1) Understanding Julian Assange's last tweet with the reference to M.I.A. and her song paper planes and the Hash code.
2) There is a lot to talk about with the M.I.A. paper planes song(MIAPP) and its connection to JA. I'm going to solely focus on the aspect of why JA posted the YouTube link. First off, I have been listening to the MIA since it came out about 10 years ago. I know it well.
3) It was around mid April or last year when I noticed something I have never heard on the MIAPP song. I was in the garage spring cleaning and had an old little radio/CD player/boom box. I was playing my YT playlist from my phone via a 3.5mm jack.
4) It's there when I faintly noticed some rather odd tones/frequencies embedded in the song. After playing the song about 20 times over and over. I realized that tones were indeed Morse code and that's when my whole aspect of "Trusting the Plan" changed dramatically.
5) At first I thought maybe something was wrong with mini boombox, so I unplugged the jack from my phone and listened to the MAIPP song several more times via the phone speaker. The tones/beeps while listening to it on the phone speaker was nearly impossible to hear.
6) From there I went in the house and loaded the MIAPP song on my computer. I have 2.1 channel surround sound system hooked up to my desktop with EQ adjustments . While listening/adjusting the MIAPP song on my desktop computer, I could again hear the tones much clearer.
7) But being the Autist that I'm I was still not 100% convinced and the next best thing to confirm my theory was to hook up my phone to my aftermarket car stereo. I've been installing aftermarket car stereos since before I was teenager as my uncle was a aftermarket installer.
8) That being said I literally have 2-3k worth of aftermarket stereo components with all the buttons/bells/whistles in my car. I played the song, adjusted the EQ frequency settings and its was at that moment I was 100% convinced there was indeed Morse Code embedded in MIAPP song.
9) So I know your asking yourself(s), "why can't I hear it". The tones embedded in the song are incredible hard to hear. You have to basically phase out the song and tune your ears to hear the frequencies. To describe to you what the tone/frequencies sound like...
10) If you remember when you were young, you went to the doctor for a hearing test. They stick you in that sound proof booth with headphones and button remote. The doctor would send tones/Frequencies through your headset and you would press the button to confirm you heard it.
11) Those tones/beeps you heard while in the both are very similar to the tones embedded in the MIAPP song. Weird thing is I played this song last summer for dozens of people from all ages. Out of all the people the largest majority who heard the Morse code were kids.
12) Have you deciphered the Morse code? My answer is no, the only way to extract all the Morse code is one would need some audio software and filters to accurately extract the Morse Code. Considering I don't have the software or know Morse Code I did not pursue it any further.
13) , My guess is the Morse Code embedded on the MIAPP song is most likely some code to complete the Hash posted on JA's tweet(In Theory). Or it could be what is needed to complete the Keys that may unlock the Wikileaks files. Of course this is just my theory.
14) Now, I can give you a base line of when the Morse code tones start and stop. There are 3 sections of when the tones/beeps fade in and fade out. The sections start at about :58 to 1:17(very faint), 2:05 to 2:25(noticeable), and 2:50 to 3:09(more noticeable)
15) I would refrain from trying to hear it over your speaker phone, its nearly impossible even for me who is tuned in on it and because the speakers in Phone are so small they are somewhat incapable of producing the Tones/frequencies. I good set of headphones help greatly.
16) I also noticed, that if I play the MIAPP song in a large are over a stereo/radio/boombox and move around the room you can hear the tones clearer. This is how I was able to pick up on it in the garage. There is much more to this and the connection of JA a M.I.A. its shocking.
17) I will post more on the connections of JA and MIA if my followers are interested but I have tried desperately to point this out for nearly a year now and nobody want to take the time to pursue it further. This is my last attempt to alert #qanon patriots. GOD-BLESS
18) To add more to the connection of "trusting the Plan" one only needs to look at the date of the song as Q has said "Timing is crucial.", but we'll look closer on that later as everything interconnects.
19) Mathangi Arulpragasam aka M.I.A. was only 6 months old when she moves to Sri Lanka. She has always been very outspoken about the war torn community she lived in. During the Obama admin the U.S. restricted her access into and out of the country because of her activism.
20) M.I.A. for years has supported Wikileaks/JA . In her book she wrote about Wikileaks "So obviously I love Wikileaks because, after I'd gone through the whole backlash, they were the first news information site to confirm any news on the Sri Lankan war in the truest form."
21) "They were the first to release information stating the truth about what had happened to the Tamils as I knew it.: and to reveal that the UN was aware that the Sri Lankan gov. was lying on war crimes." So MIA and JA's relationship is stronger than most thought.
22) Now, lets get back to the Timing.
What year/day was the MIAPP song posted on YouTube? July 16th 2009.
Did you know that today, March 1st is the 10-year anniversary of when Trump and Dennis Rodman premiered on the apprentice...what a coincidence?
23) So you got the MIAPP song uploaded on 2009, same year has Trump/Rodman was on the apprentice. Same year Obama was sworn in... So what does that tell us...@realDonaldTrump has been planning to fight back the deep state for well over 10 years and if POTUS has been planning..
24)...this for that long it only re-affirms my position based on my research that #JFKjrLIVES and was involved with "The Plan" from the beginning. My research indicates the plan started pre-9/11 or from 1996 to 1999.
#WWG1WGA #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #Qpatriots
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