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My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
For decades the #NDP promised #billions in #investment for our #social programs in Canada that could result in large deficits during their term & the media would #pounce, #throwstones & #destroy the idea of it. #ConradBlack simply could not endure such a thing. But for #LPC
The #media said barely said anything in 2015, when it came to the #LPC, and how the #sky could fall as a result of these #deficits. Why the hypocrisy? Could it have something to do with the idea that billions would actually be spent on corporations and not #social programs?
#Corporations include #media sources. Canada’s daily newspapers alone earned $1 billion in advertisement revenues in 2017. Yet, their lobbyists came knocking on #Trudeau & #LPC’s door in June 2017, asking the party for $350 million in funds, citing funding to #CBC as a reason.
In October 2017, the #Trudeau government acknowledged the #demands brought forth by the Heritage Committee on #media #funding. A year later, November 2018, .@Morneau_Bill announced $600 million over 5 years for the “plight of newspapers.” A game is afoot in our @CdnPress.
Why is Canada’s #national #government bailing out the very media that should be holding our government to account? Could this not be considered a possible #conflictofinterest? It’s almost the equivalent of a firm paying the expenses of a CRA auditor while they audit their firm.
I support our #media, but I don’t support millions being invested in pvt #media firms that hold back #political #scrutiny because they got paid money by our government! How can Canadians rely on fair & unbiased coverage by .@CdnPress, if our own government is subsidizing them?
People often complain about how Liberal-heavy the #CBC is & often complain that they are funded by our government. What about corporations like @globeandmail? @TorontoStar? @PostMediaNews? If they are all subsidized by our government, no wonder I doubt the value of their news!
.@liberal_party is currently & presumably, tangled up in a scandal with #SNCLavalin, yet Canada’s media still seem fixated on phsycho analyzing the @NDP & their fortunes. Most recently with the by-elections tomorrow, saying these by-elections are a true test of #NDP support.
#BurnabyNow was the only #media outlet I am aware of that mentioned Singh is the only candidate that can vote in the by-election. All other #media are fixated on Singh losing or #NDP losing in #Outremont & #YorkSimcoe. Forget that the latter 2 are NOT traditional #NDP seats.
If anything, the by-elections tomorrow are a true test of .@liberal_party support. In 2015, the #NDP struggled to win in #BurnabySouth, in #YorkSimcoe, the NDP finished in third, and in Outremont, the great @ThomasMulcair won with less than 5,000 votes over the #LPC candidate.
#LPC has been the party of choice in #Outremont from 1935 to 2007. In comparison, for the #NDP it has only been 11 years. Yet, for our independent, smart, & analytical government subsidized media personalities, the by-election is a measure of #NDP support across Quebec & Canada!?
If the #LPC candidate is defeated by .@JdelCSanchez, then I’d say that was a true measure of #LPC support. It is the @liberal_party that has to prove themselves to the people of #Outremont, Quebec & Canada. Yet, here we are, media putting all the heavy weight on the @NDP again.
It’s odd that our non-partisan, unbiased #media finds it necessary to attack the third party. Why? The real reason why, is that a weak alternative ensures that no change in our federal government occurs. Take that in for a minute, while I criticize the party I support.
I’m a long standing supporter of the .@NDP, but there is a few things I need to openly criticize them on. They are a party without a rudder. That’s not to say that they are leaderless. We have a great leader, .@theJagmeetSingh, albeit inexperienced at the federal level and new.
It’s to say that in the frenzy & panic of trying to save their political lives, the @NDP has lost a successful path in the fog along the way. We jump started our party with the help of an old friend, but let our old friend go on his own too early. We were perhaps over confident!
Politics is all about image. .@theJagmeetSingh came out on top, heralded as a saviour to the #NDP & possibly to the country as a whole. Where Singh “appeared” to lose traction was with his own caucus. I hope that this changes quickly and we support each other in the end. #ndppoli
Internal party #politics can seem far worse than external factors. If @JagmeetSingh wins #BurnabySouth, I’d hope the talent bleed of the @NDP would stop. Yes, we have a leader, but our party was never about just 1 person! The #NDP needs help from our most experienced members.
