1) YOU'RE BEING CENSORED but you don't know the whole story.

Social media censorship is brought to you by the U.S. Govt House Committee on Homeland Security led by (R) Rep. Michael McCaul, the FBI, DHS, Corp. DNC Media Pimps, & the self-deluded Gods of Silicon Valley.
2) After a terrorist attack in Garland, TX, in June 2015 – The House Committee hears testimony from Obama Admin Counter-terrorism officials about the increasing threat of Violent Islamic Extremist’s use of internet/social media to recruit members, sow discord, and plan attacks.
3) Republican Rinos lead the pack to censor social media under Obama Admin. Other govt bureaucrats consider social media as a means to fight terrorism & weigh 1st Amend Rights violation as acceptable collateral damage to secure the homeland.
3) DHS’s CVE (Counter Violent Extremism) Coordinator gave testimony about resource needs & implementing preventative measures which, ironically, included a timely unprecedented stmt. issued by the UN urging countries to enforce border controls.
4) McCaul: “The war against Islamist terror requires a new approach w/a heavy focus on battle space," internet & social media.

Failure to consider potential collusion between Dem Party & Tech Co ideologues to shift election outcomes by censoring cons voters impact 2018 midterms
5) DHS’s CVE (Counter Violent Extremism) Coordinator gave testimony about resource needs & implementing preventative measures which, ironically, included a timely unprecedented stmt. issued by the UN urging countries to enforce border controls.
6) Obama Admin /Tech co elevate radial racist org SPLC to judge acceptable speech of citizenry & adherence to American Civil liberties. While some of the orgs determinations may be just, they also serve as a political weapon to ensure leftist Dem party political agendas.
7) SPLC has evolved into a racist liberal org that has little to do w/Poverty or Law. It’s extremely troubling that DHS, govt. officials & Tech giants have designated them the unelected judge & jury judging racism & extremism when they so often abuse it for politics & power.
8) 2016 DOJ forced to reprimand SPLC for ethics violations stating their attorneys abused the amicus process and failed to aid the admin. of justice for egregious & unfounded attacks on FAIR a long standing respected conservative immigration reform org. immigrationreformlawinstitute.org/Docs/EOIRDecis…
9) Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ended the last tax year with close to a half billion dollars – $477 million in assets – after taking in an astounding $136 million.

Southern Poverty Law Center Has More Than $90 Million In Offshore Funds
10) Absence of fair equal representation for conservative citizens on social media has enabled targeted censorship & harassment by far left Tech Cos, politicians, & activist groups who label them racist, Nazis, removed from platforms, fired from their jobs, or destroy businesses
11) Dem. Govt officials & tech CEO’s dismiss conservative claims of censorship labeling detractors conspiracy theorists while the DNC media apparatus protects their position with favorable reporting, blatant omission of facts, outright deception, & baldfaced lying.
12) Study outcomes, polls, & DNC media flood the public square w/claims of incidents committed by right wing extremists but failing to report incidents of left wing perps, as if, libs are simply not capable of racism, violence, or extremism? Antifa and the leftwing media Really?
13) No need to censor here. Jack will just perform some yoga, whisper a few meditative Om chants, arise cleansed, and show them with love.
14) And finally Twitter is totally cool with Black Lives Matter promoting murdering police and expressing glee over their deaths.
15) Again consulting left wing Brookings Institute.
16)Members of NatSec would better serve the public if they checked America’s extremist politicians, lib universities, & fake media’s daily reports inciting violence against our LEOs, military, & pushing lies that 1/2 of USA are white supremacists seeking to eliminate minorities.
17) Dem lawmakers - spread it like this is totally normal & reasonable.

