About James Comey seems there are a few crusaders that want to make a patsy out of him and defend all he’s done. Let’s take a deep dive into James Come and peel back the layers. I will make this as thorough as I can, fair and balanced. I’ll start with a brief background on Comey
Come wasn’t anything other than what appears to be a hard working law student through school and clerked for several judges as a lot of Law Students do, nothing out of the ordinary. Joined the SDNY 1st as an investigator, and worked his was into the Deputy US Attorney eventually.
Worked on the takedown of the Gambino Crime family under the direction of Rudy Giuliani, Come toiled as a hard working prosecutor that showed a ton of promise, transferred to the EDVA & took down the Khobar Bombers. Up to that point in 2002 he looked to be the next up and comer.
12/11/03 Comey was confirmed as Dep Atty Gen & among his first tasks he took over the investigation into President Bill Clinton's controversial pardon of Marc Rich from Mary Jo White. This is where he starts to show signs of changing from a hard working attorney, to deep state
Mary Jo White was assigned the case by Ashcroft in 2001, she was most noted for having led the prosecution of Gotti & overseen those of the terrorists responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing, chief among them Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman & Ramzi Yousef. She was a strong prosecutor.
Mary Jo White uncovered that Denise Eisenberg Rich, had made substantial donations to both the Clinton library and to Mrs. Clinton's senate campaign. According to Paul Volcker's independent investigation of Iraqi Oil-for-Food kickback schemes,
Marc Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving over 4 million barrels of oil, that showed ties back to the Clinton’s.
Comey’s takeover in December of the Rich pardon investigation suddenly did a 180º turn. Made no sense since Comey was the prosecutor in the case against Rich from 1987 until 1993, and then also took over the investigation into President Clinton's pardon in 2002
when he was the U.S. attorney for Manhattan. In a 2008 letter, Comey wrote he was "stunned" by the Rich pardon. So what changed his mind, what made him do a 180º and clear Clinton of any wrong doing, that's a real good question, just has never been answered.
Mary Jo White was Comey’s supervisor at the SDNY, before she was tapped by Ashcroft to go after the Clinton Pardon scandals. When Comey was sworn in as DAG he took over her investigation & she went to private practice. What became of her findings is still a mystery,
But the Clinton’s were cleared by Comey and they reasoning behind is was astonishing. The records were 1d classified and won't be seen for 50 years, how convenient. The government uses this tactic all the time to hide behind.
Ashcroft Resigned in Dec 2004 & Alberto Gonzales was sworn in as AG 2 weeks later the Rich Pardon case was closed, & cleared of any wrongdoing. There were actually multiple pardons under question, but Rich’s was the highest profile. Closing of the Rich case was shocking to many.
These Rich connections are, of course, based on disclosed donations. But we all know that the Clinton Foundation has failed to disclose more than 1,000 donors, despite its written agreement with the Obama transition team that it would maintain complete transparency.
The ongoing investigation into the foundation reveals a LOT. (See my thread on the private forensic accountants that appeared before congress about the Foundation and their money laundering) threadreaderapp.com/thread/1073394…
Before we dive into Comey & the MYE coverup let’s build some more background on Comey as the Dir of the FBI. Fast forward to the shooting in San Bernardino Sure appeared to be a dysfunctional operation from the get go. Not really in the field where the action was but back at DCHQ
December 2, 2015: a shooting in San Bernardino results in the deaths of 14 people, including the two shooters. The shooters destroy their personal phones but leave a third phone—owned by their employer—untouched. Major piece of evidence any LEO would be glad to find.
Weeks go by & nothing breaking on the motive background on the shooters they even delayed in admitting that they were Muslim & that the wife was actually on a low level watch list. 2/9/16: Comey testifies to congress that the FBI can't access the shooters’ remaining phone.
February 16, 2016: the FBI applies for (and Magistrate Judge Pym grants the same day) an application for an order compelling Apple to develop a new method to unlock the phone.
As part of that application, the FBI SSA in charge of the investigation of the phone swears under oath that the FBI had “explored other means of obtaining access & we have been unable to identify any other methods feasible for gaining access”
other than compelling Apple to create a custom, cryptographically signed version of iOS to bypass a key security feature & allow the FBI to access the device.
Problem is it would also allow them to bypass security on all iPhones, which was the objective all along. But according to the OIG report, the chief of the FBI’s ROU (FBI’s elite hacking team) knows “that one of the vendors that he worked closely with was almost 90% of the way
toward a solution that the vendor had been working on for many months.” How does this relate to Comey? He testified directly on this matter multiple times, so he was aware what was going on.
The ROU chief was informed from the 7th floor to stand down, and await further direction.
Let’s briefly step out of the timeline to note the discrepancies between what the FBI was saying in early 2016 and what they actually knew. How is it that senior FBI officials testified that the agency had no capability to access the contents of the locked device when,
the agency’s own premier hacking team knew capability was within reach? How does that even stack up as correct? There was a deliberate effort to use this crisis as leverage to push Apple into compliance.
Because, according to the OIG report, FBI leadership doesn’t ask the ROU for its help until after  Comey testified that FBI’s techs knew of no way in. That was a lie, under oath. Speculation was they wanted to leverage this opportunity to get Apple to give them a key/tool...
for easier access ro all their iPhones. The filing suggests the same thing and Apple said no way. This was the real focus was to break Apple not to solve the case.
March 1, 2016: Comey again testifies that the FBI has been unable to access the contents of the phone without Apple’s help. Before the government applied for the All Writs Act order on February 11,
Comey notes there were “a whole lot of conversations going on in that interim with companies, with other parts of the government, with other resources to figure out if there was a way to do it short of having to go to court.”
In response to a question from Rep. Daryl Issa whether Comey was “testifying today that you and/or contractors that you employ could not achieve this without demanding an unwilling partner do it,” Comey replies “Correct.” Again this is another lie under oath by James Comey
The OIG report concluded that Director Comey didn’t know that his testimony was false at the time he gave it. Not sure how he determined that, but that is what the report said. But it was false, and technical staff in FBI’s own ROU knew it was false.