Despite all the excitement of choosing a new leader, due to one government paid reporter, the fanfare & fame of the new #NDP leader was nearly lost. Point 1 for the @liberal_party war machine; straight form a government-sponsored news network. Coincidence? Maybe? I doubt it.
To ensure his untimely political death; they also delayed calling the very by-election Singh chose to try & successfully run in. When they finally called it, controversy, scandal ripped through the #LPC & shockingly through an MP from #BramptonEast. We know how that story ends.
Pause! I know, #LPC supporters are going to creep out to criticize. But #LPC are notorious for playing dirty in politics. They have a great team that knows how to successfully paint other leaders negatively without appearing negative themselves. They’ll even sacrifice their own.
It’s a team anyone can dream for in politics. Use the weaknesses of a leader against them. That team consisted of .@gmbutts, the PMO staff member that recently resigned over #SNCLavalin & JWR. It also included Daniel Gagnier, he resigned too, the weekend before the election.
.@theJagmeetSingh is Sikh, #LPC team knows Canadians may be polite but deep down they are no different when it comes to #racism, or #mistreatment of people from a different #religion, than the rest of the world. Political war-machines are often desperate enough. (to be continued)
So rather than try to go after Singh over policies that he’d present as leader, it isn’t all that surprising that a government paid reporter, back from retirement (perfect scapegoat), would then question Singh on his possible ties to #terrorism. It was an obvious political move.
The #NDP leader barely held his own, donations to #NDP slipped, #NDP supporters dropped like dying flies, openly criticized the party. Point 2 for .@liberal_party: get #NDP membership to doubt his leadership skills. It was a brilliant tactic that even included non #NDP supporters
Months later, just as the leader fights to win a by-election, & is finally getting media attention for #NDP policies, including better #housing and full #pharmacare, scandal breaks out for #LPC. Isn’t it ironic? I’m sure the story on #SNCLavalin could have broke a month earlier.
While the vast majority of media now focuses on #Trudeau, and his apparent “scandal,” the media keeps covering the “downfall” of the #NDP. If this party was led by #Layton, he’d be using the media & the by-election as his soapbox. But the #LPC knows Singh is not as big as Layton.
Sadly despite the fight #Singh has, the media has kicked the soapbox from under him. This includes any policies the #NDP even attempt to announce. .@theJagmeetSingh’s bid for a seat as been overshadowed by #LPC scandal and dire predictions of the #NDP. And if the #NDP loses?
Being a #leader is hard! A majority of Canadians are leaderless & sadly go through life feeling like sheep. Despite being kicked for his race, his colour, his religion, or just for his turban, .@theJagmeetSingh keeps defending Canadians, including those who need it most.
But Singh needs to be more present, vocal. Side note: wearing a suit does not make him out of reach. The .@NDP has to stop allowing others to shape & form our party. External influences, will help elect the party, sure, but will also serve to relegate it to third party status.
.@theJagmeetSingh, I was also bullied growing up. I was called names, others threatened to be beat me up, & like you, I picked myself up & fought for better. Here’s the thing, I didn’t change who I was as a person. Nor should you at any point, change who you are as an individual!
The .@NDP has been & should always be an inclusive party. Rhetoric to make #NDP great again by making it “leftist” only serve the media #LPC, & #CPC’s opinion of our party justice; that we belong as a third party; leaving Canadians with corruption, scandal & poor governance.
The .@liberal_party picked themselves up after only winning 34 seats in 2011. They didn’t fight amongst each other. They literally huddled together in basements & plotted together to change the face of their party & perceptions. They succeeded at being themselves with a new image
The .@NDP has only 8 months to do the same. Infighting after elections has got to stop. Part of our problem as a party is we have become constrained in both how our leaders’ and our members behave. We are afraid to take a misstep. Playing it #safe in #politics won’t give us a win
Take for example the #SNCLavalin scandal. It is helping #LPC as much as it may be destroying it. #LPC voters too afraid to admit they did Canada & themselves wrong by voting #LPC in 2015 are becoming defensive. And yet many will admit they’ll vote #LPC again.
