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Thread: An Alternative Theory on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn—Part VII

[h/t @REMFtweets]

1. This is the seventh part of a continuing series on an alternative view of LTG Flynn.
1A. This thread is essentially continuation of Part VI’s deep dive into Parts IV and V including a continuation of our examination of how the “military-industrial complex” does business.
2. We learned in Part I how Comey conflated the Turkey-lobbying investigation with the Russia meddling investigation to trigger the Mueller Probe. Recommend reading Part I before continuing with this thread.
3. And this is Part IV, where we learned the “concerns” reported by former CIA Director James Woolsey to VP Biden about Flynn’s supposed “kidnapping” plans likely triggered the Turkish investigation, which sets the table for this thread:
4. Part V is a continuation of Part IV and shows how Sally Yates hid the fact that she was using the Turkish-lobbying investigation to propagate the Russia Hoax.
5. Part VI sought to answer why Michael Flynn shifted his views on Turkey and pushed for the extradition of Erdogan’s rival, Fethullah Gülen. Might extraditing Gülen be a means of bribing Turkey into supporting the plan for nuclear reactors ….
5A. … in the Middle East “Marshall Plan” intimately connected with the Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan” while enriching key players and friends of Flynn in the “military industrial complex”?
6. As in Parts IV thru VI, this thread examines a chronology with references and commentary along the way in order to elucidate the issues.
7. The Russia Hoax narrative hinges on discussion about sanctions that Mike Flynn had with Sergey Kislyak. The Left’s narrative purports that Trump was going to lift sanctions as payment for Russia’s “election meddling” that helped him “steal the Presidency.”
8. That is almost certainly not the reason why Flynn was discussing sanctions with Kislyak, as this thread will describe.
9. Keep in mind that Flynn had been consulting on the “Marshall Plan” project since April 2015; that’s 3 months before Trump announced his candidacy and 5 months before they even met for the first time.
10. [Comment: Flynn initially advised several Republican candidates. Was Flynn looking for allies and nurturing the political relationships needed to advance the project? And did he “land” with DJT only because the others fell by the way-side and were of no use to him?]
11. Let’s get started with the chronology and perhaps figure it out. The next several tweets were gathered from a Reuters report linked that is linked afterward.
12. 16 Nov 2016 – ACU Strategic Partners’ managing director, Alex Copson, emailed potential business partners, “… Trump’s highest foreign policy priority is to stabilize U.S. relations with Russia which are now at a historical low-point.”
12A. ACU also proposed awarding a $45 billion contract to a Ukrainian company to provided turbine generators for ME reactors as an incentive for Ukraine’s support of lifting sanctions on Russia.
12B. The contract to state-owned Turboatom, and loans to Ukraine from Gulf Arab states, would “require Ukraine to support lifting US and EU sanctions on Russia,” Copson wrote in the Nov. 16 email.
12C. The email can be seen here:
12D. Also proposed was the involvement of a Russian company-- the major engineering and construction firm OMZ OAO - currently under US sanctions to manufacture nuclear equipment.
12E. [Comment: If you want Ukraine and Russia to be part of any “peace plan”, you’d better make it worth it their while!]
13. 18 Nov 2016-- ACU’s Copson received an email from nuclear non-proliferation expert Reuben Sorensen saying that he had updated Flynn on the nuclear project’s status.
13A. “Flynn is getting closer to (being named) National Security Advisor. Expect an announcement soon. This is a big win for the ACU project,” Sorensen wrote.
13B. “Spoke with him via backchannels earlier this week. He has always believed in the vision of the ACU effort ... We need to let him get settled into the new position, but update him shortly thereafter,” Sorensen added.
13C. The email can be seen here:
14. 30 Nov 2016 – Copson briefed U.S. Representative Ed Royce, Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the nuclear project.
14A. Copson was joined by Jim Hamel, a senior official from Curtiss-Wright Corp., which has a nuclear division based in Royce’s California district and was eager for a role in the multi-billion-dollar project.
15. 1 Dec 2016 – Flynn and Kushner secretly meet with Kislyak in Trump Tower about setting up a line of communications outside of normal diplomatic channels and “arranging a meeting between a representative of Trump and a ‘Russian contact’ in a third country,” per the WaPo.
16. 5 Dec 2016 – In a follow-up email to a Royce aide, Hamel wrote, “We hope that the Chairman will follow-up on Alex’s suggestion to reach out to General Flynn” to discuss the project.
