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Watch LIVE: A liar lies to Congress, again. Starting at 10:00 am Eastern

Here's our guy!
Rep Jordan already said in a letter that he has the right to bring up @WomenForCohen so it won't be an entire waste lol
Lol oh man, I can't wait for Rep Gaetz to destroy that liar Cohen.
😂 the circus can start, the clown has arrived
She is literally shaking lol. Visions of viral videos of her calling the President a racist while Cohen agrees are dancing in her head, soon to be made reality by the fake news media that lovingly adores her
Look at this sorry sack of garbage
We've already got our first point of order from the Republicans screaming about it lol.

Expect that a lot today.

Rep Cummings wants to go through with the hearing. The Republicans are screaming to try to stop it right away. Saying Cohen didn't give them their testimony in enough time to review in advance of the hearing.
Jim Jordan is interrupting now lol. "CNN had this before we did"
They vote to continue (table the motion)

Republicans appeal.

Democrats move to table.

Off to a great start lmao. Cohen hasn't said one word yet.
Republicans making them do a recorded vote now rather than just verbal lol.
I'm crazy tired so just remember I'm not a lawyer and also I don't really understand all of the Congressional procedural rules so this thread for as long as I can stomach doing it may be sloppier than usual
"The American people can judge his credibility for themselves"

Rep Cummings pushing through, obviously, this sham will continue.
"In coordination with, and at the direction of, President Trump"

"He admitted to lying about his actions to protect the President"
"Ladies and gentlemen, we are in search of the truth" he bellows! 😂😂😂

If you are searching for the truth you won't find it in this chamber and especially not from this witness.
A check while President Trump was IN OFFICE

for..........reimbursing his lawyer for doing legal lawyer things that everyone does all the time. Them all pretending that Non Disclosure Agreements don't exist or are illegal is the worst part of this nonsense.
😂 this is so stupid. They are literally yelling about Stormy Daniels.

This is your Watergate moment? This is worth 24/7 coverage AGAIN? Weep for our country.
"Deeply disturbling" 😂😂😂
"He has repeatedly lied in the past"

"But we should hear from him"
"If he does not tell us the truth, I'll be the first one to refer those untruthful statements to the DOJ" 😂

He is so going to get a longer prison sentence after today.
"Mr. Cohen's testimony is the beginning of the process, not the end. Ladies and gentlemen, the days of this committee protecting the President at all costs are over"

And that's the real reason for today, never-ending Presidential harassment!!!!
"Here we go" Jim Jordan

"Michael Cohen"

"going to prison in two months, for lying to Congress" 😂
new stream
Jim Jordan is destroying Cohen and this entire hearing lol. Talking about how their star witness just committed perjury
"They don't care, they just want to use you Mr. Cohen. You're their patsy today. They gotta find somebody, somewhere, to say something so they can try to remove the President from office" Rep Jim Jordan
"Remember how all this started" The DNC paying Perkins Coie to pay Fusion GPS to pay a foreign spy to create a fake dossier.
"Lanny Davis has persuaded the Chairman of the Oversight Committee to give a convicted felon a forum to tell stories and lie about the President of the United States, so they can all start their impeachment process. Mr. Chairman, we are better than this. We are better than this"
😂😂😂 uh oh, under oath again. Time for some perjury
"I have asked this committee to ensure that my family is protected from Presidential threats" 😂
Michael Cohen is telling us now that he is telling the truth this time, for reals guys. Honest.
He said he regrets ever working for Trump. I'll bet lol. His taxi medallion scheme really fell apart upon the scrutiny of the media spotlight.
"He is a racist, he is a conman, and he is a cheat"

lol shut up you sack of garbage, you human lie factory, nothing but a scam in a suit
"Hush money" 😂

"Deutsche bank" 😂😂

"Some portrait blah blah blah charity event blah blah" 😂😂😂
lmao this dummy said he brought letters he sent that the President told him to send his school not to release his grades or SAT scores or something.

He said last time he was there lying it was to protect President Trump but now he is here to tell the truth to stop Trump
He said President Trump never told him to lie to Congress, but that he would look him in the eye and say "There is no Russian business" which apparently is code for "lie to Congress" in the mind of a maniac
President Trump knew about Trump Moscow? We know. He tweeted about it.

