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#Breaking - Some defense sources report #Indian air strikes across the Line of Control in Muzafarabad, #Pakistan. Indian air force briefing expected later today. Pakistan said Indian jets dropped their payloads & "fled". More confirmation of details needed.
There are also reports of dual, air and ground Indian strikes in Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir. No official word yet. Waiting for updates. Stay tuned.
There are also reports that 2 Pakistani JF-17s fighter jets have been shot down.
The Pakistani military claims that Indian air force violated the line of control, Pakistan's air force reacted immediately & IAF fighter jets were forced to go back. Indian side yet to respond on Pakistan's claim of IAF violation at LOC.
#India's @news24tvchannel has reported Indian air force strikes on #Pakistan and that a briefing is expected some time later today.
#India's @news24tvchannel reported these strikes from very reliable sources & claimed they knew of it for 3 hours already, but held reporting until now. Terror camps in Pak destroyed.
Earlier, I had seen reports of Indian AWACS aircraft flying near the area, but I've chosen not to report it until more info was available about possible military action, but now the picture is definitely clear about military action.
Sources say that at 3:30 am, local India's time, Indian air force Mirage 2000 aircraft performed air strikes on Pakistan based terrorist camps using 1000 pound bombs.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Now reports come that 12 Indian air force Mirage 2000 fighter jets performed deep strikes into #Pakistan. The Mirage 2000 jets were supported by AWACS aircraft.
Here are some pictures of Indian air force Mirage 2000 jets, the aircraft involved in the air strikes in Pakistan. All targets were reported as fully destroyed with 1000 pound bombs. No Indian casualties.
#Indian Strikes Thread: There are reports of heavy shelling between India & Pakistan along the line of control (LOC). Unconfirmed reports of Indian ground attacks also, but not confirmed.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Here is a picture of an Indian air force, laser guided 1000 pound bomb as the ones used during the Indian air strikes in Pakistan.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Here is a picture of an #Indian air force Netra Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft in the IAF arsenal, this aircraft was used to monitor the air space over #Pakistan in support of the air strikes.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistan sources report that Pakistani JF-17 aircraft launched retaliatory strikes into Indian positions on the line of control. No confirmation of this. Here is a pic of a Pakistani JF-17 aircraft
#Indian Strikes Thread: At least 3 locations have been reportedly hit deep into Pakistani territory: they are Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad terrorist camps. They were completely destroyed.
#Indian Strikes Thread: One thing is clear: monumental failure of the Pakistani military. The Indian air force penetrated deeply into Pakistan, bombed several locations & the aircraft went back to Indian territory without losses before Pakistani aircraft took to the air.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that 200-300 Pakistani based terrorist were killed during the Indian Air Strikes in Pakistan.
#Indian Strikes Thread: High level security meeting at this moment as the Indian PM Narendra Modi is being briefed on the Indian air strikes.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Today, #India sent a strong, clear cut message to #Pakistan that the usual terrorist bleeding of India has painful consequences for Pakistan. There is a new reality on the ground. Pak is believed to want a way out from the developing conflict.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Emergency meeting at this moment in #Pakistan's Islamabad. Other than expected statements of "Indian aircraft chased out of Pak territory", etc, analysts believe Pak is looking for a face saving way out the situation.
#Indian Strikes Thread: I can't emphasize enough the fact that the Indian air force penetrated a heavily defended air space in Pakistan, bombed 3 targets and left without any loses. Impressive Indian military performance 👍💪🇮🇳💪👍
#Indian Strikes Thread: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in a high-level CCS meeting in New Delhi along with Union ministers @nsitharaman and @arunjaitley. #Pakistan denied any losses. Indian aircraft chased out it said, as expected.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that the Indian air strikes lasted a total of 21 minutes. I have to say, that's an awful lot of time and again, no Indian losses. I expect that Indian electronic warfare equipment was key & had blinded Pakistani radars.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that one location that was struck, Balkot in Manahera district of KPK province is 50 miles from the LoC. It's definitely a deep strike in Pakistan itself, not only in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
#Indian Strikes Thread: The Mirage 2000s that participated in the Indian strikes, took off from Ambala Air Force base.
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India's foreign secretary will give a briefing at 11:30 am Indian time about the Indian air strikes on #Pakistan.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Today, 12 days after the Pulwama terrorist attack, 12 Mirage 2000 Indian air force fighter jets retaliated & struck multiple terrorist targets in Pakistan; some near the LoC, some deep inside Pak. Today was "Karma" payback. Good job #India 👍💪🇮🇳💪👍
#Indian Strikes Thread: As expected from Pak: Pakistan Confirms IAF Jets Crossed Line of Control, but claims bombs did zero damage. The Indian aircraft only managed to fly three-four miles inside Pakistani airspace and faced "timely response from the Pakistan Air Force".