16A. Much of the above chronology (for 16 Nov through 5 Dec) was gathered from Reuters which published an extensive report. Read more here:…
17. 15 Dec 2016 – Erik Prince arranges for Bannon, Flynn, and Kushner to meet with MBZ and Nader in New York; MBZ then arranges to meet with Erik Prince in the Seychelles. There, MBZ sets up a drink between Prince and Dmitriev.
17A. Prince told a House committee Bannon said the meeting in Trump Tower with MBZ concerned Iran and Syria.
17B. The crown prince did not give advance notice about the meeting to the Obama admin, as normal protocol required, setting off alarms bells among national security officials at the time. Kushner also failed to later disclose the meeting on his security clrnc request form.
17D. [Comment: Around this time when George Nader – the convicted child molester – was meeting with members of the Trump team, he was also promoting a secret plan to destabilize Iran, the main enemy of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.]
17E. [Comment, cont’d: The Emiratis shared an interest with Trump’s advisors in driving a wedge between Iran and Russia.]
18. 11 Jan 2017 – Erik Prince meets with MBZ in the Seychelles. Prince is introduced by MBZ to Russian hedge fund manager, Kiril Dmitriev, with whom he has 30-minute discussion with at the bar. George Nader is also there to meet with the Emiratis.
18A. Other possible attendees were UAE spymaster Hamad al Mazrouei and Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan, an adviser to the crown prince.
18B. [Comment: Rather than setting up a rumored backchannel between Trump and Putin, could this meeting have been the “military-industrial complex” working on deals outside normal national security channels?]
18C. Dmitriev is the CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund. RDIF is the state’s $10 billion sovereign wealth fund. Kremlin links may have led to US sanction on the fund. RDIF is linked with Abu Dhabi through numerous investments.
18D. [Comment: Was the UAE buying access to Putin by funding his pet projects?]
18E. Prince and Dmitriev reportedly discussed *nuclear nonproliferation* among other topics.
18F. “I remember telling him,” Prince recalled, “that if Franklin Roosevelt could work with Joseph Stalin to defeat Nazi fascism, then certainly Donald Trump could work with Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic fascism.”
18G. Nader testified to Congress the goal for both the Emiratis and Trump advisors was to convince Russia to end its support for Iran, possibly in exchange for loosening U.S. sanctions on Russia.
18H. [Comment: Why did MBZ broker the meeting? Some say it was to determine if Russia could be persuaded to withdraw its support of the Assad regime in Syria, an aim of Saudi Arabia as well as the Trump administration.]
18I. [Comment, cont’d: MBZ may have also been motivated by obtaining Trump’s support against Qatar and possibly weaning the militant group Hamas from Qatari influence.]

Read more about this meeting here:…
19. 20 Jan 2016 – Trump is inaugurated as POTUS. Elliott Broidy (an RNC fundraising heavyweight) and Nader meet for the first time.
19A. By February Broidy and Nader were communicating about Saudi and Emirati policy goals in Washington and discussing potential contracts for Broidy’s obscure private security company, Circinus, with both the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia.
19B. Nader later introduced Broidy to MBZ and later in 2017 helped Broidy obtain $200 million in UAE contracts. Nader and Broidy also collaborated on an anti-Qatar influence campaign.
19C. Broidy met with POTUS on two occasions. He summarized his encounters to Nader as, “passing messages to the president from the two princes and that he told Trump he was seeking business with them,”….
19D. ... and that “the lobbying was intertwined with the pursuit of contracts from the very start, and involved specific political tasks carried out for the crown princes.”
20. 20 Jan 2016 (cont.) – Inauguration Day. A whistleblower cooperating with House Oversight Committee Dems alleges that a former business partner of Flynn’s bragged about Flynn telling him Trump would quickly lift US sanctions on Russia.
20A. Lifting sanctions was a move that would pave the way for the “Marshall Plan,” with Russian help.
21. Late Jan 2016—Flynn, who had recently finished his consulting work for Bud McFarlane’s IP3 company, turns around and *asks* McFarlane to input on national security matters the moment he becomes Nat’l Security Advisor. [Comment: conflict of interest we much?]
21A. “Mr. McFarlane was asked to prepare some thoughts on both NSC process and more specifically the Middle East, nuclear non-proliferation concerns and Russia’s aggressive movements in the Middle East,” the company said. “He provided this to the NSC team at their request.”
