile. Here’s jpost.com for example: “is qanon antisemitic”. Ridiculous. Jpost is an Israeli
“conservative” publication yet it proves Qs point that all media is biased to some degree against patriots and Q, even media known as “right wing”. Anons who have studied q and read all the posts know q has never uttered anything remotely antisemitic. FakeNews comes in all shapes
And sizes. They are afraid of the great awakening movement Q and @potus are bringing to our world. They fight through false narrative and spewing the lies of the Old Guard. #truthwins #wwg1wga
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