Also, it's not ILLEGAL to put Trump Towers anywhere.

So Cohen is saying he lied to Congress about legal activities to what? Protect Trump from WHAT? Nothing there is illegal!
"Over the past two years I've been smeared as a rat by the President of the United States" naw you've done a great job of that yourself you lying pos
"Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Cohen" 😂😂😂

We know who you are, rat.
"My first instinct has always been to help those in need"

LOL only if that person is Michael Cohen.
"Individual number one is President Donald J. Trump"

The fake news media gasps, will play it on repeat, but this is by far the most pathetic thing I've ever seen lol. The tone of his voice is absolutely pathetic. Making this all sound like the end of the world.
"When I first met Mr. Trump he was a successful entrepreneur, a real estate giant and an icon"

Washington Post: "4 pinocchios!!!!"
"Since taking office he has become the worst version of himself" lol shut up with this garbage.

Will this dummy wrap it up already I want to hear people yell at him about @womenforcohen
LOL "The answer is yes" that Trump knew about the wikileaks drop in advance. Yeah he did. Everyone did. Assange was talking about it openly and publicly.
"Mr. Trump is a racist."

"In private, he is even worse."

"He once asked me if I could name a country run by a black person that wasn't a shithole, this was when Barack Obama was President of the United States" BS he did you freaking liar.
"He told me black people would never vote for him because they're too stupid"

This hearing will really test my no profanity policy I can already tell lol. Unfreakingbelievable.
blah blah blah charity art blah blah blah fake bidder blah blah blah death of democracy itself right in front of our eyes
"Lying to the first lady is one of my biggest regrets" HOW DARE YOU BRING UP MELANIA!!! RAT!!!
Michael Cohen is sitting here talking about Stormy Daniels and CBS News no one at all cares about that so they blare TRUMP IS A RACIST on the bottom in huge letters. So much bs.

😂 how stupid does he think we are?
Pretending that signing an NDA is illegal campaign finance violations is bs and will never, ever hold up in court. I can't wait to see Trumps lawyers absolutely destroy that one.
He said that Trump is a con man because he calls himself brilliant but Mr. Cohen says he was told by Trump to tell his schools they can't release his records without permission.
Cohen then points out that Trump had said that Obama should release his school records and this is your star witness. This is the man that you think will take down Trump? A bunch of bs nonsense lies pretending to be personal anecdotes to embarrass the President? IT WON'T WORK
Now he is bringing up the John McCain nonsense saying that he likes people that weren't captured.

Now he is saying that Trump claimed there was a bone spur but that there was no surgery or reason for his deferment. 🙄🙄🙄
"I find it ironic that you are in Vietnam right now" I find it horrifying anyone is giving this goofball any time at all to spew this nonsense.
Now he is going over the Trump Tower Don JR meeting. Saying that he heard Don JR tell Trump "the meeting is all set" one day in a whisper and that now he thinks they were talking about the setup meeting 😂
Again, even IF President Trump knew in advance about the LEGAL MEETING that was a SETUP BY FUSION GPS it would mean LITERALLY NOTHING.

"Uhhhh I think he may have been referring to that meeting now that I think about it but I have no evidence whatsoever of anything illegal, just a bunch of stories about Orange Man Bad. I know that's why I'm here today and I'm happy to help"
"I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from President Trump"

😂 sure thing bud. If President Trump offered him a pardon tomorrow he would get down on his knees crying and thanking him so he wouldn't have to go to prison.
He is now saying that he has brought the President's tweets to enter into the record 😂
"You are a lawyer right?"
"As of yesterday, I am no longer a lawyer" 😂😂😂 DISBARRED
Stormy Daniels 🤦‍♂️
"The discussions" regarding reimbursement occured "long before he became President"

So how about that thing about committing crimes while President? Already exploded in their faces lol. First question.
Cummings ask why he was making payments to Cohen when he was President and Cohen explains they were set up over a period of 12 months to reimburse him lol.
"The President claims he knew nothing about these payments"

lol, seriously how do these people think NDA's work? Both parties agree not to talk about it.
LMAO Jim Jordan is reading a Michael Cohen email were he threatened to destroy people
"When you filed a false tax return in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 was all that out of blind loyalty to the President?"
"No" 😂😂😂
When you failed to pay your taxes was that out of blind loyalty to the President?