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources say that Pakistani F16s were scrambled to retaliate against IAF Mirage 2000s but turned back due to the size of the Indian formation. The Western Air Command coordinated the operation.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Now we see #Indian attempts to play down the significance of the strikes by saying that aircraft didn't have to go deep into Pak because they used stand off weapons, but no, laser guided bombs don't go for 50 miles, sorry, it was a DEEP STRIKE.
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India is trying to downplay things with such statements in order to give Pakistan an easier face saving way out of the situation. We'll have to see if Pak decides to escalate or not.
#Indian Strikes Thread: How Indian Mirage 2000 jets carried out airstrikes on Pakistan's pride | 10 points A 10 point breakdown of how Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control using the Mirage 2000 aircraft to attack terror camps in Pakistan. indiatoday.in/india/story/in…
#Indian Strikes Thread: A) Here is how the air strikes on Pakistan were launched:
12 Mirage 2000 aircraft took off from Gwalior air base in batches.
The Mirage jets were armed 500/1000lb laser-guided bombs.
The Mirage 2000 jets were fitted with Israeli litening targetting pods.
#Indian Strikes Thread: B) An IAF early warning jet took off from Bhatinda.
Simultaneously, an IAF mid-air refuelling tanker took off from Agra.
Another, IAF Heron Surveillance also accompanied the team.
The Mirage 2000 pilots conducted final checks on the targets.
#Indian Strikes Thread: C) They were then cleared from the command centre to proceed.
The Mirage 2000 jets flew across LoC at low level.
The pilots of the Mirage 2000 jets used laser pods to 'paint' targets.
Finally, the Mirage 2000 jets dropped their payload of bombs.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian official briefing about the strikes going on at this moment. India had to strike Pak since they provided safe heavens and training to terrorists. High terrorist casualties at the Balakot camp.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian official briefing: The attack was designed to minimize civilian casualties, the Balakot camp, the biggest one, is in a heavy forested area. Not only terrorists, but also trainers were killed. Pulwama was avenged.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that #India shot down a small unmanned drone flying along the international border with #Pakistan in the Kutch area.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Foreign Secy Vijay Gokhale media brief: A large number of JeM terrorists were eliminated today in the air strike. Credible information was received that more suicide attacks were being planned and hence India struck biggest JeM camp in Balakot, #Pakistan.
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India is saying that this was a preemptive, non military strike on terror targets, therefore, this is not an act of war against #Pakistan. India is clearly giving way to Pakistan to save face and not escalate.
#Indian Strikes Thread: The 7 pieces of equipment used by the #IndianAirForce in today’s air strikes in Pakistan by @ShivAroor. #IndiaStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2 👍💪🇮🇳Jai Hind🇮🇳💪👍
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources say that the clearance for today’s air strikes came 11 days ago on Feb 15 when the Indian air force chief recommended an air strike response.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Ex Indian Air Force chief Air Chief S. Krishnaswamy: “Feel very proud! Most impressed by the ability to conduct precision strikes at night” #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian Foreign Secretary: #India has struck the biggest Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist camp in Balakote. Among those killed is Yusuf Azhar, brother in law of Masood Azhar. Facility was in thick forests on a hilltop. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian General V. K. Singh: #India wants to stop any kind of terror attacks. India has taken action at the right time. The decision over more action will be taken by concerned authorities. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj calls a meeting of opposition leaders at 5pm to brief them about the @IAF_MCC action against the JeM camps in Balakot. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Statements from Pakistani officials that there will be retaliation. We'll see. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Video of the Indian FM about the strikes in Pakistan. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Each time you attack, we will get back at you, harder and stronger, Indian General VK Singh #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: A military source just told me that during the air strikes, there was very heavy air cover by Su-30MKI air superiority fighters, so no wonder the Pakistani F-16s retreated. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: The remains of a Pakistani surveillance drone shot down in Abdasa village, Kutch, Gujarat. #IndianStrikesBack #SurgicalStrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that #India has carried out a misadventure against Pakistan.
