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Opening DM to the public really is an eye opener. I got a glimpse of what Trump felt traveling the country. It was bad enough no one was listening. Bad enough pushing fake news. However this next level censorship is going to change it all.
People are mad/hurting/scared some are happy/hopeful/excited and other are looking to change how things are done. In one DM a patriot really caught my attention. Looking to do something a bit different. Specifically how we all interact with Social Media, Censorship, and Trolls.
This patriot agreed to a background check so we could verify ident. “Follow the money to know the truth” is something said often. Let’s just say I followed the money and we like where it goes. This patriot should make all of us proud.
He wants no money and wished to remain anonymous to the public. He asked if I could bring it up to the community to get some feedback with no worries of someone else using his idea.
I will be adding to this thread details of the problem and his attempt at a solution.
This isn't part of the plan or great awaking. Just a patriot trying to help with his own contribution to make this world a better place. Anyone claiming to be this anonymous patriot asking for donations is a fraud. No one here will ask you for anything besides to VOTE.
The 1st problem with the big social networks is that they have shareholder, advertisers, government etc. to shape how they censor and do business. Started just to make a few select people money. Dig deeper and you can see a darker side but going to keep it Light for now.
The 2nd problem with a social network is that they are moderated by someone. They have to be. If not they can be easily overrun by paid/unpaid trolls, hateful people, bad actors, or fake news. "Who" moderates is the problem. Having a conservative moderate isn't the answer.
The 3rd problem is how they make money. They are selling a product. Its you! The content creators. The people that spend hours a day just trying to communicate. We know that some are paid to be on T/FB to cause divide. What about the good people? Nothing, they just get sold.
Those are just some of the issues that will be addressed in the proposed solution. I have seen the beta and its a mix between T/FB functionality. His goal is to keep it as familiar as possible but change the current social network 'problems' into 'solutions'.
I will explain some of the solutions soon. Some aren't unique. Others are trying to address just some of the problems. What interest me the most is 'who' will be making the profit and 'who' owns the data. Some legal challenges but I am Not a lawyer.
If you are wondering if there is some . __ _... . _.. in this thread you would be right!
I'll try to get to some more DM's to at least give a 👍🏼. Truly inspired by so many of the DM's. Huge shoutout to our Vets! We are all in this together Patriots.
Ok, let me get to some of the solutions here.
You have to think a bit different but the concept is fairly easy to understand. You and your content, personality, likes, comments etc is what makes social networks grow. It should be YOUR property...
Some spend all day on these networks. Promoting these platforms with YOUR content. Companies like T/FB make serious money selling you to advertisers. You get nothing for it. They control all you content. Can turn you off with a click of a mouse. Losing years of connections...
The vision here is to give you full control of your Profile. To be done right it needs to be decentralized. So what does it mean to decentralize your 'Profile'?
Think of your 'Profile' as a 'Bitcoin'. To understand this fully you need to understand "Blockchain" technology.
Here is a short video explaining what Blockchain is.
Running a large social network needs a large infrastructure. Using blockchain makes this possible. Why would tech people want to dedicate a server to help someone else with a social network infrastructure? Easy answer is $$...
Where does the money come from?
Why would advertisers want to give money?
-So they can sell a 'Profile' something.-
If the 'Profile' brings the traffic then why don't I get $ ?
-Owning your Profile makes this possible.-
Remember consider your Profile as a Bitcoin.
So you signup to a new social media site that is setup as a non profit or trust. Create a 'Profile' and add content like you currently do and they network grows. Advertisers start to place ads. You see the ads however what is different with this is that you get paid...
Doing it this way cuts out the middle man in the transaction. The more advertising dollars the more your 'Profile' and interactions are worth. Your Profile earns Points with each interaction. Example...
So now you have a Profile that is on the Blockchain that is worth real value.
But what about Trolls?
The people that are paid to piss you off or try to intimidate?
-This turns the tables on them!-
They want to troll then go ahead but know its going to cost them money.
How will the trolls lose money?
By other "Profiles' Disliking their comments. Every Dislike on a comment will cost them Points. If a Profile goes negative in Points it gets suspended.
They can work their way out of suspension by posting things people 'Like'.
This put you in control. You decide if you want to be advertised to. You control your privacy setting. You control the actions. You become moderators. Money is a big incentive to be a fair person. Safeguard would be put into place to prevent abuse of dislikes.
I think you can see why this got my attention. But you may ask what stops big brother from just shutting the site down? That where Blockchain comes in again. By having your Profile decentralized. With this design many social networks can just start up and tap into this Blockchain
I only know so much about this but I have seen a Beta/Demo template. Sure you will have questions, I don't have most of the answers. However I did promise this patriot that I would do my best to try to explain. He asked me to tweet out the domain so you can all take a look...
Before I do it needs to be clear that this isn't part of "The Plan, Storm, Awakening." This is just a shoutout because I like the way this patriot is thinking. Background check has been done and all checks out. You can speak directly to him on his platform...
He has given me a guarantee that he will NOT solicit ANY money from anyone. Its in Beta right now but you can lock up your profile name. Maybe a good idea just to have as backup if T/FB go down. The real work is in the backend but is looking for input on the Template.
That being said give it a try at WG1WGA.com Its the template that will be used for the blockchain release. Let em know your feedback on the flow. Others are trying to do blockchain social networks but his vision explained stood out from the rest. Good luck patriot!
You can ask him any question directly on that site. His profile name is Kobayashi. He is American. in addition VincentKennedy also has a profile setup. For now I need to get back to my usual posts.
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