LOL incredible.
"When you created the fake twitter account @womenforcohen and paid a firm to post tweets like this one: 'In a world of lies, deception and fraud we appreciate this honest guy @MichaelCohen212 #TGIF #Handsome #Sexy. Was that done to protect the President?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
"I didn't pay the firm to do that, it was done by a young lady that worked for the firm"

"How long did you work in the White House?"
"I never worked in the White House"
"And that's the point isn't it Mr. Cohen. Yes it is. You wanted to work in the White House, you didn't get brought to the dance"

Michael Cohen is now yelling that he never wanted to work in the White House LMAO

This guy immediately crumbled under the first sign of opposition
I'm going to take a short break lol

Because this is going to be garbage.
"I wouldn't use the word colluding. Was there something odd about the back and forth praise with President Putin? Yes"

LMAO literally nothing!!!
"We never expected to win the election, so this was just business as usual" regarding Trump Tower Moscow lmao no kidding.
"A scorned man going to prison for lying to Congress" is the "star witness" today
"If the Democrats were after the truth, they'd have an honest person here testifying"
Just a reminder that the media spent months upon months telling us that Michael Cohen knew everything there was to know about Donald Trump and even he says there was no collusion. He has no evidence of anything illegal happening at all, and this entire thing is a witch hunt.
"Apparently he even lied about delivering his own child, which his wife had to correct the record" 😂 fantastic
"He's a fake witness, and his presence here is a travesty"

YES!!!!!!!!!! GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!
"Is there a book deal"
"I have been contacted by many" for television, movies, lol of course. But nothing right now, because he is going to federal prison.
They're now explaining how tabloids work and how "catch and kill" with negative stories has been going on long before the election.
"Was that fraudulent loan you obtained for the Trump organization or for you personally"

"That'd be for me but I'm not sure which loan you are referring to"

he has THAT MANY illegal loans he doesn't know which one 😂
"I never defrauded any bank" lmao you're doing great here Michael
"You called Donald Trump a cheat in your opening testimony, what would you call yourself?"

"A fool"

"Well....no comment on that" 😂 STAR WITNESS!!!
"We just had a five minute debate where Michael Cohen" disputed the SDNY about whether or not he committed bank fraud.

"His remorse is nonexistent" LOL that is EXACTLY what happened.
😂 he is still arguing about it
lol they are talking about the Access Hollywood tape now.

Locker room talk.
They are going into the legal NDA signed to stop the extortion attempt from Stormy Daniels again. Again, perfectly legal. So freaking boring.
"You made some very demeaning comments about the President that Ms Patton doesn't agree with." regarding President Trump being a racist.

Nice! Bringing character witnesses to dispute his lies about racism.
"Do you have proof of those conversations? Do you have tape recordings?"


No evidence, no proof, no nothing but the words of a liar!
Michael Cohen said he has proof Trump is a racist because there aren't any (many?) people of color at the top of the Trump Organization or something. That's his proof lol. Give me a break.
"I am a nice guy"
"I would beg to differ, the record reflects you are not a nice guy" LOL this hearing is cracking me up.
"We are all here for just one reason, and that's that the American people are tired of being lied to" LOL if that was true we wouldn't be watching a liar lie for hours on end now.
Billionaires will inflate their net worth sometimes, sound the alarms 😂
Michael Cohen is trying to claim that President Trump inflated his worth to a bank to try to get funds to buy the Buffalo Bills. I'm sure that's nonsense lol.
Rep Meadows is asking unanimous consent to refer Michael Cohen for criminal referrals for FARA violations!!! YES!!!!
"You said you lied but you aren't a liar" "that makes you a liar" the @HouseGOP is doing an amazing job so far this hearing. They are destroying Michael Cohen.
Michael Cohen says that isn't aware of anyone paying Lanny Davis. "At this moment" Michael Cohen says that no one is paying Lanny Davis. LOL Yeah right.
"This is the first time in the history of Congress that we have someone testifying here that has been convicted of lying to Congress"
😂 this guy is listing the indictments that have nothing to do with President Trump (Papadopoulos lol)
"Back in 1987" Trump wanted a hotel in Russia 😂

We're going all the way back to the 1980s now to push MUH RUSSIA
"Individual 1" 😂 so spooooky
So far we've got:

Cohen is a liar (disputed by no one, not even the Democrats)
Stormy Daniels
Trump Tower Moscow

What's missing?