To make an error is #human. I’m not suggesting the #NDP be #corrupt, but clearly, the #SNCLavalin affair may not bring down the #LPC brand. That speaks volumes about voter #empathy. The #NDP won’t earn voters back by trying to steer the party left or by openly attacking #LPC.
Fight fire with fire! In 2015, @liberal_party used "progressive" values to defeat @NDP. In 2019, the #NDP must use policies from the right and left to defeat #LPC. Start highlighting all the right-wing things the #LPC did that really negatively affected all the Canadians.
For example, the .@NDP and @theJagmeetSingh both proposed more housing funded by the national government. How about the #NDP also raise the issue of mortgage rules, interest increases to our mortgage payments, how banks try to up sale right under our noses? We all need the #NDP.
Tell Canadians how you will be different. Publish millions of policy pamphlets comparing you to #LPC. Electoral laws in Canada need to change. I’d like to hear from all parties in between elections. I should be allowed to hear from #Greens in year two, even if I have an #LPC MP.
Democracy includes the right to hear from many, not just one political party in a span of four years. If my MP is doing a great job, he/she will have nothing to fear if other parties are issuing policy pamphlets while they are in office. And yet, this is not happening. Why?
In my riding, my current MP had non-Liberal signs up years before he was elected. He was all over the riding. We need that kind of ambition from our .@NDP candidates once again. Our party needs to be re-invigorated. But that comes with a cost; point 3 for @liberal_party.
Strategic voting out of fear is point 4 for .@liberal_party. Canadians have heard it a million times from #LPC: “Oh yes, we are liars, and we are corrupt, and yes, we are not governing as progressives.” But... “If you vote @NDP, you’ll help the @CPC_HQ, get into power.”
Canadians mark their ballot in #shame for #LPC again. Liberals laugh. Those same Liberals will spend the next four years trying to convince you that they too were #NDP supporters before, but for the greater good, must keep voting #LPC. And repeat. #cdnpoli
Point 1 for .@CPC_HQ: let’s help the #NDP. Poor democratic socialists forced the #LPC to give Canadians the greatest social programs ever, like universal healthcare. They should be able to govern too. We know they won’t win, but votes will bleed from #LPC, and we’ll win!
Point 5 for #LPC was killing their biggest 2015 promise to Canadians. Electoral reform, would have put winning their 54% of seats with only 39% of the vote in jeopardy. We can’t have the @NDP winning 19% of the seats with 19% of the vote! We’d have to listen to all Canadians!
If Canadians don’t realize what is happening or are not paying attention, how can they be helped? At this point, I’m unsure, but the onus is on every single person who is done with #LPC & #CPC to convince those not paying attention, why they should be done as well.
If you’re not buying #NDP, ask yourself why & look around. What positive stories have you read on the @NDP? The media is just as much to blame as #LPC or #CPC. Negativity & rumours sell, so Canadians are to blame too. It’s a vicious cycle in #cdnpoli. How do we change it?
In my opinion, it begins with each of us, including myself, & the political parties. My recommendation to the party I support? Be fun, have charisma, energy, love & courage, hope & optimism. Canadians will eat up our sincerity. Be yourself & admit your failures and your mistakes.
are human & that’s what Canadians are looking for in our politicians. They want more than transparency & openness. They’re seeking to find themselves in the #NDP; to relate to our policies and our leader. We have lost that element. If the @NDP can show this we will win in 2019
They want a party that defends all Canadians. Canadians value transparency & inclusivity over corruption & exclusivity. The #NDP needs to find the energy, the drive, and the courage to convince Canadians we are that party. Our message needs to reach Canadians in time.
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