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The level of the debates in France regarding French Muslim women, part 878678678678. Sportswear brand Decathlon decided to release a sport headscarf gear (basically a sort of hood/Cap) so that hijabi women can practice sport and be comfortable. #ReligiousFreedom
Of course, this led to a big outcry on how Decathlon is condoning so called women oppression and radical Islam (usual arguments). The Minister of Health declared that such a vision is contrary to the French values.
None of this surprises me. Back in 2016, then Minister of Women’s Rights, Families and Childhood compared women who willingly wear the Islamic headscarf to “American n****** who accepted slavery” and described Islamic fashion as “irresponsible”.
BTW such despicable comments come from the far-right, the right but also the left wing. Don't be surprised by any of it, anti-Muslim bigotry isn't only found in the right wing, the left isn't any better.
Anyway, some people even compared the hijab to the hoods by the KKK (!!) and called for boycott. A certain category of neo liberal feminists (who are everything but feminists) started a boycott campaign as well.
Again and again, this idea of freeing women by telling them how they should dress is very much alive in this country: welcome to 2019 France.
You can't pretend to love human rights and be a feminist if your idea of freedom is imposing on people a certain vision of the world. Imposing women a certain type of garment is by essence a violation of #womensrights
A woman should be free to wear whatever she desires to wear. A woman should be free to wear a hijab,to remove her hijab, to wear a dress, long skirt, a mini skirt, shorts, heels, flat shoes, crop top, cardigans, hats, caps, sneakers etc.
Imposing a woman to wear a headscarf is despicable and should rightly be fought. But so is imposing a woman to remove it. Both use the same patriarchal technique of controlling women's bodies. "I know what is good for you".
LET WOMEN CHOOSE. Also, let's underline that the same people who all of a sudden become feminists or ardent women's rights defenders when it comes to go after Muslim women are the same people who harass/troll/threaten women in general when they dare to fight for their rights or
when they call out the culture of #rape and #sexualharassment. The same people who go after French Muslim women in France are usually the same who were pretty much anti #MeToo or anti any kind of inclusive feminist movement
I mean since are are discussing women's rights in France, mind you, we had to amend the Constitution to add two lines saying that men and women are equal. Also political parties rather pay fines than reaching gender equality.
You definitely should read about the #BalanceTonPorc movement and how outrageous some reactions were but also the #LigueDuLOL scandal about harassment in schools of journalism (see @lucymartiros excellent report for @pritheworld pri.org/stories/2019-0…
I will never cease to repeat it. In France, nobody is bothered by a Muslim woman wearing a hijab who is a maid doing a the job that nobody wants to do (cleaning the toilets, cleaning your office while finding time to make and offer you pastries)
Nobody cares about Muslim women who are invisible and disadvantaged. However, as soon as a Muslim woman is empowered, educated and VISIBLE, she causes issues: she is at the same time oppressed AND a threat to the "values of the Republic" AND a conduit for extremism (!!).
I am sorry, you can't pretend to be a liberal enlightened democracy and at the same time targeting women because of the way they are dressed; in that case, we are no better than countries who impose women to dress or behave a certain way.
Also, you just gotta love the so-called debates on French Muslim women on TV with so-called experts on anything Muzzies (whose experience with Muslims is limited to eating frozen premade couscous at lunch or some fancy vacations in a 5 stars hotel in Sharm el Sheikh or Marrakesh)
where Muslim women are NEVER (or almost never) invited to take part of the discussions. 🤷🏻‍♀️
The US, Canada and the UK are like far way in advance whether it is in fashion or even TV representation (things are not perfect but compared to France, trust me there is no comparison). Geez the US even have an Olympic champion wearing a hijab! (❤️ cc @IbtihajMuhammad ❤️)
Also @Nike has been selling this type of hood/cap for a while, and the world did not end. nike.com/ca/t/pro-hijab…
At some point, we need to decide as a society the way we want to live and the way we deal with diversity. The situation in France is simply not sustainable. The people who are creating ghettoisation aren't the one you are thinking about...
In advance for the potential questions I can see coming from afar:1- The obligation of religious neutrality in France DOESN'T apply to the people, it applies to civil servants & certainly not to private companies who can sell whateverthey wanna sell (Free market y'all ❤️)
2- "Moslems who don't abide by the French culture should go back to Saudi Arabia" Well French Muslims are first and foremost French. France is the only country they know and if your response is "go back to Agrabah", it speaks volume about your character as a human :)
I am also drained to even have to write about it. I mean they are just selling CAPS/HOODS made of a breathable material so women who chose to cover their hair can feel comfortable while training. And we call them not integrated...
Article in French, will post something in English if one is published. BTW kuddos to Decathlon who stood their ground. Been a client since I was a teenager, won't stop anytime soon (also, did I say free market?❤️) lci.fr/population/dec…
France has 99 economic and social issues but...let's talk about what a woman should dress.
Precision re- #LigueDuLOL In schools of journalism + Journalist males targeting and harassing journalist women+ POC/LGBT activists
And for the sake of clarity, secularism and laïcité have nothing to do with it. I firmly believe in the separation of Church and state, the only guarantee to protect #religiousfreedom, freedom to not belief in anything and freedom of conscience. Now we have in France,
certain politicians, public personalities, "intellectuals" who are manipulating those concepts for their very own agenda. NOTHING in the law prevent a private company to sell the products they want, it's a freedom they have and well, some folks haven't heard of the
economic model demand and supply, responding to the market etc. What a crazy time we live in.
***should wear***
Update: @Decathlon has been receiving serious threats and insults since their announcement from people who claim to love "the values of the Republic". This is absolutely outrageous & speaks volume about the situation in this country. Show them support!
Update: the situation is so awful that Decathlon is currently an emergency meeting in the aftermath of all the threats (verbal and physical) they and their employees received. I honestly don't know what to say. leparisien.fr/societe/hijabs…
Hoods worn by*** Sorry for typos.
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