Any evidence whatsoever or criminal wrongdoing by the President

Don't call this a witch hunt though. This is super serious.
"To attack me every single time about taxes, I have no credibility" Michael Cohen is clearly rattled here.
Comey fired
McCabe fired
Baker demoted then left
Lisa Page demoted then left
Peter Strzok demoted then fired

Jim Jordan is KILLING IT today.
Jim Jordan asks when Lanny Davis expects to get paid, Michael Cohen said that when he can start earning a living again he will pay him lol. After three years in prison. Yeah ok.
"You're a pathological liar"
"If there is something that this group can do for me, I'd gladly welcome it" lol Cohen is literally just fishing here for anyone to save him from prison but no one is going to. This hasn't helped him or hurt Trump, this has damaged the left and the media irreparably though.
"No one should ever listen to you and give you credibility. It's sad"
"What was the breaking point at which you decided to start telling the truth?"

Michael Cohen says "Charlottesville" on his list. The left is so pathetic to keep pushing the time Trump denounced all hatred and bigotry as proof of his racism.
😂😂😂 Michael Cohen is now calling the Congressmen liars that say he isn't to be trusted. He said it puts them in the same position as him, a liar.

I can't. This hearing. This is your star witness. This chucklehead.
LOL he keeps talking about his Women For Cohen twitter account having a thousand followers or so.

He thinks it's helping him to point that out 😂
Cohen wants a break and so do I lol.

Thanks everyone that keeps interacting with me and replying to me, I may miss a lot of notifications today so I'm sorry if I don't get back to everyone.
Looks like they are ready to start back up, lol CBS News trying their best to make this sound like a serious issue for President Trump when if anything, this hearing has helped him.
"You lied on financial documents"
"You lied to financial institutions in order to secure loans"
"You have been convicted of lying to Congress"

😂 right back into the thick of it!
Calling him out for wanting to pursue a book or movie deal. Asks him to say under oath he won't pursue a book or movie deal. He said that he won't commit to that, he has already spoken to people regarding book and movie deals 😂
Michael Cohen also said he won't commit not to run for political office in New York 😂
Rep Jordan is back asking about the Buzzfeed article that Robert Mueller himself called out as fake news.
"We are not the fact checkers for Buzzfeed" was Michael Cohen's answer to why his lawyer did not correct that story but Robert Mueller did lol.
The Special Counsel said "That story was false"

Michael Cohen's response: "The President has told something over 9,000 lies to date" he is LITERALLY using the insane Washington Post lie counter in his testimony now 😂
Michael Cohen is super mad right now lol. Saying that he is there to talk about President Trump not himself, not his taxes, not his many lies, they want to hear what he knows about Mr. Trump. He is on tilt big league.
This guy is giving the argument that in criminal trials all the time, including the mafia, they use shady characters and liars as witnesses all the time.

Sure, but those guys have evidence of criminal wrongdoing to present. Michael Cohen has NONE of that. Don't be fooled
"Individual 1" 😂 take a drink!

He was asked if he talked to President Trump before his testimony before. Cohen says yes. What did he want?

"He wanted me to cooperate" 😂😂😂😂

And President Trump said that Russia was a witch hunt, Cohen said he had been saying that to him for many months. "At the end of the day, I knew exactly what he wanted me to say" LOL HE LITERALLY TOLD YOU TO COOPERATE CUZ THERE IS NOTHING THERE
Did President Trump coach his testimony?

"It's difficult to answer, because he doesn't tell you what he wants" Michael Cohen said he knew that Trump meant he wanted him to say there was nothing with Russia. This is your star witness!!! 😂
Me on the left this entire hearing
"When were you disbarred?"
"Yesterday" 😂
July 18th or 19th is when Cohen said he heard about the wikipedia leaks.

"Did you know that was public knowledge in June?"