#Indian Strikes Thread: According to sources, #India estimates that over 300 terrorists & trainers have been killed in the air strikes. No civilian casualties expected as the camp was located away from populated areas. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pictures from @rajfortyseven of the Balakot terrorist camp targeted by Indian air strikes. The camp is in the middle of a forest. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: So far Pakistan retaliated by violating the ceasefire with artillery fire at multiple locations along the Line of Control (LoC) & the border at the Kanachak sector in Jammu & the Poonch district in Jammu & Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian PM Narendra Modi is addressing the nation right now: "I assure you #India is in safe hands now". #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: It's not the age, it's the mileage: Why the 35-year-old Mirage 2000 was #India's best bet against #Pakistan #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 indiatoday.in/india/story/mi…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan's Armed Forces Major General Asif Ghafoor had said, "Don't mess with Pakistan. #India cannot surprise us". But India did..... oops 😲 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: "We do not wish to go to war but please be rest assured should you [India] initiate any aggression, first you will never be able to surprise us. But let me assure you, we will surprise you." Asif Ghafoor had said. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: "But let me assure you, we will surprise you. We should also because you initiate, we shall also dominate the escalation ladder. We shall have a superior force ratio at decisive points," Asif Ghafoor had said. Oops 😲 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Netra AEW&C aircraft & Heron: The Drones #Indian Air Force Picked up For Surgical Strikes 2.0 on Terrorist Camps in #Pakistan #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 news18.com/news/tech/netr…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India's largest naval war games TROPEX are on "tactical pause" due to the air strikes in #Pakistan. Warships dispersed at sea. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/n…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan PM Imran Khan convenes emergency meeting. Plans to ask for support at the UN. #China has asked the two countries to exercise "restraint" in its first statement. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: I hear that Pakistani media is playing old videos and passing them as videos of an alleged Pakistani retaliation today. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: 😃 Pakistani PM Imran Khan after being told about the Indian air strikes..... allegedly 😃 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: There are rumors that #India used the Israeli SPICE laser guided bomb kit which has a glide range of around 60km & GPS navigation. Difficult to detect by radar given their small size, can hit targets at standoff distance. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: PM Modi public address where he talks about the air strikes at Churu, Rajasthan. In Hindi. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Old video misrepresentation going viral as Indian Air Force strikes on JeM terror camps. Courtesy of @saptak__mondal #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 altnews.in/old-video-vira…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan threatens retaliation at a time & place of its choosing! Its possible, but talk is cheap, lets see if they do it. Escalation can be difficult to control, big risk for Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #China calls for restraint as #India destroys Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp in Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 indiatoday.in/india/story/ch…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Be ready for anything, Imran Khan (also known as Taliban Khan) tells Pakistanis after Indian Air Force strike on #Pakistan #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 indiatoday.in/india/story/im…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian PM Narendra Modi made the decision to strike immediately after the Pulwama attack. NSA Ajit Doval was placed on charge of planning & executing the strike. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 Way to go Modi ji - 👍💪🇮🇳Jai Hind🇮🇳💪👍
#Indian Strikes Thread: 5 Reasons Why Strikes Deep Inside Pak is a New Beginning for its Counter-Terror Doctrine. India, for the first time, broke a self-imposed psychological barrier of not resorting to first strikes. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 news18.com/news/india/5-r…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan will raise the issue of #India's "violation" of the Line of Control (LoC) at the @UN & other international forums, sources say. The decision was taken at a high-level meeting chaired by Pak PM "Taliban" Khan #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistani civilians residing in the Balakot area reported hearing 5 large explosions. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that a madrassa (Taleem Ul Quran) run by the terrorist group in the Bakalot area was hit in the air strikes. Lost of ambulances seen there, the area is now sealed. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: To my #US friends: Back stabbing #Pakistan has 🇺🇸 blood in their hands from Afghanistan at the same time they were getting billions in US aid. Today, #India draw first blood & gave you a bit of justice. 👍🇺🇸🇮🇳👍 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian PM Narendra Modi supervised entire IAF operation, followed real-time updates from the situation room at Rashtrapati Bhavan's South Block. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 zeenews.india.com/india/pm-naren…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports of heavy fighting between the Indian & Pakistani armies along the Line of Control. Latest areas of heavy fighting are Bhimber & Chamb in Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistani Defence minister statement: "Our air force was ready but it was dark.." Such statements are an insult to the intelligence of the public. Do Pakistani people really believe that? #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: I can't emphasize enough the fact that the Indian air force penetrated a heavily defended air space in #Pakistan, bombed 3 targets and left without any loses. Impressive Indian military performance 👍💪🇮🇳💪👍 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: The strikes signal #India is prepared to go to a limited war with Pakistan. The ball is now in Pakistan’s court. It can opt for denial or respond militarily in a way it deems fit. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 theprint.in/opinion/iaf-st…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan Army Spokesperson: “You failed to surprise us because we confronted you at 3 points and you ran away, now wait for our surprise, we will respond differently”. A Pakistani style soap opera? 