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Jimin wasn’t expecting to meet the one, even less “the one” being Min Yoongi, his annoying teacher assistant. Losing his virginity might become reality once the semester is over. But there’s an issue: he maybe lied to Yoongi about not being a virgin.
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> more narration than social media parts
> really awkward moments related to sex (explicit)
> a sort of prequel to this au:


- a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
- something that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness, an exciting incident.
- sexual arousal.
studio workshop
Jimin feels old around all the first years.

He's just twenty two, but he feels old. He thinks he’s the only one taking the course as an elective which makes him sink on his seat. He doesn't feel out of place, considering he's already taken three courses from the art faculty.
But either way, he's not as comfortable as he was during dance classes. He tries to pay attention to the teacher as he explains the rules about the faculty, but then someone runs inside the room, waddles, would be more fitting. The guy is panting and some students turn to see him
Jimin tries not to laugh, the guy seems to have mistaken classes and Jimin's been there, it's not cool. He’s wearing a long coat and carrying a coffee though, and he looks older too. But the teacher only greets him with a nod of his head. The man stays at the front of the class.
So maybe he wasn't waddling late.

"Since you're already here, go ahead with the introductions, Yoongi." The teacher turns around and leaves skinny guy in black coat alone.

"Sorry about being late," he mutters but the class is silent enough to catch it. He scratches his neck.
Ah, so that's Min Yoongi. The TA.

"Hey everyone." His posture is bad, Jimin notices. "I'm Min Yoongi, I'm currently working on my thesis and I'm going to be in charge of the workshop part of this class." He begins to get more confident as he talks, but his posture is still bad.
"I guess some of you have some idea of how recording and mixing goes, otherwise you wouldn't want to major in music." He chuckles to himself and his shoulders shake when he does only to slump them again. "But yeah, I'll be with you in the studio to guide you through the tasks,"
"And hopefully you'll finish the semester knowing all the basics." He looks around the class, at the student's faces probably. Jimin rests his head in his palm. "We're going to have groups of five, and I'll mail the studio we're working on later today."

And then he sees Jimin.
Jimin has the tendecy to not look away when he makes eye contact with teachers, or TA's for all that matters, they grade you, and looking away only makes you seem shy. He doesn't tear his gaze from Yoongi, he needs to seem confident, teachers appreaciate that.

Yoongi looks away-
That wasn't good.

Yoongi keeps talking, "for the first workshop, don't be late." The teacher scoffs and Yoongi looks at her apologetically and then back to the twenty or something students. "Bring your tracks on a USB, Mrs. Kang will eplain the tasks." He bows

What a weird guy
He stays in one of the seats at front, taking notes. Jimin’s seen TAs do that, but for senior classes. Jimin thinks it’s peculiar, that he does that for a first year class.

At some point during the lecture Jimin turns to see him, he catches Yoongi staring at him. Then he’s not.
first impressions of a worried student
Jimin is late for the first day of workshop, and he's cursing himself because Yoongi had said not to be late, and being late is a terrible presentation. It's not his fault that he doesn’t know where the studio is and that he had to double check every room in the Music building.
When he gets to the right one on the third floor, the other four students and the TA are already there, waiting. It's embarrasing. He walks in, greets everyone quickly, and sits in the only free seat.

“Ah since you’re here we can start,” Yoongi notices him after a while.
He grabs a sheet of paper and walks towards Jimin. Well, not really Jimin, but to the door next to him, to close it. Yooongi is wearing a a yellow sweater vest, his old man fashion is funny.

The TA is standing next to him, eyeing the paper when he asks, "who's the scientist?"
Yoongi looks between a tall guy with glasses sitting near the computer screen and a small girl, that looks up from her phone at the silence, she's basically hiding in the corner. She also wears glasses. Huh, a guy full of prejudice.

“I’m not a scientist,” Jimin decides to say.
Everyone's gaze is on him suddenly. Even Yoongi's who looks down at him from where he stands. He chuckles out of nowhere. Why is he chuckling? “Here says," he checks the paper again before adding, "chemical engineering”

What is this guy saying? “That doesn’t make me a scientist”
Yoongi isn't looking at Jimin, but he's smirking. “You did your general studies in the science building?”

Jimin did. All engineering students do. “I did.”

He's finally being looked at. Yoongi nods when his eyes reach Jimin's. “Scientist,” he declares smugly. Jimin splutters.
Some of the students laugh. Is this his way of gaining the other's students simpathy? Going after the only one that isn't from Arts. It's low. Jimin is about to retort that he's not a scientist, that's not how stem degrees work, but Yoongi is already calling the names of the rest
It's after everyone's little introductions to Yoongi that the man pulls his chair to the middle of the other seats. He's closest to Jimin. "So, what's your story about?"

Ah, right, the story. Their first task is to create a story of one minute with only sounds and no dialogue.
Jimin thought they would choose the story between everyone in the studio but it seems it's not like it.

"Please impress me," Yoongi puts his hands together like a prayer. Where's the shy flustered guy from Monday? "I have a fire and an alien abduction from the other turns."
Jimin's classmates look between each other. Small glasses girl speaks up, "we thought about doing a man than finds their partner cheating on them." Oh, so they had an idea already.

"Oh," Yoongi's eyes widen and his mouth does a perfect "O". Jimin thinks it's funny.
"Okay, that's easy," he gets into teacher mode fast. "The idea is for you guys to familiarize with the stock sounds the faculty has," he gestures while he speaks, big hands making shapes. "So, one action has many sounds. He walks inside the apartment: key card, door, steps, sigh"
"First I want a list of actions with it's sounds and then I'll show you how to select stock sounds, listen to them and drag them into ProTools if they work." He looks at all of them, Jimin is silent. "We can start with that?" They weakly nod. "Great, I'm going to sit over there,"
When Yoongi gets his laptop out in the table of the corner, another girls pulls her chair next to Jimin. She waves at him, "umh- I'm sorry we didn't tell you about the story, we didn't see you in any of our classes and we didn't know if it would be okay for us to mail you."
Jimin smiles. "It's fine, we'll just have to exchange numbers now?"

She hands him her phone, and once he gives it back he looks up to find Yoongi looking over at him. It's inmediate how he looks away. Jimin pays it no mind and he moves closer to the rest of the class to discuss.
All of Jimin's good intentions and cheerfulness wash away once they reach the part of the story of the cheating. They are debating wether the caught couple should be making out or having sex.

"We're going to make a softcore porn," one of the guys laughs. Jimin giggles too.
"Sex sounds are easier to catch than making out sounds, don't you think?" Tiny glasses girl defends. She holds lots of intensity in her small body.

"Well, there's no stock sex sounds in the database," Yoongi interrupts their discussion. "You can look up for them somewhere else"
"We can add sex to the story?" Tall glasses guy asks.

"I'm not stopping you," Yoongi chuckles. "You're just going to make everyone uncomfortable in the class during the hearing, but suit yourselves." Jimin is aghast, Is he for real? Didn't Hoseok say he was super professional?
"Can we record them?" Porn guy asks, and Jimin is about to lose it. He's not a prude, just a virgin, but these boys are out of control and the TA is allowing it. He knows he's in the art department but that doesn't stop them from having decency.

Yoongi laughs loudly this time.
"I appreaciate the enthuasism, but I doubt the rest of the class is willing to record them," he's still laughing while he answers. Amused by the turns of events.

"It's just moans," small glasses girl shrugs. Jimin is really worried about these people now. Art students are crazy.
"We've all had sex before, right?" Tall glasses guy looks at phone girl. And Oh my God, aren't these kids first years? Didn't they just finish high school like three days ago? What have they've been doing if not studying like Jimin did? Jimin looks between them as they all nod.
He hasn’t nod, and suddenly all eyes are on him.

“Right, Jimin-ssi?” Phone girl asks, leaning into him. Jimin doesn’t know if the question is if he’s okay with adding moaning to their story or if he’s had sex before. But they are loooking at him.

Yoongi is looking at him.
Why does he care that Yoongi is looking at him? He shouldn’t care. Why is Yoongi even looking at him?

Jimin needs to say something, the other kids are waiting. “Yeah,” he shrugs. Not even sure what he’s answering. Phone girl grins at him. Yoongi returns to look at his laptop.
Porn guy smiles slyly. “We’ve all had sex, let’s just add a nast sex scene to the story,” he laughs

Oh, Jimin just told them he isn’t a virgin. He lied about being a giant virgin.

Phone girl screeches. “It should be small, keep it classy”

They really talking about being classy
Yoongi stands up. “How about I show you the stock sounds and you check in your list which ones work for you and next week we record the ones you don’t have or you kids bring it on a USB,” he leans over the screen, the students moving to let him. Jimin doesn’t check out his ass.
He really doesn’t, Yoongi just owns nice slacks so Jimin’s gaze falls on them.

Jimin doesn’t notice the rest of students around Yoongi to listen to him explain until the TA is glancing over his shoulder. “Hey, scientist, come over here,” he gestures to his side. Jimin goes.
three virgins is a party
anticipating the next class huh
“I’m not doing it,” Jimin starts as soon as he sits in one of the chairs from the studio.

The rest of the kids complain. Whines of Jimin’s name all around the room.

Yoongi is scribbling on a sheet when he looks up at the noise. He’s frowning, pout on his lips. “Doing what?”
“We’re recording the moans,” porn guy explains.

Yoongi chuckles. Little laugh that make his body shake. “The last turn brought slime for the alien sounds, who do you have in mind?”

“Siyeon and Jimin,” is the answer.

“But I’m not doing it,” Jimin says seriously. Arms crossed.
Yoongi shrugs. "What a pity." Jimin's eyes widen. What does that mean? Yoongi is gazing away. "You can't force your classmates to do it"

"I don't mind," Siyeon adds. But Jimin minds, and he doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of everyone, and he's not shameless like that.
There's soon pleading voices asking Jimin to do it. Until Yoongi stands up from the corner and goes to the computer, he opens a program and asks. "Clearly Jimin doesn't want to, so someone else has to do it."

His voice is commanding even if uninterested, it makes them go silent.
"Or you can always search for them on Youtube or crop ones from a movie," he suggests while setting up the timeline. "We're using the recording studio either way for the other assignments," he talks calmly, and Jimin thinks it's interesting how he changes from Yoongi to the TA.
"We wanted to go in the recording studio," tall glasses boy sulk. First years are so eager for everything.

"The other turns are doing it," small glasses girl adds to the protest. Yoongi has a soft smile on his face when he finishes whatever he was doing in the computer.
"Okay, we can record if you want, the microphones are all set up already, just so you get familiar with them." He's spoiling them, Jimin notices. What a softie.

Behind the computer screens there's a glass wall. When Yoongi turns on the light, the studio can be seen through there
"Jimin stays here, he'll handle the program because if he's inside with the rest, you'll force him to record," Yoongi says is that icy tone Jimin is starting to like.

There are whines but the kids agree nonetheless and get out of the room with Yoongi behind them. Jimin waits.
It's a while until Yoongi returns. "Hey, use the chair in front of the screen," Yoongi's voice startles him.

Worse than his voice is Yoongi next to him, leaning over the desk to type, their faces suddenly close. He doesn't need to do that, there's lot of space in the room.
Well, Jimin is sitting in front of the computer he has to use. Jimin tries not to look at him.

Yoongi presses some buttons in the mixing console and suddenly all the noise from the recording studio can be heard in the room. The kids are laughing and whispering to the microphones
Someone, porn guy, teases Siyeon about her crush on Jimin. He wishes Yoongi hadn't pressed the button because the kids don't know their microphones are on and filling the room with Yoongi and Jimin inside. That was personal.

Yoongi turns off the mics right away. It's silent.
"Can they see us?" Jimin wonders after an awkward moment. Trying not to think how they just intruded into someone's privacy. A nice girl, that is.

Yoongi looks up from the computer, towards the glass wall. He laughs. "Yeah, this isn't like a police drama, they can see us too."
Jimin rests his head on his palm to properly look at Yoongi frowning at the screen. "Can they hear us?"

"Only if you keep this pressed." his finger hovers over a yellow button in the mixing console, next to the ones he used to turn on the microphones. Jimin tries to remember.
He presses it and talks to the desk microphone. "I'm going to turn on your mics now," he says. And all the kids inside the studio freeze and look startled at the voice coming from the ceiling, where the speakers are. Jimin holds his giggle until Yoongi stops pressing the button.
Yoongi doesn't look at him when he talks, "red dot." He points at the screen. "Is to record. Arrows are to activate the loop, press the red one, then the arrows to keep using the same sound entry, since it's loop the tracks will be recorded one over the other."

Jimin is confused
It's like Yoongi reads his mind. "One track over the other won't make them disappear, if you click here." He moves closer to Jimin. "All the tracks will show up. First select what you're using on the timeline."

Jimin doesn't think it's attractive that Yoongi knows his stuff.
It's after two failed attempts and Yoongi speaking over the microphone to get them to be in time with Jimin recording them moaning like idiots, that they can sit.

"We're not even going to use this moans," Jimin complains as the room is filled with laughter and fake moaning.
"Probably," Yoongi chuckles from where he sits next to Jimin. "But now they know the right distances to record, and you know how to use loop," he says in content and sits improperly, thrown over the chair.

The moans get louder, it's awkward. "Don't you think it's enough now?"
Yoongi raises an eyebrow. And then he's closer to Jimin. Giggles and panting that isn't theirs fill the room. "Do you even like music, Jimin?"

"Of course," Jimin looks appalled at him.

He sits back. "Sound is cool. They are having fun," Yoongi shrugs. "Sound should be fun."
Jimin looks at him, he opens his mouth to retort that is unnecessary for the task but Yoongi talks faster “How old are you?”

He blinks. “Twenty two,” he mutters. They are silent, and then Jimin speaks up “You?”

“Twenty four”

Why did they need that information? It’s just his TA
“You’re on your last year?” Yoongi speaks between moans and laughter.

Jimin scoffs. “Equivalent of my third year and a half, engineering isn’t easy,” he explains.

There’s a particular loud male moan that maken even them giggle. “I wanted to be an engineer,” Yoongi supplies.
“Really?” Jimin asks amused. Unconsciously leaning over.

Yoongi leans too. The fake whimpering in the background isn’t the best companion but Jimin pays it no mind. “A sound engineer,” he explains

Something possesses Jimin, “ah not a real engineer then,” he teases

“Excuse me?”
“What’s the science behind being a sound engineer?” Jimin enjoys how Yoongi shakes his head, clenches his jaw in disbelief. “Engineers are scientists, right?”

“There’s science to it,” Yoongi bites but he doesn’t seem so sure.

Jimin hums over the recording. Yoongi‘s eyes on him
“There’s science to music,” Yoongi shrugs. Seemingly sure of what he’s talking about.

“You can argue that there’s a science to everything, under that logic,” Jimin banters.

Yoongi is going to retort until a voice stops them. “Can we record the steps now?

The tension dissipates
For the rest of the workshop they don’t talk again. It’s like Yoongi is more cautious, specially when the rest of students return to the studio

Jimin keeps thinking about the way Yoongi had looked at him when it was the two of them with the fake moans behind. His gaze is intense
dress to impress
For their second assignment they are outside.

Yoongi is talking about the microphones they use in the recording booth, and that this class is to compare recording outdoors and indoors. Jimin isn’t really listening, Yoongi’s voice is hot and his lips are cute. Distracting.
He regrets not listening when Yoongi hands him the sound recorder and headphones

"Do you need me to explain again?" Yoongi asks when Jimin secures the stip on his shoulder, hands holding the small sound recorder

"Yeah," he cringes a little. He should have been paying attention.
Yoongi only complies, and he talks about entries and cables, and tracks. Jimin tries remembering the theory class and when they talked about audio recorders, he knows most what Yoongi is saying. But he doesn't stop him, because he guesses it's nice having him as close as they are
"Basically, make sure this," Yoongi pouts when he looks for the bar, "isn't lower than -12 nor higher than -6, if that happens the recording won't work."

Jimin nods slowly. When did he realize Yoongi was so good looking? ...He's usually teasing Jimin or napping on the corner.
"If it moves outside of that limit, this," Yoongi grabs Jimin's hand on his and drags them to a side of the sound recorder until Jimin is touching a wheel. "Is the gain, you can..." Jimin doesn't understand how is he so calm. "Control how much sounds go through the microphone"
Yoongi's fingers press into his so they move the wheel up or down. "Up to keep it higher than -12, down for lower than -6. That's what you need to know." Jimin stares at Yoongi while he talks, even if he's looking down.

They are touching a handy recorder and Jimin is blushing.
"Try not to move the gain though, it messes up the quality of the audio," Yoongi finally looks up after explaining, catching Jimin's gaze on him. They are unnecessarily close. "Understood?"

Jimin only nods and watches as he goes set up the microphones with Jihoon, porn guy.
Jimin messes it up a couple of time, he moved the gain too much. But after a couple of tries he got it.

Unfortunately when they had one right, they had to change positions, so now Jimin had the microphone. It was already set up so no personal explanation from Yoongi.
It's after some minutes when Jimin gets the best role: carrying the cables.

And he decides to carry them next to Yoongi. The TA is wearing one of his large coats, and a tie too. Cup of coffee in one hand, he nods at Jimin when he stands next to him, eyes on the equipment though.
Yoongi's gaze falls on the microphone. Siyeon is recording Guanlin speaking and they are laughing. The microphone isn't pointing at Yoongi and Jimin which maybe is the reason way Yoongi turns to see Jimin

"You look cute today," he says. Looks at Jimin up and down. "The make up,"
He lifts his hand to gesture at his eyes. Jimin hasn’t answered, he’s still taken aback. When Yoongi finds no response, he moves his hand to Jimin’s face then, to gesture at his eyeshadow.

Jimin jumps back before Yoongi can even touch him. Yoongi moves to a side at the reaction.
“I could report you,” Jimin panics.

“What for?” Yoongi’s eyes widen. His holding his coffee like it will slip.

“Flirting with your student.”

“I’m not flirting,” Yoongi says completely serious. Jimin stares at him for a long moment until the man sighs. “Please don’t report me.”
“So you’re flirting,” Jimin accuses.

“What?” Yoongi blushes.

“You’re asking me not to report you, because you’re indeed flirting with me,” Jimin explains.

“Are you flirting with me?” Yoongi asks, he’s squinting his eyes, unsure of what’s going on. Jimin isn’t sure either.
“What?” Jimin shakes his head but he doesn’t want Yoongi to think he’s not flirting so he nods instead. Yoongi looks confused. He can’t say he was trying to flirt with Yoongi ever since he noticed how pretty he is because that’s unethical. He’s a TA. “Answer my question first”
“I don’t know,” Yoongi scratches his neck, looking nervous. Even kicks the ground a little. “Do you think I was flirting with you?”

“Yes,” Jimin squeaks before thinking it through

Yoongi’s eyes are on his. “And you want me to stop?”

“No,” Jimin once again speaks out of impulse
“Then don’t report me,” Yoongi smiles gently. “I like my job,” he’s scrunching his face cutely, like in the middle of a growl. “I probably shouldn’t have said that, it was actually out of place. You are my student,” he cringes.

“I’m glad you said it!” Jimin amends. Leans forward
“No reports then?” Yoongi tries to make sure. He looks over at the equipment quickly and Go Won raises her arm once Yoongi sees her, trying to ask him something about the audio recorder.

“No reports,” Jimin clarifies.

Yoongi smiles, and turns towards the rest of students.
Before he leaves though, Yoongi turns to him again. “You look particularly pretty today, but usually you’re stunning,” Yoongi says with a weak voice. Jimin’s eyes widen. What is happening? “Especially when you blush,” Yoongi adds with a smirk to make it worse for Jimin’s heart.
After a step he turns back to Jimin. It’s comical but Jimin finds it endearing. At this rate, he won’t ever answer Go Won’s question. “I got carried away, I shouldn’t have said that, please don’t report me.”

“I already told you I won’t,” Jimin says guilty for his little panic.
They look at each other for a second. “We have to talk about this,” Jimin says.

“Yes,” Yoongi confirms. “This was very inappropriate.”

Jimin quickly agrees. Even if he’s giddy, still against the rules. “After class?”

“I get out at 8, the café by the entrance?” Jimin nods.
white lies
"It's not a date," Yoongi confirms when he leaves his coffee on the table between them.

"Ah good," Jimin sighs. He twirls his tea. "I was just asking because if you thought it was then that could earn you a report." Yoongi lets his mouth fall open. "I'm joking!" Jimin amends.
Yoongi only chuckles. "You see, I made a mistake earlier, a very non professional mistake." Jimin nods as the elder speaks. "As a TA, I should have kept my thoughts to myself. But it's been 5 weeks and you keep getting more attractive each class."

The sincerity makes Jimin blush
"And I shouldn't have said that last comment right now," Yoongi laments. He's wearing the same clothes as in the morning, Jimin feels kind of dumb for returning home to change. "But I did," he keeps going. "What I want to say is that our interctions should be strictly academic"
"And I agree," Jimin interjects.

Yoongi grabs his coffe right away. "So even if I'd like to, there's no room for..." he turns his head to a side, stretching his neck. "Flirting during workshop" He sips from the cup

"I completely agree" They stare at each other for a long second
"But," Jimin says.

"That doesn't—" Yoongi blurts out at the same time. "You go first," he offers Jimin a shy smile when he says

"But, there are some things that are fine, right? I used to go drinking with my other TAs," Jimin confesses. Yoongi raises an eyebrow. "Only with one"
Yoongi looks amused. "You got a thing for TAs?"