"Mr Assange reported to the media himself" 😂😂😂

"Where did these boxes come from!?" that Cohen supposedly found stuff in the last two weeks to present as evidence lol. They never got to it. Cohen said he didn't understand the question.
This guy is now talking about how NDA's are legal lol. Then he says that they can be abused to silence people like in the #metoo movement.

Everyone is just pretending that they don't know Stormy Daniels said the alleged affair was consensual
"Do you believe there are people out there today" that aren't coming forward because of NDA's.

"I'm sorry sir I don't know the answer to that" lol it wasn't a real question dummy
"Do you have any knowledge of President Trump" using illegal substances

and he also asked if he was aware of President Trump paying for health care for women not in his family (abortion code)

This clown really kicked the sham hearing into the dirt with even more nonsense
Michael Cohen is AGAIN lying about how he didn't want to work in the White House 😂😂😂
"This was not an act out of blind loyalty, as Cohen suggests" now he is reading the SDNY quotes directly talking about how Cohen is a liar.

I am really really impressed by the @HouseGOP here today. They are destroying Cohen. And they are doing it in a calm and forceful way
"I'm concerned about your lies today"


Michael Cohen is going to prison for even longer based on this hearing and I love it lol
"I don't have an answer to his question" 😂😂😂
"They're not upset that you lied to Congress for the President, they're upset you stopped lying to Congress" lol once Michael Cohen stops lying to Congress let me know because that's all he is doing here today
"Are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail"

He is talking about the pee tape 😂

Cohen says he doesn't think it exists.
Someone ask him if he's ever been in Prague before!
This guy is taking issue with Michael Cohen saying President Trump never thought he would win.

"He was always confident, he was working very hard" EXACTLY.

"I find it offensive when anti-Trump people" say that he didn't expect to win.
Michael Cohen says he thinks maybe his cooperation will affect his prison sentence, he means with the SDNY not todays hearing, he seriously thinks that he is going to get out of prison when in reality he is going to prison for even longer after today lol.
"Your testimony earlier said you had contracts with" foreign entities.

Cohen said he did no lobbying. That's not going to fly, check out the Manafort FARA mess bud.
"It says foreign contracts, do you want us to read it to you?"

"It's just one more example, Mr. Cohen, of you skirting the truth"
"Were you advised, or was your counsel advised" to withhold his testimony until the latest possible time.

Cohen said he was working until the last possible moment last night and that's why it was delayed.
Why would anyone ask him this? This is about how Orange Man Bad not how the dossier is fake lol
Democrats making a play to go after President Trump's financials now, the Trump Organization, over Sater stuff.
Did Russians buy Trump Tower condos? lol

You can't even rent to Russians now?
He said Trump didn't tell him to lie to Congress and he said that, for example, if President Trump says "that's the nicest tie i've ever seen, you aren't going to argue with him" 😂
"What does President Trump fear most?" a maniac asks

"I don't know the answer to that question" 😂😂😂

Because President Trump fears NOTHING and NO ONE
"I'm trying very hard" to show some redemption.

You're failing miserably lol
They're going to let Cohen amend his form regarding the contracts/payments from foreign governments/entities lol. Why not, this entire thing is a joke.
😂😂😂 "I hope to God, that is not the case" a maniac says, about Stormy Daniels legal NDA agreement. I don't know who it is because the camera won't show them.
"A sitting President of the United States" they keep pushing that, but Cohen keeps telling them that these checks were reimbursements and they were planned out over a 12 month period and they were discussed well in advance of him winning the election. Nice try dummy.
The last half of these hearings always drag on and on because all these questions have already been asked before. We already heard a million times today about how much of a liar Cohen is.
"I take no pleasure in saying anything negative about President Trump" yeah, you just will, to try to save yourself from prison time, because you are a rat liar
He said now that it was HIS IDEA for President Trump to run for President 😂😂😂
Jim Jordan laughed at him. "I'm sure" he said that President Trump never thought of it before Cohen😂😂😂
This Democrat said he finds Michael Cohen's testimony credible and compelling 😂

The guy that has repeatedly lied to them today about not wanting a job in the White House or defrauding banks
CBS News camera guy fell asleep because it's just all Cohen this entire shot since they came back from break.
New Stream for the last part of it:
"The word tells us clearly that a man's mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snare of his soul"

lol coming for his soul now.
"Where are those boxes that contain documents" that he is just randomly finding in the last two weeks.

