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Oh Senator, we need to talk. I realize politicians exaggerate & a bit of self-aggrandizement is a necessary part of campaigning but this video is whole other level. The misleading headlines and number of people and movements you’re erasing here to elevate yourself is infuriating.
Don’t know why you’re bragging about this. These are all programs you argue “aren’t good enough.” NONE of them are as generous as the free-for-most/debt-free-for-all plan Hillary proposed. With one exception, these are supplemental grants to two-year schools. NOT “free tuition.”
NOT four year schools. ALL have strings attached. Few have the grants for books and other expenses Hillary’s plan had. NONE have the help Hillary’s plan offered to students who are parents. Why use this misleading headline instead of FIGHTING these programs as insufficient?
In fact, the Tennessee Promise program that article highlights was signed into law in April 2014, a full year before you announced your candidacy in 2015. President Obama praised the program and urged other states to follow suit. Many did. Why are YOU implicitly taking credit?
Huh. Those sure look like union activists. Why are YOU taking all the credit, erasing the grassroots work, hard work, done by unions and activists across the country? Maybe we should tell them all to step down, don’t bother, just wait for you to parachute in w your magic wand.
<sigh> Democrats introduce “Raise the Wage” bills every year. You know this. In fact if their 2015 bill had passed, we’d have an $11 min wage right now, $12 effective 1/01/2020. Sen Murray’s bill had 33 co-sponsors in the Senate. But not you.
Oh no, it wasn’t good enough for you. Surely the millions of people currently struggling on poverty wages of $7.25 an hour fully support your principled stand, happy to wait *years* until your own bill passes and they’ll get an almost immediate raise … to $8.55 an hour.
Speaking of principled stands. If the Dems’ plan wasn’t good enough for you, why in the hell were you so eager to capitulate and lower your expectations to $10 an hour for Donald effing Trump? Don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician so quickly bend his knee to an opponent.
You voted *against* the 2007 comprehensive immigration bill. Worse, you’ve been lying about the number of guest workers for years. I, for one, don’t want to replace the man in the Oval who lies about immigration #s with another one who does the same.
So M4A was “unthinkable” until YOU came along. Really? I’m old enough to remember Kennedy, Dingell, and Conyers. Many M4A bills have been intro’d over the years. Some you signed onto, some you didn’t. Conyers’ bill had 93 co-sponsors back in 2007. “Unthinkable?” Hardly
It’s true Hillary said your *2016* M4A plan “would never happen.” But YOU agreed w her. When you had to sit down & write an actual bill, you made several significant changes. btw, when you intro’d your incomplete bill in Sept 2017, you said you’d intro part 2 later. Where is it?
No doubt you raised awareness of the phrase “Medicare for All.” Credit. But you also spread a lot of disinformation. Conflating SP & UHC. Failing to convey an accurate description of M4A, leaving most of the country confused. Half the people favoring M4A think it’s an *option.*
Many of those who DO understand it’s a national SP system *oppose* M4A bc they believe M4A’s coverage is the same as current Medicare, with its limited benefits, deductibles, co-pays, and need for private supplemental ins and premiums.
So maybe take a pause before boasting about moving M4A from “unthinkable” to “thinkable” (and certainly not “accomplished”) bc the jury’s still out on whether you’ve helped or *hurt* Democrats’ long-time goal of achieving truly universal, guaranteed healthcare for all.
Really? You? You’re forcing the debate? I’m old enough to remember a former VP who won a Nobel peace prize and produced an Oscar winning documentary. Old enough to remember thousands of climate scientists and activists that deserve more credit than you do.
Granted you *did* host a climate change town hall a couple of months ago. Great! Then you admitted you had no plan but, not to worry, you’d unveil a bill soon. You still haven’t. You wouldn’t even step up and take a leadership role on the Senate’s energy committee ffs.
Putting aside how sick and tired the entire Internet is of seeing this picture (my apologies to all for showing it again), “the fight for justice has been the work of his life.” Really? Certainly not *racial* justice as the pic implies.
You protested in college in the early 60s. Credit for that. Then you went to hear a speech by MLK Jr. That must have been inspiring. What did it inspire you to DO? It didn’t inspire you to vote. Didn’t inspire you to participate in any more protests.
Maybe it inspired you to take less direct action. Like appreciating the value of diversity, listening to people with diff backgrounds other than your own WWC (or not-working class) experience. So how many decades passed before you listened to those voices? Before you hired a POC?
Side note to BS apologists: Stop f**king excusing his ignorance +/or his inability to talk to black people by saying he lives in white, rural VT. There ARE black people in VT he could talk to if he wanted. And he’s been living part-time in DC for 28 f**king years now.
If fighting vs injustice has been the work of your life, how in the hell did you not know about the injustice of cash bail until a few months ago? YEARS after activists had been trying to inform you, a year after Sen Harris intro’d a cash bail bill your job required you to read?
I cannot tell you how offensive this slide is. Not only bc my anger has me struggling for words but also bc no matter how many people will explain it to you, you won’t see it. And it says a lot about the 2020 team you’ve assembled that they don’t see it either.
Stopping here. Not bc there aren’t other misleading slides in your video or areas where you’re taking credit for work done by others, but bc the thread’s already too long & I’m tired. Tired of your grandstanding. Tired of your constant bullsh*t. Tired, so very, very tired of YOU.
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