21B. Flynn takes an email with Bud McFarlane’s “input” and begins advocating for the “Marshall Plan” as the new NSA by forwarding an attached memo, focusing on nuclear nonproliferation as a selling point, and ordering NSC staff to fashion it into a policy for Trump’s approval.
21C. [Comment: Going straight to the top is a potentially corrupt and dangerous end run around the normal national security decision making process.]
21D. Flynn’s exuberance for the project surprised some in the White House, raising concerns that Flynn had a conflict of interest. [Duh!]
21E. To push the idea “in the first week of the administration without any policy process made no sense,” said a person familiar with episode. “It was a business proposal in the form of a policy paper.”
21F. This element of the chronology was derived from this article:…
21G. [Comment: The entire deal appears pre-ordained and a betrayal of the President’s trust, not to mention the MAGA/America First agenda seeking to overthrow the Swamp’s way of doing business.]
22. Late Jan 2017 (cont.) – Cohen meets with Sater and Artemenko at a hotel in Manhattan to discuss the Russia-Ukraine “peace plan.” Cohen leaves with the plan in hand that Artemenko said "was acknowledged by Russian authorities that would create world peace."
22A. Cohen tells The Times in no uncertain terms that he delivered the Ukraine proposal to Michael Flynn's office at the White House.
22B. The plan Artemenko, Sater, and Cohen pushed would have the US lift sanctions on Russia in exchange for Moscow's withdrawing its support for pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine. It would also allow Russia to maintain control over the Crimea, which it annexed in 2014.
22C. This element of the chronology was derived from:…
23. 13 Feb 2018—Flynn resigns.
23A. In the post-Flynn era, some of his allies continue pursuing the idea, including his aide, Derek Harvey, who Flynn had deputized to help work on the “Marshall Plan” policy document.
23B. Harvey was also considered an “Iran Hawk.” LTG McMaster, Flynn’s successor as Nat’l Security Advisor, forced him out. Harvey now works for Devin Nunes on the House Intel Cmte.…
23C. Although it misses the real story we are uncovering in these threads (no surprise!), CNN has produced an article full of interesting facts that raise questions such as:
23D. Can the “Marshall Plan” be described, as one senior political appointee currently serving in the administration who is not affiliated with the IP3 plan put it, as a proposal that is "not a business plan" but "a scheme for these generals to make some money."
23E. That observation is quite likely the truth given the same official told NSC staff, "Okay, you know we cannot do this." Here is the CNN article:…
24.We now pause at this point in the chronology to discuss questions, comments, and key takeaways:
24A. Was this really a secret plan to “recolonize” the ME with privatized armies based on the British East India Company model which Erik Prince advocated in Afghanistan? Was this plan a proxy for maintaining a permanent presence of US troops in the ME?
24B. Both the “Marshall Plan” and “Peace Plan(s)” required considerable cooperation from multiple participants each with their own interests.
24C. Russia companies needed sanctions lifted. A Ukrainian company could be financially incentivized to support this by building turbines.
24D. Erdogan wanted to eliminate his political opposition by imprisoning Fetullah Gulen. In exchange for extradition, Turkey would move towards Saudia Arabia and UAE, improving relations, and away from Iran and Qatar.
24E. Losing support from Russia and Turkey support, Iran would be further isolated, meeting US and Israeli foreign policy objectives.
24F. Prince and Broidy security firms would profit from security contracts.
24G. Barrack was tapped to implement the plan. How would he profit? .
24H. FIG would profit from lobbying efforts.
24I. IP3, ACU Strategic Partners, and many other national security companies would profit.
25. Key takeaway: All these dollars to be made were contingent on both extraditing Fetullah Gülen and lifting Russian sanctions. There were millions of dollars at stake. It’s no wonder Flynn wanted to keep this quiet. And it had nothing to do with Trump!
26. Conclusion: Given what we’ve learned so far, it’s not surprising that the Russia Hoax is shifting into a new phase as indicated by the Rep Cummings releasing a report on the “nuclear reactors” deal yesterday, driving this into the news cycle once again.
27. Buckle up for more to come on this angle now that “muh Russia” is unraveling. Here is the Dem House Oversight Committee report released on 19 Feb 2019:…
28. The next thread will examine still more parts of the LTG Michael T. Flynn story. And you probably thought there’s nothing left? Sorry to disappoint on that! ///The end.
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