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1. #QAnon There has been a deep confusion in US. Jeff Nyquist observed a good strategy is seeing who your friends are & who your enemies are. We hadn't had it right. We paraded a defector around TV to undermine our President and dictate our foreign policy.
2. #QAnon Meanwhile, they try to deceive us by baying that our President is "traitorous", for even staging talks, an American who's lived in US his entire life, made and given his money inside America, and vocally declared his love for America, always. #Q
3. #QAnon
"It takes courage to speak the TRUTH these days.

But, this outrage
fuels our courage!

4. What does FEAR look like?
30M use ‘#Qanon’ across ‘censored’ platforms?
Incorrect, much more.
The Great Awakening.

Here's the panicked conspiracy theory to which #Q links: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
5. #QAnon Logan was publicly gang raped, & nearly murdered in Cairo 2011. Logan quipped, “This interview is professional suicide for me.”

""Who’s behind it? Who’s doing it, and why are they doing it?"

WE are the news now.
6. #QAnon Our US President, the Commander in Chief, AGREES that an illegal coup was attempted against him. Stop & understand the GRAVITY of the acknowledgement. Do you believe nothing will happen?
Do you believe no one will be prosecuted?
POTUS making statements for no reason?
7. #QAnon The #DeepState is by nature cowardly. It doesn't move unless disguised. The illegal #DeepStateCoup among media, progressivists & celebrities, warped by D ops, has left reputation of FBI wrecked, & Hussein intel dirs on TV as paid “consultants”.. amgreatness.com/2019/02/17/aut…
8. #QAnon "John Brennan’s C_A ..spread the Fusion GPS dossier among .. officials...surveilled ..Trump subordinates, illegally leaked them to press.. The FISA court now mostly discredited..The Crown Jewel in coup was the appointment of Robert Muller ..Comey’s bitter stunt.."
9. #QAnon The DECLASsification is coming, but, how do you introduce the TRUTH to those still asleep in front of nonstop #FakeNews?
The message must be direct and bypass the non reporting.
You are the news now.
Research for yourself.
Trust yourself.
10. #QAnon
Define 'Projection'. #Hussein 'proudly' states administration was 'scandal free'? HRC directed & financed '#dossier' for circular news articles to get a #FISC sign-off. Intel apparatus, State Dept, WH, foreign allies, involved.

11. #QAnon #DeepStateTraitors involved in the illegal #DeepStateCoup are attempting to isolate those at FBI/DOJ. Do you believe the FBI/DOJ acted alone? This is the biggest scandal in our known history
[a new word for 'treason' will need to be invented].
12. #QAnon Emotionally unstable people are easier to CONTROL.
Ask yourself, why are 'Liberals' always angry?
Why do they curse?
It's designed.
13. #QAnon Patriots:
What you're about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back Freedom. The info to become public will further demo the criminal pure evil power abuse that Hussein admin undertook w FORN.
14. #QAnon appears to affirm the imminent riddance of another top #DeepState insubordinate.

15. #QAnon The FEAR IS REAL such that the #DeepState criminals are having their proxies spin narrative that a treasonous illegal coup attempt is "duty".

"Something BIG is coming.

16. #QAnon There has been an uptick in chatter on how to effectively prevent the anti-narrative across all social media/online platforms, to further limit
comms to only #FakeNews which provides for more control over what is released to inform the public.
17. #QAnon A series of scenarios are currently being conducted to game the systems, to test response, risk, and calculate the results. Platforms are testing addition of new, additional Censorship layers of inserted code 'through keyword targeting' in bio, history, & comments. #Q
18. #QAnon suggests individual platform modifications have failed to curtail "the problem" (of our waking). 'China-Russia-Iran' 'fake' take-down hacks of select platforms (for maintenance) is one scenario being game-played. But, when [Zero-Day] comes: Countermeasures in place. #Q
19. #QAnon Should this occur, immediate steps will be taken to classify each as a 'Public Utility' (essential public services) to gain appropriate gov regulation (control).
Why do we make things public?
20. #QAnon Prepare.
21. Those who follow #QAnon have long known of Lisa Page, Strzok, & 4 others in London Dec 2016, ever since #Q's street/traffic cams pics Feb 16 & Jul 27 last yr. Now, testimony public: Page, Strzok & 3 others traveled to London on McCabe's instructions in December 2016. #QProof.
22. Those who follow #QAnon are MONTHS ahead of the news!

Now, #Q informs us Lisa Page/Strzok stayed at The Corinthia Hotel.
23. #QAnon affirms an anon's map showing location of Page, #Strzok, & 4 others being proximal to the Corinthia Hotel (Dec 2016). #Q
24. #QAnon posts additional pics of The Corinthia Hotel in London from security cams. Reverse image search returns 0 results. What does that tell you? They are originals. #Q
25. #QAnon affirms an anon who found location of street camera for photos of Page, Strzok, & 4 others Dec 2016 near Corinthia Hotel in London.
26. #Q said to get ready for a new anti-#QAnon onslaught & has now shared links many hit pieces each site published, following. Pick a Network – Research for yourself.
Search ‘Qanon’
Trust yourself.
Any Network.
33. #QAnon provided sequence of events on 9 Feb. Since then, Barr is now running Mueller, [RR] out, [Goodbye #2]. (Hello Rosen.)
34. Those of us who follow #QAnon have known that Rod Rosenstein [RR] has been in the target box since exactly 13 months ago. #Q
35. #QAnon told us on Feb 9 that the "Placeholders" are active, and an anon said we should read the placeholders from bottom up, (SC being further up). The [First Placeholders] start with the OIG report, DECLASsification - treason, sedition, and subversive activities. #Q
37. Please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:
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