Rep Higgins wants those doxes seized as evidence, awesome lol. I bet there's a bunch of stuff in those boxes that Michael Cohen doesn't want out there.
"I didn't know who you were until today really, until the FBI raided your home" 😂 this guy rocks.
This guy keeps comparing Michael Cohen to a bunch of people he arrested before himself 😂
"This is an attempt to injure our President and lay some sort of soft cornerstone for future impeachment proceedings. This is the full intent of the majority" Absolutely correct!
Jim Jordan keeps asking him to lie about wanting a role in the Trump Administration and Michael Cohen keeps obliging and lying and saying he never wanted a job 😂
Literally just repeating questions on the left about Roger Stone or Trump Tower Moscow or Stormy Daniels

Literally just owning Cohen as being a liar and threatening him with FARA violations from the Republicans.

All in all this has been a pretty hilarious hearing
"I don't know whether he knew or not" what the Wikileaks email dump even had in it. We already know that Assange promised something. This literally proves he never had a back channel with Wikileaks or Russia 😂
Cohen keeps saying July 18th or 19th which is a MONTH after Assange spoke publicly 😂
"Did you not wiretap President Trump without his knowledge?"

Michael Cohen said yes he did record him lol.

"What was your reason?"

"I knew he wasn't going to pay that money" 😂
"Have you ever been to Prague"
"I never have" "I've never been to the Czech Republic"

"Did Mr. President tell you to offer a penthouse to Vladimir Putin?"

😂😂😂 literally every narrative getting blown out here today
"There's an elevator tape that went up for auction in 2016" with Mr. Trump and Melania.

"The story goes that he struck Melania while in that elevator"


"I'm certain it's not true" says Michael Cohen

"I don't believe Mr. Trump ever struck Melania, ever"

The Democrats are SICK

Give Cohen credit here for vehemently denying it
"Is there a love child?"

Cohen says NO

This is so ridiculous. Absolutely disgraceful. They've asked about drug use, domestic violence, eluded to potential paying for abortions, etc. All denied by Cohen by the way.
"What do you want your children to know?"

Cohen fake tears up and says he is sorry for the pain he caused them. I've about had enough of this sham of a hearing.
They're going to vote soon and then come back. Because that's what we need, more of this garbage.
"This is another political game with the soul purpose of discrediting the President"

Rep Miller is absolutely destroying Michael Cohen about how he is a horrific liar and being brought out in front of Congress as part of a blatant attempt to impeach the President.
"Given that you continue to profit from publicly discussing your time with Mr. Trump, I worry that this committee hearing the majority has given you will only serve as a platform for you to continue to lie and sensationalize and exaggerate wherever it suits you" 😂 get him!
Jim Jordan got Michael Cohen to admit that they went through the catch and kill process for the fake Melania domestic violence tape the SAME as the others, like Stormy Daniels.

LOL there goes the Stormy Daniels narrative!!!!
They're still pushing Stormy Daniels lol. "The goal was to keep him as far away from it as possible" duh, it's an NDA about an alleged affair, that's the goal of every single one of them.
I am extremely impressed by the @HouseGOP in this hearing. They are absolutely destroying all credibility by Cohen and they aren't just screaming and interrupting which is a bad look on TV. They are asking fantastic questions too.

"Now I'm going to prison, yes mam" lol he so deserves it too.
"How would you rate recording clients in the ethical realm of being a lawyer?"

"I don't know" lol what a fool
He has tapes of other clients, and none of them waived privilege.

He just said earlier he would turn over those tapes. UH OH.
If we didn't need any more proof that Michael Cohen only cares about himself, he volunteered to give Congress recordings of him and his other clients with literally no thought as to whether or not it was legal or appropriate.
😂 they keep getting Michael Cohen to defend himself like he never committed fraud. He keeps taking the bait and going at length and sounded completely scummy. This is great.
"Was it exhausting keeping track of all the lies you were telling all these people"
"I don't have an answer for him. I thank you for continuing the narrative"

They're asking Cohen about the guy he hired to rig online polls for Trump (twice)

same guy that he used to get someone to set up @womenforcohen 😂😂😂
Rep Steube calling out this sham hearing "Yet here we are, taking testimony from a convicted liar"

I will never get tired of hearing that today.
"You stated that Trump never directed you to lie to Congress, is that correct?"
"That's correct"

lol this is so over. This guy can't take down President Trump he can only take down himself over and over again.
"Not only did I lie to the America people, I lied to the First Lady" about the Stormy Daniels nonsense.