😲 #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan vows to respond 'at the time and place of its choosing'. Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the armed forces and the people of Pakistan to remain prepared for all eventualities. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/i…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Hundreds of jihadis & trainers were moved from Pak Occupied Kashmir to a 5 star, resort style camp in a hilltop forest in Balakot after the Pulwama attack, providing Indian forces with "a sitting duck target" killing up to 350 terrorists #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: At least 325 terrorists & 25-27 trainers were at the camp, the biggest operated by the #Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad group, which claimed responsibility for the February 14 suicide attack on a convoy in Pulwama that killed 40 soldiers #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Everyone at the camp was sleeping & Pak's military had no clue the attack was coming so deep into their country because they expected a surgical strike on camps near the Line of Control, sources said #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources confirm that #India used the Israeli 1 ton SPICE laser guided bomb kit which has a glide range of around 60km & GPS navigation. Difficult to detect by radar due to small size, can hit targets at standoff distance. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India had received intelligence that the terrorists had shifted many operatives along with their trainers to the Balakot camp, which has facilities for 500-700 people & even has a swimming pool + cooks & cleaners. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Fighters & other aircraft took off from several air bases in western & central areas at about the same time, leaving the Pakistani military confused as to where they were heading. They had no idea Balakot was the target #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: A small group of aircraft broke away from the swarm and headed to Balakot where "the sleeping terrorists were sitting ducks for the Indian bombing," sources said. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources say that 16 Su-30MKI fighters were in the air directly backing the 12 Mirage 2000 aircraft that performed the strikes. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Great video of the SPICE 2000, the Israeli made (by Rafael) laser guided kit used by the Indian air force in the strikes. $70,000 usd each. Up to 100km range. GPS guidance, etc. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan Army shelled 55 Forward Areas in India's Kashmir in retaliation for the Indian air strikes. Indian artillery responded & artillery duels are ongoing. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Interesting info. #Afghanistan is deploying units of its 203rd 'Tandar' (Thunder) Corps to the Pakistani border. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: IAF strikes, #China ditches #Pakistan, advocates peace. Well, not sure about ditching, but they want to protect their investments there, which incidentally, they go through Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/china/ia…
#Indian Strikes Thread: 5 Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 jets crossed over the Line of Control & went at least 10 km inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, before firing multiple Spice-2000 precision-guided bombs #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 theprint.in/defence/iafs-b…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources told ThePrint that the 5 Mirage 2000s were backed up by more Mirages + a some Sukhoi Su-30 MKIs, a mid-air refueller & 2 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). The strike began at 3:45 am & lasted 21 minutes #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: The initial plan was not to cross the LoC but to fire the 1 ton bombs from Indian air space since they have a range of 100 km. “However, the wind was very strong from west to east, so the 5 fighters crossed over the LoC” #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: The Israeli bombs were pre-fed with GPS coordinates & image of the camp, which featured 6 barracks of at least 2-3 storeys high. The Spice 2000 uses a Digital Seen Matching Area Correlator tech which automatically matches the target with the pre-fed image.
#Indian Strikes Thread: Sources said that the precision-guided bombs can be used day or night & also have anti-GPS jammer, which means that the GPS homing technology cannot be jammed by the enemy. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan sources report heavy Indian shelling in Pak occupied Kashmir including civilian casualties. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: I'm getting reports of escalation in ground fighting in the Line of Control. Pak troops are doing heavy use of anti tank missiles, etc trying to capture Indian posts. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Great video of the SPICE 2000, the Israeli made (by Rafael) laser guided kit used by the Indian air force in the strikes. $70,000 usd each. Up to 100km range. GPS guidance, etc. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India reports 5 Indian soldiers wounded from Pak shelling. India responded with heavy fire & reported that 5 Pakistani posts in the LoC have been destroyed. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: By the way, when Indian media reports heavy artillery fire & "use of high caliber weapons" overnight; what they mean is the use of anti tank missiles to destroy fortifications / posts. Quite a bit of that last night. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Early this morning, Pakistan army used tanks on LoC & the border, sources said. Ceasefire violations from Pak in Pooch sector resulted in 10 army jawans being injured & 2 houses damaged. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2 indiatoday.in/india/story/j-…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan army also suffered damages by the Indian army response. Further, sources claim that cross-border firing and mirror shelling is underway in Manjkot, Poonch, Nowsehra, Rajouri , Akhnoor and Sialkot sectors #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pak has been making a big effort to capture Indian post in the LoC, even going as far as using tanks & anti tank missiles; this tells me they are quite desperate to grab something so they can have something to show. Today is a key date. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Good article about the thinking of Pakistan's generals & the dangerous game they could possibly decide to play. #IndiaStrikesBack firstpost.com/india/pakistan…
