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Thread: I’ve Frickin’ Had It!

1. … with that idiot Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and her enablers, with other insane Democrats, and with the seeming unwillingness of anyone to confront their out-and-out stupidity!
2. What’s the point of civic courtesy any more when Democrats can seemingly say and do anything in a public forum without ever being challenged regardless of how crazy or asinine or belligerent or falsely accusatory they become?
3. How many of their unchecked lies must we endure? Or how many more fascistic hoaxes concocted in the feverish minds of leftist kooks that are aimed at stifling conservatives in the public square?…
4. Let’s start with “AOC.” The woman is bat-shit crazy! Why on earth should ANYONE listen to a 29-year-old congressman elected from a New York district in which only a scant 4% of registered voters turned out to vote her in last November?
5. What kind of “worldly and historical perspective” of any value can she possibly have at the age of 29? She hasn’t learned anything about holding a private sector job or the impact of taxes on businesses. Here is what Wikipedia says about her:

6. Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib are the first two members of the group in Congress. She advocates for a progressive platform that includes Medicare For All, a federal jobs guarantee, ….
6A. … guaranteed family leave, establishing a Green New Deal, abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, free public college and trade school, infrastructure projects for renewable energy, ….
6B. … and a 70% marginal tax rate for incomes above $10 million.


More here:…
7. How can ANYONE who graduated cum laude with a degree in international relations and economics champion those issues? Even a smattering of basic economics and world history covering the last 150 years would be sufficient to debunk everything in that list!
7A. Medicare for All. Can’t be paid for. Period.
B. Federal jobs guarantee. Disincentives to work hard. Prohibitive costs.
C. Guaranteed family leave. Open-ended with unknown costs.
7D. Green New Deal. Massive subsidized required; ignores the laws of thermodynamics.
E. Abolish ICE. Open borders nonsense; the destruction of the Republic!
F. Free college/trade school. Prohibitive costs.
7G. Infrastructure green energy projects. How’d Solyndra et al work again? Absurd.
H. 70% marginal tax rate. Great way to kill business and jobs, economics “cum laude” fool!
8. Apparently graduating cum laude from Boston University is a completely worthless accomplishment these days. What a joke! Worse, it’s an indictment of higher education in America, as she is far from alone in her ideological proclivity.…
9. The woman has ZERO life experience, worldly experience & business experience, and yet she has the gall to preach to us about what we must and must not do! She’s a poster child for those idiots who live in the abstract and rhetorical world – in cocoons!
10. And yet the legacy media and others fawn over her every ridiculous utterance – almost as if they believe her drivel to that of a god of some kind. No push-back ever, no direct confrontation, but rather continuously enabling her and marveling over her ostensible “brilliance.”
11. People like her need to be directly confronted in every public situation possible. Everything she says must be loudly disputed and her lies debunked!
12. And the modern notion that who or what a person is (especially if of a supposedly disfavored or victimized race, sex, sexual persuasion, etc.) should result in a “get out of jail free card” for displayed stupidity and bad behavior is complete nonsense.
13. One’s thoughts, words, and deeds are the measures by which everyone – especially AOC – should be judged. Speaking of her, what the hell has she EVER done in life to warrant the attention given to her utterances anyway? No real-world and certainly no business experience!
14. Being a “young Latina” doesn’t make her claims and stances on issues “golden.” To the contrary, her lack of experience should be a caution to us all, particularly when we reflect on the fate of the type of full-blown socialism she would visit on the country….
14A. … if she and others of her ilk were in control!
15. All we have to do is look at Venezuela for the latest example of the abject failure of unbridled socialism that has wrecked what was formerly the most prosperous democracy in Latin America.…
16. At the other end of the age spectrum is the doddering old fool Bernie Sanders. Here’s a life-long self-declared socialist who’s feasted off the capitalist system in which he was fortunate to live all of his life. The hypocrite has – what – three houses these days?
16A. Yeah, he’s a real champion of the poor, which is his shtick, right? A resounding “hell no” is in order!…
17. Read his Wikipedia page; it’s enough to make you puke! The guy’s been in the public sector virtually his entire life and from his 30s onward has never held a real job.
17A. Yet we’re supposed to believe his ridiculous pronouncements about the “benefits of socialism”?…
18. And from a clown who’s never directly experienced full-blown socialism himself? Enough of the kid-gloves treat for this a-hole, too (as well as his idiot lemmings who cream in their jeans during every one of his public appearances)!
19. He also needs to be politely but firmly confronted by normal Americans in every public setting. Real push-back is needed at every opportunity! Same goes for his ignorant supporters, too.
20. How about Spartacus (Corey Booker), Ho Harris, and Fauxcahontas? It’s absurd to think that the likes of these three are actually vying for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020. Yet, they all get away with their ignorant public policy positions, too, don’t they?
21. To be a minority or a woman or both seems to mean that no one is willing to confront them directly on the issues. That’s GOT TO STOP! One would have hoped that @POTUS’s success in pushing back on his political enemies would have taught more conservatives how to do it!
22. BTW, I’m not talking rhetorically or in the abstract about publicly confronting people on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum. I’ve actually had the pleasure of doing so, and it was a really cathartic experience!
23. A few years ago, I ran into George Stephanopolous at Reagan National Airport in DC while waiting for a flight. I politely “put him on report” (in Navy parlance) and questioned his patriotism on a few issues, as well as his hypocritical support for the Clintons.
24. At least it made him think for a few seconds – and I sure as hell felt pretty damn good afterward. These people need to know how much average Americans like me despise them and what they are doing to the country!
25. My recommendation? Avail yourself of the opportunity to politely get in their faces when you see them in public and confront them on the issues and their rank hypocrisies. Try it – and you’ll like it! ///The end.
Addendum. I wonder if all the lunatic Bernie backers have seen this? Talk about the height of stupidity to blindly follow someone who actually praised the Communist regime in the now-defunct USSR! Every Bernie backer should be confronted about this:
Addendum 2. And here’s exactly what I mean by publicly smacking down these fools – in this case AOC – by James Woods:
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