"Oh no! He's my friend!" Jimin is horrified. "Like this right now," he gestures between the two, "only that in a bar."

He gets stared at up and down. "A friend," Yoongi says with a tone Jimin doesn't know how to classify. Ironic?
"Yeah, a friend." Jimin meekly offers. Yoongi nods, with a expression Jimin can't dechiper

"Well, I'm not that type of TA," Yoongi decides to say after a while. "You're an student, I grade you, any kind of," he grimaces before adding, "relationship outside of it, would be wrong"
Jimin plays with the cup of tea on his hands.

"What I wanted to say before you brought up... your friend," he accentuates the word /friend/.

He blinks. Hoseok really is Jimin's friend, they went for beers after class weekly after midterms. Why is Yoongi being weird about it?
"Is that I'll try not to flirt." He scrunches his nose like looking for the next words, "stare longer that appropiate, treat you differently than the other students, but..." he leans over the table. "That doesn't mean I don't want to do it, but it's the ethical thing to do."
Jimin understands. He nods slowly, eyes set on Yoongi's. "I'll try to not act on impulse like today," he keeps talking. "But, you have to do your part too"

He leans on the table too. Jimin's head rests on his hand. "Well there's not much I can do about my looks," he teases.
Yoongi snorts. "You can stop bending over the desk to watch the screen, there are plenty chairs in the studio," Yoongi calls him out from a couple of classes ago. Jimin maybe did that one on purpose.

"You can stop staring," Jimin bites back.

"I will, but don't make it hard."
This is too much for Jimin. Sure, he's flirted before, he even had a boyfriend once (didn't end up that well) but this is making him feel nice. Powerful, even. Especially with how Yoongi looks at him. And how blatantly honest he is. "Okay then, I'll also do my part, Yoongi ssi"
Yoongi gets on his professional attitude right away. Like he was reminded that they actually can't flirt. He stands up. "Good, let's be mature and have a peaceful semester, then."

"Of course."

Jimin really likes how Yoongi looks down at him. Maybe he shouldn't think about that
oh wow
jimin: but like i went out for beers with my other TA

yoongi: oh OH OHHH OHHHH
broken phone
the lie
hoseok isn’t so sure about this game
crushes 🤔
“We’re not seeing each other next week,” Yoongi explains as he throws his back to the chair. That’s why he has a terrible posture. “No workshop during midterms, however in two weeks we have the acoustic recording assignment, so you guys should be looking for musicians already.”
Jimin doesn’t know any musicians, so the rest of the group should handle it.

“Remember it’s four sound entries,” Yoongi snores before he keeps talking, “voice can be one, guitar, flute, you know, air instruments. And try to look for an original song... Jimin, are you listening?”
Jimin looks up at him. He thinks it’s the first time in two weeks that Yoongi addresses him in class. Maybe he’s exaggerating. The four other students are looking at him wide eyed.

“Of course,” he shrugs. Yoongi’s gaze on him is intense, like it’s been since the moans recording.
Yoongi keeps talking about the task and Jimin zones out. The elder is really good at this, not showing his emotions, because he says he wants Jimin to Hoseok but it doesn’t seem like it, because he barely talks to Jimin anymore. Of course, that was their agreement, but still.
He shouldn’t care, Yoongi doesn’t even like him. That’s why it must be easy for him avoiding Jimin.

“Oppa, you’re going to stay there?” Siyeon asks and Jimin notices they are already leaving the studio.

“Oh, I’m so tired, I didn’t even notice it was over,” he forces a smile.
“Here,” Yoongi gets between the young girl and Jimin. “Coffee, to wake you up.” He smiles. “Its warm”

“Thanks,” Jimin mutters before grabbing Yoongi’s cup. He was drinking from it during the class. Jimin scolds himself for thinking it’s an indirect kiss, he’s so dumb sometimes.
Yoongi looks at Siyeon, who’s also glancing between the two men. Yoongi speaks, “Jimin, are you okay?”

Why would he ask that? It’s not like he cares. Jimin nods.

“You don’t look so fine,” Siyeon adds, worry in her voice. Jimin can’t like her back and Yoongi can’t like him back.
“I’m fine, don’t worry you two, it’s midterms. They are stressing, you know, being a scientist and all,” Jimin waves his hands. Yoongi’s gaze softens. A smirk plays on his lips but it’s soon replaced by a concerned frown when Jimin starts leaving the studio. “Thank you!”
The hand on his waist while he’s walking towards the stairs of the music building is what makes Jimin realize Yoongi went after him.

“You want to talk about whatever it is that is making you look so tired?” Yoongi fixes his glasses. “You’re worse than last week.”

Jimin gulps.
He squirms away from Yoongi’s touch even if he had leaned into it the moment his hand gripped his waist. “It wouldn’t be academic, so we can’t really talk about it,” Jimin answers thoughtfully.

Yoongi keeps walking behind him. “I’m worried for academic reasons,” the TA lies.
Jimin walks down the stairs. “Who’s asking about it? my music TA or Min Yoongi?”

Yoongi is right behind him. “They are the same person,” he snorts loudly.

“I can’t talk to my TA about such personal matters then.” The frustrated groan behind him makes Jimin force his smile down.
Yoongi stops right before the stairs twirl into the first floor. Jimin stands in the first set’s middle. He has to look up at Yoongi

“Take care of yourself, you look like you haven’t slept well. Good luck on your midterms.”

He likes the way Yoongi looks down at him. “Thank you”
Maybe what Jimin needs is that week of not seeing Min Yoongi during midterms. Almost two weeks away of the torture that is being in his space and don’t be allowed to tease.

He looks tired because the man is driving him crazy. But he can’t say that, it’d be unethical.
He doesn’t really get a week without Yoongi because the moment Jungkook runs away from him after they walked into Hoseok’s apartment for the end of midterms, he sees none other than Min Yoongi, beer in hand, chatting with a tall guy near the balcony. Jimin doesn’t catch a break.
“You said only people from dance,” Jimin hisses at Hoseok.

“You’re a stem major,” the redhead snorts. “Technically you shouldn’t be here, but I’m doing a favour for my fellow college.”

Jimin pulls Hoseok’s shirt to drag close. “Did he say something to you?”

“Ask him youself,”
Hoseok leaves Jimin stading alone by the door. He tries not to look at Yoongi and waits for Jungkook to come back from the toilet, he had ate too many hamburgers again. Jungkook, however, returns from the kitchen. “Got you,” he singsongs as he lifts up a weird juice, “this.”
“What is that?” Jimin’s eyes widen. “You didn’t get that from the bathroom did you?”

Jungkook’s face scrunches. “You’re nasty. It’s a mix, of something,” he says after taking a sip and then making another ugly face. He’s too expressive sometimes.

“It’s blue...” Jimin points.
Jungkook lifts it up. “Blue, orange and I see some green at the base.” He smiles widely. “Perfect for the end of midterms”

It’s true. Jimin takes the glass and gulps. It’s alcohol for sure, which alcohol Jimin can’t tell. He follows Jungkook inside with the drink on his hands.
Jimin doesn’t notice where Jungkook is going at as he examines the weird drink (it has pieces of fruit) until he hear the younger screech. “Hyung!”

they don’t know anyone at this party, only Yoongi and Jungkook doesn’t know him unless... Jimin looks up and sees the tall guy wave
Yoongi raises an eyebrow when he sees them, but tall guy is only smiling, dimples on display. “Where’s the pretty one?” He asks once he does a weird handshake with Jungkook.

“Right there,” Yoongi suggests and Jimin looks up at him. His usually pale cheeks are red from drinking.
Tall guy shakes his head at Yoongi. Grabs his beer even if the elder complains as Jungkook replies, “Taehyung has an essay for Monday, for his elective, and you know,” Jungkook shrugs before adding, “we are better with numbers, so he couldn’t come.” Jungkook even pouts, it’s cute
“Oh, so no Taehyung tonight,” he consoles Jungkook. “And you are...” Tall guy smiles slyly at Jimin like he already knows. They introduce each other, Yoongi’s gaze is either on Jimin or the bottle on Namjoon’s hand.

“Can I get my beer back?” Yoongi asks when they become silent.
“Only if you won’t say inappropriate stuff.” Namjoon gives him the beer back and Yoongi makes an expression similar to a hiss. It’s adorable. He’s cute when tipsy. Jimin takes a sip from his drink to hide his smile.

“What are you guys doing here? Hoseok?” Namjoon tries to chat.
“Yeah, he asked us over,” Jimin explains and catches Yoongi twirling the beer. “But I think actually someone else wanted us here,” he says and it’s cryptic enough that Namjoon and Jungkook look confused, but Yoongi chuckles.

“You think?” Yoongi asks right before drinking more.
“I think someone asked Hoseok to ask us over,” Jimin begins. Namjoon and Jungkook look at each other, the younger confused, the elder disappointed.

Yoongi licks his lips, they probably taste like beer. He turns towards Namjoon, “he’s a scientist, you know? really smart boy.”
Namjoon gives Yoongi a disapproving look but plays along nonetheless. “Well, drinking that isn’t that smart,” Namjoon points at Jimin’s blue drink.

Yoongi turns towards Jimin again and laughs. “What are you doing with that, Min?”

Both Jimin and Jungkook freeze at the nickname.
Jungkook gives Jimin a look that means he’ll have to give explanations later and Taehyung will find out about the man in front of them calling him nicknames in around five minutes, but Jimin can’t begin to care, his mind is still thinking about how cute it sounds from Yoongi.
“Jungkook gave it to me,” Jimin explains. He drinks from it, bites a piece of fruit. “It’s not bad.” Namjoon and Yoongi are looking at him like he’s crazy.

“It has like five different drinks inside,” Namjoon gasps.

Yoongi snorts. “Maybe we just hate the story behind it, Joon.”
“What’s the story?” Jimin beams at them. He’s glad he can talk to Yoongi right now. the TA doesn’t have the sober inhibitions to stop him from chatting with Jimin of something not academic. Thanks beer, for letting them talk, Jimin thinks.

Yoongi seems eager to tell the story,
“Hoseok’s ex girlfriend,” Yoongi starts. “We don’t like her,” his eyes widen at the marginal note. “Was obsessed with being a bartender, ans she went to a class and for some reason believes that’s sangria,” Yoongi points at the glass.

Jimin has never seen him so carefree.
“That’s not sangria,” he says with indignation. “You’ve ever had sangria, Jimin?”

Jimin thought Yoongi was passionate about music, he maybe also is passionate over little stuff like this. “N-no,” he admits.

“You should have one when the semester is over.”

Namjoon snorts.
“Okay?” Jimin smiles, endeared by how Yoongi waits to continue his monologue.

“For almost a year, we had to drink that every weekend and pretend it was sangria, because Hoseok was so in love he couldn’t tell her that shit is anything but it”

Jimin laughs

Oh no, he likes Yoongi
“Fast forward, they break up, Hoseok cries, we hate her, we go out for actual sangrias,” Yoongi talks fast and Jimin likes him, oh god he really likes him. “Then... friends again! She comes to these parties, and makes,” he raises his arm, pout on his lips, scrunches face, “shit”
It’s adorable, how he gets excited while he talks, how he gestures every word, the expectant look he has on Jimin waiting for him to agree with everything he says

“Well I think it’s not that bad,” Jimin teases. He drinks the rest of the glass in one go

Yoongi’s mouth falls open
“You did that on purpose,” he accuses. He turns to see Namjoon, who somehow hasn’t abandoned them yet and just looks... tired. “He did that on purpose.” Jungkook is confused.

Jimin’s stomach burns “Why would I do that on purpose?”

“Because I told you how much I hated it.”
“That makes no sense,” Jimin giggles.

“You hate me, that’s why,” Yoongi accuses with a pout. It’s silly, and it makes Jimin happy. He hears Namjoon joking to Jungkook about them being back in high school, but no one flirted with Jimin during high school, so he wouldn’t know.
“I don’t hate you,” Jimin looks at Yoongi’s ripped jeans. He always wear dress pants to class, it’s nice seeing something else. He looks up at him, through his lashes. “You know that,” his voice has a hint of playfulness

Yoongi is quiet for a second. “Thought you weren’t coming”

“I told Hoseok it was going to be a shitty week without seeing you in class,” he chuckles when he talks. Jimin’s dizzy, because of the blue drink and maybe Yoongi. “I joked about you coming to his place tonight. Didn’t thought, he would actually tell you,” he confesses.
“Give me the beer,” Namjoon demands getting between the two. “Who even gets drunk on beer, hyung”

Jungkook is wide eyed. “He’s from your music class?” Jimin nods, still processing Yoongi’s words. “Are you seventeen years old?” Jungkook gapes.

Wait, maybe Yoongi likes him too.
“Hyung, that sangria I should have at the end of the semester, do you know a good place? I have no idea where to find a legit one,” Jimin ignores the laughter and noise around them.

The elder smirks, he looks relaxed. “Yeah, I know the perfect place. It’s a date?”

Jimin agrees.
indecisive jimin
game changer
unlike yoongi’s belief, jimin has no idea what he’s doing
Yoongi looks adorable.

For the first time he’s not wearing formal clothing to class but black sweatpants and a oversized plaid shirt. He has a blue beanie and is hiding behind a mask, it’s cute. But the comfy clothes are because he’s getting sick and that makes Jimin worry.
He seems quite down, eyes closing from time to time, but he’s trying to stay awake and attentive because today they are recording a song. Yoongi is helping them set up the microphones

“The trick is to have one microphone pointing at the guitar and other inside,” he says softly
Yoongi is fast to set up the microphones, even the small one inside the box of the acoustic guitar. However they can’t start, Jihoon is talking to the musicians outside the studio and there’s an issue. They aren’t complete.

When they leave the booth, everyone is nervous.
Everyone is raising their voice, Jimin looks between his four classmates that have become really good friends during the semester because they share every first year class, and Yoongi who is hiding in the table of the corner, his legs are up to his chest, and he looks tired.
Jimin doesn’t really know how to help. Jihoon said he was finding the musicians and Jimin doesn’t know anyone that plays anything. Taehyung plays the saxophone but Yoongi and Taehyung in a closed space would be chaotic.

Yoongi groans loudly from his corner. “Who is missing?”
The students slowly turn to see him. Yoongi has pulled the mask covering his mouth down, so his cheeks look fuller. Jimin would coo but the TA is frowning, probably pissy because he’s sick.

“The singer,” Go Won mutters after a long silence. Yoongi sighs, they are in trouble.
He passes his hand through his face. “Can’t you find a singer?”

“That’s what I’m trying,” Jihoon says under his breath, clearly annoyed at the fact that the singer he looked for didn’t make it.

“You have to record,” Yoongi looks at his watch. It’s a big watch. “In twenty.”
Siyeon looks worried and Jimin tries to comfort them, says Jihoon will surely find someone soon.

He doesn’t.

“I’ll give you ten more minutes, but the more you wait the less time you have to do retakes,” Yoongi says with a serious tone. Now he’s pissed because of the assignment.
They panic more. Yoongi close his eyes, he clenches his jaw as Jimin‘s classmates lose all their cool. Jimin looks between everyone in the studio.

“Just record an acoustic version,” Yoongi proposes, defeated. “You’ll have one less sound entry, though. Less grade”

Jimin chokes.
“You’re grading us lower than rest of teams?” Jimin manages to say. He’s losing his cool now

Yoongi nods. “The task requires four sound entries, with no voice you have three”

There’s no way he is not getting a good grade, it’s an elective. “One of us has to sing,” Jimin decides
“I’m not doing it,” Guanlin shakes his head

Jimin turns to see the rest but they don’t meet his eyes. “Come on guys, you’re studying music, right? You know how to sing...”

“I’ll do terrible,” Go Won says nervous. Jihoon and Siyeon complain under their breath

“Okay, I’ll do it”
They look confused. Yoongi looks confused. “I can sing,” Jimin explains. “I’m not good, but we’re not losing points for this.”

Yoongi snorts. “Come here, scientist. I’m setting up your microphone. Jihoon, come to the booth too, lets explain the situation to the musicians.”
Yoongi lazily puts on a funny thing on the microphone that Jimin will have to ask the name of later.

“Are you too sick?” Jimin asks while Yoongi untangles a cable. “You should get some water. Coffee won’t help.”

It makes Yoongi chuckle. “I’ll get you water, for the retakes.”
He throws the cable around. Stands up to look at Jimin. “You’re comfortable doing this?” Yoongi asks, probably remembering the moans incident.

“Yeah, I offered,” Jimin tries to soothe him. “I’m not that embarrassed of my voice”

“Nice,” Yoongi weakly smiles. “Can’t wait to hear”
Oh, now Jimin has to do more than good.

“Jimin hyung,” Jihoon calls out for him. “Can you tell us what songs you’re comfortable singing, maybe they know how to play one you know the lyrics from.”

Jimin isn’t embarrassed of his voice, but he is of the song. Flaming red ashamed.
Yoongi has a sly smile on his lips, probably amused by Jimin’s choice. He gestures Jihoon to leave the booth and go back to the studio to start recording. But before he leaves, the TA puts Jimin’s heaphones on him himself. “So you can hear your voice,” he explains, close to Jimin
When he’s alone with the musicians, Jimin starts feeling nervous

Yoongi’s voice sounds loud on his ear, around him. He looks up to the glass wall and finds the TA talking to the mic on the studio. “I think we should start with the guitar, and use that as guide.” All of them hear
The man on the guitar nods, moves to his microphone. They start measuring volume and distance.

“Is he your boyfriend?” A female voice suddenly asks. Jimin turns around to find the pretty girl on the drums grinning at him. She has short hair and her headphones around her neck.
“Who?” Jimin blurts out.

“The TA,” she explains, gesturing to the studio. Jimin doesn’t turn to see, he knows he’s blushing.

“No,” he shakes his hands. “Not at all,” he cringes.

She laughs airily. “He looks at you like your his boyfriend.”

Oh god, Jimin is going to combust.
“No, no,” he awkwardly laughs. “I’m a student, actually,” he explains.

She looks at her nails. They are purple, Jimin likes them. “So, you’re single?”

Someone clears their throat on their ears. Ah, it’s the headphones. “We’re starting with the guitar,” Yoongi speaks to the mic.
She laughs again, and then Jimin turns to the glass wall. Yoongi is leaning on the desk, speaking into the microphone to the guitarist. Siyeon is red, Guanlin and Jihoon are laughing. Go Won stares at Yoongi with wide eyes.

Jimin remembers... Yoongi left the mics on last time.
He can’t even worry about the implications of Yoongi listening to their interaction or the way he interrupted the girl’s question because the guitarist is starting. Jimin’s mind has to go to every high note, gasp, and adlib he has to do. They record the guitar three times.
Jimin tries paying attention to the song but he's easily distracted by Yoongi giving comments to the musicians, he doesn't look so sick anymore. Frown and lips pursed in concentration.

Next they do the drums, Yoongi says it will help Jimin to have all the instruments as guide.
Yoongi shouldn't really be directing the recording, but since they are late he's trying to gain time back. He has a good ear, is quick to ask for corrections and Jimin is more than mesmerized. Yoongi tries to explain all his comments to the students, and urges them to do more.
"Okay scientist," Yoongi speaks to the microphone. "It's your turn, you good?"

Jimin nods. Holding onto the water of bottle Guanlin handed him some minutes ago.

"I know the original song goes high but you don't have to do the same just..." Yoongi seems conflicted "Try whatever"
Jimin can't believe that of all of the songs he knows and has sang with Jungkook, the musicians knew this one. He despises Jungkook and his absurd love for IU.

Jam Jam is an awfully sexual song, without actually being sexual, but Jimin is a virgin and he knows, it's about sex.
He doesn't actually have to sing like IU, it's an acoustic version of the song so he can go lower, and it's a cover, he can make changes. But the lyrics remain the same, and it's still full of gasps and whispers, he can't take away, they are the essence of the song. He sighs.
He tries not to think about it. When the music fills his ears, he just sings. It's better if he doesn't think about it.

When he finishes, Siyeon is actually the one to grab the mic. "Jimin oppa! Your voice is so pretty," she says enthusiastically. Jimin smiles, thankful.
"Jimin, by the end of it, you hummed instead of doing the high note," Yoongi starts speaking. "Try another one, forget about the adlibs, we'll do those in another track, And we're doing part by part, okay? The second verse wasn't good."

He's serious. Jimin bites his lip.
Yoongi could have said he did good.

He sings again. Yoongi tells him to go higher at the opening. He sings again. Yoongi asks him to go lower in the pre chorus. He sings again. Yoongi asks him to slur his words. He sings again and again. Yoongi never tells him he did good.
"Jimin," Yoongi's voice is around him. "The erm- baby make so sweet, part, I think you should breathe more, the intention isn't it."

"What's the intention?" Jimin demands to know. He's trying his best and it's not enough for Yoongi

Jihoon takes the mic. "More sexy," he chuckles
Jimin can do more sexy. Sure, of course. He has no idea how to but he can. And he'll do the perfect amount of sexy for Yoongi to tell him that it was good, because everyone else has already tell him he has a beautiful voice, but Yoongi hasn't.

He looks at Yoongi when he sings.
Yoongi doesn't look down at the screen. He only stares at Jimin through the glass wall. Once again, he's standing somewhere higher than Jimin, and he has to look up at the TA to sing. But he guesses he does better this time, with Yoongi looking down at him. He breathes out more.
He does a small gasp after the 'baby, make me so sweet' maybe that will be sexy enough for Yoongi.