#Indian Strikes Thread: "Each Indian cross-border strike “erodes our position of deterring war through our nuclear capability”—the key strategy of a weaker conventional power. That, in turn, means “we become more vulnerable to an asymmetric conventional threat” #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: “Our response should be to escalate and push the envelope of hostilities so that nuclear war is a likely outcome.” Such action “is not likely to escalate beyond reasonable boundaries”. India, “simply will not go down this road” #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Breaking: Reports that an Indian fighter jet has crashed in the #Budgam district of #Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports of a Pakistani fighter jet shot down near Jhanghar, Pakistani pilot ejected. Need to get confirmation of this. An Indian jet reportedly crashed. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian Fighter jet allegedly crashed due to technical failure in Garind area of Central Kashmir (exact details unknown) Pilot dead on the spot. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports of escalation. It seems like things are going to get hot. As I said, today is a key day. Saw pics of the dead Indian pilot, but wont post.🙏 RIP🙏 Pic of the crash #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports of Pakistani F-16s entering Indian territory. There are things going on there, need to wait for clear details. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Massive air activity going on. Pak fighters entered Kashmir airspace at four places around 10:05 Hr. Indian helicopter down. Probably both Indian losses are shot downs. Need more details & confirmation. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistani jets crossed over to LOC in Nowshera sector and bombed 4 locations, went back after Indian fighters approached them. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: It's confirmed that a MI-17 Indian helicopter is down. Earlier reports said it was a fighter jet. Indian air force repelled Pakistani air strikes, but more details needed. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The Indian helicopter downed in Budgam crash was a Mi-17V5, there are reports of a missile smoke trail seen before its crash. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian media shows video of the Indian helicopter that crashed 👇, 2 bodies at the crash. The whole airspace there is closed. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan issues statement that they have retaliated over the Indian air strikes as they have a right to do & to demonstrate their self defense capability, but they don't want escalation. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pak claims that IAF crossed LOC. PAF shot down 2 Indian aircraft inside Pak airspace. One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while one fell inside IOK. One Indian pilot arrested by troops on ground while 2 in the area. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistan Air Force's F-16 that violated Indian air space reportedly shot down in Indian retaliatory fire 3 km within Pakistan territory in Lam valley, Nowshera sector. Need confirmation. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: 3 bodies recovered from the Indian helicopter that crashed. Lots of claims going on without confirmation, but a Pak F-16 was shot down. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: An insider Indian military source just told me that, indeed, Pak has one Indian pilot. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistan's military says shot down 2 Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace, captured one pilot. Waiting for Indian confirmation. Meanwhile, a Pak F-16 was shot down, parachute was found. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: There has been more going on than what has been officially confirmed. I can't disclose further about that. We'll have to wait for more official information. Both sides want to deescalate. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Many claims. Pak shows an alleged captured Indian pilot. India says no planes/pilots lost. Nothing can be confirmed. Need to consider that when governments are trying to decide a course of action, they downplay things in the meantime. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Info about the Indian pilot captured by Pakistan. If this is confirmed, then some officials need to explain the statements of no pilots/planes unaccounted for. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: I've been giving this info about the pilot. Now people are waiting for the Indian government to clarify / confirm the story, one way or the other. The sooner the better. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: More confirmation: I had the detailed info for a few hours, but was told to not disclose it. Now things are coming out. Like I said earlier, some officials need to explain some things. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: And there is more that also needs to be revealed. As I said before, when governments are trying to decide a course of action, they downplay things until a decision is made. Don't be too serious / closed minded about official statements. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: More info about the captured Indian pilot: Indian official statement just now confirming the downing of an Indian Mig-21 fighter & a Pak jet also & now trying to verify Pak accounts about the pilot. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: How about for the government to explain the earlier statements about no aircraft / pilots unaccounted for? Why having to still verify Pak claims about the pilot? They already know the truth. Not a good way to proceed. Come on! #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The official Indian government statement about today's actions: #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: My feel of the situation. Pak needed to do something in order to have something to show & spin. Today they have it & now they want deescalation. India has been downplaying things since yesterday hoping for deescalation, but today...... #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Today's Pak attacks on the Indian military may have changed India's calculus. The big decision now is to either retaliate against Pak & risk further escalation or let things cool down. Not sure which way is going. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India just reported that the MI-17 helicopter that crashed today caused 6 military personnel deaths and one civilian. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The fact that India is reopening airports and the air space in the conflict area, it's a sign that deescalation may be the preferred option, but we'll need further confirmation. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Video of an alleged second Indian pilot captured by Pakistan. Need to get further confirmation. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: I've just been told that the video I just posted is from the air crash last week in Bangalore, so its unrelated to the conflict with Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: I'm hearing that as Pak launched a direct attack on India's military today, that's an act of war that India feels compelled to have to retaliate against. Yesterday, India went out of its way to emphasize that it was not a military attack. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: It's a very delicate situation right now. There are good reasons for India to escalate as retaliation for today's attacks, but not everybody wants that & there is international pressure to deescalate. We'll have to see what gives. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Only 7 people knew of the timing of air strike on Balakot - The SPICE 2000 smart bombs can use the same guidance technology as the missiles to convert conventional bombs into smart ones. #IndiaStrikesBack hindustantimes.com/india-news/onl…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Mounted on an Embraer jet, two of the IAF's Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft Netra guided a dozen Mirage 2000s on the strike mission across the LoC. #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/india/story/ai…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pompeo urges India, Pakistan to exercise restraint and avoid escalation #IndiaStrikesBack reut.rs/2ElWslM
#Indian Strikes Thread: PM Modi meeting the three service chiefs at his residence in New Delhi. Meeting hours after Pakistan took an Indian pilot as Prisoner of War and escalation in tension at the Line of Control. Big decision time now. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India used the Israeli 2000 lb SPICE laser guided bomb kit which has a glide range of up to 100km & GPS navigation. Difficult to detect by radar due to small size, can hit targets at standoff distance. #IndiaStrikesBack #Surgicalstrike2
#Indian Strikes Thread: India strongly objects to Pakistan’s vulgar display of injured IAF personnel: MEA #IndiaStrikesBack indianexpress.com/article/india/…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Some pics of remains of the downed Pakistani F-16 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Prime Minister of #India reportedly has given the Army free choice on how to move forward with the current situation following the downing of planes by #Pakistan - I think this means escalation guys. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Yesterday, #India only attacked terrorists & with a good reason. #Pakistan attacked the Indian military today & draw blood. Now it gets ugly. Sorry to say it, but looks that way. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: India gives proof of JeM's presence in Pakistan #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: A number of airlines are canceling flights to #Pakistan / #India due to current tension there. Pakistan is under maximum alert expecting Indian strikes. Thai Airlines canceled flights to Europe since they flight through Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The #US, #UK, #China, #Russia and the #EuropeanUnion urged both #India and #Pakistan to exercise utmost restraint and avoid further military activity by the nuclear-armed neighbors. #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/world/story/ia…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indians and Pakistanis are Tweeting #SayNoToWar Amid Raging Tensions Post IAF Strike in Balakot #IndiaStrikesBack news18.com/news/buzz/indi…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Enraged India Amassing Tanks, 14,000 Bunkers Along Pakistan Border #IndiaStrikesBack zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-2…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Amidst international calls for calm led by both the US and China, the fate of the captured Indian Air Force pilot could be key to whether tensions escalate to full-blown war, or return to an uneasy status quo. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: But it doesn't look good: Many reports on Wednesday of tanks & heavy artillery being amassed along the border on both sides, specifically near the Pakistani border town of Sialkot where massive Pakistani Army deployments were seen. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The busiest section along the line of control tonight is the 30 kilometer long stretch of highway connecting #Sialkot with #Gujranwala. Hundreds of armored vehicles, including tanks and heavy artillery, continue to accumulate in the area. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan declared a nationwide RED ALERT for next 48 hours, that was 4 hours ago. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan's Navy is on high alert after many reports of the Indian Navy moving towards Karachi. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The #Indian Air Force has heavily massed its fighters at #Srinagar and Adampur Air Bases. Il-78MKI tanker came all the way from Agra Air Force Station. Su-30MKIs & MiG-29UPG fighters are flying over #Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports that the state of National Emergency has been declared in #Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #BREAKING: The #Indian army has reportedly taken charge of National Highway 1A - @IndiaToday This is the highway between Jammu and Srinagar. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: A good chart of the air encounter yesterday. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #US asks #Pakistan to take meaningful action against terror outfits in its soil #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/world/story/us…
#Indian Strikes Thread: US, UK & France asked UNSC to ban JeM Chief Masood Azhar in a new proposal. The Security Council sanctions committee will have 10 working days to consider it. This is the 4th such bid at the UN, all previous bids were vetoed by #China. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Picture of portion of downed Pakistani Air Force jet, wreckage was in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: A great comparison of the engines to make things even more clear. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Keep up the pressure on #Pakistan - Unless #India is willing to take the battle to Pakistan’s terror masters, the latter will continue employing their terrorist proxies against it #IndiaStrikesBack hindustantimes.com/columns/keep-u…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan appeals to #China for help easing conflict with #India - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi makes late night call to Chinese counterpart Wang Yi as tensions mount in South Asia #IndiaStrikesBack scmp.com/news/china/dip…