March 16, 2016: An outside vendor for the FBI completes its work on an exploit for the model in question, building on the work that, as of February 16, the ROU knew to be 90% complete.
Head of the FBI Cryptologic & Electronics Analysis Unit (CEAU) that was the unit whose initial inability to access the phone led to the FBI’s sworn statements that the Bureau had no method to do so is PO'd that others in FBI are even trying get into the phone without Apple’s help
In the words of the OIG report, “he expressed disappointment that the ROU Chief had engaged an outside vendor to assist with the Farook iPhone, asking the ROU Chief, ‘Why did you do that for?’”
Why is the CEAU Chief angry? Because it means that the legal battle is over and the FBI won’t be able to get the legal precedent against Apple that it was looking for. Again, the OIG report confirms: “the CEAU Chief ‘was definitely not happy’ that the legal proceeding against
Apple could no longer go forward” after the ROU’s vendor succeeded.

March 20, 2016: The FBI’s outside vendor demonstrates the exploit for senior FBI leadership including the Director and his Deputy Director.
March 21, 2016 the eve of the scheduled hearing, the DOJ notifies the court in California, that, despite previous statements under oath that there were no “other methods feasible for gaining access,” they’ve now somehow found a way.
In response to the FBI’s eleventh-hour revelation, the court cancels the hearing and the legal battle between the FBI and Apple is over.
The OIG report comes out right after the New York Times prints an article that the DOJ is renewing its decades-long fight for anti-encryption legislation.
According to the NYT, DOJ officials are “convinced that mechanisms allowing access to encrypted data can be engineered without intolerably weakening the devices’ security against hacking.”

That’s a bold claim, given that for yrs the consensus in the technical community has been exactly the opposite. In the 90’s experts exposed serious flaws in proposed systems to give law enforcement access to encrypted data without compromising security including the Clipper Chip
And, as the authors of the 2015 “Keys Under Doormats” paper put it, “today’s more complex, global information infrastructure” presents “far more grave security risks” for these approaches.

The OIG report concluded that Director Comey didn’t know that his testimony was false at the time he gave it. But it was false, and technical staff in FBI’s own ROU knew it was false.
The DOJ’s myopic focus on backdooring phones at the expense of the devices’ security is especially vexing in light of reports that law enforcement agencies are increasingly able to use commercial unlocking tools to break into essentially any device on the market.
And if this is the status quo without mandated backdoor access and as vendors like Apple take steps to harden their devices against hacking,
My issue is they were obstructing an investigation in order to try an force Apple into complying and setting future precedent for privacy intrusion of personal phones, imagine how vulnerable devices could be with a legal mandate.
The FBI likes to paint encryption in an apocalyptic light, suggesting that the technology drastically undermines the Bureau’s ability to do its job, but the evidence from the Apple fight and elsewhere is far less stark.
The widespread encryption versus law enforcement battle was continued, and brought to the forefront by the FBI’s failed attempts to unlock the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, may never have occurred if the FBI had been better at communicating with its technology staff.
Amy Hess, was then-FBI executive assistant director, that expressed concern to the OIG that the CEAU chief may have remained silent on a potential solution to the encrypted iPhone in order to get a favorable court ruling against Apple.
The OIG didn’t find evidence to support that concern, however the report said that their inquiry suggested “that CEAU did not pursue all possible avenues in the search for a solution.”
Even though he practically confessed, the CEAU chief told the OIG that after the outside vendor came forward, he became frustrated that the case against Apple could no longer go forward.
Yet the OIG didn’t see that as proof, that the CEAU was putting aside an investigation just to gain leverage in the court. Amy Hess resigned after realizing the 7th floor was sweeping everything under the rug.
The ROU chief tried to justify the lack of aggressive pursuit to break into the phone by telling the OIG that he believed the lack of communication was down to a long-standing policy of not crossing the tools of criminal and national security investigations.
The CEAU chief, however, said that the senior engineer assigned to search for technical solutions to the iPhone issue had confirmed that he had checked with “everybody” in his search, though there was no documentation of communications with ROU.
The final summary of the OIG report laid this problem at the feet of Senior Management.