"You got the intention right," Yoongi says lowly. Jimin feels it all over his skin. "Can you do one of the whole song with that intention?"

Jimin nods. Yoongi clenches his jaw.
This time Yoongi walks away from the glass wall after the "I need sugar. I need something bad for my body" at the first verse. And Jimin smiles when the TA returns to the screen but leaves again as soon as he sings "before I cool down, completely melt me, babe."

He managed sexy.
When Jimin finishes his throat is sore. He’s a little anxious, waiting for Yoongi.

“You did really good Jimin,” Yoongi says after a while. “It was good.”

Jimin can’t help but look up at him from where he stands below him and smile. He feels content.
Yoongi looks funny when he comes down the stairs. He's rubbing his arms with his hands, making himself smaller.

"Hey," he greets once he stands close to Jimin. He shuffles from one feet to the other, it's cute. "What a coincidence finding you here, waiting for someone?"
Jimin snorts. "If we keep standing here, you'll get cold"

They walk side by side to the nursery. The campus is big, it's around ten minutes to get there. Jimin takes the long route so it can be a little longer. "Why did you force me to leave the studio? It was warm inside there"
"I didn't force you!" Jimin's eyes widen at a pouty Yoongi. "You are going to spread your germs to everyone if you stay all day inside there." Jimin bends over a little to smile at him while he walks. "You need some fresh air, too"

Yoongi scrunches his nose is distaste. How cute
"I dont' need cold air. I need soup and my bed," Yoongi starts. "And maybe cuddles," he adds after Jimin hums.

Jimin opens his mouth to offer himself for the cuddles but Yoongi gives him a silent glare, probably knowing what Jimin is about to say and stopping him before he can.
"How did you even catch a cold, hyung?" Jimin decides to ask. It's nice being alone, hopefully they won't cross paths with any of the kids from the class

"Too much ice on my drinks" Yoongi says between a pout. His nose is red, Jimin notices. "Woke up on monday feeling like shit"
"You had like two beers on friday," Jimin decides to tease.

Yoongi shakes his head. "I was drinking since thursday, I had already drank before seeing you on Friday, and then I kept it up on saturday and sunday, and now I'm regretting my life choices."

"You drink a lot."
"Got my thesis approved," Yoongi says, defending himself. "This one a special weekend."

Jimin feels happy. Yoongi is (maybe) a recent friend but he can't help but feel ecstatic about the news. "Wait! That's amazing!" Jimin stops walking to smile brightly, Yoongi stares at him.
"You didn't say anything on Friday!" Jimin repimands him

Yoongi looks flustered. He rubs his neck. "It's nothing, I got it approved for the presentation and I still have to wait six months for that," he mutters.

"We should celebrate!" Jimin exclaims when he starts walking again
"Or not," he starts muttering himself. "You already celebrated, and even got a cold." Jimin doesn't notice Yoongi isn't walking on his side anymore, but some steps behind him. "But still, it's pretty cool, I don't even want to think about my thesis," Jimin chuckles to himsel.
There's a hard squeeze on his waist, it makes Jimin jump on his seat. But as soon as it was, it's gone and Yoongi is walking by his side again

"We can celebrate when the semester ends" Yoongi smiles to him. Jimin can still feel his hand on his body even if it's not there anymore
There's something about the way Yoongi looks at him that has Jimin wondering what kind of celebration he has on mind. Jimin glances away, before the elder catches him blushing. "Yeah," he agrees

Yoongi makes him coo but then makes him feel hot and bothered, Jimin doesn't get it.
They are in a comfortable silence until they reach the nursery and Yoongi walks in to ask for any medicine

Did Jimin just agree to have sex with him? Did Yoongi even meant sex with celebrating together? Maybe Jimin was reading too much into his words. Maybe he was just paranoid.
"You're going home now?" Yoongi's voice brings him out of his thoughts. He's standing in front of him.

"I can walk with you back to the faculty," Jimin says, like testing the waters. Yoongi nods. They don't really talk, Jimin is still thinking about the hand on his waist.
Yoongi breaks the silence. "I was going to text you too."

"Mmh?" Jimin turns to see him but his gaze is on the sidewalk not on Jimin. He's blushing.

"When you texted me about waiting outside, I was about to text you too," he confesses.

"Oh," Jimin feels giddy. "What about?"
"About the class." Jimin slumps, that's not a nice answer. Yoongi is smiling though. "You have a beautiful voice," he says. He's not looking at Jimin. "I really like it, it was nice to hear, made my day better." Yoongi laughs a little shy, a small and pitchy laughter.
"Thought you didn't like it," Jimin admits. "All the corrections," he's about to start but Yoongi shakes his head

"God, sorry," he cringes. "I got into it? Kind of knew you could do better so I wanted to get a perfect one"

"You got a perfect one?"

"Hard not to with your voice"
Jimin wants to kiss Yoongi. That's the first thing he's doing when the semester ends. If Yoongi lets him. "You really liked it?"

"Do you want more compliments?" Yoongi chuckles. But before Jimin can argue back, Yoongi is talking. "Yeah, your voice is really nice. It's my taste."
"Thank you," Jimin manages to say between his big smile. He loves singing, always thought he wasn't good enough, but it's nice hearing that someone that has studied music for years think that he has a nice voice.

"I'm just being honest," Yoongi shrughs, like it wasn't a big deal
They are standing outside the music building. Yoongi has class in fifteen minutes, but Jimin can't ask for more time when they've clearly went a little out of their TA and student relantionship just now.

"See you next week in class." Yoongi has a pretty smile, it's gentle.
Jimin nods, he's about to go. "You're going to wait for someone next week too?" Yoongi says rather loudly, since Jimin is already some steps away.

He turns. "Yeah, they might not make it. Maybe if you get out of the studio during that time..."

"It would be a coincidence."
"Wow Jimin hyung, we really should have used you for the moans in the first assignment," Guanlin says in awe. "Are you listening to this?"

Yes, Jimin is listening to it. It's the track of adlibs and it's loud on the speakers, and it's everywhere on the studio. He's blushing.
"Guanlin, go back three seconds." Yoongi is standing behind Jimin. "Play it." Jimin's gasp is loud, it's so embarrasing. "Okay, cut it there. You remember how to make key points? Lower the volume so we can add it in the bridge."

Yoongi is being awfully professional about this.
They are listening to the song and Jimin is having a bad time. Yoongi is looking at the timeline, he points at the screen when the second chorus ends. Siyeon pauses it. "That's missing something. Why don't we add one of Jimin's...."




Jimin groans.
"You kids are being mean now," Jimin accuses them, it only makes his four teammates laugh out loud. Yoongi is unfazed. "You're teasing me!"

"It's funny, oppa!" Go Won gives him a sweet smile and Jimin can't get mad at them. They are young and loud... but perverted.
"We should just loop it, right Siyeon?" Jihoon teases her, the girl shakes her head.

Yoongi chuckles at that. "Don't do that, we don't want Jimin's sounds on loop all over the studio." Jimin is offended, sure he doesn't want that but why Yoongi doesn't want it?

The boys laugh.
"Just get it over with," Jimin drags his chair near the screen and pushes Guanlin, annoying tall kid, so he can cut the track himself.

"Mmh, I'd choose this one instead." Yoongi's voice is right next to him. Jimin tenses, just realizing he got in the middle of the boy and the TA
"Which one?"

Yoongi points at a different part of the track. "You don't have to use that option to cut, just use command and k on the keyboard." Why does he have to be so close? And he's watching Jimin's every move.

Jimin listens to the adlib he cut. It's a pitchy mewl.
"Hyu- why this one? It's so..." Jimin looks up at him with a pained expression, wide eyes. Yoongi isn't sitting, he's leaning over the desk. Since he isn't that tall, his chest is closer to Jimin's face.

Yoongi looks down at him, and doesn't reply. Only glares, he won't answer.
"What did you want me to say? that I wanted to use that gasp because you sound fucking sexy?" Yoongi says when they are walking to the café near the entrance of the campus. "In front of the kids?"

Jimin whips his head to him, mouth open. Taken aback. He lets out a choked laugh.
"I wanted you to give me a music related reason!" Yoongi looks at him like he has two heads. "It's a music class!"

Yioongi shakes his head "That's the musical explanaition, you sounded hot, I wanted the final mix to have that one particular sound" he says seriously. Jimin laughs
"So, it was on a whim," Jimin walks slower so they can have more time together before Yoongi has to go back to his next class "That's a personal reason"

"I'm a musician, it was a professional choice," he deadpans. It's silence and then he smiles widely at Jimin, showing his gums
"You're dumb!" Jimin teases.

"I had to protect my reputation in front of the students, can't be acting like a horny teenager in front of horny teenagers and you," Yoongi's tone is always serious. It's really funny.

"So you were acting like a horny teenager?" Jimin giggles.
Yoongi's face doesn't change when he nods "I feel like a horny teenager," he confesses. Jimin is suddenly anxious about the turn this conversation will take, especially because Yoongi- "counting days down, you know"

Oh God. Jimin knows what he's referring to. What should he say?
"Yeah, I know," Jimin says. It's partially true, he is counting the days down for their date and kissing and touching. Yoongi maybe for something more than their date but it isn't a complete lie. Yoongi smirks at him

Jimin should tell him. But how does he do it? He won't like it
⚠️ the next updates will have mention of underage sex ⚠️
“What was your first time like?” Jimin blurts out.

Judging by Yoongi’s reaction he shouldn’t have. He looks surprised. “You want to talk about that? Now?” He winces a little.

“Oh, maybe we shouldn’t, right?” Jimin regrets ever talking. He’s so dumb, that was very virgin of him
“No, no, it’s fine,” Yoongi looks warmly at Jimin, trying to calm him down probably. “We’ve been talking about it without actually talking about it, haven’t we?”

So, they’ve been talking about sex... Jimin wasn’t so dense.

“It’s just a funny get to know each other question,”
“Usually people ask, what’s your favorite movie? I like to ask what’s your favorite album? favorite anime? favorite food? But those are standard questions. I like yours better.” Yoongi looks at him in a way Jimin can’t describe, because no one has looked at him like that before.
“My first what? blowjob? first time fucking a girl? a dude? dude fucking me? Which one you want to know?”

Oh, Yoongi has done all of that. Jimin tries to be cool. “Which one do you consider your first time?” He doesn’t look at Yoongi

“Ah, is that a relative scientist thing?”
“No,” Jimin scoffs. “Just curious about your opinion on first times.” Yoongi nods solemnly, maybe Jimin doesn’t suck at this -playing it cool business-.

“first blowjob, then. That’s the first time I had sex, like... I used to think it wasn’t real sex, but it obviously is?”
Jimin has never really thought about it, the real deal is having something inside or getting inside, technically that’s a blowjob but with a mouth... He nods at Yoongi. The elder keeps talking because they seem to be on the same page.

“It was on my fifteenth birthday”

Oh God
Yoongi chuckles. “It was a birthday gift, been dating the girl for like three months. She was seventeen... I was a cool guy in school,” Yoongi tries to joke around but Jimin doesn’t laugh. He was a kid. An actual kid, that’s too young. Jimin was playing videogames at that age.
“It really isn’t that memorable, now that I think about it. It just happened,” Yoongi keeps talking at the lack of response.

“Wasn’t it awkward?” Jimin wonders.

Yoongi scoffs. “Was your first blowjob awkward?”

He’s so sure of himself, it overwhelms Jimin. “Not really,” he lies
“It wasn’t awkward... didn’t cum on just the blowjob, had to jerk off in the bathroom to finish off. And that was it, it’s been so long, barely remember.”

He’s so calm about it, makes Jimin confused. “Nothing special?”

“Not at all,” Yoongi shrugs.

“And... fucking a girl?”
“You’ve ever been with a girl?”

“No,” Jimin is honest. Yoongi hums.

“I was... sixteen? girl from my class, hooked up like four times.” Yoongi is laughing again, shoulders shaking. “We had a science fair thingy, she’d blow me while I worked on it, even though she was smarter.”
“Her parents would never be home, fucked her on the dining room.” Jimin’s eyes widen. What. The. Hell. “We would do the project there... I was horny like everyday, so it just happened. That was a little bit more awkward.”

Jimin is blushing at Yoongi fucking someone on a table.
“How was it awkward?” Jimin asks, trying to keep calm. “Were you two virgins?”

Yoongi shakes his head. “Never been with a virgin”. Jimin’s mouth opens, that’s not good news. He’s definitely going to be put off by Jimin’s virginity. “It was awkward cause her grandma was upstairs”
That makes Jimin laugh, forget about the anxiousness for a moment. “You’re shameless!” he pushes Yoongi’s chest

“I’ve been told,” he smirks. Stops walking because they aren’t really walking anywhere. “Had to be quiet or we’d get caught.”

“Like us,” Jimin blurts.

Jimin is definitely blushing. “We can’t get caught, it’d be inappropriate.”

It makes Yoongi laugh loudly. “You’re right, Min.”
“So... and a guy?”

“My first time with a man?” Yoongi takes a step closer. Jimin needs to tell him but Yoongi is so experienced, he won’t want to be with a virgin like Jimin, there are responsibilities. “It was on my first year, it’s difficult to find gay guys on school, right?”
“Yeah, it is..” Jimin agrees. It’s hard finding gay guys. period.

“So, the first chance I got, I went home with this bug dude that was checking me out on that bar across the street, Venom, you know it?”

Jimin knows it. They don’t ask for ID.

“And we had sex,” he says calmly
“Oh, just like that?” Jimin can’t believe it, that was fast. He tries to school his reaction: seem unfazed.

Yoongi nods, lips puckered. He’s actually unfazed, unlike Jimin.

“He- umh, who fucked who?” Jimin asks nervously. It makes Yoongi laugh.

“Are you curious, scientist?”
"Yes," Jimin slurs. He is very curious. He keeps thinking of Yoongi and the girl on the table, and wants to replace her with a him.

"He fucked me," Yoongi answers with a shrugh. Jimin breathes out. "Huge dude, don't recommend it."

Jimin laughs. But then worries, "was it bad?"
"Nah." He's so relaxed, it drives Jimin crazy. "It was good, dude knew what he was doing." Jimin is so nervous, and they are just talking. "Went back to the bar the next week, went home with him and that was the first time I fucked a dude. Tall guy thought I couldn't top him."
Yoongis tone makes Jimin giggle. Like he took revenge or something. "You like being top better?" Please say yes, Jimin's mind supplies. He tries to ignore that wish.

"I don't mind either," Yoongi admits. "I like topping bigger guys," he says with a gummy smile. Shouldn't be cute
Jimin looks at himself and then at Yoongi. He's not exactly bigger? He's taller because of his insoles probably, they must be the same height in fact. But Yoongi's chest is broader and Jimin's waist slimer. Would Yoongi consider him a bigger guy?

"What about you?" Yoongi asks
"What about me?" Jimin panics. "What do I like better?"

Yoongi smirks. "If you want to tell me, I'd like to know... but I was talking about your first time."

Jimin is pale. He knows he is. Color drained out of his face. "I-" he doesn't want Yoongi to stop flirting, to freak out
"I was eighteen," he lies. "University too." He's going to get in so much trouble. "I went to an all male school, so being openly gay was... looked down upon." Okay, some thruth to make it less suspicious. "But it wasn't special, nothing worth telling to be honest," he tries.
Yoongi is staring at him, eyes intense "Did he treat you right?"

"Huh?" Jimin winces

"You're making an ugly expression, did he treat your right?" Yoongi worries.

Jimin's expression is because of his lie, but he tries to use his only sexual experience as reference. "Not really"
"God, I'm sorry, I hate people like that," Yoongi says. "If it's someone's first time you can't be sloppy, like- it's difficult, but there's decency. I hope he wasn't rough, God, I'm so annoyed," Yoongi mutters.

Jimin sighs. Maybe Yoongi would treat him right, but he lied.
"Lets not talk about that," Jimin offers a weak smile. "I was going to tell you what I like better,"

Yoongi's gaze softens. "Yeah, very important information"

It makes him giggle. "I'm not sure," based on his masturbation references, but Yoongi can't know that. "I think bottom"
"Nice," Yoongi chuckles. They stare at each other longer than considered okay. Yoongi has to look away. "Now I won't stop thinking about that, thank you Jimin."

"Hyung!" Jimin has to circle him to get to be face to face again. "But I'm smaller than you, is that okay?" he wonders
"Have you seen your thighs?" Jimin looks down with Yoongi. He's wearing ripped jeans, thighs on display. "Have you seen my thighs?" Jimin looks at Yoongi's pretty legs, obviously thinner than Jimin's. "Hips?" Jimin's hips are wider, yes. Yoongi nods. "Your size is more than okay"
"What a weird way to say you think I'm hot, hyung" Jimin bites his lip.

Yoongi laughs incredulously. "If I could touch you right now, I'd put you in your place for being such a tease."

Jimin's breath catches. He feels warm. "2 months."

"And one week," Yoongi corrects.
some stalking
can’t control themselves
it was eventual
Yoongi answers right away.

Jimin moves in his bed, glad Taehyung isn't home, because otherwise he'd feel really dirty. He already feels dirty but that would made it worse.

"You're going to show me?" Yoongi asks since Jimin has only been breathing to the phone. His voice is low.
"Hyung," Jimin breathes out. "First tell me what else do you think about?"

Yoongi chuckles. "Sometimes I think that when the kids leave, I'd ask you to stay. You'd agree, wouldn't you?"

Jimin nods. After a second, he notices Yoongi can't see him, and mutters a small "I would."
"Get you all alone on the studio." Jimin is trying to picture it. "I have things to do, you know? For the other classes, so I would ask you to go on your knees, you'd do that for me?"

Jimin is feeling hot. He's feeling really hot, he has to squeeze his legs. "I would, hyung."
"You'd let me fuck your mouth? While I work?"

Jimin lets out a sound he doesn't recognize. He hears rustling from Yoongi's side. "Yes, hyung, I'd let you."

"Would you stay there? with my cock on your mouth?"

If Yoongi knew, he wouldn't say this to Jimin. "Hyung," he whines.
If Yoongi knew the thruth he wouldn't talk to Jimin like this. "I would." He's hard, just from picturing Yoongi thrusting inside his mouth. Even if he's never head a dick on his mouth. If Yoongi knew, it'd be different.

Yoongi pants to the phone instead, because he doesn't know.
"Hyung, are you touching youself?" Jimin lays on his stomach, hisses at the preassure on his crotch

There's a dry chuckle. "Not yet, haven't heard what you want..." Yoongi's voice is so deep, Jimin starts pulling his sweatpants down

What does Jimin want apart from all of Yoongi
"Just want you to touch me," he says. Honest.


Jimin doesn't think he can sound sexy like Yoongi does. Yoongi must have done this before, unlike Jimin and he doesn't even know what is supposed to feel good or not because he's never done anything. "I want you to be here."
Yoongi tsks. "I want to be there too, fuck." He doesn't sound close to the phone anymore.

Jimin has his sweatpants around his ankles, he pushes them away and waits. "Hyung, I want you to undress me," Jimin whispers honest.

"I would, Min." He's back. "Want to see all of you..."
Jimin rolls his hips against the matrees as a knee reaction to Yoongi's voice. "Want you to see me right now," he whispers. Judging by Yoongi's sounds just saying what's on his mind is good. "I think you'd like it..."

"What would I see? What are you doing?"

"Touching myself,"
He likes Yoongi's sounds: quiet but choked and pitchier than his usual voice

"But it'd be better if it were you," Jimin says honestly. He's had a boyfriend before, he knows when someone else touches you is better than when you do it. He thinks about the day he danced with Yoongi
Yoongi's hands on his waist felt better than anything, how would his hands feel on his dick?

"I can't wait to touch you," Yoongi breathes out. "If I could I'd go right now to wherever you are, just so I can see you, and hear you," he moans. Yoongi must be touching himself too.
He lets out a loud whimper when he starts circling the head of his cock with his thumb, spreading the precum down. Yoongi's sounds mimic Jimin's. They aren't saying much but Jimin thinks they don't need to, it's enough with the gasps

Until Yoongi's voice quivers. "This is wrong"

"Fuck, Jimin. This is going to make it worse," Yoongi breathes heavily. Jimin hasn't stopped touching himself.

"Make what worse?" It seems Yoongi hasn't stopped either, judging by the wet slide.

"On wednesday, when I'll see you, I won't be able to control myself."
"All I can think right now, is that when this is over I want to touch you, but we can't- heck, we shouldn't even be doing this."

Jimin plops down on his bed. His hand is sticky, his phone is on speaker next to him. "I want to."

"And I want to too, but we said... fucking hell,"
"What are you going to say? That this is inappropiate?"

"Jimin, it is! I was thinking with the wrong head." He moves around in the bed, defeated, but Yoongi's lame joke make him giggle. "I should be trying to keep my distance but I can't. And this is only making it worse."
Jimin should be pissy, about being cut in the middle of it. But he just thinks it’s cute, that Yoongi is worried and he’s trying to keep his commitment of waiting until it’s correct for them to be together. It makes Jimin think that Yoongi isn’t in it only for the sex

“and now?”
“Now, I’m going to hang up, remember how you sound when you’re playing with yourself, try to picture how you looked, and jerk off.”

Jimin laughs. “I was on my stomach, on my bed, one hand inside my boxers and the other gripping the sheets.”

“Fuck, thanks for the imagery, Min.”
“I guess I’ll have to think about you too,” Jimin says in a pout.

It makes Yoongi laugh. “You’re too much.”