#Indian Strikes Thread: JUST IN from Shiv Aroor: Heavy firing erupts at LoC Krishna Ghati sector 15 minutes ago. Major firing exchange ongoing after Pak Army ceasefire violation with mortars at 1pm. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Trump just said: "We have reasonably attractive news from Pak & India. They have been going at it we have been involved in trying to help them stop & we have some reasonably decent news. I think, hopefully that will be coming to an end" #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The saga of the aircraft remains identity continues, this suggest that the remains belong to an Indian Mig-21 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Defense Blog again showing the difference between the F-16 engine and the one from the wreckage #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: From IndianDefenceUpdates: #BreakingNews : #IndianAirForce Foils Another Pakistani Air Intrusion. #Pakistani Fighter Jet tried to violate Indian Air Space in Poonch Sector! #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: From TIMES NOW: India responds to Pakistan’s blackmail plot: India has made it clear to Pak that there is no question of talks now, and there will be no deal on the Indian pilot. Return Commander Abhinandan unconditionally #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Mig-21 Versus F-16: How Did An Ageing Jet Down One of the World’s Top Aircraft #IndiaStrikesBack latestly.com/world/mig-21-v…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistan PM Imran Khan says IAF pilot will be released tomorrow. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: From CNNnews18 #WelcomeHomeAbhinandan
Art By: Mir Suhail 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pak PM @ImranKhanPTI : "In our desire of peace, I announce that tomorrow, and as a first step to open negotiations, Pakistan will be releasing the Indian Air Force officer in our custody:" #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Great new info from the remains of a AIM-120C missile that in pak is only used by the F-16s, proving their presence in the air battle #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The missile serial number shows that it was Jordanian & was later sold to Pakistan. Here is the contract number on the missile FA8675-05-C-0070 It was sold to Jordan as part of the FA8675-05-C-0070 contract. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The missile information in the previous tweet comes from Asian Defence @AsianDef 👍 Great job guys 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: More good info from the Asia Defence people: #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Vishnu Som: My story: 24 Pak Jets Tried To Cross Over, Intercepted By 8 Air Force Fighters: #IndiaStrikesBack ndtv.com/india-news/24-…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Border residents are living under fear. Heavy shelling, air intrusions give way to fear psychosis among border residents #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/india/story/he…
#Indian Strikes Thread: More good info from the great guys of Asian Defence
@AsianDef 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The other hero of the day: The MIG-21 Bison. Many people are surprised that it shot down a F-16, but anybody familiar enough with it knows that it is still an excellent dog fighter. With a good pilot, it can take on any modern aircraft. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Never A More Urgent Time To Replace The IAF’s MiG-21s With India’s Tejas - Great piece about the Mig-21 & its Tejas replacement 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack livefistdefence.com/2019/02/never-…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan has identified the F-16 pilot killed by Wing Cdr Abhinandan as Wing Cdr Shahzaz Ud Din of No 19 Squadron (Sherdils) flying F-16 A/Bs. He was the son of Air Marshal Waseem Ud Din, Dpty COAS (OpS). #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: At this point the consensus is that after the release of the Indian pilot, Wing Cdr Abhinandan & the American pressure behind the scenes to prevent further military action, that we are in deescalation mood now. The crisis seems to be over #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistani eyewitness recounts Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan's dramatic capture #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/india/story/pa…
#Indian Strikes Thread: From Shiv Aroor: A moment for the 6 IAF men killed in the Mi-17 chopper crash yesterday in Budgam. Forgotten in the noise over F-16s and Bisons today. Thoughts with their families. RIP. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #China non-committal about move in UN to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist - It seems like China wants to play as spoiler again 👎🇨🇳👎 #IndiaStrikesBack timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/china-no…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Escalating to de-escalate is #India’s new strategy with an irrational #Pakistan - Balakot air strikes may not prevent terrorist attacks, but India changed the narrative & showed what air power brings to the table. #IndiaStrikesBack theprint.in/opinion/escala…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India builds more than 14,000 bunkers to protect families along Pakistan border 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack reuters.com/article/us-ind…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Important point: The #Pakistani F-16s were contractually obligated to be used only for anti-terror ops and not against #India. Pakistan violated the purchase agreement with #US. Important implications for US - Pakistan ties. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Regarding my source for the identity of Pak's F-16 pilot (Wing Cdr Shahzaz Ud Din of No 19 Squadron, son of Air Marshal Waseem Ud Din), the info was published by Dawn newspaper in Pak but immediately censored by Pak's @OfficialDGISPR #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Century Of Service Between Them, IAF Says Its MiG-21 Just Scored World’s 1st F-16 Kill #IndiaStrikesBack livefistdefence.com/2019/02/centur…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Exclusive: #Pakistan fighter jets were close to Northern Army HQ, Vaishno Devi shrine when IAF chased them away #IndiaStrikesBack indiatoday.in/india/story/pa…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Despite Imran Khan’s offer, Pakistan’s track record is why India has to escalate - #India is left with no option but to persevere with its strategy of forcing ‘compellence’ on Pakistan, no matter how long it takes. #IndiaStrikesBack theprint.in/opinion/despit…
#Indian Strikes Thread: Just got this info about the dead Pakistani F-16 pilot: #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: From Shiv Aroor: Siddharth Vashisht, the Mi-17 pilot that crashed in Budgam, had received commendation for his role in rescue ops in Kerala floods last year. Leaves behind a wife (a serving officer) & infant child. RIP Siddharth & crew. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Pakistan is expected to release Wg Cdr Abhinandan in the early morning from Rawalpindi. He will travel by road to Lahore and then walk across Wagah by early afternoon. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India's captured pilot shot his pistol into the air to scare off village boys, didn't know if he landed in Pak or India and tried to swallow & destroy maps / documents before being taken prisoner #IndiaStrikesBack dawn.com/news/1466569