I just uploaded OIG San Bern to @Scribd #ReadMore scribd.com/document/40039…
@Scribd The HRC Email Scandal in depth

Hillary Clinton email scandal aka Mid Year Exam (MYE), where it really began and where it ended up, IMHO hinged on the way James Comes handled the case. And all the nonsense that it was beneath the level of director, is a crock.
It’s not like this was just some run of the mill email case, just some federal employee, breaching protocol. Not buying it.
This was the former Sec of State, former first lady, and the lead candidate in the 2016 presidential election for the DNC. Before you say what does it matter if she’s running for POTUS...
well it mattered a great deal to James Comey and I will explain it with proof that politics and election timing altered the way Comey handled the case.
The first knowledge of HRC using a private server or at least wasn’t using the dot gov server in March 2009, officials with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) expressed concerns over possible violations of normal federal government record-keeping procedures
at the State Department under then-Secretary Clinton. Nothing she was doing electronically was being archived via NARA, and it raised a red flag with them
NARA noticed nothing was showing up in the archives and notified Cheryl Mills they were flagged for being out of compliance. Multiple communications fell on deaf ears and they never responded to NARA officials.
NARA tried to notify the IG for the State Dept, only to find out there was none and none had been nominated. They notified the NSA for possible archiving issues. Only other time in history this was ever done? Once under then POTUS Bill Clinton. Coincidence? Maybe....maybe not.
Charles McCullough was nominated by Obama in August 2011 to be the first inspector general for the 16 intelligence agencies and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. He was unanimously confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee that October.
The full Senate agreed by unanimous consent in November 2011. And McCullough would become a key whistle blower and finder of the truth when it came to the corruption of Hillary Clinton and as of now has gotten away with it.
ICIG was notified that there was an issue being raised over at State with Clinton Emails not archiving by NARA. Being he had no counterpart to communicate with at the State Dept, McCullough too it on himself to snoop around and had some of his auditors watching the State Dept.
December 2012, near the end of Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, a nonprofit group called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, filed a FOIA request seeking records about her email.
CREW received a response in May 2013: "no records responsive to your request were located." They immediately began legal proceedings under FOIA to find out what’s going on.
March 2013, when a hacker named "Guccifer" widely distributed emails sent to Clinton from Sidney Blumenthal, which Guccifer obtained by illegally accessing Blumenthal's email account.
The Blumenthal emails dealt with the 2012 Benghazi attack and other issues in Libya and revealed the existence of her clintonemail.com address.

Sidney Blumenthal... The guy Obama told Clinton he wanted no where near the State Dept whatsoever
This was in the height of the Benghazi investigation and this through a huge red flag that something was amiss in the State Dept and the wheels were set in motion to find out what was going on.
ICIG being aware of the existence of the clintonmail email domain began auditing it via NSA database trying to find those emails no one else could seem to find. Boy did he find the emails, that and much more.
3/17/15 McCullough notified Charles H Kabale IV of the FBI Counterintelligence Div that there may possibly be a severe security breach & requested security review of the State Dept by Counter Intel Immediately Kabale bean the process of sending out records preservation requests.
In June 2015 after newly appointed State Department inspector general Steve Linick was directed by Congress to investigate the State Department’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) review of approximately 30,000 government e-mails stored on Clinton’s private server.
Linick invited ICIG McCullough to provide outside help from the intelligence community, and the two IGs launched a dual inquiry into the State Department’s efforts to determine how many of Clinton’s e-mails contained classified information.
Linick had no idea the ICIG Charles McCullough was way ahead of him and was already looking at the domain known as clintonmail dot com
ICIG cyber-forensic team had discovered that there was code embedded in the header that forwarded every email to an unidentified email domain. Worse yet of what the ICIG has gone through at least 1,340 emails that Hillary Clinton sent or received contained classified material.
6/6/15 Linick/McCullough sent a formal "Section 811" referral from the ICIG to the director of the FBI. The ICIG determined that classified, national security information in Clinton's emails had been "compromised" and shared with "a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power."
A Section 811 referral arises whenever there is a compromise of classified information for whatever reason, It could include espionage, but it could also include negligence, inadvertence, or something else. Section 811 doesn't assert a violation of criminal law...
however it is simply an inquiry of a security breach. But it begins the process of looking into it, and raises the level of urgency do to the nature of the breach and the content in question. Sec 811's aren't sent out for run of the mill breach issues.
McCullough, provided Kabale 2 sworn declarations from Intelligence Community who determined that Clinton's communications contained information deemed to be "CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, & TOP SECRET/SAP." This immediately triggers an advanced counterintelligence audit/security check.
McCullough had identified 22 emails, which were sent and received by Clinton in 2011 and 2012 classified TS/SAP SCI NOFORN, she discussed classified information with her dep CoS Jacob Sullivan, her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.
A majority of the top secret emails are email chains between Sullivan and Clinton.

