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Today at 10:00 Justice Minister Michael Masutha is holding a briefing on #Bosasa and @DOJCD_ZA contracts with the company now known as African Global Operations and its subsidiaries. Two former Correctional Services seniors, Linda Mti and Patrick Gillingham, have been charged.
On Friday, a statement on behalf of the #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo announced contracts for GTS (formerly Sondolo IT) to provide security to the commission were not awarded correctly.
Zondo indicated GTS work at the #StateCaptureInquiry was investigated after a journalist raised the alarm on the company’s links to #Bosasa. That journalist is @CowansView of @News24 (his story also appeared in @City_Press).
#StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom Secretary Dr Khotso de Wee went on leave in January following testimony from #AngeloAgrizzi which implicated De Wee in alleged wrongdoing. De Wee’s replacement’s (initial) term ends on 28 February.
#StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom Proceedings begin at 09:00 this morning and not 10:00. @Eskom_SA board chair Jabu Mabuza returns to the stand for his second day of testimony.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza resumes testifying and introduces emails from Matshela Koko's server to a portal linked to the #Guptas & associates. He cites an email from Koko's @Eskom_SA email address to this portal. It has with information on internal #Eskom consulting directives.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA "On this day on the 20th of July on returning to office Mr Matshela Koko sends this email to Mr [Salim} Essa," says Mabuza claiming Koko did so to show Essa where there were business opportunities at #Eskom.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA #StateCaptureInquiry "It's a classified document, it's an internal document," says Mabuza of the attchment from @TreasuryRSA which went from Koko's #Eskom @ESkom_SA email address to the address and intended, says Mabuza, for #Gupta associate Essa.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says that the document sent from Koko's #Eskom email was a response from @TreasuryRSA to government departments on how to contain their costs. He and Advocate Vincent Maleka SC move on to a second email sent a minute or so later.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka refers to an attachment to an email sent from Koko's #Eskom account in 2015 to the portal account. It includes an attachment with information on a programme to invest in top engineers.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA Maleka says the #Eskom @ESkom_SA challenge in the High Court against McKinsey and Trillian relates to non-compliance. "This paragraph as I read it suggests that they had to be compliant with National Treasury instructions [...] correct?" says Maleka. "Correct," replies Mabuza.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA Mabuza says confidential, internal documents were leaked to an outside party [by Koko] and provided information to that outside party must comply with the top engineers specifications in order to make money working with #Eskom @Eskom_SA. "So, there's a problem here," says Mabuza.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza describes this as "scheming" and Maleka asks why the contract would be executed the [irregular] way it was executed in light of regulations Koko and others, like Anoj Singh, were obliged to follow in relation to contracting at #Eskom @Eskom_SA.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry "No, the intention was never to comply. The intention was to create opportunities for specific people with specific objectives," says Mabuza. Zondo suggest that is a matter of opinion based on an analysis of the facts.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza and Maleka move on to a third email which seems to be a duplicate email, according to Mabuza. A fourth email sent from Koko's #Eskom email address to the portal email address in 2015 containing an attachment on an exco resolution by #Eskom executives.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA "This is what this programme of the engineers had to do but once more we must never move sight of: this is an internal document [...] that is now in the hands of an external party," says Mabuza on a document mentioning @McKinsey in relation to #Eskom's top engineer's programme.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza and Maleka discuss the dates of the document versus the email; the exco document on the "round robin" is from 2014 and is reviewed in 2015. Maleka highlights the question of signatories on the document.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says Brian Dames signed on 20 March, while other executives signed between 4 and 13 March. He says "it is not unusual for the boss man" to be the last to sign a document. This relates to an email leaked from Koko's #Eskom email account to Essa in 2015.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA #StateCaptureInquiry "A commercial process needs to be followed to select the firm," reads one handwritten note from an #Eskom @Eskom_SA executive on the document on top engineers. Another handwritten note begins, "We need to push for a further reduction in McKinsey's..."