Jimin doesn’t really know what he does, but he’s glad it has an effect on Yoongi. He’s kind of relieved, he didn’t want his first sexual experience to be a phone call.
He does want his first experience to be with Yoongi. About that, he’s sure.
They are quiet. Yoongi just breathes into the phone and Jimin likes it. He likes this

Even if his dick is begging for attention

“The semester will be over soon, but I’ll have to ignore you for real now,” Yoongi confesses. “I don’t trust myself.”

Jimin doesn’t like that. At all
“Okay,” he mutters.

“Now I should really hang up,” Yoongi whines. “Think of me,” he says between laughter.

“Don’t say stuff like that,” Jimin complains.

“I’ll think about you,” Yoongi supplies. And then hangs up. Jimin quickly goes to his bathroom. He does think of Yoongi.
jimin in need of some help
Taehyung didn’t love crazy. He was appaled with Jimin’s idea. But with some negotiation they ended up with a good plan.

The task was to reconstruct all the sound of a scene from Oldboy. From dialogues to effects and music. It was tiring, and Jimin only watched as Guanlin edited.
On the other side of the class, there was Yoongi. Who had seriously taken distance from Jimin, as if the intimate phone call had caused something in him. There were still the smiles whenever Jimin arrived to class but Jimin was starting to think maybe Yoongi got tired of waiting.
His mind of course supplied the worse scenarios. He wanted to hear Yoongi reassuring him he still liked him and his attention.

Jimin’s phone was just on his pocket, ready to text Yoongi and send one of the pictures he had taken. Should he chat with him first? Or just drop it?
Which one should Jimin choose?

Him and Taehyung had debated about it. Jimin was ready to take a picture that showed it all. Taehyung was scared of the consequences and dangerousness of taking nudes. Them ending up on the cloud for anyone to hack later on. So Jimin tamed it down.
He took some suggestive pictures and they were waiting to be sent to Yoongi.

He had been jerking off when he took them. Close to his lower face, biting his lower lip, a hint of nudity, the bed a mess. Jimin is quite proud of them considering he’d never done something like that.
They were hot pictures.

Jimin felt hot. And he wanted Yoongi to see them and tell him, that yes, he looked hot, that he drives the elder crazy.

His hand was fumbling with his phone, not daring unlocking it. There was gunfire effects on loop coming through the speakers.
Would Yoongi like them? Jimin was starting to feel nervous. It was a surge of confidence when he grabbed his phone, pointed it at him and arched his back for it, it was something that Jimin had never thought of. But lately he had been feeling extra aware of his sexual desires.
Yoongi was on his laptop. Facing the desk where they were working but his back was to Jimin, unaware of what the younger was thinking about doing.

He unlocked his phone. There was one he took when he finished. He had his shirt messily buttoned up again, covering his soft dick...
He is kneeling on the selfie, making his thighs look bigger, because they were pressed down. Jimin remembers Yoongi liked that his thighs were bigger than his. So it’s a good choice.

It’s not exactly a nude, but there’s enough skin to be provocative. Jimin’s face can’t be seen.
It’s only his body, will Yoongi recognize it?

He’ll have to find out. Yoongi’s chat isn’t so down below in Jimin’s messages.

He looks up at his classmates, they are either on their phone or working on the mix. He looks at Yoongi, typing on his laptop. He opens Yoongi’s chat.
It’s embarrassing going to the gallery and finding around twenty sexy pictures of him in bed. He’s definitely never done something like that. He quickly scans through them to find the one he wants. Phone basically pressed to his chest to hide it even if he’s sitting on the back.
It’s just the picture. No text, he doesn’t even look at it again, too ashamed to do so. He selects it and sends.

The wait until Yoongi’s phone buzzes is nerve wracking, especially when the sound around him is still his classmates adding reverb to gunfire. It echoes everywhere.
Yoongi moves slightly on his seat. Gaze falling on his phone. Long fingers wrapping around the black device to pick it up from where he left it on the desk. Thumb swiping left to open the messages. Jimin swallows and they add more reverb to the gunfire, making it heavy and slow.
Jimin doesn’t get to see a hint of the picture on Yoongi’s screen as he watches from behind. The TA is quickly setting the phone down after barely some seconds, and the screen now is hidden.

He didn’t like it, Jimin thinks. He sinks on his seat. Regretful of his needy actions.
The only sound is the gunfire and they are adding way too much reverb it sounds as if they were in the middle of an empty coliseum. Yoongi drags his chair on the floor, the shriek making everyone turn to him.

For once, he’s not slumping when he dtands up. Is he upset at Jimin?
“I’m going for coffee,” he says and then starts walking to the door. He doesn’t turn to see Jimin. “Don’t burn the studio, I’ll be right back.” He stops before opening the door. “That’s too much reverb, lower it.” He gets out

Siyeon whines that she knew. Jimin stares at the door
It’s only some minutes but Jimin felt like they were hours when he gets a text message from Yoongi.

“Get out here.”

Jimin goes.
He’s being dragged into the bathroom.

As soon as he closed the door of the studio. There’s a hand on his wrist and he’s following Yoongi. It’s like one of those scenarios Yoongi talked about during their phone call. Especially when Jimin’s back hits the wall of a bathroom stall.
Yoongi’s hands are on him. One on the back of his head to prevent it from clashing with the wall and the other one on his hip. Gripping tight.

“Hyung,” Jimin breathes out after a second of Yoongi not moving, eyes on Jimin’s lips. He tentatively lifts his hands to Yoongi’s chest
“Shouldn’t do that, sweetheart,” Yoongi finally says.

Jimin tries to take his hands away from Yoongi’s chest but he presses his body closer to Jimin’s, not allowing it.

“That’s not what I meant”

“Do what?” Jimin asks, play innocent because he knows what Yoongi is talking about
It makes Yoongi laugh. “Had fun taking that picture?”

“Mmh,” Jimin squirms a little, until Yoongi’s leg is properly between his. “Yeah...”

“I could tell,” Yoongi whispers. He’s so close, Jimin wants him to clear the distance.

“How?” Jimin asks, hands gripping his black shirt.
Yoongi leans closer, moving his leg up and pressing against Jimin’s crotch. Jimin bites back a gasp but he later lets it out nonetheless when Yoongi whispers to his ear, “because of the little toy you had with you.”

Jimin had finished touching himself when he took the picture.
⚠️ a little late (but here) warning for sex toys ⚠️
He hadn’t checked the picture twice. He didn’t know the plug could be seen, he didn’t even remember leaving it on the bed, but there it was and Yoongi had seen it.

“It’s hot,” Yoongi reminds him after Jimin’s silence. “It’s really fucking hot. Did you fuck yourself with it?”
Jimin is ashamed but it’s a good embarrassment, makes him feel warm all over, makes him pull Yoongi closer. He nods.

“Did you think about me?” Yoongi wonders. He’s close to Jimin’s neck, why isn’t he kissing it?

Jimin nods again. Since the phone call, he only thinks about him.
Yoongi hums, Jimin feels it on his skin. They are so close but Yoongi won’t touch him more. Jimin moves his hand from Yoongi’s chest to his wrist, to pull Yoongi’s hand down to his hip, give him a hint of what he wants

“Is that what you want for the second date?” Yoongi chuckles

“You said you were going to tell me during class what you wanted for our second date...” Yoongi moves away from Jimin’s neck and he is smirking “Want me to fuck you?” Jimin lets a out a choked moan. It fuels Yoongi “Or I could use that toy on you? You’d like that, Jimin?”
Jimin nods. Oh, he really shouldn’t but the sound of it isn’t bad, he really likes how it sounds. “what else would you do?” he asks

It makes Yoongi laugh. “Whatever you want... Whatever you’ll let me do to you,” Yoongi mutters as his hands move lower from Jimin’s hips to his bum
Jimin jerks his hips up when he feels Yoongi squeezing his ass. He rubs against Yoongi’s front and it’s too much, it’s what he wanted but it feels so good, he’s never felt like this before. He’s hard and Yoongi feels it judging by the way he snaps his hips against Jimin as well
“You’re hard already?” Yoongi teases. It makes Jimin remember that Yoongi doesn’t know he’s a virgin, doesn’t know he’s never been touched as intensely as this, doesn’t know Jimin gets fucking hard just from having Yoongi whisper to him.

“Hyung,” he whines. Rolls his hips faster
“I can’t leave you like this...” Yoongi‘s lips are just in front of Jimin’s. He only has to lean a little and then they would be touching. “Can I?” he asks, their lips barely touching.

Jimin doesn’t answer. He rubs harder on Yoongi, all shame left somewhere outside the stall.
One of Yoongi’s hands is on his thigh, close to his crotch.

They really are in a bathroom, in the faculty, and no one has ever touched Jimin higher than where Yoongi’s hand rests. No one but him alone. And Yoongi doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. He’s looking at Jimin.
“We can’t-“ Jimin blurts out. Yoongi stops moving. “We can’t, classes are...” he’s panting. Yoongi’s hand is no longer on his inner thigh but it now craddles Jimin’s neck. “We can’t.” But it’s not really that, he can’t let Yoongi touch him here for the first time.

Yoongi blinks.
He gets a kiss on the forehead. “That’s a lot of self control and a strong moral compass. I was about to ditch it all,” Yoongi jokes. Jimin still feels him on his skin. “You don’t need to stay all class, go home, okay? It’s going to hurt after a while.” He kissed his forehead.
“Hyung...” Jimin should tell him. He’s gentle, he’d take good care of Jimin.

“Mmh?” Yoongi is tucking his dick. He’s hard and has a hand inside his boxers placing it up, for it to not poke. Jimin looks away before he sees anything.

Yoongi wouldn’t be as comfortable if he knew.
“I have more pictures,” he says instead. “If you want to see,” Jimin’s voice is low. “They are just for you,” he adds quickly.

Yoongi laughs. “To keep me sane these weeks?” he jokes. Yoongi takes a step towards Jimin. “But don’t seen them during class, brat.”

Jimin beams at him
“Three weeks,” Yoongi reminds him. He presses Jimin against the wall. Eyes eating him up. Jimin holds his breath. “Three more weeks and then I get to do what I want,” he mutters kneading Jimin’s ass again “Going to fuck you like you want.”

Ah. What has Jimin gotten himself into.

- an area of relatively level high ground.
- a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.
- reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress.
it’s a date
Taehyung is freaking out. Not that Jimin isn’t freaking out himself but Taehyung has no right to be freaking out.

He’s on Jimin’s bed face timing Jungkook. Jimin waves at him. The boy has headphones around his neck meaning he stopped a game to talk to Taehyung. Ridiculous.
“I want someone to wait a semester for me, it’s oddly romantinc,” Taehyung whines. Jimin tries to control his smile as he searches for a mint sweater, it’s somewhere on the bed

“Wait four months?” Jungkook asks.

There was Jimin’s sweater, he pulls it out. “It’s more than that!”
Jungkook snorts. “I don’t care about waiting, I want someone who doesn’t make a big deal about me kissing only two people in my life.”

Yoongi wouldn’t make a big deal.

“Like Jimin’s TA, he knows Jimin is a virgin and still waited for him.” Jungkook doesn’t know the full story.
Taehyung does, so he’s giving Jimin a pained expression once the blond gets his head out of the sweater’s collar. Jimin shrugs, glad to be out of frame so Jungkook can’t see him.

He doesn’t know how to say the truth to Yoongi, who is so eager to touch Jimin in /that/ way...
“You ask for a lot, we’re just going to be alone forever Jungkookie,” Taehyung tries to ease the atmosphere. “We can marry each other when we are forty”

“You’re only saying that because I have money,” Jungkook accuses. It makes Taehyung gasp in indignation and Jimin laugh loudly
It’s in the middle of Taehyung teasing Jungkook that the boor bell rings. Both Jimin and Taehyung freeze, Jungkook’s whining is the only sound on the room.

“Bye dumbass,” Taehyung says quickly, makes kissy sounds to the phone and hangs as soon as Jungkook starts complaining.
“I’m opening the door,” Taehyung proclaims

“No! get back here!” Jimin tries catching Taehyung before he runs to the hallway.

“You’re not wearing pants! Do you want TA to see that?” Jimin stops and takes a step back.

“Maybe!” he shouts to the hallway.

“Not on the first date!”
Jimin returns to his room to find a good pair of pants when he hears Taehyung opening the door. He shouldn’t have let him.

“Wow, you’re not that tall!” Jimin wants to make his best friend disappear.

“You’re unnecessarily tall,” Yoongi bites back. Jimin wants them to disappear.
Taehyung laughs, “cute,” he says. Jimin struggles to get the black pants on him. “Come inside, Jimin is getting pretty for you.”

It makes Jimin blush and Yoongi chuckle, from what he can hear. “You’re not Jungkook...” Yoongi observes.

“Eugh no! I have a sense of fashion,”
God, these pants are tight, Jimin is jumping up and down.

“You’re Jimin’s best best fiend?”

“That one,” Taehyung hums. It’s silent. Jimin remembers that Yoongi likes big guys better and starts panicking a little, would he like Taehyung better than Jimin? He pulls the pants up.
“So it’s my duty as best friend to tell you a couple of things.”

Jimin can see the fabric of his boxers rugged through the pants. He has to wear tighter briefs. And hurry up.

“What things?” Yoongi wonders

Jimin finds out pulling them out almost as hard as putting them on.
“He hasn’t been on a date in over two years,” Taehyung starts. Fucking pants. “Treat him nicely”

“That’s what I’m planning on doing,” Yoongi says unamused. Okay, briefs on, bye boxers.

“Everyone has different timing for everything, so don’t rush him,” Taehyung adds defensively.
It’s silent again. Jimin can only hear his breathing as he try to get those damn pants on.

“Okay,” Yoongi says. Jimin finally gets inside the pants. What did Yoongi understand from Taehyung’s words?

“He’s really romantic too,” Taehyung starts again. Jimin runs out of his toom.
“We’re leaving, shut up Taehyung,” he announces when he steps on the living room. Yoongi’s eyes are on him, mouth slightly open. “Hey hyung.”

“Hi Jiminie,” Yoongi says after noticing he was staring. He turns to Taehyung and nods. “Nice meeting you”

“Bring him before midnight.”
“Oh God, Taehyung shut up!” Jimin complains but he does feel warm all over at his best friend’s concern. If Taehyung were to date someone, Jimin would get as protective too, for anyone but Jungkook.

“I can’t promise anything,” Yoongi jokes. Jimin pushes him out of the apartment.
“Don’t encourage him!” Jimin protests when they are going down the stairs.

Yoongi is laughing. “Don’t get so mad! It’s cute that he was so worried.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “You really haven’t been on a date in two years?”

It makes him stop walking. “A little more than two years”
Yoongi takes the chance to ogle him, eyes trailing Jimin’s body up and down. “How?”

It makes Jimin feel hot. “Stuff,” he replies. The answer would involve the fact that he’s a virgin and Yoongi doesn’t know that.

However, Yoongi frowns. His gaze softens in a moment though.
“Didn’t bring my car, can’t drive if I’m drinking, right?” Yoongi changes the topic.

“Ohhh, what a responsible man.”

“Huh, does it give me extra points on my date abilities?” Yoongi is always joking with a serious tone.

Jimin plays along. “It does...” he answers truthfully.
“Ah, good,” Yoongi smiles gently. “I have to make up for those two years”

He grabs Jimin’s hand once they are on the first floor. It’s forward and Jimin wasn’t expecting it but he doesn’t want Yoongi to let go

“It’s close-by, we could actually walk there,” he says. Jimin agrees
It's a bar.

But it's a really pretty bar. There are fabric strips of many colors hanging from the roof and everything is made out of wood. There are masks on the tables and it's loud. The music isn't in korean though, and Jimin doesn't recognize the language.
"Real sangria," Yoongi slurs as he walks to the bar.

"Are they wearing masks?" Jimin asks in awe. Three of the bartenders are and it's quite cool. "They are demons? Bright colored demons."

"I think it's because of a dance or some latino ritual, I'm not sure," Yoongi explains.
"How's this place called?"

Yoongi squints his eyes, trying to remember. "Chinga something... it's in spanish. I can't pronounce it." Jimin nods. That explains why he doesn't understand what some people are talking. "The best sangria ever." Jimin only nods, smile on his lips.
The demon mask on the table is judging Jimin. It stares at him with it's big blue eyes and three snakes in every horn, it supports itself in its fangs. It looks upset even if it's painted in neon bright colors. It probably knows Jimin is a liar.

The jar on the table startles him
It's red. What Jimin drank last time was blue and definitely not sangria now that he seees a real one

Yoongi sits next to him "Sangria and... latino cheese fingers? You have to dip them in the green sauce"

"That looks like wasabi," Jimin cringes

"It's avocado," Yoongi explains
"That's expensive," Jimin points at it.

Yoongi shrughs. "That's why I get paid, to waste my money on expensive latinos sauces to impress you."

It makes Jimin laugh. He eats the actually not cheese fingers while Yoongi talks. He likes the sauce better.

"I asked about the masks"
Jimin hums. Turns to see the demon. "What's the story?" He touches it's fangs

"It's some traditional dance that represents bad and evil, people dress up as demons and they get saved, there's the Devil, he wears that mask." Jimin nods at the explanation. He sips from his drink
Yoongi is drinking when he turns around, looking for something. He leaves his glass on the table. "And that's the angel," he points at another side of the bar. "She saves them all."

Unlike the other masks, it's just a silver crown. Not as breathtaking as the masks, more simple.
"Why isn't it as pretty as the devil?" Jimin wonders. Yoongi shrughs, he doesn't know the answer. Jimin thinks it's weird, why would the masks that represent evil be more eye catching than the angel that represents everything good and proper?

He drinks. "It's wine?" he asks.
Yoongi nods. "Wine, orange soda and apples?"

"It's sweet," Jimin points out.

"I like sweet things," Yoongi pouts.

"No, you don't! You never asked for sugar with your coffee, and when you let me drink it, it was always so sour." Jimin srunches his face to make his point across.
"I have a love and hate relationship with coffee," Yoongi explains. "But you have to believe me, I like sweet over bitter anytime."

Jimin squints his eyes. "I don't believe you."

Yoongi smiles brightly, his cheeks are red from the alcohol. "Really? I've made it pretty clear."
"No! I've never seen you with anything sweet." Yoongi stares at him wide eyes. He moves his hands around, and it's quite funny because he doesn't seem to find the words he wants. "You wouldn't put milk on your coffee, cream, chocolate, never... I don't believe it." Yoongi snorts.

"I was going to say... I like you and you're sweet but that's really cheesy, isn't it?" Yoongi is showing his gums, chuckling, even his neck is red.

Jimin looks at him for a second and then breaks out laughing. His body flops over, forehead against Yoongi's shoulder
"You were supposed to realize right away, as soon as I implied it... you just made it awkward," Yoongi whispers, he's a little embarrased.

"Sorry," Jimin giggles in Yoongi's neck. "I'm kind of oblivious about these kind of stuff."

"I noticed," Yoongi's shoulders shake a little.
Jimin doesn't feel like moving from where he is. He only twists his head to gaze towards the bar instead of being hidden in Yoongi's neck. He hadn't noticed how close they were seating but this is more than okay

"Min," Yoongi says low, but loud enough to be heard over the music
"Mmh?" Jimin doesn't move

"Hey, look at me," Yoongi asks, pout clear on his lips. It's cute

Jimin looks up but all he sees is Yoongi's jaw, he pokes at the skin to tease the elder when he feels a hand circling around hi waist. Jimin moves back, not much since the hand stops him
He sees Yoongi, his sleepy eyes and long eyelashes, pouty thin lips, red soft cheeks and black hair contrasting over pale skin. He sees him, how intensely he stares back, the tongue wetting his lips, the stubble on his chin.Yoongi is so pretty, like the masks around them.
Yoongi leans closer, foreheads touching. Jimin lifts his hand to Yoongi's neck. None make the next move, Yoongi only stares down at Jimin's lips, like Jimin is the prettiest thing he's seen.

Jimin's breathtaking too.

"We should dance," he says and stands up. Yoongi follows him.
“No one is dancing,” Yoongi complains. He’s holding both of their drinks

“Some people are,” Jimin gestures towards a couple of drunk people jumping around. Yoongi rolls his eyes

“I’m not drunk enough to dance,” he tries again. This time Jimin stops walking, they bump each other
“Here,” Jimin takes his glass. Throws his head back and finishes everything that’s left on it in one go. “Do it, you’ll be tipsy enough to dance.”

Yoongi’s smile rapidly grows. He does the same. Glasses forgotten in a corner, Jimin drags Yoongi closer to the drunk people.
Jimin likes that Yoongi is confident, that he always knows what he’s talking about or at least looks like it, he’s nonchalant always, just shrugs. But right now he’s shy, blushing, weak hold on Jimin’s hips and barely moving side to side.

Jimin gets his arms around his neck.
“Who is singing?” Jimin asks to bring Yoongi’s attention to him instead to where his feet are moving

He squints his eyes, trying to hear better somehow. The man singing isn’t really rapping, he slurs his words in a deep voice. “‘M not sure... I think he has a song with Drake...”
“Cool,” Jimin smiles. Pulls Yoongi closer. “It sounds cool,” Jimin giggles, effect of drinking so fast. He closes his eyes, trying to listen to the beat and move in time with it.