McCullough later testified to the seriousness of these emails and the level of their classification.
Included in the 22 emails were top secret emails that referred to covert CIA drone strikes & some identified CIA operatives who were working undercover. So top secret they are only referred to in an index, with no context, because the actual emails were completely redacted.
22 Top Secret/SAP, were "deemed so sensitive that it requires more rigorous protection than other classified information. Protections included heightened 'need to know' requirements, cover measures, read & destroy instructions,” yet they were floating around an unsecured server.
I need to insert a little history. Each POTUS since FDR has issued an executive order that governs the classification system. The order issued by Obama on 12/29/09, is Executive Order 13526 (“EO 13526”) Every administration sets their classified standard. archives.gov/isoo/policy-do…
As set forth in the order the POTUS & certain other high-level executive officials may designate officials as “original classification authorities” (“OCAs”). There were 2,199 such officials in FY2015. These officials are authorized to make original classification decisions.
Hillary Clinton was an OCA, as well as department heads throughout the government. Directors, Asst Directors and chief deputies.
The mishandling of classified information is usually dealt with through administrative sanctions. These may include reprimand, suspension W/O pay, removal, termination of classification authority, or loss or denial of access to classified information. See EO 13526 section 5.5.
Criminal penalties are available for severe abuses. 18 U.S.C. § 1924 imposes penalties for knowingly removing classified material without authority and with the "intent" to keep it in an unauthorized location.
This charge is available only for knowing & intentional mishandling, such as occurred in the cases of former NSA Sandy Berger stuffing documents in his pants and trying to sneak them out of National Archives. But there are many statues that require no intent we will visit that.
The Espionage Act imposes penalties for allowing, through “gross negligence,” the removal of information relating to the national defense from its proper place of custody 50 U.S.C. § 793(f)
When James Comey testified before Congress, he claimed the DOJ has long had concerns about the constitutionality of this provision and it has brought only 1 such prosecution in the past century.
Problem with that line of thinking, deciding constitutionality isn’t the job of the FBI Director that chore belongs to the SCOTUS. The FBI are investigators, not prosecutors and certainly not the SCOTUS. This is the stance Comey took in his July 5th 2016 press conference.
As I said earlier on May 6 2015 the FBI formally opened an investigation into the email and classified information handling of HRC and those in her office.
They were running a counterintelligence security investigation as well as a criminal investigation at the same time, due to the extreme nature of the issue at hand. Also all counterintelligence contain a criminal element in the investigation. Just ask Comey.. oh wait they did..
Oops! There goes that BS claim that Comey couldn't charge her criminally because it was a counterintell and not criminal they were investigation they were doing. They aren't mutually exclusive.
The State Dept IG office was getting flooded with FOIA requests from all sides. Articles were ramping up in the MSM. Sept 28, 2015 Lynch advises Comey to refer to HRC's emails as a matter, not an investigation. [Jun 14, 2018 IG Report p.64].
In later testimony Comey claimed it made him physically ill. Yet he did nothing but comply. 6’8” too intimidated to do the right thing. Comey should have acted right then but didn't the coverup was underway and he was complicit now.
Two officials with the ICIG, investigator Frank Rucker and attorney Janette McMillan, met repeatedly with FBI officials Charles Kabale and Peter Strzok to warn them of the Chinese intrusion, and they relayed a concern back to their boss Charles McCullough,....
They told McCullough that they seemed dismissive of the notion that the Chinese were suspected to have breached the server. But they were aware, Strzok sent an email internally saying so, which came out in the Comey closed door session.
According to the leaked transcripts, H/T @themarketswork three of the four FBI officials briefed by the ICIG were Strzok, then Executive Assistant Director John Giacalone, & then Section Chief Dean Chappell. The identity of the fourth official remains masked.
According to Rucker the Chinese firm obtained Clinton’s emails in real time as she sent and received communications and documents through her personal server, and the hacking was conducted as part of an intelligence operation, linked to main China.
The Chinese wrote code that was embedded in the server, which was kept in Clinton’s residence in upstate New York. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company.
Charles H Kabale was an expert in Chinese Cyber warfare and was working vigorously at trying to get to the bottom of this, based on the mountains of paperwork he was blanketing the state dept with.
Charles Kable & Dean Chappell served as section chiefs at the FBI’s counterintelligence division alongside Strzok during the early days of the Clinton-email investigation. So both would be in the loop about this Chinese breach.
Both Kable and Chappell have expertise in Chinese espionage, a factor that would have initially contributed to their selection for the Clinton-email team.
So after spending the day testifying before the Senate Judiciary Comey testified to SJC regarding oversight bit.ly/2BfwYVQ 