#Indian Strikes Thread: Breaking: #Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says he will not be attending the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation meet today in Abu Dhabi, after UAE refused to rescind invitation extended to #India @IndiaToday #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Indian Wing Commander #Abhinandan to walk into #India at around 1400 hours. Will be brought to Delhi for debriefing. @ThePrintIndia #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #BREAKING: First satellite images of the areas hit by Indian air strikes. The SPICE 2000 bombs did their job. Thanks to @_SachinGaur #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: More pics & analysis of the Balakot area hit by Indian air strikes. People, keep in mind that the Pakis have been/are working around the clock to clean up/restore the area, plant trees & plants, etc. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Heavy shelling by Pakistan in areas along LoC in Rajouri, Poonch; woman injured #IndiaStrikesBack timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/68…
#Indian Strikes Thread: #India gets Wing Commander Abhinandan back (after repeated delays). He was in Pakistani captivity for 48 hours. 👍 Welcome back!!! 👍 #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan air space to remain closed until March 4th 2019. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Reports are coming in of heavy artillery exchanges tonight between #India & #Pakistan including the use of 155mm guns. Civilian casualties reported on both sides. An Indian family's home was hit resulting in multiple deaths & wounded. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: It seems like the pause created by the release of the Indian pilot was a temporary one. Pak had been shelling India today & after the pilot was released, India started to retaliate with a fury. Things are going to get ugly...... #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Unconfirmed reports from #Pakistan about #India using ground to ground missiles. Heavy civilian casualties in Pakistan. Hospitals asking for blood. Heavy air force patrolling in Pakistan. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Most of the reports about current fighting are coming from Pak. Earlier today there were rumors about Pak jets attempting to penetrate Indian airspace & plenty of reports about artillery fire. I don't see anything in Indian media now. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: It was a bad sign a few hours ago when Pakistan announced that their air space would stay close until March 4th. No need for such a drastic measure unless you expect more fighting. We need Indian side confirmation for current events. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Multiple unconfirmed reports from #Pakistan about #India doing heavy use of ATGMs tonight against Pakistan at the LoC + heavy artillery fire. Some reports of missile use, but unconfirmed. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: I started to get confirmation from Indian military contacts just now (the few that are not sleeping) that indeed, there is a big flare up in the LoC. Heavy artillery, high caliber multiple rocket launchers, ATGMs, etc. No missiles. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: My contacts just told me that #India is using 240mm Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL). This is very heavy firepower, definitely far heavier than the usual artillery duels (+ the other stuff). #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Just to clarify a mistake: The Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) is 214mm, not 240mm. I was writing too fast. Everything else is correct. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: I don't expect anything new in the middle of the night, so its time for me to get some sleep and continue updating tomorrow. Good night. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Massive Indian artillery shelling targeted the Pakistani army positions across across the LoC (Line Of Control) all night & into the morning, heavy Pakistani casualties. Heavy Paki response too. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The Pakistani army positions in the Kotli & Rawalakot sectors (LoC) have suffered the heaviest damage in the Indian army shelling. The fighting has been intense. India will continue the pressure until Pak changes its behavior. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: The Pakistani air force has been flying constant air patrols over the main Pakistani cities all night & morning. Significant civilian casualties are being reported by the Pakistani side in the LoC. The shelling was very, very intense. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Both countries continue to move significant forces to the border areas. Heavy weaponry being used by both sides. It seems like the parties are trying to take over positions & redefine the LoC. The media seems to be quite censored. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: #Pakistan has been moving troops from the Baloch region to the front lines with #India & the Balochistan Liberation Front is now stepping out attacks on Pakistani army positions on multiple locations, the insurgency is growing. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Eyewitnesses say Indian air strike on Balakot killed dozens of terrorists, including former ISI agents - A lot of info here, please read! #IndiaStrikesBack firstpost.com/india/eyewitne…
#Indian Strikes Thread: "Local authorities reached the site soon after the bombing," but the area had been cordoned off by then by the army, who did not even allow police to enter. The army also took away mobile phones from the medical staff on the ambulances." #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: "A former Pakistani ISI officer known locally as "Colonel Salim" was killed in the bombing, while a "Colonel Zarar Zakri" was injured. Mufti Moeen, a JeM instructor from Peshawar & IED expert Usman Ghani were also killed in the bombing." #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: This is from an Afghan army officer stationed in the border with Pakistan, their mood is clear. Afghanistan has been deploying elite army units to the Pak border in the last few days. #IndiaStrikesBack
#Indian Strikes Thread: Afghans Are Cheering for an Indian Win. For Kabul, #India is a vital counterbalance to an aggressive neighbor. - The Paki chickens are coming home to roost..... #IndiaStrikesBack foreignpolicy.com/2019/02/28/afg…
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