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"Who or what is #QAnon?..a world that's like #Pizzagate on bath salts, a galaxy-brained, 4chan-bred #conspiracy theory that has apparently convinced an alarming # of adults that all kinds of preposterous things are tvice.com/en_us/article/…K27dfcNZ2m
“You don’t know who is spreading [the #conspiracies] & why, or who is picking them up & why,” she says. “You can’t really confront the people who are responsible for these to their face or on social media, because you don’t know who is doitime.com/5356851/what-i…0bHJLHWG
The posts appear to reference a widespread, right-wing conspiracy theory known as #QAnon. Subscribers to the theory believe that President Trump is poised to stop a secret group of powerful people who operate child sex rings. buzzfeednews.com/article/jimdal…
theory centers around anonymous source, #Q, who is trying to tell the world abt secret battle being waged by #Trump & special counsel #Mueller against pedophile ring filled w celebrities & political elites who have been covertly running US govt for nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news…pckpXyXe
repeated attacks on '#facts' helped lay groundwork for massive #conspiracytheory propagated by person or grp of ppl called #QAnon..leaping frm online message boards to social media & finally to shirts & signs on attime.com/5356443/trump-…5Q3Tefea
a top gvmt operative nicknamed #Q is leaking #breadcrumbs that show Trump is secretly working with Special Counsel Mueller to expose Obama, Hillary Clinton, & other high-level Democrats’ involvement in a murderous, #Satanic pedophile ring #allforalvice.com/en_us/article/…OxWn
"You have likely heard of latest right-wing #conspiracytheory #QAnon by now since it has hit #MSM. Not only does it have many of us on the outside questioning how we got here as a society, but it also raises peculiar ?s abt human condition" #salon.com/2018/08/11/how…hXiyS3QqCl
"That makes memes potent tools for distributing disinfo. Moreover, online & mainstream platforms that amplify memes’ circulation can weaponize false claims & encourage conspiracy theorists, sometimes toward violencsalon.com/2018/12/07/how…://t.co/C6flfmizw3
they won't realize just how many supporters until it's too late.. "Trump secretly working tgthr to prosecute elite mbrs of global pedophile ring..info frm anonymous poster - #Q..It's ridiculous, possibly a prank taken to extreme & has many supnymag.com/intelligencer/….co/42zuvUAWGq
"This resulted in negative ramifications on a nat'l platform as a controversy for Broward Sheriff's Office, the Cty, SWAT team, & Sergeant Patten..controversy also caused VPOTUS Office Website to delete image" a copy of rthehill.com/blogs/blog-bri….co/7ow9SjvR4v
as you were saying?
Canadian man, 71, busted in Thai pedophile ring: Cops torontosun.com/news/world/can…
Another arrest made in alleged Quebec pedophile ring. Total of 14 men arrested in connection with investigation known as "Operation Malacbc.ca/news/canada/mo…z2CCjKPcff
Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh Sunday handed over 179 Nepali citizens including 147 women, rescued by Manipur police from different places of the state, to the officials of Nepal Embassy. indianexpress.com/article/north-…
Dr. Phil exposed the deadly secretive, and the highly organized world of elite pedophilia — with a former child sex slave going by the name of “Kendall” describing being literally born into, and growing up in, the world of elite sexual slavery.
#Podesta to step down frm firm he founded in '88 w his bro, John Podesta, amid reports special counsel Mueller could bring criminal charges agnst him & firm. Mueller’s team is investigating work Podesta did on behalf of Manafort for Ukrainian nonpropolitico.com/story/2017/10/…uULh
FOSTA (previously labeled SESTA: Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) paves way for law enforcement to crack down on websites that facilitate sex trafficking, such as Backpage, Craigslist & other platforms where victims of human trafficking bought &amnypost.com/2018/04/11/tru…yv2snGGZ
60 Minutes on the UK Gov. Pedophile Ring Network. Satanic Pedophile Cabal’s Iron Grip of Evil
By Preston James, Ph.D on December 4, 2016
Right now it’s a sad fact that there is a worldwide Satanic Pedophile Cabal that has infiltrated & hijacked America & runs the USG and most of it major institutveteranstoday.com/2016/12/04/sat…mdc4LcN7
A man who says he was sexually abused as a child by a serial pedophile at Boys & Girls Club in Tacoma sued nonprofit..abuse happened in '84 when plaintiff was 13yr old member of the club, according to the lawsuit, which identifies victim by the initialsthenewstribune.com/news/local/cri…zdW7
NBC news report about Sex scandal involving Bush Sr. whitehouse, & underage male prostitutes. Was not covered on TV much after this

erup #whitehousecallbonBrF
Child Prostitutes in The White House - Banned Discovery Channel Documentary