He goes back to the office and changes out the email team. Changes out the agents with Chinese expertise? WTF?
Out of the blue Comey, replaces every person in the chain of command above Strzok at different points during the Clinton-email investigation. On Dec. 9, 2015, Comey moved Kable out of FBI HQ back to the Washington field office, ending his term on the Clinton-email probe.
Strange thing as well is in over 500 pages of the Horowitz's OIG report there is ZERO mention of Kable’s or Chappell's names anywhere. I find that very curious and suspect. Why are they left out completely when they clearly were part of it.

I found this to be very concerning
Understand though that during the time frame these three MYE team members were in place was during the dark period when Sally Yates has locked Horowitz out of the national Security Section arm of the FBI
With Kable gone Comey appoints Priestap to serve as assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, replacing Randall Coleman, who held the same position until Dec. 21, 2015. fbi.gov/news/pressrel/…
Comey appoints Andrew McCabe to replace Mark Giuliano as deputy director Comey & appointed Michael Steinbach to replace Giacalone as the executive assistant director for the National Security Branch. fbi.gov/news/pressrel/…
With all those changes in place, the only one left on the Mid Year Exam team, that was present when Rucker briefed them on the Chinese Breach was Strzok, and now the Chinese breach faded away and the new Russia breach began to take life.
Why did Comey get rid of the Chinese experts & bring in new blood? I wrote a thread in all these bizarre moves that were made in the HRC email case with videos and citations and documents. Feel free to read it, or revisit it if you haven’t already threadreaderapp.com/thread/1090438…
With the MYE in full motion, Comey gets regular briefings from Strzok. Sometime one on one and sometimes just Comey and McCabe, and then at least once a week with the full team. It’s all documented in the Strzok/Page texts. There is no way all this is going on and he has no clue.
Comey even admitted in his closed door sessions that he was regularly briefed on the MYE as it was in progress. He was some flyover Bureaucrat, he was involved.
As I said in the beginning, the was an investigation into the mishandling of highly classified materials by the most famous woman in politics that so happens to be running for POTUS. You can't tell me that he wasn’t at least keeping tabs on what was going on.
Comey wasn’t fire walled out, it would be sheer incompetence for him not to at least keep tabs on it. But we know from his own testimony he was updated regularly and as it went along the updates got more and more frequent.
The same goes for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. This wasn’t some dime bag dealer or run of the mill criminal they were spying on. This was Donald J Trump, easily the most well known man on the planet and he was also running to be POTUS.
This is why he got so many briefings, he was paying attention. And he can't now claim he had no knowledge or hide behind the BS statement that all this took place beneath the level of Director f the FBI
The excuse that there are 1000s of cases going on at the FBI all the time just doesn’t fly. The two leading candidates in the current ongoing election were bot under investigation while they were running for POTUS.
That automatically demanded further scrutiny than your normal run of the mill cases you see everyday. This was a presidential election, only happens every four years and the FBI was right in the middle of the biggest scandal in our lifetimes. Sorry Comey Bullshit you didn't know
When you review OIG report it is littered with questionable behavior of Comey, as well as his own words that are damning in themselves. All these defenders of Comey have no high ground when you just look at what he was doing and how he explained his actions in his own words.
Then compare it to his bizarre behavior once he left the bureau. Claimed to never like the spotlight yet runs straight to it. And that garbage book he wrote....
But from the very beginning of the MYE he went along with the coverup. Lynch’s “calling it a matter” statements in the beginning way back in 2015 up to the July 5th 2016 press conference, Comey consciously went along with the coverup.
He wasn’t leading the FBI he was being lead. For anyone to think otherwise is just disingenuous. His actions during the MYE doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that he was also directly involved in the Crossfire Hurricane (CFH) against Trump as well.
This wasn’t just some small rogue covers operation going on by a couple of rogue agents in the bureau, this was a full blown operation being carried out against a future and current POTUS, and this scandal spreads across multiple departments not just the FBI
There’s a wild theory with zero substance or documentation to back it up, that Trump fired Comey to save him from the Hatch Act. I have to really laugh at that assumption and ask for some sort of substance.
True an official complaint was filed with the OSCOGE by Richard Painter, the chief WH ethics lawyer under the GWB from 2005 to 2007. Anyone thinking they fired Comey to save him from this is hilarious.
I’ve heard “just look at Comey’s memos. look at his memos” Okay let’s look at Comey’s memos. Let’s set the scenario of the first memo which captured the first meeting ever between Comey and the then President Elect (PE).
Trump has been duly elected, and he is getting his first major intelligence briefing as the PE from his FBI director.

