Wow that didn't take long
Thanks to those forwarding me screen shots, this is how a person gets trapped in their bubble
Never mention this clown by name but I definitely hit a nerve
And after showing this in Comey's own words he's beating his gums on youtube right now about how Comey couldn't charge HRC because it was a counterintelligence investigation and not a criminal one, still says they are mutually exclusive...
The latest from the Oracle of NY is hilarious. The self proclaimed genius, newest revelation to enlighten the world. Through his 2 years and 13 claimed accounts he's been saying this and it's been falling on deaf ears...🤣
The genius starts off telling his 23 viewers on YouTube that DJT fired all 47 US prosecutors in the country with the exception of two Rosenstein and Boente. All 47, and know one but him paid attention. All us so called investigators aren't enlightened enough to see it.
Okay here's a little enlightening for you Oracle. There are actually 93 United States Attorneys, one for each of the 94 federal judicial districts, except for Guam and the Northern Marianas, where a single U.S. Attorney serves both districts. SO all 47 is actually 93.. Fake News
As for the firing of US Attorney's, that's not how it works. When there is a change in administrations, every US Attorney all 93 of them, submit their resignations automatically. Then when the new POTUS is sworn in, the POTUS notifies the US Atty they wants to retain.
This happens every election of a new POTUS, it's not some grand scheme, not some genius move, it happens every time there's a new tenant in the White House.

Then the next revelation is the Executive Order Obama signed altering the succession of the DOJ.
Executive Order 13762 signed by Obama changing the succession of the DOJ.

Oh how sinister of the Sage of Chicago how could he possibly come up with such a devious plot to overthrow the government.

Newsflash EO 13762 overrode EO 13557 that overrode EO 13481!
Prior to EO 13481 the change in succession was done by Presidential Memorandum, which also granted the ability to change order of succession by Executive Order instead of President's Memorandum, streamlining the Paperwork and making it less of an effort.
And for historical accuracy this game of musical chairs with the succession of the DOJ was put into routine by the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, 5 U.S.C. 3345 signed into law by Bill Clinton. And since then every POTUS does this. Donald Trump did it with EO 13775
So the Oracle then sits back and bashes @tracybeanz and @drawandstrike and myself by name, trying to boost his product, claiming his all seeing Asperger's Eye is so far superior to us amateurs, we will never get it. Says we ignores things like this on purpose to mislead people
Newsflash numbnuts we ignore stupid crap like this because it happens every administration change. Funny I never heard you talk about the change in succession until lately, when it was brought up 2 weeks ago in someone else's thread that got a lot of retweets.
And for the record Obama changed out 53 US Atty, GWB changed out 61 US Atty's Clinton changed out 43, and so on. It happens every change in administration, it's part of the Article 2 Powers of the POTUS, standard operating procedures, not some great revelation only you noticed
This may be petty, well so what. So is bashing @tracybeanz on every video from your basement. I get tired of it. Don't agree her assessment? Ok but that doesn't make her wrong or fake news. I love Tracy Diaz. She works her ass off. I don't always agree with her either, so what
She is digging through open sourcing like the rest of us, and she always shows her work in documents and citations. You might try doing that yourself oh great Oracle of NY, instead of blocking people that disagree with you and then talking shit about them in your basement.
Okay I apologize to everyone else for my pettiness but I get tired of listening to the crap from this blow hole. This isn't a game of king of the hill, if you are a conservative in seek of the truth, you should be respectful of all the others seeking the same. 1 team 1 goal = WIN
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