You lie all the time. You lie for no reason. You just love to lie!

This lady is saying President Trump is a racist now. Someone finally took the bait.
"What do you think he can do to you?"
"A lot. And it's not just him, it's the people that follow him and his rhetoric"

lol he is literally just babbling about Trump saying mean things to him on twitter and how that makes him somehow in danger
Michael Cohen was facing 70 years in prison but is only going to prison for 3 years. In case anyone was wondering what type of reasons he would have to slander Trump on live TV.
LOL they keep getting him to lie and say he never wanted a role in the Trump administration
LOL This guy just asked Cohen to say again he was never in Prague, he said no he wasn't. The guy then read Mother Jones into the record saying that Cohen told David Corn "I haven't been to Prague in 14 years, I was in Prague for one afternoon 14 years ago"

"This is not what the American people sent us here to do. This is an embarrassment for our country"
She wants to refer Rep Matt Gaetz for ethics violations and maybe criminal prosecutions for his mean tweet yesterday. Pathetic. Let's make this hearing even more of a sham.
They will be back after a recess, probably about an hour or so.
I can't watch another two hours of this lol. I'm going to go run errands now. If I somehow get back and the hearing is still going on I'll finish it out, but it's mostly just repeating themselves now. Here is the link again
Cohen is back, and the sham hearing will continue. I'm going to try not to live tweet the rest of it since I've been up since 3am watching President Trump shake hands with Kim Jong Un but here it is if anyone wants to watch the rest:

A bunch of nonsense about Trump's tax return that Cohen said himself he doesn't know what's in them
"I've seen them, I've just never gone through them. They're quite long"

lol off to a roaring start again
Third time's a charm....

😂😂😂 The Republicans just introduced this tweet into the record
AOC is up now
"To your knowledge did the President ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company" someone wrote this question for her lol.

Cohen says yes, this is all nonsense. "Do you think we need to review his financial statements and his tax returns?" because of that. GOOD LUCK
Now she is talking about a Trump golf course in New York, and she is saying that taxpayers built the golf course because he got a tax break on it. lol worthless
blah blah blah taxes
blah blah blah Mar-A-Lago
blah blah bah inflated asset value

Remember when we all were talking about Russian collusion?
"Undervalue his parents assets" this was all in that stupid giant New York Times article about Trump taxes and Fred Trump that was blown out of the water the day it came out
AOC is done, thankfully, she just gave a speech with yes or no answers designed to get media coverage so that the Democrats can try to go after Trump's tax return. Literally no one in America cares at all about his tax return, we voted for him without seeing them.
"Refer to white supremacists as fine people" THAT LITERALLY DIDN'T HAPPEN
She is the freaking worst, get ready for fake crying and screaming through sobs
She is saying that the Stormy Daniels payment was a "bribe payment, not hush payment, bribe payment"

It's called extortion. Candidate Trump was EXTORTED
"My residents back home don't need a collision cause with a foreign government to know this President, individual one, has disregarded the law of the land, The United States constitution"

😂😂😂 glad we are all on the same page that there was literally NO COLLUSION
"What we have here, Mr. Chairman, is criminal conduct" she is FAKE SOBBING now lol

"In pursuit of the highest public office, by Mr. Cohen and individual one"

"I hope that the gravity of this situation hits everyone in this body and in Congress and across this country." lol she literally just faked crying and screamed about Trump being bad
"To use a black woman as a prop to prove it otherwise" that Trump isn't racist. They said that Congressman Meadows used a Trump employee as a prop earlier when she was there as a character witness.
For the record, her intention was that Congressman Meadows isn't a racist, he just used a woman of color as a prop to prop up a racist she was saying lol.

Rep Meadows is going off on her right now about it. I love this. Get her. She is the freaking worst.
"It's racist to suggest I asked her to come in here for that reason" GET HER
Rep Cummings is actually doing a pretty good job of trying to regain order here.
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