Yoongi smiles too, drowsy grin. “Yeah, yeah.” The drunk people next to them are jumping up and down
They know the lyrics so they passionately push Yoongi closer to Jimin. It maybe makes Yoongi realize no one is actually watching them so he loosens up a bit and follows Jimin’s steps. Their bodies are pressing and the song just asks them to grind, so Jimin does. Yoongi hisses.
Jimin’s skin is burning, hips rolling but he starts to slow down because even if he doesn’t understand spanish, the singer is repeating the same lyric over and over and it starts to get slower. Yoongi hasn’t moved from Jimin’s neck. His leg trapped between Jimin’s thighs.
More people are standing up to dance, and then the song suddenly stops, it sounds like a broken record. Jimin is looking for the dj but it just seems the song is like this because there are people standing up. Suddenly another rapper is on the speakers, Yoongi and Jimin freeze.
“Is it a different song?” Jimin laughs.

“I don’t know?” People know the lyrics and they are dancing, it’s a good song, Jimin gets back to it soon. “He’s a good rapper,” Yoongi admits.

The faster the song gets people shout louder, and then the singer with the deep voice is back.
“We should just jump too,” Jimin laughs. Copying everyone around them, he brings his arms up next to him, it’s fun, Yoongi seems to loosen up more, eyes never leaving Jimin. He gets closer to Yoongi, laughter on his throat from all the people singing and dancing around them.
He wasn’t expecting it,

the song is clearly about to end, the rapper slurring some names, Jimin stops jumping to take a deep breath, smile still wide on his face, hair starting to stick to his forehead. He looks up to find Yoongi staring at him, flushed all over, panting.
He’s going to kiss him.

Jimin knows it. The other song starts playing, a calm tune, but they aren’t moving. Yoongi is looking at him, breathing starting to steady, and he’s going to kiss him. Jimin waits for him, because he wants to, he wants to kiss Yoongi back once he does it.
Yoongi touches his waist first. Comes closer. Jimin rolls his body slower, to the song, asking Yoongi to press against him. Yoongi does.

He wants to kiss Yoongi, how much longer is he going to wait? Just come closer, he wants to scream at him. But Yoongi is slowly dancing too.
He feels Yoongi’s lips on his cheek, trailing down to his neck. Jimin leans in as well, his face touching Yoongi’s. Not kissing, just against the other. The elder returns to make their lips brush, painfully slowly.

“Can I?”

Jimin doesn’t answer, he slides his lips with Yoongi’s
It’s so fast, how the tender way Yoongi had been feeling Jimin’s skin with his lips a second ago turns to something hungry. The hands on his waist tightens, their bodies press against each other even if they can’t get closer, their mouths open with desperation with little gasps
Yoongi is licking Jimin’s lips and it’s wet around his mouth from both their spit. They are grinding again, Yoongi’s hands on his ass leading Jimin to rub wherever he wants. It’s hot, Jimin feels hot. He pulls Yoongi’s hair. Probably another song started, he doesn’t know.
And then Yoongi is on his neck, Jimin looks up at the strips of frabric falling from the ceiling, he feels good, airy. Yoongi sucks on his earlobe, it makes Jimin shiver, no one has ever done that

“You like that?” Yoongi asks, tongue flicking near his jaw

It was a long semester
Jimin is hard.

Hard already only from Yoongi kissing his neck and Yoongi knows because they are rubbing on each other, he feels it. “How cute,” Yoongi teases before biting Jimin’s lower lip. Jimin only whines, and kisses him back. Licks all he can lick, touches all he can touch.
His gaze falls on the angel’s crown when Yoongi goes back to his neck, this time to suck on the skin, making Jimin thrust up involuntary. It feeks good. He sees the angel and then he turns, sees all of the masks, the demon masks staring at him. They’re mocking him.

His back is pressed against the door of the taxi. Yoongi leaning on him, back arched making Jimin’s mind cloud with desire.

He hopes the driver doesn’t throw them out because Yoongi is not detaching himself from Jimin anytime soon. He presses his knee against Jimin’s hard on.
The driver clears his throat. “Where to?” Yoongi told him to drive straight but he didn’t say an address.

“Drive until the bridge, then I’ll tell you,” Yoongi says politely and not at all like the voice he used when he dragged Jimin out of the bar, saying what he was going to do
“Want to go to my place?” Yoongi whispers to Jimin. Pressure on his erection. “I live alone.” Jimin knows. “Want to hear you scream.” Jimin fucking knows. “There’s no need to hold back there, sweetheart.”

No need to hold back, huh.

Jimin surges to kiss him, deep, wet, needy.
“I don’t fuck on the first date,” he whispers to Yoongi’s mouth, lips brushing.

Yoongi lets out a dry chuckle. “You fucking brat.” He squeezes Jimin’s ass. “We’ve waited a long time, haven’t we?”

—Oh, Yoongi, you’ll have to wait longer— Jimin thinks. Guilt visible on his gaze.
Yoongi is nodding. It didn’t took much convincing which takes Jimin aback. He says Jimin’s address to the driver, Jimin corrects the number of the street. The taxi turns around.

“It’s fine,” Yoongi leaves a peck on his forehead. Like last time, gentle. Sweet like the sangria.
“I won’t rush you,” Yoongi says. Repeating Taehyung’s words. “Everyone has their time, right?”

Jimin nods. Deep affection for his best friend runs through him.

“Just,” Yoongi flops down on Jimin, like his body weights him too much. “Send me another picture, those sexy ones”
“Or call me, if you want,” Yoongi nuzzles against Jimin.

“What are you going to do with those pictures?” Jimin whispers, feigning an innocent tone.

Yoongi drags Jimin’s hand to his crotch, where he’s hard. Jimin gasps, that’s Yoongi’s dick, under his palm. “Fix that,” he says.
Jimin doesn’t take the hand away, he spreads his fingers, pushes his palm down and kisses Yoongi, he kisses Yoongi slowly, tongue dragging inside his mouth, breathing Yoongi’s little moans as he feels Yoongi up, like he has never done to someone else before. Yoongi doesn’t notice
The car is slowing down. Jimin has to let go of Yoongi.

“Two pictures,” Yoongi gestures number two with his fingers. “Fucking tease,” he chuckles.

Jimin leans over to kiss him dry on the lips. “I like you too, hyung. You get three for such a good date.” It makes Yoongi giggle.
“Wear these pants next time, you look fucking sexy,” Yoongi breathes before giving him another kiss and a small slap to his hip, and then another kiss, and just a bunch of other small kisses until the driver clears their throat again. Jimin runs out of the car, waving at Yoongi.
Jimin jerks off in the shower, it only takes a couple of strokes until he’s coming all over himself. Forehead pressed to the wet tiles and one arm supporting him too. The other keeps pumping into over sensitivity. He lets out a moan he shouldn’t, hopefully Taehyung is asleep.
He had sent Yoongi three pictures he had already taken before going into the shower. Yoongi only replied with a smiley face. Jimin typed a quick “creepy” before locking his phone. He walks inside his room and stops when he sees himself in the mirror. Neck a mess, bruised up.
His shirt is grey, and with his blonde hair he thinks the crown the angel used on the dance Yoongi talked about would look good on him. But in the darkness of his room he only feels the eyes of the devil masks behind him. He walks out of the room and enters Taehyung’s slowly.
Taehyung stirs. The light from the hallway probably waking him up. They are quiet, Tae on his bed, Jimin on the door. “You had sex?”

Jimin shakes his head. Hands going up to his neck. “We only kissed”

His best friend hums. “His spit is going to be in your mouth for six months”
Jimin shrugs. He doesn’t know where Taehyung got thay information from but he doesn’t care, he plans on kissing Yoongi for more than six months.

He climbs the bed, his chest to Taehyung’s back. “You know that’s really intimate?” Taehyung says when Jimin wraps his arms around him
“What is?” Jimin snuggles closer to him.

“Leaving your spit on someone’s elses mouth for so long,” Taehyung explains without turning to see Jimin.


Taehyung hums. “It’s intimate, you’re going to stay with them and them within you, right?”

Jimin nods against his back
“If you’re doing something so intimate with them, at least they deserve the truth.” This time Taehyung turns to see him.

When Jimin closes his eyes, he dreams of a silver crown and thousands devil masks, of long pale fingers and pink pouty lips, he dreams of Min Yoongi.
red flags
Yoongi likes praises. Jimin likes them too, receiving them and giving them but he hadn’t noticed how much Yoongi liked them.

“This is so tasty hyung!” Jimin hums, after licking the sauce of his lips. “You’re such a good cook!”

Yoongi is smiling when he cuts more meat for him.
“Can I have more too?” Jimin pushes his plate to Yoongi. “Now I only want to eat what you make,” Jimin sighs.

“You helped,” Yoongi chuckles. He’s embarrassed, not looking at Jimin.

“Only chopping vegetables,” he deadpans. “You did the rest, and it’s so good~”

Yoongi laughs.
Jimin likes Yoongi’s company. The man is quiet most of the time but lets himself be loud when he’s excited about what he’s talking about, he’s perpetually pouting which is adorable and he talks so slowly, it makes Jimin close his eyes and want to get drowned in his deep voice.
“There’s dessert,” Yoongi says after a while.

Jimin is full, but he jumps on his seat nonetheless, it makes Yoongi look at him with pure adoration, it’s embarrassing for him. “Mmh you made it too?”

Yoongi picks up the dishes. “I baked it?”

“Baked it?? You bake?” Jimin whines
It’s banana bread. “Can I keep you-“ Jimin bites on the sweet, humming at the taste. “Forever?”

Yoongi breaks a little piece and brigs it to his mouth. “To keep you fed?”

He nods, biting from his slice again. “You’re going to be my professional chef.” Yoongi laughs at that.
“What do I get in return of my hard work?” Yoongi wonders, he breaks a tiny peace from the mold again.

“Kisses?” Jimin says while biting the rest on his hand, he doesn’t catch Yoongi’s reaction. But when he looks up Yoongi is smiling. It makes him feel warm all over.

Jimin nods in response.

“Can we start the deal now?” Yoongi jokes, and it’s cute. It’s really sweet inside Yoongi’s small apartment. They stare at each other a little too long.

“What are we watching?” Jimin breaks the moment, it was too much for him. He searches for the TV.
“Whatever’s on Netflix,” Yoongi shrugs. He brings another small bite to his lips. They must taste sweet now. “It’s okay if we see it my room? I don’t have a TV.”

Red flags, Jungkook had said

“Oh sure,” Jimin quickly says. He stands up to help him clean up the small glass table.
Yoongi’s room is similar to the rest of the house. Plain and black. But it has something special, in a wall there’s a big window that faces the city. It’s not the best view ever, but all the lights make it look cool.

Jimin smiles at the small plants on the border of the window.
Yoongi is already on the bed. He’s sitting and browsing through his laptop. Jimin takes the time to look around Yoongi’s room. There are a lot of albums, a keyboard and a guitar forgotten on the corner. Scented candles everywhere. The desk is a mess so Jimin ignores it.

Jimin turns around, Yoongi is looking at him. He climbs on top of the bed and crawls towards Yoongi. “Let me see your list.”

Yoongi hides the laptop. “Trying to find out what kind of person I am by my netflix history?”

“I already know what kind of person you are.”
Yoongi lifts the laptop up. Jimin stretches to grab it. “What kind of person I am?” Yoongi asks

Jimin’s fingers curl around the laptop. “You-“ He leans over, getting a little on top of Yoongi during it. “nice.”

He steals the laptop but doesn’t move because Yoongi is holding him
“Let me see,” Jimin pushes his chest away. Yoongi lets him move around until Jimin is sitting with Yoongi’s arms around his waist. His back to Yoongi’s side. “Anime...” Jimin laughs. Yoongi rests his chin on Jimin’s shoulder to watch the screen too. It’s nice, Jimin likes it
“RuPaul’s drag race,” Jimin giggles.

Yoongi shrugs. “It’s fun. Empowering...”

Jimin falls forward when he laughs but Yoongi’s hold on him doesn’t let him go away. He nuzzles Jimin’s neck when he stays stills again. “Taehyung loves it.”

“Tahyung has taste,” Yoongi decides.
“You like scary movies?” Jimin asks when he sees a zombie movie.

Yoongi shakes his head, lips hovering Jimin’s skin. “I liked Train to Busan, I hate horror, can’t watch it.” He pouts. “Hoseok loves torturing himself watching them and drags me”

“Horror it is, then,” Jimin laughs
The Invitation is a slow movie. It’s really slow.

“We shouldn’t have put on a foreign movie,” Yoongi yawns. They are starting to lay on the bed, because Yoongi can’t stay still. “A korean movie with a high rating.”

“Most movies with low rating on Netflix are actually good...”
Yoongi scoffs. The only sound is dialogue until Jimin feels something wet on his neck. The lights are off because they chose a horror film. It gave Yoongi confidence to leave a kiss under Jimin’s ear, and then down below.

Red flags all over

“Don’t you think that’s interesting?”
“What is?” The question tickles on Jimin’s neck. He moves his head to a side allowing Yoongi to settle there. His body and mind aren’t really coordinated.

“Ummh, the main character...”

Yoongi nibbles at the skin. “What about him?”

He flicks his tongue, it makes Jimin shudder.
“He— he is in a house that used to be his.” Yoongi is taking Jimin’s earring away. “It feels like his house but it’s not really his anymore?” He does the thing with the earlobe again, Yoongi licks it and it shouldn’t feel this good. “He- he is confused”

“What’s the movie about?”
This time Jimin detaches himself from Yoongi. “You weren’t paying attention?”

Yoongi blinks. “Not really.”

A frustrated groan. “You’re impossible.”

“I don’t understand it! You said horror film, I prepared myself for blood... they are talking! Half and hour and taking!”
Jimin glances at the screen. The characters are talking. He looks back at Yoongi, half his face has the amber light from the film reaching him. The rest is blueish because they turned off the lights, but the street lamps behind him, coming though the window, outline his figure.
Yoongi is so pretty.

“Come here,” Jimin finally says, and forgets the laptop and surges forward to kiss Yoongi. Almost fully on top of him, they kiss slowly, tasting each other. Jimin finds Yoongi’s hands wandering near his ass and pulls them up, pins them next to Yoongi’s head.
Yoongi can’t move his hands, but he can rise his thigh between Jimin’s legs, causing the younger to part them.

Jimin lets out a whine once he presses his knee up. They separate from each other to breath a little, the kiss getring too intense for them in barely some minutes.
“That’s hot,” Yoongi breathes out. He’s flushing, and his hair has fallen out of his forehead.

Jimin closes the space between them again, kisses him wetly before asking, “what is?”

“Your thighs between my leg...” Yoongi says with a small hint of shyness on his voice. Weird.
“Mmh?” Jimin is curious.

Yoongi laughs awkwardly. “Don’t think I’m a creepy guy.”

“Too late.”

Yoongi presses his leg harder against Jimin. After the small whimper he explains, “my leg is all boney, and next to it, your thighs, you know... fuck... it’s hot... the difference...”
Jimin looks down. Yoongi’s ripped jeans show lots of skin and Jimin’s thighs do look wider next to Yoongi’s. It’s comforting knowing someone as hot as Yoongi finds that attractive too. It makes Jimin feel really sexy.

Jimin squeezes his thighs. “This turns you on?”

Yoongi nods
They are kissing again, and this time it’s rough. Yoongi bites, pulls Jimin’s lower teeth between his teeth. They take short breaths before kissing again, and Jimin doesn’t even notice when he starts to roll his hips against Yoongi’s thigh. It’s maybe when Yoongi sucks his tongue
There’s no guide for it. Jimin was always scared what to do in a moment like this, he doesn’t know because he’s never been this intimate with someone but there’s no guide, it’s just his hips chasing that good feeling of his cock brushing against Yoongi’s thigh, it’s involuntary.
“feels good?” Yoongi asks. “Like it?” his voice is so low, Jimin groans next to his ear. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckles. “Do you want to cum like that, Jiminie?” his hips move faster. “Riding my thigh?” Yoongi lifts his knee when he asks, pressing into Jimin just right
Jimin could come like this, he lets go of Yoongi’s wrists to lower his hand. He needs to touch himself, because just from rubbing he doesn’t think he’ll be able to reach his orgasm.

As soon as he can, Yoongi is using his hands to press Jimin closer to himself. He also moans.
Jimin doesn’t stop thrusting up while Yoongi feels him up. He feels his hands everywhere, and he grinds faster, wanting his pants off to feel more against him.

His hands reach his zipper and then Yoongi grabs his wrist. He says something but Jimin doesn’t hear him. He sees red.
He sees all the red flags when Yoongi flicks his wrist away and tries to unzip his pants himself. Jimin doesn’t stop rubbing up and down, thighs shaking, but the movie is suddenly loud and there’s shouting and screaming. Maybe it’s Jimin’s head

But there’s blood on the screen.
And the blood reflects on them. So he sees red.

“Jimin? Did I do something wrong?” Yoongi lifts his hands up, away from Jimin’s crotch. Where he was trying to jerk the younger off.

“I—“ Jimin is on top of Yoongi, zipper down, hard and aching. But he’s not moving. “No... I mean”
“I can’t,” he blurts out. And then hates himself for saying that.

Yoongi looks confused. “Jimin...” He starts moving, to put Jimin down.

“I’m not ready.”

There are shouting coming from the laptop and so much blood. red. why did he even chose a horror movie? He hates horror.
They flip around. Jimin on his back and Yoongi hovering over him

“Hey, calm down, what happened?”

His dick started getting soft after almost coming. The slow movie was actually a slasher. What happened was that Jimin was afraid that someone he has lied to was going to touch him
The red from the screen barely reaches Yoongi, but it’s there, outlining his hair, there’s a red shade. “Are you mad at me?”

Yoongi squints his eyes. “Mad? Sweetheart, why would I be mad?”

“I didn’t come home with you last time and now I’m ruining everything.” What a virgin.
“Jimin, now i’m worried,” Yoongi says seriously. He moves up, leaving the red shade behind.

“Why aren’t you mad?” Jimin flirts, and fools around but then stops that’s not okay.

“Get mad because you don’t want to go further than what we’re doing? Do you think I’m an asshole?”
Jimin shakes his head. “Of course not.” It’s silent between them except for the heavy panting of the main character in the film.

“Did he— your ex boyfriend or whatever, he got mad at you because of that?”

“Yes,” Jimin answers right away. Without thinking, he answers truthfully.
Yoongi looks upset. “But—“

“Nothing bad ever happened,” Jimin says right away. Because he doesn’t want Yoongi to get the wrong idea. And Jimin’s past relationship isn’t a big deal. The elder is still frowning though. “He would just complain, I broke up with him because of that”
“You didn’t do anything you didn’t want to?” Yoongi asks.

“No.” Jimin never slept with him, never let him touch more than he was comfortable. He just wasn’t the right one. “But he would get mad, it... doesn’t matter.”

“It matters,” Yoongi says quickly.

“Not really, hyung,”
“It does Jimin, I like you and I think that if you’re not comfortable doing certain things we should talk about it.” Yoongi says right away. “So it matters, because if you don’t want me touch you... there... you need to tell me, if we’re going to date we should talk about this”
“Are we going to date?” Jimin says with a genuine smile enjoying how Yoongi blushes

“Of course we’re going to date,” he pouts. “Do you think I’m doing all these and waiting all that just to take you to bed?”

“You want to be my boyfriend?”

“Can I?”

Jimin laughs. no red anymore
“I can wait, Jimin.” Yoongi says. “What’s weeks next to months?” he laughs. “And I don’t know, we could do other stuff, right? You don’t want me to touch you, but maybe I could see you touching yourself?” Jimin is blushing. “And I could do it too? Without touching eachother...”


“Don’t say that!” Jimin complains, warm at the thought of the scenario. He knows Yoongi is the one. He is the right one and Jimin is sure now.

“I’m going to take care of you okay? I’m not other idiot that is going to be sloppy or careless.”

Yoongi is the one
“Hyung, I don’t know how to say this...” Jimin starts, fingers fiddling. “I—“ he shakes his head. “I have to tell you...”

“It’s okay,” Yoongi stops him. “It’s okay Jimin, tell me when you feel like talking about it.”

Jimin blinks. He should say something but he remains quiet.
“Let’s find out what the movie is about and stop looking so down,” Yoongi says. “I do want to have sex with you but I’m not going to be a jerk about it, okay? no need to worry, we have time to talk about it.” He grabs the laptop and puts the last part of the movie again.
“So the ex wife was the murderer,” Jimin says.

“Mmh, it was obvious there was something weird about her but she lied all through the movie,” Yoongi whistles.

“Her and the new husband, they lied all along.” Jimin thinks about his words, and Yoongi’s head on his stomach.
Jimin lets another opportunity to say the truth slip away.

But now he thinks he’s in serious trouble.
the semester is over and someone had plans for the break
remember the disgusting couple from the taekook au? this is how it starts
once tired always tired
a party
they boyfriends boyfriends
he knows
jungkook’s brother
When Jimin is back home, he flops down on his bed and calls Yoongi

He hopes the elder isn’t sleeping, because Jimin wants to talk to him before going to sleep. There’s a long sound on the phone, it makes Jimin’s head ache or maybe that’s the alcohol

“Jimin?” he finally answers.
“Hey,” Jimin sighs. “I’m home already,” he explains. “Did I wake you you up?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi says. Pout clear on his voice. “But it’s fine, I don’t mind. You got home? Alone?”

Jimin shakes his head. “Taehyung and Jungkook came with me, but they are sleeping in Taehyung’s room.”
Yoongi mutters something, Jimin doesn’t catch it. “You had fun?”

“Yes!” Jimin replies happily. He had fun. “I danced with Tae and Kook a lot,” he explains.