#conspiracyofsilence #franklincoverup #whitehousecallboys

Worldwide paedophile ring busted in sting operation

Mark Willacy goes inside the covert sting operation that brought down a global paedophile ring, including its South Australian ringleader

Archibald allegedly used club to recruit boys for growth research at Rockefeller University..may have molested & taken nude pics of 1,000+ children. “We think he’s the most prolific pedophile in US histonypost.com/2019/01/19/vic…hyeL
VIP customers of Elm guest house..Among names are a # of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from Nat'l Front & Sinn Fein, an official of Royal Household, an MI5 officer, 2 pop stars & traitorous Soviet spy, Anthondailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…2SbGT9bT
"After 4 years of viewing the ruthless & unsparing actions of CPS... I wrote a scathing report, entitled 'The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services' The report cost me my senate seat" also cost.co/Qx42IOXqII
evidence of "powerful paedophile ntwk linked to parliament & No 10"..Operation Fernbridge. Claims have since materialised abt boys frm Grafton Close Children's Home in Hounslow, w London, being taken to Elm Guest House, plied w alcoholtheguardian.com/politics/2014/…://t.co/YJzogvA03A
Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an int'l hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. Italian investigators say material incl footage of children dying during abuse. theguardian.com/uk/2000/oct/01…
Carole Kasir ran the notorious paedophile brothel Elm Guest House in South West London. She may have kept a dossier of the perverted visitors’ names & photos from the early 80s #suicimirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/s…D8z0
Released in '92,..path marked by cruelty & violence twd others b4 receiving life imprisonment in '04 for charges incl #kidnapping & #murder..trial raised many ?s abt police #investigation into his crimes, pointing twd high-level #coverup by #establ3ezlLk0B
Inside Florida's Paedophile Colony

#Banished: Miracle Village: The Florida town where everyone is a child sex offender

Political Pedophilia: As more & more info surfaces on both sides of the Atlantic abt pedophilia rings operating in highest echelons of political, business & entertainment circles, even establishment press is being forced to cover th4fJEEvd4
haunting close-up shot of teenage Geimer taken on Feb 20, 1977, less than 3wks before Polanski drugged & raped her at Jack Nicholson's Mulholland Drive home during modeling shoot when he also gave her alcohol & qhollywoodreporter.com/news/roman-pol…nXKGUvoX
Detectives investigating Jimmy Savile have been passed the names of 3 doctors accused of molesting youngsters..They abused children at the same hospitals where the late entertainer preyed on young & vulnerable patients, it can be revealdailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…XYrb
Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kate Winslet & many more have appeared in Polanski movies in the decades since his conviction, & questions abt why they were working w convicted child rapist were seen atheguardian.com/film/2018/jan/…UdncEhTC
Child sex. It’s an ugly, distressing topic. List of the 10 Celebrities you didn't know were pedophiles, who happened to be in a Public Domain near you
good news is pres Trump genuinely cares abt kids & vowed to solving human trafficking epidemic a priority..recent pedophile arrests the tip of iceberg & story will eventually get so big they will be forced to cover horrific edailywire.com/news/14176/sex…h2aImaYF
3rd of May, 2007. Madeleine McCann vanishes from Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. Police suspects the parents but New Scotland Yard interfere with the case. 11 years and 12 million pounds later. This case remains unsolved.
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky on was sent to serve his child molestation prison sentence at an institution in far southwestern Pennsylvania that includes most of the state's death row inmates. espn.com/college-footba…
Our sources say Weiner is freaked out because inmates there dole out their own brand of justice against convicts serving time for crimes against children. The disgraced former congressman, of course, pled guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl. tmz.com/2017/09/27/ant…
Bishops Accused of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct:
A Global Accounting

