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Thread: An Alternative Theory on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn—Part VIII

[h/t @REMFtweets]
1. This is the eighth part of a continuing series on an alternative view of LTG Flynn.
1A. This thread is essentially continuation of Part IV thru VII, but with a closer look at the Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan”.
2. We learned in Part I how Comey conflated the Turkey-lobbying investigation with the Russia meddling investigation to trigger the Mueller Probe. Recommend reading Part I before continuing with this thread.
3. And this is Part IV, where we learned the “concerns” reported by former CIA Director James Woolsey to VP Biden about Flynn’s supposed “kidnapping” plans likely triggered the Turkish investigation, which sets the table for the follow-up threads:
4. Part V is a continuation of Part IV and shows how Sally Yates hid the fact that she was using the Turkish-lobbying investigation to propagate the Russia Hoax.
5. Part VI sought to answer why Michael Flynn shifted his views on Turkey and pushed for the extradition of Erdogan’s rival, Fethullah Gulen.
6. Might extraditing Gulen be a means of bribing Turkey into supporting the plan for nuke reactors in the Middle East “Marshall Plan” intimately connected with the Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan” while enriching key players and friends of Flynn in the “military industrial complex”?
7. Part VII was a detailed chronology with references and commentary on how the normal national security channels were possibly circumvented by Flynn to “fast track” the “Marshall Plan” for his pals.
7A. This was a dangerous and stupid move, as well as a betrayal of the President’s trust and MAGA priorities.
8. The question this thread will attempt to answer is how do Flynn and the Mideast “Marshall Plan” connect with the Trump Tower-Moscow project and the Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan”?
9. Recall that the “Marshall Plan” was conceived and promoted by ACU Strategic Partners and taken over by IP3, a company co-founded by Bud McFarlane with several retired generals on the team.…
10. Flynn first consulted for ACU Strategic Partners from April 2015 to June 2016. Flynn acknowledged advising IP3 on the same project after they took up the idea and did so until just before the inauguration.
11. It’s important to understand that Flynn’s consulting started 3 months before Trump announced his candidacy and 5 months before they even met for the first time.
12. Initially, when ACU’s Alex Copson was directing the project, the plan involved providing reactor plants, and their components, through a consortium of companies, including Russian and Ukrainian.
13. Shared commerce and business interests among countries underpinned the plan to create regional stability.
14. With that bit of background, let’s review who Felix Sater is and then examine the timeline with a focus on the Trump Tower-Moscow project and the Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan,”which should make this theory apparent.
15. Felix Sater, 52, is a Russian Jew who immigrated to the US at the age of 7 and grew up in Brooklyn. He was a childhood friend with Michael Cohen. Here’s more from an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes:

16. “He`s a guy with a colorful past which included spending a year in prison for slashing a man`s face in a bar fight and a stock fraud conviction involving a mafia-linked brokerage firm… Sater went on to partner with Trump on a string of projects…
17. Felix Sater was also amazingly an intelligence operative for the U.S. government with a resume out of a spy thriller. BuzzFeed confirming this week that Sater obtained five of Osama bin Laden`s personal phone numbers before September 11th, ….
18. … helped flip a Taliban source to get information about al-Qaeda training camps, revealed plans for an attempted assassination of George W. Bush and Colin Powell and went undercover in Cypress and Istanbul to catch Russian and Ukrainian cybercriminals.
19. Watch the whole thing here:
20. Let’s now return to the use of a chronology to identify key facts, make pertinent comments, and ask some leading questions:
21. 2010 – Felix Sater departs the Trump Organization.

Apr 2015 – Flynn begins consulting with ACU Strategic Partners.
21A. [Comment: Remember that ACU emphasized shared commercial interests between countries as the means of stabilizing the Mideast region and beyond.]
22. 16 Jun 2015 – Trump announces his candidacy.

17 Jun 2015 – Flynn founds Flynn Intel Group (FIG) .

Aug 2015 – Flynn meets with Trump for the first time for 90 minutes.
22A. [Comment: Did Cohen attend the meeting? Did Flynn brief them about the “Marshall Plan”? Quite likely, the answer is ‘yes’.]
23. Sep 2015 – Sater comes up with the idea for building Trump Tower-Moscow. His vision is to make it the tallest building in Europe. Sater meets with Cohen in New York to discuss the proposal and initiate planning. Sater starts reaching out to Russian contacts.
24. 13 Oct 2015-- Sater obtains a letter of intent (LOI) from a Russian investor, Andrey Rozov, outlining the terms of the "Trump World Tower Moscow" deal, that he sends to Cohen for Trump’s signature.
(Trump eventually signs the LOI.)
25. Here’s what Sater told Cohen in the email:

"Let’s make this happen and build a Trump Moscow… And possibly fix relations between the countries by showing everyone that commerce & business are much better and more practical than politics.”
25A. “That should be Putin’s message as well, and we will help him agree on that message. Help world peace and make a lot of money, I would say that's a great lifetime goal for us to go after."
25B. [Comment: It’s interesting to note that both the “Marshall Plan” and Trump Tower-Moscow project emphasize achieving “world peace” through business. Did Cohen share this tidbit with Sater?]
26. Nov 2015—Sater and Cohen exchange more emails showing enthusiasm about the deal.
26A. Sater bragged about his relationship with Putin telling Cohen he would "get all of Putin’s team to buy in… I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected… Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it.”
26B. Sater shares videos with his Russian contacts of Trump showing respect for Putin and claimed he will get Putin to say what a great negotiator Trump is, predicting this will get Trump elected President.
26C. Sater claimed the Trump Organization was actively negotiating with VTB Bank, a sanctioned Russian bank, during the election to secure financing for the building.