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA [NOW UNDERWAY] While Mabuza testifies at the #StateCaptureInquiry, Minister of Justice Michael Masutha @DOJCD_ZA is holding a press briefing which is set to address #Bosasa among other issues. Masutha begins quoting President Cyril Ramaphosa at #SONA2019.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha reiterates "our unequivocal support" for the #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom and repeats a call for witnesses to come forward. Masutha says he recently visited and inspected correctional services kitchens in Sun City, Kgosi Mampuru and Pollsmoor.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha says that of the 234 correctional services kitchens, the running of 131 are outsourced and of those 26 are run by African Global Operations, formerly #Bosasa. Masutha says kitchen services were outsourced "through competitive processes" in 2004.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha says the Department of Correctional Services did not request Treasury to replace #Bosasa and its subsidiaries on the restricted suppliers' database, but following the testimony at the @StateCaptureCom all "large scale contracts" with the company were reviewed.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA [BREAKING] Correctional services staff who were implicated in testimony on #Bosasa @StateCaptureCom have been instructed to give cause why they should not be permanently suspended, says Justice Minister Michael Masutha. He is holding a briefing on #Bosasa contracts with DCS now.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha @DOJCD_ZA welcomes Ramaphosa's announcement of a Special Tribunal to accelerate the recovery of monies and assets lost through maladministration in civil matters related to government services.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha deals with a Sondolo IT contract with @DOJCD_ZA which was worth about R601 million and which was continued on an ad hoc basis after it lapsed in September. It was (is) for court security and the department "had no choice" but to continue it for the sake of security.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha says a @DOJCD_ZA official was placed on precautionary leave this morning in connection with the security contract for @StateCaptureCom given to GTS, a subsidiary of what was #Bosasa. Another staffer has been called to give reason why she shouldn't be subject to the same.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA Masutha refers now to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) investigations into fraud and corruption. Meanwhile, Mabuza continues testifying #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom where he is now dealing with Ben Ngubane's email on a media blackout or media ban.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom Mabuza reads from Ngubane's report to then Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown dated September 2015 on an #Eskom @Eskom_SA board resolution (without Singh who abstained) to bar certain media, nullify advertising.…
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza wants to address why he asserts Koko's emails to the portal address were destined for Essa. Earlier Zondo passed comment on the input of a member of Mabuza's legal team who was mouthing comment under her breath, about which Zondo was somewhat concerned
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza looks for notes and the same member of his legal team stands but she then returns to her seat, while Mabuza continues. He then refers to a page (printout of an email) with yellow Post It notes on them.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA [SUMMARISED] Mabuza: So, Chair, travel agent Samira sends an email to Salim, this email with the three Koko family visas finally arrives at Koko's Yahoo email address so the conclusion we have drawn is that Salim is the same Salim Essa who used
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka says of the portal address that there has been a lot of speculation about who utilised "this controversial email address" and submits Koko has a version. "Do you know about the version of Mr Koko?" asks Maleka.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry "We reject it," says Mabuza of Koko's version, which is that the portal address belongs to Suzanne Daniels. Mabuza says "we reject that" because why would Daniels use an email account with the name 'businessman' for communication on official #Eskom matters.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka refers to another email from Koko's #Eskom's email address sent 14 November 2015 and containing an attachment, the subject of which is electricity loadshedding and way forward.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza addresses historical and more recent #loadshedding. He says the fact that it continues shows that advice and #Eskom board resolutions from at least four years ago on dealing with the problem of loadshedding were not implemented.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza: We, in the current state, we have also reached that same conclusion that #loadshedding has a lot to do with the absence of skills - maintenance and the absence of skills - among people in the operation.
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA @TreasuryRSA @DOJCD_ZA #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka says a charge against Koko relates to the alleged disclosure of confidential #Eskom information. Proceedings adjourn for tea.
#StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza’s surrounded by members of his legal team during the tea break. Last week a woman seen here handed him a piece of paper while he was testifying and today Zondo commented on another mouthing remarks during Mabuza’s evidence.
