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Venezuelan posters express pride in their military armed at the border. There are Colombian mercenaries - from what we're understanding - called 'guarimberos' who are basically paid street gang members on the Colombian side. They are NOT "VZ protesters" as some MSM are reporting.
2/ We shared other video earlier of these individuals putting together molotov cocktails, throwing them into crowds of non-violent VZs on the VZ side w/the border now closed to these terrorists. The MSM was NOT sharing these videos - only of them throwing them at property as if -
3/ this were a perfectly normal way to protest. Imagine their reaction to U.S. protesters doing this. We have a double-standard bc the MSM is supporting a false coup narrative to create a pretext for invasion or war. We also shared video of these mercenaries on the Colombian side
4/ acting under the command of a supervisor who was described and pointed out by the video person as "different" than the mercenaries. He had different "accent" for example - he was also a white man & from a different kind of environment. But he was like the military supervisor.
5/ We're not familiar with this - so if anyone wants to "pipe in" +clarify bc they understand the dynamics better, go ahead. What it looks like to us w/these border activities and our MSM b.s. - is that Trump & co. to be able to stay, "Stop shooting VZ protesters" They're NOT.
6/ So, from what we're VERY roughly understanding is the VZ military is discussing the situation w/these characters. In ways, they're also like actors to stage fake events to start a war. They don't want to shoot em, but they may have to.. They appear 2B very intelligent patriots
7/ As we all know, Trump/Bolton/Pompeo/Elliott are, among other things, f'in AHs. (We get suspended if we spell it out - so we don't.) Look at what they are doing to this peaceful nation not doing anything to us. #HandsOffVenezuelaTrump #HandsOffVenezuela #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela
8/ We shared info earlier, too, about this bridge incident. These same mercenaries were dressed up as Red Cross workers w/fake Red Cross trucks - with the Red Cross releasing statements telling them to stop doing this. The RC, also, along w/the U.N. is not recognizing >
>any U.S. "humanitarian aid" bc its 'politicized.' Basically,, it's a pretext for invasion w/VZ accepting aid, but fr nations that are respecting their sovereignty. So anyway, these fake aid trucks were recognized by Rubio & Pompeo as OUR aid trucks. So we - as a government - are
10/ sending fake Red Cross trucks & RC workers - w/the Red Cross telling us to stop using their credentials to do this. Then, these same people - the RC workers & other mercenaries who weren't dressed up - but they were together - they set their own trucks on fire in Colombia>
11/ Then Rubio, Pompeo et al claim it's an attack on Colombia by "the Evil Maduro Dictator" from "The Satanic Troika" (who IS democratically elected, btw, and not a dictator according to reputable sources) - and urge military attack in "retaliation" when VZ hasn't done anything.
12/ These characters were filmed on Colombia in multiple videos from multiple perspectives - we're talking indisputable evidecnce (which we all know never stopped Trump who is a shameless liar and purveyor of #FakeFacts - and we now see Rubio & Pompeo are similar). They were >
13/ filmed putting these combustibles together on the Colombian side and throwing them on their own trucks on the Colombian side. Then - they begin Act II, Scene 3 - tweeted by psychopath U.S. Senator Rubio> "brave Venezuelans" (he knows they're Colombia mercenaries) >
14/ "risk their lives to save the humanitarian aid" "being destroyed by the Evil Maduro who must be brought to justice for this hideous crime" - Rubio continues his rabid foaming at the mouth - "These trucks were attacked by Maduro's National Police" (or something like that) >
15/ / They were NOT. The culprits are on film - impersonating the Red Cross (and our Senator participating in that fraud), preparing the combustibles, throwing them on their own trucks, and then "saving" their fake aid as if they were attacked when they attacked themselves.
16/ Later on, there is further video we shared where they examine the now abandoned trucks, and sure enough, as anticipated (since Abrams and others have done this before) there are supplies in the alleged "humanitarian aid" for terrorists. So it looks like they had a plan a & b,
17/ minimally, and one of the plans hinged on getting illegally across the border (get a load of that w/Trump's grandstanding about illegally crossing borders) - the other, this theater of the absurd that we ended up watching. They even seem to have pinpointed in another shot,
18/ the moment they decide to move into plan b - which is destroying their own trucks and then blaming it on VZ.

So we hope this helps to bring others "up to speed" bc MSM is not reporting this -they are participating in the spreading of a false coup narrative to support a war.
19/ We also add, again, that U.S. Sen M Rubio SHOULD BE INDICTED and Congress should be calling for his RESIGNATION on this, too, in addition to his disgusting psychotic tweets to sadistically torture and assassinate a democratically elected pres - or anyone, for that matter.
'guarimberos' as we're seeing -again, feel free to "chime in" if u can clarify better bc it's new to us - are Guiado & Rubio's first 'cannon fodder.' They are poor disadvantaged young men/POC in criminal gangs -they're using em as slaughter meat. 1st casualties of their war4oil.
The VZ's understand this dynamic. They see that these individuals are victims in a certain way. But they may have no choice if this continues. That's what we're roughly putting together thus far.
But they are thugs and war mercenaries is what we're seeing. Make no mistake about that. That is the bottom line that will have be confronted. They are not VZ protesters.
A key thing to remember, in our opinion, VZ doesn't want to "provoke" an attack. They want to defuse this situation. Guiado, Rubio, Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams - they want VZ to give them a reason to invade and go to war. Even if they have to do it themselves & pretend it's VZ.
Now there is evidence via this former top FBI person, was it? In his book - they were very concerned bc Trump discussed a while back wanting to have a war with VZ. And Bolton is on record saying this is to get oil; Trump has been taped on other occasions about doing these things.
If any of the members of Congress would like us to tweet over to you the cited sources on any of these matters we are tweeting about, plz feel free to let us know & we'll retrieve them.
The members of Congress we're tweeting to, or others who are sympathetic, that is. We have no interest in communicating w/these other criminals in our government and their assorted cohorts.
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