FY18, ICE-HSI made 1588 Human Trafficking arrests while identifying & assisting 308 victims..also made 4,000+ criminal arrests for human smuggling violations. 1,543 of 1,588 arrests HSI made in FY18 for human trafficking were for sex trafficking violatiwhitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…Ma9P
Marc Collins-Rector, 54, is a registered sex offender accused of hosting parties where adult men who worked in the entertainment industry allegedly sexually abused teenage boys. buzzfeed.com/hunterschwarz/…
evidence of a pedophile ring in Hollywood – managers, agents, publicists & directors – that preyed on young boys & teens seeking entry to industry..hosted lavish parties where men allegedly plied boys w alcohol & drugs & tradetheguardian.com/film/2017/nov/…/t.co/U7YnC533Sr
his bf at the time, Chad Shackley, & former child star Brock Pierce, who is now a board member of #Bitcoin Foundation — hosted lavish parties attended by Hollywood’s gay A-list. Their guests incl relative newcomer Bryan Singer & Davidbuzzfeednews.com/article/elliev…DiI6u4sm
Brock Pierce is Co-Founder of GoCoin, ExpressCoin, KnCMiner.cn, and Robocoin Asia. A prolific angel investor, he is city leader of BitAngels Los Angeles and runs the first Bitcoin syndicate to achieve top 10 status on AngelList. bitcoinfoundation.org/board-election…
Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, is controversial for many reasons, including its reputation as a way to buy drugs and other contraband online, but now #Bitcoin has been tied to something even worse: child pornography. dailydot.com/business/bitco…
saying it was a man who ran “a child's club in Hollywood” & now works for LA Dodgers. Lauer began interview asking Feldman how prevalent this kind of abuse is in movie industry. Feldman responded Weinstein scandal is just the tip of icebindependent.co.uk/arts-entertain…T3cg
Young male actors face a “rampant” & “pervasive” problem of men sexually abusing boys in Hollywood, actors & lawyers have said. More actors are speaking up about misconduct & harassment in the wake of allegations against actor Keindependent.co.uk/arts-entertain…o/hmWJU9wyPo
DEN = producer of 5min vids..hosted wild parties w drugs, alcohol & underage boys at home of founder, Marc Collins-Recto (registered sex offender). Bryan Singer was sued, along w frmer Disney exec David Neuman, TV exec Garth Ancier & producer Gary hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood…lTfUrGI2
Corey Haim started talking abt abuse shortly before he died (#suicided) but neither Haim nor Feldman wanted to publicly name the actor for fear of lawsuits & damage to their own reputatiojezebel.com/radar-online-s…cGab
Jared Fogle (Subway) commissioned the exec director of his charity to produce pornography using at least a dzn underage vics, 1 as young as 6, the charging docs say. Fogle jetted numerous times to NYC to have sex w at least 2 underage girls usatoday.com/story/news/nat…
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known foxnews.com/us/flight-logs…
Epstein, who paid teenage girls for naked massages at his Palm Beach, Florida mansion, is a convicted sex offender whose circle of powerful friends has included financiers, celebrities, politicians, and scientists thesmokinggun.com/buster/bill-cl…
Since 2000, prosecutors have charged over a dozen men working in Hollywood with child molestation and possession of child porn, leading many to wonder if Tinsel Town has a pedophile problem. insideedition.com/investigative/…
Sadly, Sweeten is just one of a long line of child stars who has committed suicide. Radar Online has spoken with one source who believes Sawyer may have succumbed to the same torments that have haunted other young Hollywood actors. inquisitr.com/2040663/what-d…
Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of sexual abuse, convicted of 45 out of 48 counts..He was accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period in a scandal that has rocked the university's community npr.org/2011/11/08/142…
Shocking arrest: Martin Weiss, who represents dozens of child actors, has been charged with sexually abusing a former client dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2…
Jerry Sandusky's son pleads guilty to child sex abuse