Dems use their political platforms to spread racism & polarize the country using junk science, incomplete govt. crime stats, & manipulated data from liberal universities.
18) At the height of the “100,000s will die” O’care hysteria, pushed by Dems and media, finally a Bernie Sanders voter shot at Republican’s & almost killed a US Congressman. Zero consequence inciting weeks of insanity claims of death by insurance policy. .@SteveScalise
19) Lib response to Scalise shooting is celebratory & Jack promises to improve health. Instead these people keep their accounts and conservatives are shut down for being accused of being Russian bots by media, lying political Neocons at Hamilton 68, & Hillary's $1M digital army.
20) Forgive colorful express but it fits: Govt think tanks, corp lobbyists, & mainstream media whores in thousand dollar suits call for their corporate Tech pimps to essentially wage war on conservatives.
21) Measures initially intended to minimize terrorists & extremists from recruiting or targeting their next victims on social media has given way to Govt & Tech Co. targeting speech of lawful citizens that they deem an impediment to their politicians/activists power/ $ goals.
22) Deliberating perimeters of 1st Amend rights.
23) "We’re talking about going to the Tech Co. & asking for their assistance & we are imploring Congress to help us seek legal remedies & asking Tech companies for technological solutions.”

No large scale surveillance? He was obviously not read into the .@POTUS Trump coup yet.
24) “The media is paying attention to some of these entities, tracking, reporting, & trying to create their own ‘buzz,” said, Michael Steinbach. The former head of the FBI’s NatSec Div. also supervised the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails.
25) If you’re a conservative who’s been on Twitter, FB, YouTube, Google, etc. for personal or business use in the last 2 years, then you are probably familiar. Businesses and livelihoods of people supporting their families have been destroyed by these people and no consequence.
26) They want to mfg. news & hope for a shooting or racist incident every day to rake in Ad $ attract Dem voters. When accused of being an ‘the enemy of the people,’ they cry victim. No consequence.

Nothing racist here accept MAGA hats, move along.
27) We know what best, we’re censoring you for your own good.
28) "There’s a fine line between the privacy rights of the public and security."

Think about all those expensive televised Senate hearings parading Tech billionaires who claimed testified under oath that they don't censor.

Govt lawmakers perform political theater.
29) Perry to Tech:

Do the platforms have any way of monitoring people having conversations about their disdain for radical Islam?
30) "We’re trying to encourage credible voices to contest ideological extremism online."

Obama set up socialist NGO activist orgs with billions of taxpayer dollars. Dept of Homeland security pays NGOs to implement CVE community outreach program to counter violent extremism.
31) Perry to Steinbach: "What is and is not off-limits to monitoring on social media?"

Again, think about all those televised congressional and senate hearings on public charges of censorship some made by lawmakers.

This planning hearing occurred long before.
32) "In a legal context, a chilling effect is the inhibition or discouragement of the legitimate exercise of natural & legal rights by the threat of legal sanction. Most often described as being suppressed by a chilling effect is the US constitutional right to free speech."
33) Europe is obviously the model to follow. #eyeroll Hell is breaking lose in France & several countries are making plans to leave the EU The realized too late that their membership entailed surrendering their nations sovereignty. It is the goal of Dem socialists to do the same
33) Identity politics is breading racism like rabbits on Viagra. The race card is central to the Dem socialists. Fueling racism draws generations of voting minorities who’ve been told ad nauseam by media they are victims. The party of slavery claims sole means to deliver them.
34) I'm working on a thread detailing the history of slavery & lies that have been perpetuated for generations. 1/2 million died fighting to squash slavery yet the Republican party, who originated civil rights let the Dems high jack history claiming the title for themselves. Why?
35) It is not reasonable to think that lawmakers have any sincere interest in fighting for you and your family's best interest. Actions speak louder than words & the results speak for themselves. It's up to us. Civil action beyond Twitter is imperative.
Before we get into the history of slavery the next threat will inform with a deeper dive into DHS's CVE program. It is yet another example of why small government is so critical to our country's survival. However small govt. is not possible w/o consistent civil engagement from...
🇺🇸“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”🇺🇸

Thanks for reading guys, God bless you all and God bless this great country. Gigi
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