Priebus asked Comey specifically if he wanted a small group or a 1 on 1 and Comey chose “alone”.
In Comey’s testimony before congress he painted the picture that he was almost forced into an uncomfortable 1 on 1 with Trump, which he described to congress as improper & against normal protocols. But then you read the 1st page of the 1st memo that covers this meeting.
Comey requested to be alone 1 on 1. It was part of the plan he hatched with Clapper. He said so in his closed door testimony as well.
Comey verbally briefs the PE Trump on “part” of the dossier. Mainly the most salacious portion of the first Steele memo, which revolved around the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, and Trump’s trip there, involving hookers and golden showers.
Trump pushed beck the entire time on the allegations set forth in the memo.
Fairly uneventful meeting, however I don’t like the way it was framed later to congress and certainly not the way Comey did in his book. Comey chose the way is was done, and nothing appeared to be out of line.
I also have a problem with Comey holding back 80% of the contents of the dossier, in the verbal portion of the briefing.

And unless you can prove Comey did it to entrap Clapper leaking it, spare me that’s BS. He was briefed on all of it. more later on that
The second memo focuses on Comey’s first dinner with now POTUS Trump. Held in the Green room of the WH with a table set for two in the middle of the room, with two former submariners as servers…STOP why do we know all that?
We know that because Comey was very detailed down to the place settings and the servers in the room at times. He doesn't have a bad memory or attention to detail until it involves him being caught in a lie.
Why is that significant? Because since being fired Comes has developed severe dementia and unable to recall specifics, when his entire career he’s been a fine point detailed person, it’s built into his DNA. And he felt the need to also to express every detail of this 2nd meeting
Once again Come notates in his memo that he “felt comfortable throughout, although never relaxed, given the focus conversation required.” So again why does he paint the doom and gloom later in front of congress? Want to know the answer?
Because he’s a deceitful lying self serving POS that’s why and I will support that opinion with facts later.
The second page of the second memo starts out with what I consider is a lie, I highlighted in baby blue. Come talks about he doesn’t align politically as director, which I find “lacks candor” or what’s commonly known as a lie.
Now I’m not accusing him of being pro Dem or pro Rep, however politics strongly shape the way he was doing his job as FBI Chief.
I justify that easily, just look at his decision making in the MYE where in his own words he was worried about “how it played politically” He was making decisions based on what dates conventions were going on. [OIG Report]
He pushed or sped up investigations to meet politics deadlines, and held back when they needed to drag there feet. If you are truly A political you ignore the outside noise and do the work.

Do the normal thing or decide based on appearances or political fallout... politics
The fact that Comey was at one time considering pursuing the appointment of a special council in the MYE case, however that consideration hinged on the closeness of the party conventions. Seriously that's his reasoning on what to do?
That’s not A political, that’s politicizing a major decision in an investigation based on politics and how it would play out.
Back to the second memo, he lies to Trumps face again. Highlighted in baby blue. When asked about the conclusion of the MYE he told Trump that all investigators agreed on the conclusion. That’s a lie and we know this from direct testimony of multiple team members.
Baker and Moffett both said under oath they disagreed. Lawyer 1 & 2 both pushed back on it. It’s all in the OIG report as well and congressional transcripts. Again h/t to @themarketswork for supplying the transcripts.
Page three of that second memo Comes makes a statement that’s is laughable. He tells the POTUS that he doesn’t want to start a narrative that they were investigating him?
They had multiple FISA Title 3 wires on members of his campaign, and a counterintelligence investigation code name crossfire hurricane on his campaign. That’s investigating him, and he tries to give the POTUS the impression they weren’t.
Page 13 of the memos Come just goes all in with the candor or lack of. This time Comey wasn’t asked if he was investigating POTUS, he just offered it up himself. Comey said himself to make a point to remind him that they weren’t investigating him.
If anyone thinks for a minute that Strzok, Page, McCabe, Baker, Ohr, etc weren’t investigating Trump you need to seek help.
They didn’t get a Title 3 FISA warrant on Carter Page to investigate Carter Page, they were two hopping Trump and his people. That’s a plan simple fact. Comey is just flat out lying to the POTUS face plain and simple.
Oh before I forget, Here's an interest find on the OIG report where Comey talked of appointing a SC then talked about his appointment of Patrick Kennedy in the Valerie Plame case.