#StateCaptureInquiry Proceedings resume and legal team head Advocate Paul Pretorius SC stands now to discuss the video filmed at the #Gupta’s compound in #Saxonwold during an in loco inspection with #VytjieMentor at the end of last year by a videographer hired by the family.
#StateCaptureInquiry Pretorius says attorneys for the #Gupta family are on terms to apply to submit their video of the #Saxonwold tour in late 2018 with #VytjieMentor. Zondo wishes to address another issue, on certain media publishing witness statements before evidence is given.
#StateCaptureInquiry Zondo refers to a meeting with @SAEditorsForum about the premature publishing of witness statement information prior to evidence being given. He then mentions a @BDliveSA report today with details of former NDPP Advocate Shaun Abraham’s statement.
#StateCaptureInquiry Zondo says his approval was sought regarding @BDliveSA disclosing details of Abrahams’s statement, proper process was followed, Zondo commends the conduct of all concerned, that they followed the law. He wants this on record so none think there was a breach.
#StateCaptureInquiry Maleka resumes questioning Mabuza. He refers back to the portal email address and asks Mabuza for the response of Daniels to Koko’s theory that the account was hers. Mabuza claims it belongs to Essa, a #Gupta associate.
#StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza and Maleka continue to discuss emails, this trail concerning the transfer of funds for a guarantee. Singh forwards the details to Eric Wood of Regiments. Maleka asks why Singh would forward this internal #Eskom communication to Wood.
#StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says this guarantee was not called on as information began to circulate in the public domain which "made Absa a bit nervous" but a prepayment of R600 million was obtained for Tegeta to buy coal mines.
#StateCaptureInquiry Maleka refers to another email sent from Wood to Singh, which appears on the letterhead of Regiments and the email is dated 10 December at 16:59. The mail attaches banking details, says Mabuza, and it details the account name and references Tegeta.
#StateCaptureInquiry Maleka asks why would Wood, on the same day, give Singh banking details of a different bank. Mabuza says he does not know. He then refers to a memorandum on the advance payment of ±R1.7 billion guarantee from Absa for the coal mine acquisitions by Tegeta.
#StateCaptureInquiry Maleka says they will now deal with another charge against Koko relating to travel to Bali and Dubai, UAE. Mabuza referred to visas for Koko family members earlier when explaining why he thinks the portal email account belongs to Essa.
#StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza refers to the disciplinary hearing of Daniels, and how it rebuffed Koko's theory on the portal email account. Details on Koko's trips below, from @Fin24.…
@Fin24 #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza refers to the process of reaching the conclusion Koko lied to Parliament. Mabuza also highlights the charge from #Eskom @Eskom_SA against Koko that Koko played "a central role to establish Trillian's mandate".
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA "As a reinstated employee we immediately instated these charges," says Mabuza of the #Eskom @Eskom_SA board decision following a court judgement on Koko's suspension. He adds Koko resigned an hour before his disciplinary hearing citing concerns over his family's safety.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says Daniels was found guilty in an internal #Eskom @Eskom_SA disciplinary, on all four counts. They include her action in relation to Trillian, the guarantee for Tegeta, and signing invoices for Dr Ben Ngubane's legal fees unrelated to Eskom matters.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says that Daniels signed invoices for two amounts (about R154,000 and R651,000) for legal services not rendered to Eskom but incurred when Ngubane went to @ParliamentRSA and answered questions on the SABC. Daniels was found guilty, says Mabuza.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza: Outsiders would decide what to do, they draft and they send and they put on the #Eskom letterhead or they put in front of the board, the board would approve and that would become an @Eskom_SA decision.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza has referred to an email Daniels received to her home email address which she then forwarded to her #Eskom email address in March 2016. It was from Nazeem Howa of Oakbay and contained coal supply agreements between #Tegeta and @Eskom_SA, he says.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka asks why would Oakbay's Howa send these details on Tegeta coal contracts with Eskom to Eskom's Daniels? Mabuza replies that then what could happen is they could be put on an #Eskom @Eskom_SA letterhead and sent back to Howa.