[Comment: Why did Sater involve a sanctioned bank? For paper trail and appearances purposes?]
26D. Sater later walked back his comments in an interview claiming he had exaggerated his relationship with Putin in order to secure the deal.
26E. The plan for Trump Tower-Moscow quickly crumbled. Sater stated: "Once the campaign was really going-going, it was obvious there were going to be no deals internationally…”
26F. However, Sater directed Cohen to contact Dmitry Peskov, a top aide to Putin, and asked for his help in pushing the Trump Tower Moscow deal through. It’s interesting that he did not have Peskov’s personal email address and was forced to use a general contact address.
26G. Other reports show that Cohen continued to pursue the project through June 2016. Meanwhile, as the Trump Tower-Moscow project was falling apart, Sater and Cohen were becoming involved in a private peace proposal to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
26H. Sater is reportedly connected to Ukrainian “far right” politician Andriy Artemenko through a mutual friend.
26I. Artemenko outlines a plan how Trump could lift U.S. sanctions on Moscow as part of a settlement of the Ukraine conflict—an agreement that would have involved allowing Russia to “lease” the Crimean Peninsula for 50 or 100 years.
26J. The plan also called for the ouster of Petro Poroshenko, the pro-Western president of Ukraine. Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg might also have been bankrolling the endeavor. Vekselberg is also believed to have funneled $500K to Cohen.
26K. NOTE: Former Representative Curt Weldon, who has Russian ties have drawn and has known Artemenko for more than a decade, is believed to be the true author of the peace proposal.
26L. Sater then reaches out on behalf of Artemenko to Cohen and introduces the two.
27. 27 Jan 2017—Artemenko, Sater, and Cohen met at the Loews Regency Hotel – just days before Flynn resigns—where the plan is deliverd in a sealed envelope to Cohen.
27A. Cohen claims that Artemenko said Russia supported his Ukrainian peace plan while Artemenko said the Russian government wasn’t involved in his plan.)
27B. NOTE: Artemenko was expelled from the Ukrainian parliament for this “treasonous” action and stripped of his citizenship after meeting with Cohen. He now lives in Canada.

Refer to:…
28. 28 Jan 2016—The Russia-Ukraine “Peace Plan” supposedly backed by the Kremlin is “hand-delivered” by Cohen (reportedly) to Flynn’s office, but the WH denies any records of the report.
28A. Later the NY Times reported the Artemenko-Cohen-Sater plan, and Flynn’s alleged involvement, he reportedly told a source, “We were so close.”
28B. The source claims that Weldon said he and Artemenko had already secured funding for the promotion of the plan from Viktor Vekselberg.

Refer to:…
28C. If the Trump administration approved the plan, it might have created the conditions for the president to lift sanctions on Russia, resolving a major dispute between the two countries and allowing hundreds of billions of dollars to flow back into Russia.
28D. Vekselberg notably would have benefitted from the plan’s implementation because he had assets totaling between $1.5 billion and $2 billion that were frozen as a result of sanctions.

Refer to:…
28E. Mueller is also looking at Artemenko who may have been acting as a de facto agent for the Russian government and, by going through Sater and Cohen, his political interactions with the Trump organization.
28F. Legacy media reports suggest Mueller is trying to find quid pro quos that involve the exchange of either business favors or money to people in Trump’s orbit, or Trump himself, in exchange for policy shifts.…
29. Here is the bottom line of this thread: most important to Russia was lifting of sanctions and changing US posture towards Russia’s annexation of Crimean and parts of Ukraine. That’s precisely what the Artemenko-Sater-Cohen plan facilitated.
30. Sater concocted a false quid-pro-quo scheme by initiating both the Trump Tower-Moscow deal and the Russia-Ukraine peace deal that favored Russian interests.
31. This is precisely the type of action that a CIA operative directed by Brennan would attempt in trying to set up the “muh Russia” connection. Plus, he’d make some money at the same time.
32. Sater created the appearance that Russia either helped Trump get elected and/or make money with Moscow building project in exchange for lifting sanctions and letting them control the Crimean Peninsula. Just the kind of linkage that Brennan and the cabal wanted.
33. The plan fell short since the whole deal fell through, but the planning, meetings and emails were good enough for the legacy media to run with the “obvious” Russia collusion baloney for a whole bunch of news cycles.
34. If LTG Flynn were a “master spook,” wouldn’t he have recognized this scheme? How did “master spook” Flynn allow these slime balls to get so close to POTUS and to jeopardizing the MAGA movement?
34A. As a member of the “military industrial complex,” was he blinded by potential $$$? Prickly questions indeed!
35. There is still more to be uncovered in the LTG Flynn saga, not the least of which involves his last hearing with Judge Sullivan. Stay tuned! ///The end.
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