“You met Jungkook’s brother?” Yoongi says all of a sudden. Jimin wonders how does Yoongi know if he hadn’t explained it.
“I did, he is fun! And it’s funny because Jungkook hates him...” Jimin moves around in his bed, trying to get his jeans off to get under the blankets. Yoongi hums. Jimin has the phone pressed to his ear by his shoulder. “I don’t know how can he hate him? Who hates their brother?”
Yoongi snorts. “I don’t.”

“Me neither!” Jimin pushes his jeans off. They fall off the bed. It’s silent.

“You looked really good in that picture you sent me,” Yoongi confesses. His voice fills all of Jimin’s room through the phone’s speakers. “I haven’t stopped looking at it,”
“Thank you,” Jimin slurs. He leaves the phone on a pillow to take his shirt off too. “I wanted you to think so”

Yoongi laughs. “I always think you look good”

Jimin smiles to himself. And after taking out a short to wear for bed, he finally confesses why he called. “I miss you.”
“Yeah?” Yoongi asks, like he doesn’t believe Jimin.

“Yes! I miss you so much hyung,” Jimin decides to whine in order to get his point across.

Yoongi hums. His voice sounds far when he says, “I miss you too, I think about you all day.”

“I also think about you all the time...”
Yoongi is close to the phone again. “What do you think about, sweetie?” he says, it sounds like he’s whispering the words

Jimin doesn’t notice the elder and him have different notions of what’s the phone call supposed to be about. So he answers with a honest, “I think about you”
“Mmh and what am I doing when you think of me?” Yoongi wonders

Jimin gets under the blankets, his head still a little dizzy but Yoongi’s voice makes him focus. “You kiss me, like that time in your room,” he admits. “And we’re together...”

It sounds like Yoongi is moving around
“When I get back I’m going to kiss you,” Yoongi whispers. “Like last time, I’ll make you feel good, okay?”

Jimin is wrapped around his blankets, he misses Yoongi’s hands on him, especially when he speaks but he’s not next to him. “Yeah...” It’s silent. “I want you to be here...”
“Mmh? You want me there? Why not Jungkook’s brother?” Yoongi says after a while. He doesn’t sound mad, more like sarcastic.

Jimin blinks. What does Yoongi mean by that? “Are you jealous?”

“No,” he quickly amends. And now he sounds embarrassed.

“I want you, silly,” Jimin laughs
“I don’t know,” Yoongi’s voice is playful. He makes it sound pitchier, and it’s clear he’s pouting. “It doesn’t seem like it.”

Jimin is wide awake. “It doesn’t? I think it’s pretty clear..”

“Mmh, I’m not convinced...” He’s so annoying. And fishing for compliments, Jimin knows.
“You’d let him kiss you?” Yoongi wonders

Jimin hadn’t even thought about it. “No, you’re the only one.”

“And if we weren’t dating?” Yoongi says it so casually, Jimin sometimes forget they are supposed to be boyfriends. “You’d let him?”

He shakes his head. “You’re the only one”
“Mmh and what do I get as the only one apart from your kisses?”

Yoongi is the only one Jimin wants to spend his first time with, but the elder doesn’t know that. “Anything you want...” he says instead, which isn’t a lie

“Anything?” His voice gets higher, it caught his attention
“Anything.” Jimin confirms. “Whatever you want.”

Yoongi is quiet other than his breathing through the phone. Jimin lays on his back. “I want something right now...” he says.

Jimin has suspicions about where this is leading but he plays along. “What is it?” He wants to hear.
“I want to be there like you want me to.” Jimin closes his eyes. “And I want you on your hands and knees”

Oh. Jimin should have known. Well, he knew where this was leading and he urged it. He wonders if he should ask Yoongi if he wants him to get like that even if he’s not here.
“Do you want to know what I would you? If you were spread like that in front of me?” Yoongi’s question brings him out of his thoughts.

“Yes, hyung. What would you do?” Jimin always falls.

“I’d like to use your thighs. Get myself between them and fuck them. It’ll feel good...”
He moved to be on his stomach and he presses his dick to the bed. And as soon as Yoongi says it, Jimin pictures it, he even feels Yoongi behind him. One hand on his shoulder, one hand on his hip.

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s thought about Yoongi like that. “I want you to”
“Yeah? You’ll close your legs for me?”

“Whatever to make you feel good,” Jimin answers honestly. It comes more like a whine than he expected though

“Fuck,” Yoongi curses. He must be touching himself, Jimin knows. “You would do so good for me,” he whispers

Jimin nods. He would.
“You’re going to stay still? Until I cum? Using your pretty thighs?”

Jimin rubs on his bed, ashamed to put his hand down his boxers so soon. But he’s hard already and there’s precum too. It’s Yoongi’s voice... and that he’s a virgin. “Yes hyung.”

“Then you’ll deserve a reward”
Jimin loves rewards.

“What do I get hyung?” he asks while he gets rid of the boxer shorts he was wearing to bed.

“Mmh, it depends. What do you want?” Yoongi asks, he sounds a little breathless. “How do you want hyung to reward you for being such a good boy.” Ah, Jimin moans.
“Fuck me, hyung. I want you to fuck me,” he says honestly

Yoongi is panting, is he touching himself? Jimin tries to think about it. “On your hands and knees?”

“Yes, I’n like that right now, hyung. You should be here, I’m like this for you.” Jimin has one hand wrapped around him
“Ah fuck,” Yoongi moans. And he sounds so good, breathless, high. “Fuck”

“Are you touching yourself, hyung?” Jimin asks, pumping himself painfully slowly.

“Yes, yes,” Yoongi confirms. Jimin wants to see. “You are too, right?”

Jimin nods. “But it would be better if it were you”
“When I get there, fuck, I’ll do it myself, anything you want, fuck—“ Yoongi makes small sounds, ragged breathing and little whimpers, it’s hot and Jimin wants to listen to them always. “Can I? When I get back there...”

“Yes, yes,” Jimin flicks his wrist. Moans. “I want you to,”
He cums embarrassingly fast, but he can’t be ashamed because Yoongi is coming too, unlike Jimin he’s quiet and Jimin only realized after he curses a small, “oh shit” that has him weakly laughing.

“I woke up hard as fuck,” Yoongi tries to justify himself. Because that was fast.
“And you whining that you missed me,” Yoongi sounds grumpy like he’s mad he came so fast. It’s funny. “I’m surprised I didn’t came when you moaned that you were thinking about me.”

“Shut up,” Jimin laughs. He holds the phone with both hands, as if that would bring Yoongi closer.
It’s weird, knowing they’ve made each other orgasm when they are so far away, it’s intimate without Yoongi being there with him. Jimin stands up to clean the mess, he doesn’t let go of the phone.

“I miss you too, Jimin. Can’t wait to get back there so we can cuddle all day,”
Yoongi sounds sleepy, his eyes must be closing and his hesd falling to a side. Cute. Jimin’s boyfriend is cute.

“Sounds like a good plan, I like it,” he whispers.

“And then we can get down and dirty,” Yoongi jokes.

Jimin struggles to put on new boxers on. He doesn’t answer.
“Yeah, when you get back here,” Jimin confirms after a while. Yoongi is already sleeping so Jimin hangs up.

When Yoongi gets back here Jimin has to tell him the truth.

- the most intense, exciting, or important point of something; a culmination or apex.
- culminate in an exciting or impressive event.
- a sequence of propositions or ideas in order of increasing importance, force, or effectiveness of expression.
- have an orgasm
There’s a suitcase on the floor of Yoongi’s doorway. Clothes are thrown around it and Jimin wonders why he put it there and not somewhere else.

The thought doesn’t linger much in Jimin’s head because Yoongi greets him with a kiss on the lips. Soft peck that has Jimin blushing.
Jimin takes his shoes off and takes a big step to not stumble with the suitcase.

“I‘ll finish unpacking later, here, sit down,” Yoongi tries to make Jimin feel more comfortable in his house. Since Jimin has only been here twice, he’s still sitting correctly on the couch.
“Do you want something to drink?” Yoongi’s face is red but it’s not blush, it’s more like sunburn. It looks cute.

“No, I’m fine. I want— Come here, hyung,” Jimin lifts his hands up to get his point across.

Yoongi is immediately on him, hugging him not so comfortably but warm.
“Don’t be so tense,” Yoongi notices while his hands trail down Jimin’s sides. They’ve moved around on the couch and Jimin is against the armrest, with Yoongi pressed to him. He kisses Jimin, deeply but tender. “You’re all stiff.”

Yoongi is looking directly at him. Face to face.
Jimin hadn’t noticed. In the last few weeks, Yoongi stopped looking down at him. Now, he only looks directly, on the same level.

He owes him the truth.
“Hyung,” he pushes Yoongi away, gently for him not to freak out, until they are both sitting down. The elder isn’t dense, so he catches right away something is weird, and his gaze hardens. “There’s something I need to tell you,” Jimin starts. “It might take a while,” he whispers.
Jimin sits cross legged and waits until Yoongi mimics him, only that the elder sits with one leg off the couch and the other one bent to his chest, he rests his chin on his knee. Jimin should scold him about the bad posture but now is not the time.

“Jiminie, what is it?”
He sighs. “It’s.” Jimin bites his lower lip. He looks away from Yoongi. “It’s about sex, I—“ He stops himself from talking, frowns trying to find the right words. Yoongi can’t read his mind.

It’s silent until Yoongi leans closer. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”
Jimin’s hands are curled into small fists on top of his thighs. “No.” He looks up to find Yoongi staring. “No no, last time I tried telling you, you said I didn’t need to, that it was okay but it’s not.”

The way Yoongi blinks make Jimin figure he notices it’s something serious.
“I want you to listen to me,” Jimin starts. “Even if it takes me a while to put my thoughts in order, please listen to me.”

Yoongi looks taken aback but he nods nonetheless. He’s fiddling with his fingers. Jimin hopes he’s not making him too anxious. But Jimin is anxious too.
“I‘ve been keeping something from you,” Jimin decides to say. “I don’t know if it’ll change, like the way you see me, or how we’ve been doing this,” he gestures between the two. He gulps. Jimin can’t say it, even if it’s something so... meaningless. “I’ve never had sex before.”
He doesn’t look at Yoongi, just lets its out. “With no one, I’ve only dated one boy in my life... kissed three without counting you.” Jimin moves his hair away, threads his finger through blond locks. “Everything I’ve done with you is probably the furthest I’ve been with someone”
It’s fast, it’s over quickly. The truth, it just spills out from a moment to other, after all the build up. Like a punch to the gut, Jimin feels a knot on his stomach. “I know I’m twenty three, and I should have had sex by now, but I haven’t and I was so ashamed of you knowing,”
Jimin closes his eyes. “And it’s okay if you don’t want me anymore, because I know it’s going to be different now, and you’ll treat me different because I’m a virgin. You don’t have to—“ Jimin doesn’t want Yoongi to stop wanting him though. “Don’t be upset at me, don’t be mad.”
“Upset at what?” Yoongi’s voice is icy, like it never is, like Jimin has only heard it used in a classroom. “Mad at you for not having sex?”

Jimin gazes up. Yoongi is frowning, but he isn’t looking at him. “No—“

“You lied,” Yoongi says. He sits down staring away from Jimin.
“You lied in the classroom,” Yoongi starts. “You lied to my face when you asked me about my first time. You’ve been keeping it a lie until now,” he sounds upset and that’s the last thing Jimin wanted.

“Hyung, I didn’t— I was embarrassed, you wouldn’t want me if you knew the-“
Yoongi stands up. “I wouldn’t want you? You really think I’m a jerk don’t you?” He’s looking down at Jimin while the younger remains sitting. “You say you like me but you can’t even trust me?”

That’s a lie, he trusts Yoongi. He’s not understanding. “I’m being honest right now!”
“I don’t care,” he shakes his head. “I don’t care if you’ve never had sex, I still want you.” Jimin breathes in and out. “I don’t care, because I like you.” He walks closer and crouches down in front of Jimin. He looks up at him. “I care that you’ve lied to me all this time.”
“You don’t understand,” Jimin argues. His stomach hurts, and his hands ache because he wants to reach out for Yoongi.

“Tell me how to understand, because I’m not seeing it Jimin, there was no reason to lie about it.”

“There was! There are so many reasons but you don’t get it!”
“I couldn’t say it in class, everyone else had done it, you were watching me and I was older than all of them... it’s embarrassing, it was better to lie than to be teased, or be looked differently afterwards.”

“No one would care!” Yoongi argues. “There’s nothing wrong with you.”
“That’s easy for you to say,” Jimin curls into himself away from Yoongi “You wanted me didn’t you? Back then, wanted to sleep with me”

“Yes” Yoongi mutters

“Would it have been the same if I had said the truth? Would you have looked at me the same way and still want to fuck me?”
“Be honest, think it through, Yoongi,” he begs at the confused man.

“Maybe? I don’t know. You’re hot and effortlessly sexy,” he laughs dryly. “That’s why I wanted you at first but— When you answered that day, I thought I had chances... but that doesn’t change anything.”
“But you see? How things would be different if I handn’t lied...”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I would have fallen for you either way, don’t fucking say it’s thanks to a lie.” He stands up again, takes some steps away from Jimin.

“I couldn’t say the truth in front of everyone!”
“Okay, I get that! It was a difficult position but,” he turns to see Jimin, “what about the other time? when you asked about my experience? I was honest to you... I opened up and again you lied.”

Jimin lifts his knees to his chest, hugs them. “You overwhelmed me,” he whispers.

“You’ve done so many things, and I haven’t. You had done all that stuff, and I thought you wouldn’t want to be with someone as inexperienced as me, so I didn’t tell you.”

Yoongi closes his eyes. “It’s true. I don’t get it.”

“I didn’t want you to treat me differently.”
“I wouldn’t have.”

“You wouldn’t have flirted with me, wouldn’t have said all those things you wanted to do with me, wouldn’t have taken me into that stall, all those things you did, that I liked so much, wouldn’t have been the same.”

Yoongi blinks. He scratches his neck.
“Fuck, Jimin, you’ve never done stuff like that! And I didn’t know so I kept pushing and touching,” he walks towards Jimin. “Why would you want that? I’ve said all kind of things to you that I shouldn’t have, didn’t I make you uncomfortable?”

Jimin shakes his head. “Overwhelmed”
Yoongi wants to say something but Jimin beats him to it. “I’m sorry I lied, I’m sorry I kept it a secret for so long.” He stands up, closes the distance between the two but he doesn’t touch Yoongi. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, but you have to believe me when I say I trust you”
“I’ll be right back,” Yoongi blurts out.


“I’m going to go buy something or I don’t know. I need— can you give me some minutes? Just stay here, you can use my laptop, I’ll just go for a moment,” he looks towards the door.

“Are you mad?”

“Overwhelmed,” Yoongi jokes.
"There's no way you're a virgin."

Yoongi came back after almost an hour. Jimin considered leaving his place six times but he opted against it every time. Now he's sitting on the border of Yoongi's bed as he paces around the room. He bought all the flavors of cake from a bakery.
Jimin tries to chose one from the box, he's between lemon and red velvet.

"I'm not saying you're lying, I'm asking what are the odds?" Yoongi stares at the window. He turns around to add, "implausible"

"Can I have one?" Jimin asks pointing at the box. Yoongi nods. "Implausible?
"Unlikely, hard to believe." Yoongi walks closer to Jimin and grabs the red velvet one before Jimin can. Jimin doesn't say anything and chooses another one

"What do you mean?" Jimin asks with a mouthful of cake. "I know I'm old but everyone has their time for everything, right?"
"I'm not talking about that. Look at you."

Jimin looks down at himself. He's wearing black jeans, a white old shirt and a blue cardigan, he's currently eating cake. He gazes back at Yoongi confused.

Yoongi gestures at him up and down. "Stunning." Jimin rolls his eyes. "Hot!"
"You're being childish," Jimin accuses but Yoongi is still gesturing at all of him. Yoongi sits on the other side of the bed.

"You don't want to have sex, is that it?"

Jimin scoffs. "What makes you think that? How much I told you I wanted you to fuck me during our call?"
Yoongi lowers the piece of cake he was about to bite. Throws Jimin an offended look. "I don't understand why you haven't had sex yet,"

They aren't looking at each other when Jimin shrugs. "I was waiting for the right person."

The response is a hum. It's silent between the two.
"So, us? You, umh, you told me the truth because we can't have sex."

He can only see Yoongi's profile. "Huh?"

"You're waiting for the right person... can't waste your first time on me..."

Jimin's eyes grow bigger. "Don't you have a certificate to be a teacher? Are you stupid?"
Yoongi is finally facing him. "I left this house so we would calm down not to fight, why are you calling me stupid now?!"

He didn't want Yoongi to know he was virgin because he would freak out about its implications but Jimin doesn't care anymore. "You are the right person!"
Yoongi blinks. “Jimin—“

Ah, Jimin should have stay quiet. He gazes away from Yoongi’s shocked expression and slumps his shoulders making himself smaller. Yoongi will definitely freak out.

He thinks that until he feels Yoongi around him, he climbed the bed and crawled to Jimin.
“For real?” Yoongi asks close to Jimin’s neck, he is leaning over trying to find Jimin’s face but the younger keeps hiding.

Jimin nods. “That’s why I can’t lie anymore,” he confesses

It makes Yoongi tsk. “You should have stopped lying once you noticed this was getting serious.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”

Yoongi is all around him so Jimin decides to face him. They are close, almost touching. “I want this,” Yoongi starts. “You. Whatever you want to call what we have together. But if we’re doing this, you can’t lie to me.”

“I know,” Jimin repeats. Sulking.
“I’m sorry too, I might have been very... intense at times...” Yoongi pouts embarrassed.

Jimin laughs. “It’s fine, I like when you get like that.”

They are both softly smiling, unsure how to proceed. “I had a small suspicion about you, but I would have never guessed the truth.”
“Mmh what was it?” Jimin starts moving around to be closer to Yoongi.

“Thought you had a bad experience and didn’t want to try again, or were anxious about it. I kept thinking ‘man, i’m going to show him it can be good’ but I guess I was wrong.”

“Well I’ve had bad experiences.”
Yoongi makes a sound asking Jimin to explain, he moves all the stuff on the bed so they can lay down without knocking anything down.

“You know, I had a boyfriend during first and second year, and I didn’t want him to be... that person. But he wanted to so we fought a lot.”
“And that, kind of umh made me more cautious with relationships,” Jimin explains.

“So it’s not like guys didn’t want you, but you just rejected them,” Yoongi sighs once he flops down on the bed.

“Kind of, I mean I also didn’t have men knocking on my door everyday,” he chuckles.
Yoongi is laughing, it makes Jimin calm. “I also thought, maybe Jiminie is awkward because he hides in the laboratory because scientists don’t have many social life,” he teases. It earns him a push.

“Shut up! I go out a lot, and that’s a false stereotype you have on stem majors”
Jimin lays next to him after a while. They both look up to the roof. “There aren’t many gay guys in the faculty either so less options.”

“So not all stereotypes are false,” Yoongi keeps joking. Jimin is glad.

“It’s the internalized homophobia,” Jimin suggests and Yoongi hums.
“That’s why I hang out with Tae even if he’s going to a different engineering, like... gays have to stick together in this world.”

“Absolutely,” Yoongi chuckles. His shoulder shake and Jimin can breathe properly. “It’s not like in Arts, where everyone is sure sexuality is fluid”
“Damn stereotypes, sometimes they are right,” Jimin adds.

They are quiet for a second until Yoongi lifts himself up on his elbows, he’s looking in front, like trying to avoid Jimin’s gaze. “I can wait.” Jimin also sits up. “I cant wait if you want, if you’re not sure yet, or—“
Yoongi stops talking until he’s in front of Jimin. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want. I already waited all those months, I can wait more”

They are sitting cross legged in the middle of the bed, knees brushing. Jimin throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck. Uncomfortable.
Jimin has to lean over not to stumble, but it makes Yoongi smile. His cutest smile, when he shows his gums. “See? You’re the right one.”

“What for? Being decent?”

“There aren’t many decent people around,” Jimin reminds him. Yoongi hums and closes the distance to kiss him.
Yoongi’s lips are soft and kissing him is sweet, because like everything else he does, he does it slowly, makes Jimin melt, especially when he’s smiling during the kiss. “I’m not the epitome of decency either,” Yoongi jokes when their foreheads are pressed together.

“You are!”
“A TA that spent more than half the semester flirting with his student,” Yoongi starts. Raising one finger that he also uses to bop Jimin’s nose, which Jimin would consider cringey but since it’s Yoongi he only giggles. “Attempted sexting his student,” Yoongi winces this time.
Yoongi’s dreadful expression makes Jimin laugh loudly, his body goes forward and Yoongi has to catch him before they fall out of the bed. It makes Yoongi whine. He has two fingers up when they are settled again. He raises another one, “felt my student up in a public bathroom.”
Yoongi makes a funny face, like he ate something nasty. Jimin is laughing. “That wasn’t the peak of decency.”

“It was hot,” Jimin supplies but his boyfriend only shakes his head.

“Urged that same student to send me nudes,” Yoongi says with a weak voice. Probably embarrassed.
“Acted on my crush on my student during the semester,” he adds before Jimin can tease him. It makes Jimin smile

“I guess I can ignore all that indecency, Min Yoongi. You have plenty good things to make up for those slip ups.” Jimin kisses him again

“I like you,” Yoongi breathes
“I like you too,” Jimin reminds him between pecks.

“We’re going to do this right, okay?” Yoongi’s hand is on Jimin’s neck. “Gonna gain your trust,” Yoongi mumbles.