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA Maleka moves on to another email exchange between Daniels and Essa, who then makes input on the attachment sent by Daniels and instructing Daniels to add a line on the "big four" major suppliers of coal to #Eskom highlighting #Tegeta supplies less than 5% of Eskom's coal.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza tells Maleka that, for context, the #Eskom document on which Essa (who is an Eskom outsider linked to the Guptas) gave his approval and endorsement after a tweak, was a "damage control" statement in anticipation of a @CarteBlanche exposé on Koko.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche #StateCaptureInquiry Another email exchange is introduced; this from Ngubane to Daniels with Essa copied in on the exchange. Mabuza highlights that the then Chairman of #Eskom is copying in an outsider in on the exchange about Ngubane's official #Eskom statement.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche #StateCaptureInquiry "We do say that for those people who have been mentioned it may also be worthwhile to look at how the former [Group] CEO Mr Brian Molefe got implicated in what we consider to be a scheme to defraud #Eskom and assist Oakbay to acquire Optimum," says Mabuza.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche #StateCaptureInquiry Maleka refers to the "relevant directors of Trillian" who will take the witness stand at the @StateCaptureCom in time. There are a range of upcoming witnesses who will provide further testimony on alleged state capture at #Eskom @Eskom_SA.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says, "It would appear to us that #Eskom executives sought to unduly influence the appointment of [Gupta-favoured accounting firm] Nkonki [...] the executives were trying to influence that KPMG appoint Nkonki as a subcontractor."
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom Mabuza deals with Huarong. "We have said no we are not paying that fee and we have refused coffee time with chair of Huarong and they must go to court," he says. He speaks of another #Eskom @Eskom_SA deal, this with Dongfeng. It the subject of litigation over BEE non-compliance.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says, give or take a few billion, Medupi was initially estimated to cost R70 billion and Khusile R80 billion. Now, ten years on, Medupi has a price tag of about R150 billion and Khusile has a R140 billion estimated price tag. They are ten years late.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #stateCaptureInquiry Maleka has concluded but Mabuza would like to consult with his legal team, so Zondo adjourns for five minutes.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Proceedings resume. Mabuza is delivering his closing remarks. He says the 20th of July is a material date when four seniors, including Koko, were suspended. "The game changer was changing the executive leadership," says Mabuza.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry "This has been multilayered, the capture has been multilayered," says Mabuza. He has spoken about the scale of Eskom, with about R190 billion in revenue, which makes it a big target.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza says if you can get hold of #Eskom @Eskom_SA and effectively get your pound of flesh by breaking the law and committing corruption and fraud, then you can live well for a long time. "Whether you can sleep well is another question," he says.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Mabuza cites a list of 15 people including Daniels, Koko, Sean Maritz, Ngubane and others. He has strongly advised the @StateCaptureCom to invite these people to come and help the Commission in its work on #Eskom @Eskom_SA. Mabuza concludes his testimony.
@Fin24 @Eskom_SA @ParliamentRSA @carteblanche @StateCaptureCom [CORRECTION] Please note I misheard Mabuza on the second estimated figure for Medupi. He said R115 billion to R120 billion and not R150 billion.
#StateCaptureInquiry @StateCaptureCom Proceedings tomorrow concern Brakfontein mine and will include input from Daniel Mashigo.
@StateCaptureCom #StateCaptureInquiry Today, @Eskom_SA #Eskom board chair Mabuza handed the @StateCaptureCom a list of fifteen people linked either the power utility or Trillian and Regiments. Mabuza has pressed for them to testify as they will be of "great help to the commission’s work".
@StateCaptureCom @Eskom_SA #StateCaptureInquiry The people Mabuza mentioned are either former #Eskom @Eskom_SA employees (mostly seniors, many of them suspended) or linked to the #Guptas through Trillian and Regiments, as in the case of Essa and Wood.
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