Veronica Mars actor Brad Bufanda hit sidewalk so loudly when he jumped to his death, 911 caller reported it as gunshot..suicide note found at scene, his mgr told TMZ sudden death "absolute shock"...no substance abuse or any known tmz.com/2017/11/13/bra…4GFA1ZRMGT
The incident which sparked the long battle took place in 1977, when Polanski had unlawful sex with 13-year-old Samantha Gailey at actor Jack Nicholson's Hollywood home. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertain…
Pedophiles Rule the World


via @YouTube
Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz Are Mentioned in Suit Alleging Sex With Minor nytimes.com/2015/01/04/us/…
“It Girl” video suggests that Mr & his cohorts aren’t finished dropping their bombs on an unsuspecting America..."have to hand it to directors for transforming 9,461,406 Americans into unwitting lolicon conewyorker.com/culture/cultur….co/L8gmODNacp
In 2012, Lewis entered rehab for drug abuse and seemed to improve. Upon release, he died from either falling or jumping off a roof. His death was ultimately ruled an accident. cheatsheet.com/entertainment/…
The woman who alleges that she was made to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 has told a court she believes US authorities hold video footage of her having underage sex with powerful associates of Andrew’s friend Jeffrey Epstein. theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/f…
The Encino mansion known as the M&C Estate—owned by a convicted sex offender named in the lawsuit against Bryan Singer—was home to the wild gay sex parties where Hollywood bigwigs allegedly preyed on underage boysjezebel.com/inside-the-hol…Utcy
Jeffrey Epstein: the billionaire paedophile with links to Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Robert Maxwell – and Prince Andrew independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…
documentary creates a stark & sobering portrait of a loose ntwk of Hollywood pros..who use positions of power & influence to sexually abuse & exploit underage actors whose nascent careers they're supposed to be buzzfeednews.com/article/adambv…o/RBcHcCpeE7
Pope Francis accused victims of Chile’s most notorious pedophile of slander, an astonishing end to a visit meant to help heal the wounds of a sex abuse scandal that has cost the Catholic Church its credibility in the country. apnews.com/77f4a7e9779940…
For years Marty Weiss managed dzns of young actors, getting them roles on shows like Nickelodeon’s iCarly & Disney’s Good Luck Charlie...Weiss was arrested after young actor accused Weiss of molesting him 30+ times - starting when he was just 11 years oinsideedition.com/investigative/…YwzC
Jan 15, 2008 when after a night w friends, he was found not breathing..“I’m not sure. I mean, I think he might have taken a couple of pills last night..He had an audition at 1 pm. I’ve been trying to wake him up to get ready & he just won’t movpeople.com/movies/brad-re…2FZ5
Whoopie Goldberg Explaining Roman Polanski Child Rape wasn't Legitimate Rape

Meryl Streep Defends Child Rapist Roman Polanski "I am Really Sorry That He is In JaimzUEssUsA2
Take a look at the standing ovation for Pedophile Polanski winning Oscar for Directing "The Pianist" at 75th Academy Awards in 2003 (he was arrested & in jail . Presented and accepted by H.co/yceUCHFVxh
Polanski raped a child. There is evidence victim did not consent, regardless of age..evidence in this case.. "I didn't know she was 13!" is not a reasonable excuse for raping a child, much less continuing to rape her after she's said no rsalon.com/2009/09/28/pol…jeKBjyin0S
he has spent yrs speaking out abt sexual abuse in Hollywood—not of women, but of young men..long alleged that pedophilia is the worst problem in Hollywood & that it’s in part responsible for his best friend Corey Haim’s eventual death by drug overdthedailybeast.com/hollywoods-oth…ZVCE
Clinton stands by defense of child rapist in the 1970s

As an attorney in the 1970s, Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist -- an action she stands behind today.

Hillary Clinton LAUGHING about GETTING CHILD RAPIST off charge..
In these audio tapes from the 1980's, we hear Clinton bragging & laughing abt getting a pedophile off a child rape charge. Go to 2:09 to hear her biggest cackl66CK via @YouTube
Explosive documentary Leaving Neverland claims Michael Jackson 'gave young boys JEWELRY in exchange for sex acts and staged a full mock wedding before ditching them for younger victims' dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6…
Walt Disney pulled its advertising spending frm YouTube, joining other co's incl Nestle SA, after blogger detailed how comments on Google’s video site were being used to facilitate soft-core pedophilia ring..

Over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube. Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual CP in the comments.
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