You already have it, Jimin wants to say.

“Gonna be good to you,” he slurs

You already are, Jimin wants to reply.
“At your own pace, okay?” Yoongi says one last time before leaving a soft kiss on Jimin’s forehead.

Jimin can only nod. He scoots closer to Yoongi, to be able to kiss his cheek. “Thank you, hyung.”

“It’s okay,” Yoongi smiles, not moving away from Jimin’s space. Just there.
Jimin stands up. “Let’s eat some cake,” he cheers as he walks to the box in Yoongi’s desk. Moving his fists in celebration, he feels Yoongi’s eyes on him. He gets the box to the bed and sees the red one he wanted but let Yoongi grab without saying anything. “I want that one.”
“Hm?” Yoongi looks at the box and his hand stops before choosing one.

“I wanted that one a while ago but you took it before I could do it and I didn’t tell you...”

“Oh,” Yoongi pouts.

“Can I have it now?” Jimin asks

“Yes, of course, baby.” Yoongi hands it to him.
Jimin leans over to kiss Yoongi before taking the sweet on his hand. He leads the kiss and Yoongi follows him, in his rhythm

He thinks this particular red velvet cake is the tastiest he’s ever had. It maybe is because he feels loved. He’ll have to ask Yoongi where he bought them

- a firm decision to do or not to do something.
- the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
- the quality of being determined or resolute.
Jimin trips once they enter Yoongi’s apartment. It’s hard not to, everything is dark and they are too busy making out, Jimin didn’t see where he was walking.

“Ow,” Yoongi complains as Jimin stumbles. “You’re going—“ Jimin drags Yoongi down with him, but he balances himself soon.
“I can’t see anything,” Jimin laughs as he tries to get a grip on Yoongi’s arms and stand still.

“My room is right here, just—“ Yoongi holds Jimin’s hand and guides him until they are inside. The big window filters the light of the streets. And Jimin can finally see clearly.
“What was it that we were doing before we got here?” Yoongi plays dumb when Jimin pushes him onto the bed. “Ah right, I remember.” Jimin climbs on top of him, stays in all fours with Yoongi underneath him. “You were distracting me from my friends.”

Jimin laughs. “You started,”
“You started,” Yoongi pouts and Jimin has to lean down to kiss him. It doesn’t take long for the kiss to get heated. Yoongi always makes Jimin feel hot from a moment to another.

“Hyung, can I...?” Jimin moves between Yoongi’s legs, so he’s caging one of his thighs.

“Fuck, yes.”
Jimin sits up, he straddles Yoongi’s thin thigh and starts rubbing on it.

“You’re too far away,” Yoongi whines. He likes kissing and they can’t because Jimin is trying to make himself feel good with Yoongi’s thigh.

“Give me— ngh, a while,” Jimin’s palms fall to Yoongi’s chest
“Take this off,” Yoongi asks, playing with Jimin’s shirt. He pulls at it, eyes dark with want.

And they’ve been kissing a lot, and touching a lot, and saying a lot of things they want to do but Jimin still has certain reservations. “Uh-“ his hips falter. “I—“

Yoongi blinks.
“I don’t want to,” he whispers. But it’s fine because Yoongi is the best and he won’t make Jimin feel bad.

Yoongi instead only moves his hands to Jimin’s ass. “Do you want to keep that up?” He squeezes and guides Jimin into rubbing again. Jimin nods, rolling his hips again.
Jimin breathes out a moan. Yoongi never makes him feel uncomfortable or afraid of saying what’s on his mind, if he wants something or doesn’t like anything. Yoongi always asks, always make sure Jimin is fine. Jimin feels himself getting hard against Yoongi’s thigh. He whimpers.
“You make such a cute face when you moan,” Yoongi smiles endeared. It’s annoying, it shouldn’t be cute. Jimin is hot.

He doesn’t stop thrusting his hips into Yoongi’s clothed thigh. “I don’t.”

“You do,” Yoongi lifts himself up on his elbows. Jimin loses his balance a little.
Yoongi finishes sitting up, his thigh still bent over for Jimin to ride. They face each other. Close enough so Yoongi can kiss him. “You furrow your brows like this,” Yoongi imitates Jimin

He would laugh but Yoongi lifts his knee up and hits Jimin’s balls. A moan escapes instead
“And you close your eyes,” Yoongi kisses him tenderly which contrasts with the way Jimin is snapping his hips up, adding pressure to his dick. “Your lips get in a perfect O,” Yoongi kissed Jimin’s lips that indeed are in that shape.

“Hyung,” Jimin wants him to stop teasing
“I wonder if you’re going to give me that same pretty expression when I finally fuck you.” Yoongi kneads Jimin’s ass to get his point across, pulls him closer.

Jimin loves being touched, loves Yoongi’s voice when he’s turned on. Loves that he when he talks he is so smug.
Jimin also loves to fuel him. “You’ll find out when you do it, baby.”

It makes Yoongi chuckle against Jimin’s neck. He licks the spot right behind his ear. “I like it when you call me baby,” Yoongi breathes before biting Jimin’s skin.

He couldn’t answer. He’s moaning again.
Jimin hasn’t stopped riding Yoongi’s thigh, he only moves faster because Yoongi is kissing him and touching him and he feels so much everywhere. He’s close, he’s really close just by having Yoongi whispering to him how much Jimin turns him on.

“I don’t want to cum so fast,”
“Okay, okay,” Yoongi trails his hands up Jimin’s back, soothingly. “Slow down, slow down...” Jimin nods. He goes slower, but he’s too sensitive already. Yoongi tsks, “no, don’t do that. Don’t stop,” Yoongi scolds him and that has Jimin bucking his hips up again, but only a little
“Slow, slow,” Yoongi guides him also with his hold on Jimin’s ass until Jimin is just moving his hips in little circles, rubbing with Yoongi’s thigh the precise amount of pressure to be aroused but not enough to cum. “Good, that’s good isn’t it?” Yoongi whispers next to his ear.
“Ah, hyung... are you hard?”

That’s something Jimin worries a lot about, Yoongi is always giving, he wonders if he takes pleasure out of this. Yoongi doesn’t answer, he drags one of Jimin’s palms directly to his crotch. Jimin feels him up. As he should have expected, he is hard.
“You make me so hard,” Yoongi starts. “You look so good, fuck.” Jimin hasn’t moved his hand away from Yoongi’s crotch. He wants to touch Yoongi, but he doesn’t know if he can keep up the movement of his hips and jerk Yoongi off at the same time. He guesses he’ll have to find out.
He fumbles with Yoongi’s zipper. It’s difficult with only one hand, but he needs to steady both of them with the other. Yoongi quickly helps him open his jeans up.

“What do you want?” Yoongi asks, even if he may know the answer already.

“I want to make you come,” Jimin replies.
Jimin has never properly had Yoongi’s dick in his hand. He has palmed it during heated make out sessions the last weeks, he has felt it against his ass when Yoongi is horny, he has squeezed it through clothes when he wants Yoongi to shut up. But never skin on skin. He’s curious.
Yoongi pulls it out with no warning. And Jimin tries not to widen his eyes because Yoongi will probably laugh at him if he does. He gulps, and stares. But he takes long and Yoongi wraps his hands around his length, to slowly stroke the base. “You’re going to get shy now?”
Getting his hand on top of Yoongi’s is Jimin’s response. “I’ll do it,” he says looking directly at Yoongi.

He lets go and leaves only Jimin touching him. He slaps Jimin’s hips softly, it’s a warning. “Don’t stop moving, come on.” Jimin squeezes the base making Yoongi groan.
He doesn’t stop rolling his hips though. And he also surges forward to kiss Yoongi, that way his mind isn’t entirely on how he’s pumping Yoongi. On how Yoongi is bigger than him even if they are the same height. On how Yoongi whines when Jimin’s fist reaches the head of his cock.
Jimin loves Yoongi’s sounds. They are quiet like him, but pitchy and he chokes himself a little by the end, especially because Jimin is pumping faster and he’s also moving his hips faster. He spreads the precum on the tip and uses it to make the slide easier, Yoongi moans.
“You also make a cute face when you moan,” Jimin teases. He doesn’t recognize his voice, it’s breathless.

“Ngh- Jimin, fuck, you feel good,” Yoongi hisses, he doesn’t furrow his eyebrows, he lifts them and he pouts.

He pumps faster, fascinated by Yoongi’s reaction. “Cute,”
He’s paying attention to his boyfriend’s face so he notices when his expression changes, calms down to stare at Jimin with his characteristic intensity, he flicks Jimin’s hand off and he flips them over, it’s fast and then Jimin is on his back with Yoongi hovering over him.
Yoongi pulls Jimin’s sweatpants down. Jimin lifts himself up to help. He doesn’t free Jimin from his boxers but he does grind against his clothed erection. Yoongi is rough, he bucks his hips up with no rhythm unlike Jimin, he almost desperate rubs them together. Jimin likes it.
He can’t help it but thrust his hips up too. They are no longer talking, the only sound is moaning and a mix of “faster” and “there, there” and “fuck” that come from both of them.

Yoongi is caging Jimin even if Jimin could easily flip him around. He likes it this way, under him
They are kissing and touching everywhere.

Jimin closes his eyes because it’s too much, Yoongi’s lips and hands on him, Yoongi’s weight on him, Yoongi pressing himself against him, adding pressure where Jimin is more sensitive. It’s too much, because Yoongi is enjoying it too.
“I’m gonna— close, hyung, I’m close,” Jimin warns but it only causes Yoongi to thrust harder. He goes lower to be able to rub more of Jimin’s crotch, and there’s something of Yoongi being bare while Jimin isn’t that has his thighs shaking and his stomach curl in a knot. “Close,”
“Come on,” Yoongi urges him, whispers to him. “Come for hyung.”

Jimin does. Spills all over his boxers. He squeezes his legs and it’s better than when he has made himself cum on his room, because this time Yoongi is watching him, and Yoongi brought him here. His muscles tense.
Yoongi is kissing his face, he’s still hard but it’s not like he cares, his attention is on Jimin. A kiss on the cheek, on the nose, Yoongi is such a sap. Jimin smiles, goofy smile because that was such a good orgasm and he really loves the man on top of him. Jimin kisses him too
It’s all very sweet, Yoongi leaving soft pecks everywhere and Jimin giggling at the affection. Yoongi blushing when Jimin kisses him too but Jimin is disgusting inside his underwear and Yoongi is still very hard. Even if it’s sweet Jimin only notices the firmness against him.
“I have to change clothes,” Jimin says. Yoongi hums, his hand is near his hard on, probably itching to give it attention. Jimin could offer to do it himself, and make Yoongi cum but the aftermath makes his inhibitions come back.

Yoongi is perceptive. “You can change here,”
“I’ll go to the bathroom, there’s clean pajamas there and you can take underwear... I don’t know sweetheart, whatever you want from here,” Yoongi explains as he tucks himself back in his boxers. He gets rid of his jeans though. Jimin is distracted by pale thighs and smooth skin.
But then Yoongi is leaving and Jimin feels terrible. “Hurry up!” he decides to say before Yoongi walks out of the room.

“It’s going to be fast,” he chuckles, like it’s a joke but Jimin doesn’t get it he just wants Yoongi in the bed right now. He notices. “I won’t take long.”
He doesn’t take long. But when he comes back Jimin is already wearing one of Yoongi’s oversized shirts the elder loves wearing when lazing around and a pair of boxers he’ll have to steal.

Yoongi gets under the blankets and curls against Jimin, he rests his head on Jimin’s chest.
“Was that good?” Yoongi asks, his fingers are drawing figures in Jimin’s arm.

Jimin threads his through Yoongi’s black hair. He hums. “A lot.”

“Mmh, you didn’t freak out.”


“You used to freak out whenever we would start fooling around, you didn’t freak out this time.”
Jimin shrugs. “Guess I don’t do that anymore,” he plays it cool. “I’m not worried anymore,” he half lies and is half honest.

Yoongi twists his neck to be able to look up at Jimin from where he lays on his chest. He smiles like he won a prize, “so... you’re ready?”

“For what?”
Yoongi rolls his eyes. “You know.”

Jimin knows? Yoongi thinks he knows, his hands are on his hip. He should know? Yoongi is supposing he knows. Yoongi is touching him lightly. Oh, Jimin thinks he maybe knows.

“Yeah, I know....” he admits.

“So? Ready?” Yoongi wonders
If Jimin says that he’s ready, it’s a lie. If he says he’s not, it’s a lie as well. And he will not lie to Yoongi again, not in the way he lied to him.

“Kind of ready,” he whispers. Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “May be ready.”

“Explain,” Yoongi asks.

Jimin takes a deep breath.
“I mean there are still some things I’m worried about,” Jimin confesses

“Things like what?” Yoongi stands up to change into something more comfortable or maybe pretend to be busy so Jimin doesn’t feel under the spotlight

“Ah you know, stuff like I don’t know how to blow a dick”
Yoongi actually laughs. “No one knows how to suck dick until you do it and it’s instinct? You just get the hang of it...”

“What if I suck at sex?” Jimin wonders out loud

“Highly doubt it,” Yoongi answers immediately. “You dance, that gives you more points.” He’s near the closet
“Do you want to have sex? like... no more high school dry humping...” Yoongi asks while he looks for pajamas, Jimin bets he’s searching for the plaid red ones he loves using because they are cozy.

“Of course! but... what if it hurts too much?” Jimin lists his worries
“What? Anal?” Yoongi pulls the red pajamas out. He smiles content once he has them in his hands. It’s cute. Jimin hums. “I’ll make sure it won’t, maybe just weird but no pain. If it hurts, tell me right away to stop.” He takes his shirt off with no second thought. Jimin sulks.
“You don’t look convinced,” Yoongi kneels on the border of the bed when he finished putting on his clothes. Jimin shrugs. “I could do it,” he says. Jimin watches him as he goes to turn off the light from one of the lamps in the bedside. “I could bottom if you’re too nervous.”
Jimin thinks about it. He has fantasized of Yoongi fucking him too much to let go of it right away. “No, no, I want to...” he gestures at Yoongi and then at himself. Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “I want— first.”

Yoongi gets under the covers.

“Then we can umh try what you say,”
Jimin turns around so they are face to face, both their full cheeks squished to the pillows. “I have umh, expectations of my first time?” Yoongi hums. “And I’d like it to be that way and err— then we can do other stuff,” he plays with the end of Yoongi’s pants with his feet.
“Okay so, candles? petals? chocolates?” Yoongi teases.

“Shut up,” Jimin rolls his eyes and moves closer. “I’ll let you know.”

Yoongi blinks. It’s been months since Jimin told Yoongi the truth, they are back with classes so Yoongi is uncertain when Jimin says he’ll let him know.
“Why are you pouting?” Jimin accuses him. Yoongi never complains about how they only make out, how they only fool around, but now he looks... impatient.

“Nothing, it’s nothing—“

“What is it?” Jimin pushes.

“I don’t want you to feel like I’m pressuring you,” Yoongi whispers.
“But...” Jimin starts so Yoongi can say it

“If you don’t want to have sex at all... you should tell me. I mean— am I doing something wrong? You don’t feel comfortable enough with me?” Yoongi asks and he looks concerned, biting the corner of his lower lip without seeing Jimin
“Oh no,” Jimin pulls him closer by the neck. “Baby no,” he leaves a soft kiss on his cheek. “You’re too good, I’m just nervous but it’s not your fault, it’s completely on me,” he leaves another kiss on Yoongi’s ear. “I want to do everything with you, I swear,” Jimin whispers.
“How can I help you be less nervous?” Yoongi asks, curling into Jimin’s affection. “I’m not doing something right...because you say you want it and then... it doesn’t happen.” He scrunches his nose. “I’m being an idiot,”

Jimin had never thought Yoongi wasn’t always confident.
“I can think of a way,” Jimin supplies as he combs Yoongi’s hair. “For me to be less nervous.”

Yoongi looks interested, Jimin leans in again to whisper his idea to the elder. The blush on Yoongi’s face and wide eyes are a good answer to Jimin’s idea. He can’t wait to do it.
valid suspicions
Jimin isn’t nervous. He’s horny.

And he knows it’ll be easier to say what he wants out loud without Yoongi in the same room, because he’ll be less embarrassed, so he is curious of the outcome of this situation. To Jimin’s surprise Yoongi sounds kind of tired when he calls though
“Hey, sweetheart,” Yoongi greets, but he isn’t being sexy, he’s more casual than anything and Jimin doesn’t want that. But he closes his eyes at the voice.

“Hyung,” he breathes out, his tone already whiney, trying to get Yoongi to wake up. “I need your help,” he decides to say.
“Ummh what for?” Yoongi asks, still tired but a little playful. He probably doesn’t expect Jimin to be direct with what he wants, used to the boy being usually shy

“Hyung,” he complains. “You’ve made me wait a lot since I asked you to call, just tell me what to do,” Jimin starts
He sounds more awake when he teases, “but what do you want to do? Tell me, Min. I want to hear you say it.”

Yoongi wants to hear him say filth. “I want you to tell me how you would open me up,” Jimin sighs, complying. He moves around in the bed, “I want to do it like you would.”
Yoongi is definitely wide awake now. “Okay, wow, okay Jiminie. First, I’d take all of your clothes off,” he starts. “Are you wearing something?”

“I’m not,” Jimin admits.

“Good,” Yoongi hums. Jimin can tell he’s moving on his bed. “I’d like to see you, you’ll let me see you?”
“Yes,” he says. “Next time, I’ll let you see,” he breathes out. Yoongi hums.

His voice is rougher. “I’d get you on all fours Jimin, can you do that for me?”

“I can.” The door is locked but Jimin feels kind of silly either way, all naked and phone in speaker mode on his pillow.
“I like to use a lot of lube, use a lot too,” Yoongi asks. “Get you all wet okay?” Jimin nods. He fumbles with the bottle and tries to squeeze some to his fingers when Yoongi adds, “don’t warm it up, I want you to feel how cold it is when you use it directly, you will like it.”
“Okay,” Jimin whispers. His chest is pressed to the matress and with one hand he spreads himself open and with the other he squeezes the bottle near the rim, it’s really cold so he winces, makes a small sound that Yoongi catches either way.

“Liked it?”

Jimin moans lowly.
Jimin can’t see behind him so some lube falls between his thighs. It’s okay, Yoongi said to be messy. “I did it messily, hyung, now it’s everywhere,” he says to inform Yoongi. “It’s so wet,” he bites his lower lip. It only makes Yoongi curse. Apparently that was sexy for him.
“Oh fuck, I want to see you,” Yoongi breathes out. He tries to calm down. “You— can you start with one finger or...“

“I can start with more,” Jimin cuts him off. “Tell me how many, hyung, it’s so wet it won’t hurt,” Jimin’s voice is pitchy.

“Use two, baby. Can you do that?”
“Yes, yes.” Jimin has done this before, he doesn’t need a guide because he knows how to but Yoongi telling him what to do and hearing him is driving Jimin crazy. He breathes out before pushing the first finger in. “Slow? Should I do it slow?” Jimin mewls. “How would you do it?”
“How would I fuck you?” Yoongi’s voice is low. “Yeah, I’d fuck you slow, Min, I’d drag it out. Pull out until I’m barely inside you.” Jimin drags both his fingers out, until only the tip of them tease at his entrance. “But then I’d push inside. Hard and fast.” Jimin does that.
“And then the same, pull out so slowly, you’re going to feel me all over.” Jimin moans as he moves his fingers out, he’s being loud and Yoongi appreciates it judging by the wet sound coming from the call.

He needs more. “And fast? Would you fuck me fast too?”

Yoongi chuckles.
“If you get greedy like that, I guess I’d fuck you fast. Hold you down against the mattress and give it to you fast, until your legs are shaking and you’re shouting my name,”

“Ah Yoongi,” Jimin moans, “please.” He moves his free hand down to his crotch, palms his erection.
He doesn’t tug at his dick, instead settling for spreading his fingers around his balls. Jimin is moaning loudly.

“Do you have your toy Jimin? The one you play with before sending me those photos?”

He knew Yoongi would ask for it, so the plug rests on the corner of the bed.
“Yes,” Jimin stops to reach out for it

“And what are you waiting for to use it?” Yoongi asks, his voice rather collected through the phone, it makes Jimin feel warm

“I was waiting for you to ask me to use it,” he replies sincerely

It’s silent. Jimin can hear Yoongi jerking off
It’s not big, bigger than three fingers but comfortable for Jimin. So he’s quick to use it. He lubes it just in case but doesn’t rub it so it’s cold just like Yoongi said he liked it.

“Nnhg— cold,” Jimin mutters when he presses it to his rim

“Fuck yourself with it,” Yoongi says
Jimin whimpers, the toy isn’t really large but it’s wide and it stretches him with a little bit of good pain. “Hyung...” he asks for Yoongi, tries to imagine him inside the room, watching him.

“You do that often?” Yoongi asks

“Mmh?” Jimin rolls his hips involuntary.
“Play with yourself,” Yoongi is breathless. He’s making small sounds Jimin loves. Jimin hums in agreement. “What do you think about?”

Yoongi knows the answer, he only wants to tease. Jimin pushes the plug deeper. “You.”

