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File this under "can't make this up". (wait for next tweets)
Let's repeat that link so it's completely clear. @caholcom53 is pointing out the weird intersection of [my opinion - typically communist fakery] strange Kamala hoaxy stuff and the bizarre pizza stuff surrounding the Clinton camp.

First, this total WTF:

So it looks like Kamala had hoaxy stuff going on BEFORE Jussie Smollett. And this is DOCUMENTED by the cops. But now let's bring in the weird pizza stuff. My first thought, seeing this, was NO WAY - gotta be "self-hoaxing". It's just TOO WEIRD.
Gotta be fake - right? I mean - Pizzagate isn't real - crazy guy with a gun shows up at the Alefantis pizza place - right? But then there is THIS political party registration site.


And it looks like THIS:
Let's look more closely at this sucker. Holy schite! Now remember - this is ALL before #Pizzagate became a THING. Hillary was gonna BEAT JEB'S PANTS OFF. Trump was just starting to annoy them when this was scheduled. How does Q put it? "They never thought she'd lose." Yeah.
This is hilarious - I'm going to interrupt this thread briefly to demonstrate the censorship already starting. I've been wise to the way they suppress @caholcom53 since back when @mymanjimmyjack was run off TWTR.

Sidebar 1 of 3 - @Diana24724 notes that this looks promising....
Sidebar 2 of 3 - so I go back to the top and go WTF - I have NEVER had thread-start tweet "go dark" on me yet - but HERE WE ARE - she's getting the Peter Sweden (@PeterSweden7) "you can't see this tweet" treatment. Is TWATTER really that sensitive on #KamalaMayaPizza? OH YES!
Sidebar 3 of 3 - so let's just SHOW YOU that first tweet as an IMAGE, shall we?

Yeah, that's better. It's a very nice, colorful tweet. Brought to you by the wonderful folks as SCREEN CAPTURE THAT SUCKER AND SAVE IT.

PS - @caholcom53 should have WAY more followers. *COUGH*
Now - back to our story. WHO do you think links up in that "hoaxy cops" story at the beginning of this? Friggin' MAD MAX WATERS. Talk about strange. H/T @Diana24724 for noticing this. It's one big DNC party.

Now @Diana24724 also got me thinking about the freakiness of the Kamala-Hillary connection in general. Is it possible that:

HRC + KDH = 2020 in some way?

But now let me make it even more complicated, BUT also explain how massive Trump-hater and TDS poster-boy Bill Kristolmeth gets pulled into this story.

It all started with this tweet, which was either (1) wrong, (2) misinterpreted street-talk, (3) a JOKE, or (4) disinformation.
Jussie is Kamala's "crazy nephew"? Kamala's DAD is named Harris, as is Jussie's MOM. Moreover, Jussies mom is pretty tight-lipped about her background. HOWEVER, the genealogist at QTH found out quickly that Jussie is NOT Kamala's ACTUAL nephew. But he's HUGE Russian red diaper.
Now - many people boiled the "nephew" rumor on Twitter and in blogs, but a few people went LIVE with rumors as FACTS - and they had to retract. But THAT wasn't what was interesting. WHO JUMPS THE GUN-JUMPERS is always the real story of INTRIGUE. This time? BILL KRISTOL'S BOYS.
Now - the way I see this - Bill Kristolmeth and his NeverTrump crew may simply have an interest here in tarnishing Trump, MAGA, and "Q" with the "conspiracy theory" angle. Maybe that's ALL this is. However, something just smells WRONG. There are two VERY WEIRD angles to this.
ANGLE ONE: The guy who tweeted "nephew" had just been invited to the WHITE HOUSE as part of the National Black History Reception. He's a MAGA guy - small-time famous "Deplorable". Suddenly, boo-koo intrigue is possible. What if this MAGA black guy gets a PHOTO OP with Trump?
This is where I think SOME kind of intrigue begins. Did somebody slip Terrence a bad tip? Did they simply see a way to weaponize some facetious SNARK back at him? Uncertain. But two things happened next. (1) Bogus accusations of "assault", and (2) a nasty wreck. NO WHITE HOUSE.
I know what you're thinking - I'm thinking it, too. This is TOO CRAZY. The problem? I know of ANOTHER case that was somewhat similar to this, in terms of accelerating weird crap resulting in a canceled POTUS meet, and ALMOST some bad press for Trump in the process. #FISHY
But let's just ignore all this weird and not terribly provable stuff, and let them call us "conspiracy theorists" or whatever. Personally, I'm listening to Candace Owens, who said THIS before they started going after her big-time, and using Chelsea Clinton & BuzzFeed to do it.
SO back to the weirdness of Bill Kristol's "deniable rag" jumping on the "conspiracy theory" angle. ANGLE TWO: Bill Kristol himself. Why TF is this alleged conservative HELPING red-diaper hoaxer Jussie Smollett and tightly attached red Presidential candidate Kamala Harris?
I think the answer is the history of Bill Kristol, his parents, and "neo-conservatism" itself - ALL nearly synonymous.

I believe Bill's parents were useful Mensheviks drawn into a Stalinist, CIA-spawned, controlled opposition front movement, cynically called "neo-conservatism".
Controlled opposition always - if properly cornered into a binary choice to show true colors - will show true colors. These are the "wheat-chaff sorters" that Trump uses so famously to unmask his enemies. Trump not only unmasked Bill Kristol - he unmasked his MOVEMENT.
Like all controlled opposition, neoconservatism is 1% leaders laying down the rules of useful idiocy, and 99% sucking up to the incongruous directives and obeying, thus receiving their lesser powers. If the orders are to abandon conservatism to save it, such orders are obeyed.
So how do I wrap up? A prediction.

Bill Kristol and the 1% of conflicted Trotskyists who head neoconservatism will come up with some hare-brained reason for their 99% thick-neck membership to support HRC, Kamala, and the hoaxing Stalinists YET AGAIN.


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