Guess who was the Deputy Sec of State blocking all the HRC email FOIAs?

Patrick Kennedy
So Comey's go to guy for Special Counsel appointments was already neck deep in the MYE investigation from the obstruction side of the HRC email scandal, couldn't hardly pull off appointing him to oversee the MYE.

How about that July 5th Press conference. He starts of off with a complete lie. “I have not coordinated or reviewed this statement in any way with the Department of Justice or any other part of the government. They do not know what I am about to say.”
This is a lie, full stop that’s it. He reviewed and coordinated is with everyone. They emailed that press conference statement back and forth for months.
All over the place, until Strzok made the changes and the laughed it at the presser on July 5th 2016
Then he goes to build a perfect case for prosecution of an individual, refers to the ICIG original referral of a security breach. Keep that in mind, he opened the cased originally based on a referral from the NSA IG, the strong arm of our cyber police. Statement by FBI Director
The NSA is top of the food chain when it comes to emails and transmission of data.
Here I dissect the statement and point to the statutes that they were violating
This is where Comey hinges his decision that no one would prosecute under the Espionage Act based on precedent and no one being prosecuted under these circumstances before, well as I noted, when has this ever happened before like this?
Bottom of the first page spells out the objective, to investigate the handling of classified info in the State Dept. He makes a very important distinction that has been misreported, misconstrued to fit a narrative, but we will look at these words to get to the truth.
“Consistent with our counterintelligence responsibilities” stop right there. There is a keyword in purple “also” Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 3.55.35 PM
This let’s you know that this isn’t just a counterintelligence investigation as some have portrayed the MYE. MYE is a criminal investigation with a counterintelligence element to it, since it involves cyber intrusion and breach of classified security.
All this crap about the MYE is just a CI investigation is garbage and that Comey would need to refer it for criminal prosecution. I have news for you, they have to refer everything for criminal prosecution, the FBI are not prosecutors.
The FBI has no prosecutorial powers. The FBI can’t grant immunity and they don’t prosecute cases. Federal Bureau or Investigation not Prosecution.
But this lame ass theory that Come let HRC off the hook because she was under a Counterintelligence & not a criminal is just nonsense they aren’t mutually exclusive. As a lifetime criminal investigator I can assure you.
But don’t take my word for it, let’s go by what Comey Said himself when describing the counterintellegence investigation on the Trump Campaign. Once again (see the red arrow)
The Comey to me slips up and completely contradicts himself when he says they found no evidence of intrusion? It was evidence of intrusion that opened the case to begin with. The ICIG presented it with their referral.
They don’t just give referrals on a whim, they have evidence to give the referral. They have a a complete ICIG report that was cowritten with the SDIG.

Where are those 22 TS/SAP emails that he couldn't show congress? Couldn't show Horowitz? All they could do is present an index
As some love to say “Comey is not stupid” & I firmly believe that. He knew exactly what he was doing and all his moves are well calculated. His mouth & his note taking are his own worst enemy. But not only do they have evidence they have sworn testimony and a willing witness.
Comey isn’t this incompetent, this is deliberate. What happened to the Comey that stood his ground in Ashcroft's hospital room, standing on his principles? That guy disappeared.
And out of all this bits and pieces of strange behavior and deviations from normal protocols, decisions that didn’t add up to evidence present, there is something that nobody can justify, and Comey couldn’t explain away.
WHY did the FBI not give Candidate Trump any defensive briefings if they had all these concerns of people around him meeting with foreign actors? Let's dig into that aspect a little.
First up Trey Gowdy asking why?

Comey seems a little clueless when asked, Gowdy probes him a little and lets it go when Comey keeps up the evasive tradecraft on direct answers.
Gowdy concedes his time to Somers, and now the Dems are curious about this lack of defensive briefing thing. This should show how startling it was that Trump never got a defensive briefing under these condinditions
Somers probes a little more but fades on the stretch
Goodlatte decides to get in on the fun and asked a lot of question concerning briefing and there was a lot of back and forth and then Comey drops a bomb right in the middle of it while trying to clarify the difference in general and defensive briefings
Baker jumps in to get some more details while the fire is lit.