He moans, choked pitchy sound that means Yoongi is close.
“I think it’s you, I want it to be you,” Jimin is close too. “You’ll be so much better, it can compare, you’ll fuck me so good.” Jimin barely recognizes his voice. It’s desperate and breathy and he should feel ashamed but he’s not, he only wants Yoongi to know what he feels.
He starts pumping himself to get off and Yoongi isn’t taking anymore only making those sounds Jimin loves and then he cums, Jimin hears it and he quickens his pace, squeezes the base of his cock until he’s coming on his sheets. Curses because he’ll have to clean them later.
They are only breathing. Jimin winces taking the toy out, he falls on his side on the bed, spent. He looks at the phone next to him, waits for Yoongi to speak. “This works huh?” Jimin groans. “You weren’t nervous.”

“It’ll be different when you’re physically next to me....”
“We’ll have to find out,” Yoongi’s smile is clear between his words. He always gets happy after he cums, and clingy so he won’t hang up the phone anytime soon.

“Yeah, we’ll see...” Jimin stands up and throws a big shirt on. He walks with shaky legs to the bathroom, phone in hand
He’s in front of the mirror and Yoongi is babbling on the phone, he’s talking about class and free hours so Jimin can visit him on the studio and that he wants to take Jimin to a concert. Jimin looks at himself in the mirror, the white light creating a pretty shadow around him.
“When are we doing it?” Jimin waits until Yoongi has finished speaking to ask.

“Umh?” he sounds far, probably busy with something.

“My first time...” Jimin explains.

Yoongi doesn’t say anything. Hems close again. “Want to schedule it?” he laughs. But Jimin isn’t laughing.
“This friday,” Jimin decides. “Yours.”

Yoongi is silent. Jimin imagines him blinking slowly, big eyes and raised eyebrows, cute pout like he does when he’s confused or taken aback. “Okay...”

“This time for real,” Jimin promises. He’s sure. He thinks he’s sure. Yoongi chuckles.

Jimin feels at ease with having a deadline. He’s nervous but knowing what will happen is good. He was worried about hygiene so setting a date was good, and he has time to choose his clothes and practice what he’ll say to Yoongi to sound sexy so everything turns out perfect
He thinks he looks good because Taehyung asked where he was going and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively when Jimin was leaving their apartment. He’s wearing shorts and a loose white shirt, it’s not over the top but Yoongi likes his thighs and they are on full display like this.
He has condoms and lube on his backpack just in case and he’s fumbling with his fingers in the elevator to Yoongi’s apartment. He -also bought new underwear, maybe he’s being too paranoid but getting new briefs for his first time seemed right. He knocks on Yoongi’s door.
Yoongi’s gaze is always gentle. Jimin has come to notice with time, sometimes he looks drowsy but he gives off an attentive vibe and his smile reaches his eyes. He’s wearing a plain black shirt, which is very him and makes Jimin feel a little self conscious about dressing up.
Yoongi just got out of the shower, his black hair is damp against his forehead and he smells strongly like his body lotion when Jimin hugs him as a greeting, hiding in his neck for a second too long.

“You look good,” Yoongi notices when Jimin is taking off his shoes. He stares.
“Thank you,” Jimin walks inside the apartment. Yoongi follows behind him, dragging his feet. Jimin will scold him about it later, now they have business.

“Now what?” Jimin asks. Backpack secured on his shoulder, gaze set on his boyfriend. Yoongi has the audacity to yawn.
“I thought we could make cookies,” Yoongi says. It has Jimin blinking. “I have everything to do them, and we’ve never been in the kitchen together. You’ve noticed?” Jimin opens his mouth and then closes it again. “Or you could watch me make them, it takes no longer than an hour”
Jimin is wearing new boxers. What is Yoongi talking about. “But, I thought...” Jimin starts.

“It’ll be nice,” Yoongi cuts him off. “Leave you bag here, I’ll teach you how to make Green Tea cookies, you once told me your mom loves those,” Yoongi is already walking to the kitchen.
Jimin throws his backpack on the couch, and follows Yoongi leaving the lube and condoms behind. He wonders if Yoongi forgot but it doesn’t make any sense.

There’s a lot of ingredients on the kitchen. “Are we making cookies for all the building?”

Yoongi laughs. Guilty.
“I umh,” Yoongi giggles, but it’s that pitchy laugh he does when he feels awkward. Jimin recognizes it after months of dating. “Got a little carried away on the store, didn’t know what rice flour to choose so I just got all the brands.

Jimin laughs. That sounds like Yoongi.
Yoongi is making honey syrup while Jimin watched. His chin rests on Yoongi’s shoulder as he frowns in concentration, his tongue pokes out. Jimin thinks it’s cute.

He remembers last time Yoongi compulsively bought sweets. It was when he found out the truth. Maybe he’s nervous.
It’s weird to think that maybe Jimin wasn’t the only nervous one, especially since Yoongi is always so confident but Jimin knows he’s anxious at times too, he just didn’t thought he would get anxious about this. Jimin breathes out, watches the bubbles appear on the pot.
“Are you worried?” Jimin decides to be direct. He moves to a side to properly look at his boyfriend.

Yoongi’s eyes widen. He keeps stirring the pot. “Yes”

He’s honest. Jimin likes that about him. “Why?”

“This is important for you, I want to do good for you,” Yoongi confesses.
Jimin feels loved. He feels like no one has ever loved him like Yoongi does.

“You’re more than good,” he reminds Yoongi. His boyfriend shakes his head. “You’re so good.”

“We’ll see about that in the bedroom,” Yoongi laughs dryly. It makes Jimin blush because that’s happening.
“You stress bought all that?” Jimin points at the ingredients on the counter.

“I stress buy.” Jimin knows, he remembers the cakes from all flavors. “And stress bake,” Yoongi gestures at himself.

“You stress bake too?” Jimin smiles endeared. It’s cute, both involve sweets.
Yoongi hums. “Remember our second date? Here?” Jimin nods. “I made so much banana bread, I only ate that for three days.”

He remembers, Yoongi made dinner and then offered him dessert. Jimin feels a surge of affection all over his body at the memory, Yoongi was nervous that day
Yoongi always seems so confident, when Jimin is not. But there’s more to that. Knowing that they are more alike only makes Jimin love him more. He turns off the stove to turn around and face Jimin “You know I like tea better than coffee?”

Jimin moves his head to a side. confused
“Whenever we had class, I would buy coffee. Stress buy it because you were going to class, that’s why I had so much cups every class, I don’t even drink that much coffee,” he laughs, scratching his neck.

Jimin looks at him, face unmoving. He loves Yoongi, since then to now.
“Can we leave that honey like that?” Jimin points at the syrup in the pot.

Yoongi remembers he was just baking, expression changing. “Ah yes, I have to put it in the fridge though.”

“Okay, do that,” Jimin urges him to move.

“What? Why? We’re baking,” Yoongi complains.
“No, we’re not. We’re going to your room,” Jimin pushes a standing still Yoongi towards the fridge.

“Right now? Are you sure?” Yoongi asks. They look at each other, face to face, on the same level, with no masks. They stand next to each other.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Jimin nods.
Yoongi smiles, showing his gums, eyes shining. He pulls Jimin closer by his waist and he is smiling into their kiss. Jimin can’t help but smile too. It’s like they just said “I love you” to the other, without actually having to.

They don’t stop kissing until they leave the room.
Yoongi changed the sheets, as his usual black bed is now a soft blue color.

There are candles, small candles in his bedside and near the wall underneath the window. Jimin laughs, feeling warm. “You’re corny.”

“I was going to buy flowers but thought it maybe was too much,”
Jimin is kissing him, for being so thoughtful. “What do you want to do?”

The question makes Yoongi frown. “Whatever you want,” he says before circling Jimin’s neck to deepen the kiss.

“You— can you take the lead?” Yoongi’s lips are soft against his. “I’m not sure what to do”
Yoongi nods. And then he’s sitting down on the edge of the bed. His legs are spread so Jimin thinks maybe he wants him to sit on his lap to keep making out like that. However when he moves to sit down Yoongi grabs him by the hips and leads Jimin to just only between his legs.
Jimin has to look down at him. Yoongi’s hands are on his thighs, he’s squeezing, probably because Jimin is wearing shorts. “What now?”

“Can you get the lube from the bedside?” It isn’t usually there, Yoongi must have brought it to his room for this. Jimin reaches out for it.
He’s confused as to how they are going to do it since Jimin is standing between Yoongi’s legs and the elder is sitting but he doesn’t open the bottle, only leaves him next to him. He looks up at Jimin, intense gaze and pouty lips. “Can I blow you?”

He almost chokes. “Oh... yes.”
“I’m not going to use a condom because we’re clean...” Yoongi says while fumbling with Jimin’s short. “Unless you want to use one?”

He shakes his head. “It’s okay. I trust you.”

Yoongi laughs. “It’s not about that but thank you. I just want to... do something.” He frowns.
“Okay...” Jimin fumbles with his hands behind his back but Yoongi drags them in front and settles them on Jimin’s hips.

“I’m going to take this off,” he tugs a little at Jimin’s shorts, his hands on top of Jimin’s. Like that it feels like Jimin is also undressing himself.
His shorts fall to the floor. They are a pale sandy color so Jimin hopes they don’t get dirty. And then there’s his dark blue boxers, Yoongi doesn’t take them off right away, instead he palms Jimin through them, looking up at him while he does so, catching Jimin’s small hiss.
It’s still soft though, starting to harden but not enough. Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, because he’s pulling Jimin’s boxers down too. He’s a little embarrassed at Yoongi looking at his dick so closely but he also wants him to use his mouth right away. Jimin doesn’t say anything.
Yoongi gets it inside his mouth even if it’s soft. It makes Jimin jump, the strange feeling and wetness startling him. Yoongi’s grip on his hips tighten to keep him in place. Jimin didn’t think it would start while he’s not hard especially since it’s so easy to fit at the moment.
But the feeling of warmth inside Yoongi’s mouth makes him grow hard quickly. And it seems like Yoongi likes it, considering he moans around Jimin’s length the moment it fills more and more of his mouth, his tongue resting on the underside of Jimin’s dick. It feels good.
Yoongi’s eyes are closed when he starts bobbing his head up and down. Jimin isn’t the biggest but he’s surprised that Yoongi is easily taking all of him into his mouth, near his throat. He must have sucked more men before Jimin. Jimin bites his lips, trying not to moan so fast.
It’s wet and he imagined it felt this good but he didn’t expect it, his hands have moved down to Yoongi’s shoulders and one is slowly raising to his hair, feeling the need to pull everytime his cock hits the back of Yoongi’s throat. He quickens his pace and Jimin pulls his hair.
And that’s when Yoongi opens his eyes, he has one hand wrapped around Jimin’s base and he detaches himself from Jimin’s dick. Lips still touching the head. He looks up at Jimin like that, spit near his cheek, lips red and swollen loosely brushing him.

Jimin closes his eyes.
He throws his head back and pulls at Yoongi’s hair, cursing loudly. He swears he hears Yoongi chuckle and a small “you’re so hot,” whispered near his hip before Yoongi takes him again on his mouth. Jimin would reply that it’s funny /he/ talks about being hot but he moans instead.
With his eyes closed he feels more. He doesn’t filter his sounds, lets out any moan or grunt. He feels the swirl of Yoongi’s tongue, a small kiss on the tip of his dick, Yoongi’s breathing, a fist tugging up and down, his cock hitting Yoongi’s inner cheek. A hand kneading his ass
Yoongi moves his hand from the base of Jimin’s cock to his other ass cheek. He pushes Jimin harder inside his mouth by grabbing his ass, he does it roughly but Jimin loves how it feels. He’s lost in the sensation until he feels Yoongi spreading him. He immediately opens his eyes.
It’s embarrassing, even if he throughout cleaned himself before coming over and he knew what anal sex involved, he’s still embarrassed when he feels himself exposed like that. He wants to ask what is Yoongi doing but he can’t focus on anything but the tongue dragging on his cock
He feels Yoongi’s thumb press near his entrance and this time he does look down at his boyfriend. “W-what—?”

Yoongi talks with his lips brushing Jimin’s dick. “Can I?”


“Finger you...” Yoongi blinks.

“But you’re blowing me...” Jimin blushes. It makes Yoongi laugh.
“And?” He raises an eyebrow at Jimin. “I always liked it when someone did both to me,” he smiles at Jimin sincerely. “Thought you would like it too, and it’s distracting.”

“I—,” Jimin is red, his neck and chest are red too, he’s ashamed because he maybe will like it too.
“If I only open you up, you’ll be nervous but if I do both you won’t be entirely focused on it,” Yoongi explains his intentions and Jimin agrees, the wetness on his length won’t allow him to pay attention to anything else. Yoongi is very thoughtful.

“Okay then,” Jimin nods.
Yoongi warms the lube on his finger but before anything he leaves open mouthed kisses to Jimin’s base, slowly going up until he’s licking the precum on the head of his cock and once again swallowing all of Jimin. During it is that Jimin feels a wet digit stretching his rim.
He doesn’t know where to focus on, on his front getting sucked or the long finger buried inside him. He has to focus on the two so he loudly encourages Yoongi to keep moving. To keep licking and pressing his finger further inside. Yoongi sucks deeper when he takes the finger out.
“More,” Jimin drawls. Hips rolling forward to get deeper into Yoongi and then back to get the elder deeper into himself. The stimulation from both sides driving him crazy. “Yoongi, more,” he begs.

He adds another finger and it has Jimin whimpering, making him lose his balance.
He has to steady himself with Yoongi’s shoulders but he ends up staying still, unmoving while receiving two fingers and getting his dick sucked. He’s going to come like this, he clearly is and he can’t allow it. “Fuck me,” Jimin asks. “Yoongi please fuck me now,” he whines.
It causes Yoongi to tsk. “Not until you cum on my mouth,” he scolds.

Jimin feels the fingers hit deeper, he moans. He feels Yoongi licking and sucking, he digs his nails into Yoongi’s skin. “O-okay, okay,” he doesn’t care, he just wants Yoongi to do whatever he wants to him.
It doesn’t take him much and he shouldn’t be surprised, but he finds himself feeling more and more agitated, his breathing gets unsteady and his hips move erratically. Jimin worries about Yoongi but the elder just relaxes his jaw and allows Jimin to fuck his mouth hard and fast
And also every time he moves away from Yoongi’s mouth he buries Yoongi’s fingers deeper inside him. So it’s quick. He quickly cums and Yoongi takes it all. Eyes closed, sucking Jimin’s length and swallowing.

Jimin hasn’t tried it but he has heard it’s not the most pleasant thing
However he doesn’t even think about it because Yoongi swallowing it’s easily the hottest sights he’s ever seen. He doesn’t think about anything but how Yoongi’s hands on his bum and ass forcing him to stay deep inside his mouth, he keeps sucking until Jimin starts shaking.
Jimin basically stumbles forward once Yoongi lets go of his cock. He falls closer to him and hugs Yoongi but with their position Yoongi’s face is pressed to Jimin’s stomach. His legs are spent and Jimin wants to sit but he doesn’t want to move, only wants Yoongi this close.
“Are you tired already?” Yoongi chuckles, his hands playing with the hem of Jimin’s shirt.

“That was amazing,” Jimin whispers, trying not to look at Yoongi because that’s very virgin of him to say. But Yoongi of course detaches himself from Jimin to look up at him, cocky grin.
“Yeah? Do you want more?” He starts feeling Jimin up again, avoiding the parts where he’s still sensitive.

Jimin wants more. Today is the big day and it’s not enough, he wants more. “Yes.”

“What do you want?” Yoongi hums when he squeezes Jimin’s ass. “Do you finally know?”
Jimin bites his lower lip, hopefully he looks good when he stares down at Yoongi and lifts his hands to both his shoulders to properly push him down to the matress

“You said... on the phone,” Jimin squeezes his legs. “That first you’d want me to get all naked to show you...”
Yoongi raises and eyebrow from where he’s now laying down on the bed. He lifts himself up on his elbows to properly look at Jimin.

Jimin stares at him when he steps out of his pants on the floor. He fiddles with his shirt until he starts taking it off, little by little.
He does it slowly, revealing little of his skin eveytime but he doesn’t look at Yoongi, he would probably grow shy if he does. He throws it down on the floor once he’s done which leaves him only with the boxers Yoongi had pulled up again once Jimin had reached his orgasm.
Yoongi looks at him, amused raise of eyebrows and tongue wetting his lips. Jimin starts pulling the boxers down, and even if he doesnt need to bend he does because he wants Yoongi’s eyes on him. He moves it down until its on the floor and then he stands bare between Yoongi’s legs
“Come here,” Yoongi gestures towards himself, his crotch specifically but Jimin shakes his head.

“On the phone... you said you’d get me on all fours.”

Yoongi blinks. Eyes darkening, he ogles Jimin’s body shamelessly. “Okay, baby, get on all fours here,” on top of him, he means.
Jimin once again, shakes his head. He’s playing hard to get but judging by Yoongi’s bulge and how he palms himself he appreciates it. “You won’t be able to see all of me like that.”

Yoongi chuckles. “Then how?”

Jimin climbs over his lap to settle on top of the bed, next to him
He looks at Yoongi over his shoulder once he’s settled on his hands and knees. The elder is slowly sitting up, eyeing Jimin. “You said you were going to get me really wet,” Jimin whispers and he hopes it’s sexy, he rehearsed that.

Yoongi gulps, and he starts unzipping his jeans.
“Are you sore?” Yoongi asks when he settles himself behind Jimin. He gets a hand on Jimin’s upper back and presses it down to get him to fall on his chest, arching his back more. “Can you handle it right now?” His thumb teases at Jimin’s entrance and he winces, sensitive.
It’s probably because he just recovered from an orgasm and Yoongi was a little rough when he had two fingers inside. But he’s ready. “It’s fine, I want it.”

Yoongi shakes his head. He pulls his jeans down to his thighs and with it his briefs, he pumps his dick as soon a he can.
Jimin’s eyes widen once he catches a glimpse of it. It’s going to be inside him. And it’s big. Not huge or thick, but large. Jimin forces his gaze away from Yoongi’s cock.

“You okay?” he asks, genuinely curious.

Jimin gulps. nervous. “I—“ He’s getting stage fright. That’s it.
“Don’t you want to...” Jimin tries to touch his thighs from this position to spread them. “get between here?”

Now, Yoongi looks bewildered, thirsty. He jerks himself off faster. “Fuck your thighs?”

Jimin nods. “Please,” he slurs not really knowing what he’s asking for.
“Shit, yes,” Yoongi sighs. “Ah fuck, yes,” he almost trips trying to get a hold of the lube bottle. “Fuck, baby.” Jimin guesses he did good at offering that.

Yoongi wets Jimin’s inner thighs, brushing his balls not so much on accident to make Jimin wince. He uses a lot of lube.
Yoongi slaps his inner thigh during the time he’s spreading lube. It wiggles, Jimin knows even if he can’t see it and it makes him try to hide behind his arms but Yoongi is asking him not to hide right away. So Jimin only whines loudly when Yoongi slaps his thighs again.
He gets between Jimin’s legs. “Fuck, you’re so hot, look at this,” Yoongi squeezes his thighs. “Close them, baby, close them.” And he wants Jimin to cage his cock between them, and it’s hot that Yoongi wants that so Jimin closes them as much as he can, making Yoongi moan deeply.
Yoongi holds him up by the hips and he thrusts, almost as if he was fucking Jimin, the sound of skin on skin filling the room as well as Yoongi’s choked moans. Jimin tries to get a hold of something not to slip down, and manage to stay on his place while Yoongi quickens his pace.
He hits Jimin’s balls from behind him, everytime he thrusts, he drags under them and it has Jimin whining as well as the sensation. Yoongi by his side, is moving with no rhythm, only searching for his release between Jimin’s thighs but the younger had to mewl, “fuck me, hyung,”
Yoongi goes slower. “Jimin?”

“Get inside please, you’re so close...” he tries to lift his ass higher to get his point across. “I want to feel you inside...”

Yoongi doesn’t need to be told twice, he passes his fingers through the mess of lube between Jimin’s thighs, wetting them
And he begins stretching him again, easier this time because it was already done, but he doesn’t stop fucking his thigh, he’s doing both and Jimin is hard and he knows he won’t last once Yoongi is deep inside him but he has to ask.

He has two fingers inside. “Can you? Now?”
“Okay, okay,” Yoongi breathes out. And he aligns himself with Jimin’s entrance. He pushes the tip inside, groaning loudly and the moment he’s deep inside, he lowers down to be able to kiss Jimin’s back, and since he’s close already he also kisses him messily and full of spit.
It feels right, he thinks. sharing this with Yoongi, giving him all of his trust and love. He deserves it and Jimin deserves that one person for him too.

Yoongi fucks him slowly, hips rolling until Jimin is coming again. Spent after doing many things he’s never done before.
He turns around after a while, lays on his back to face a tired Yoongi and watches him as he jerks off on top of Jimin. He stares at Yoongi’s expression, breathing heavily until he feels the warm temperature of cum on his chest. He doesn’t think it’s dirty, it’s just Yoongi.
The elder takes his shirt off before collapsing on top of Jimin, he makes a mess between their bodies. Sweat and cum sticking to their skins. Yoongi hides in Jimin’s neck, finally relaxed. They are quiet for a peaceful long second until Jimin pulls Yoongi’s hair. “Another round?”
Yoongi laughs out loud at the suggestion. Sleepy eyes and soft pout accomplished by pure adoration on his eyes and Jimin feels good, he feels really good. Pleasured, satisfied and...

“You know I love you right?” He asks Yoongi.

“Yeah, I know,” he reminds Jimin with a smile.
And just like that, it just happened.

Jimin guesses it wasn’t a big deal after all, this one wasn’t. Falling for Yoongi was.
💛 the end 💛
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