Baker get Comey to admit that had Trump have gotten a defensive briefing, he would have been aware of it and he was not aware. That's very key and important. Comey was in the middle of this deception pulled on Trump
Funny thing though Comey in his first closed door session told Sen King something totally different. H/T @themarketswork for this transcript piece
Comey telling PE Trump about the pee pee dossier was as close to a defensive briefing as Comey ever got. Priestap brought it to Comey’s attention 4 different times. According to the OIG and Preistap’s testimony. Even Comey’s own testimony reflected the fact as well.
When Gowdy pressed him on it he had no answer to why he never would consider it. For those that don’t know a defensive briefing is intended to warn government officials of specific security concerns or risks.
The minute Trump became the RND nominee and began receiving advanced intelligence briefings he was considered a government official.
While we are back on the dossier it came up in questioning by Jordan in this session and it pointed out that Comey didn't really "hold back part of the dossier to trap any leakers" as has been portrayed by a few. He just verbally briefed the salacious parts
Comey clarified that the entire dossier was in the file the presented the President elect with at Trump Tower.

There was no secret sting by Comey to entrap Clapper, who was leaking or likely already had leaked that the POTUS was briefed on the dossier.
Clapper didn’t leak the dossier itself, the media had had it for months, they just weren’t going to run with it because it was uncorroborated. Them briefing Trump on it gave it life. Buzzfeed fell on the sword.
Then one of the Senate Majority investigators gets in on the free for all on Comey, his inconsistent testimony is catching up to him.
Remember what opened this email investigation to start with. Charles McCullough found highly classified emails and testified that they were being forwarded to foreign actors other than Russia. Which we find out later is likely China. But Comey is playing dumb.
But this guy Breitenbach presses on
And Comey develops his circumstantially convenient dementia
But Comey stumbles through it, but this house of cards is getting shaky
Sen Shen took over for a followup on briefings.

So Comey's excuse for not giving a defensive briefing to Trump was because of an ongoing investigation, YET remember he said they weren't investigating Trump personally?

Why not warn him?

Because they were trying to trap him
Comey was no ally, he wasn't "A" political, he wasn't balanced, he was complicit in an op to take out Donald J Trump. So I challenge this to all the “rain men” out there with this super hero level power of perception, lay out your proof.
Not what you think, not what you know but can’t prove. Lay out your case that Come is some sort of good guy, white hat, part of the plan, whatever the heck you want to call it. But lay out your proof and stop talk shit about people that disagree with you.
I made my case why I think of Comey is a bad actor and not some kind of fall guy to help Donald Trump, feel free to lay out your proof to prove me wrong. Enjoy.
I'd forgotten about this tweet, need to listen to some testimony

Tic Toc Jimmy..... better hope there aren't tapes...
Did Obama ask about, initiate, or instruct anything from any other perspective relating to the FBI's investigation?

There are others that know, and you are going to be left holding the bag.
Obama said "he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia."

What did you withhold Jimmy?
Obama asked YOU "to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team."

YOU said "YOU would."

What did you let him know Jimmy?

DIA knows exactly what YOU did, & you know damn good & well they do.
Can't wait until Power's, Yates', & Rice's depositions become public under discovery.

It's going to be ugly for you Jimmy, can't blame this off on McCabe and the rest. You going to ride the lightning nature boy.
Remember Jimmy there is a paper trail of you contradicting yourself, whether under oath or not.

Do you give a rip now?
Hey Jimmy remember your days at the SDNY? All those mob guys you helped bring down? What happened to the Backdoor money with the Russians? Slater isn't going to remain silent with has nuts in a vise. five decades as a cop taught me never trust a snitch.
Geoffrey Berman released a sealed indictment against, Mossack Fonseca, on charges including “Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Tax Evasion, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering Conspiracy.”

You awake yet?
Where's Ramses Owens sang to El Dorado Task Force. No one is safe. Those chickens are coming home to roost.
The blowback from XKeyscore has yet to reach it's peak. That pipeline ran both directions.
What if the Dragon FISA actually traces back to Panama?
From today's document dump in the HRC Vault 30

This verifies once again that the FBI did in fact have a criminal investigation open on the Mid Year Exam

And the fact that there was classified emails on the Weiner laptop
More explanation on the fact that Huma Abedin not only had classified emails on her clintonmail dot com account but also he Yahoo account
Seems the FBI SSA investigator agreed with all the statutes I cited way earlier in this thread. There were numerous ways the DOJ could have prosecuted Hillary and her entire staff.
And here shows that Comey knowingly lied to congress multiple times, here it even mentions the 22 TS/SAP TSI emails that IG Charles McCullough testified to congress about & he submitted to the FBI & they hid them from all open source, Comey completely ignoring them in his Presser
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