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1. This particular Q post is of utmost interest to me.

IMO, this post has much deeper meanings than most. I believe this has to do with:

🎶 #Frequencies
🕳 #DimensionalShift

Read on. This is just my personal observations.

Continued... 👇
2. Let’s start with the quantum physics of dimensions. We are in the 3rd dimension. To travel to the 4th dimension, you need to vibrate at a higher frequency.

This is achieved through what some call “raising your vibration”. Christ knew the these secrets of our existence. 🙏✝️♥️
3. Everything in the Universe is ultimately God’s creation. He created the cosmos and it was through His WORD that all matter was born. The Word is a frequency. Aum. Om. Amen. The same in every belief system embracing our Heavenly Father and the Lord. The word was first.
4. Sound is the ultimate root of all creation. Our Hevanely Father spoke all into existence. His infinite power is vast, beautiful, endless, forever. Praise God for the beautiful gifts and life he bestowed upon us. Praise Him for every moment we have. W/ God, all is possible. 🙏
5. There are 12 notes in an octave (technically including the black and white keys, eg, on a piano). Each half step us twelve corresponding overtones. This get tricky, but I’m using this to at least scratch the surface of what I’m trying to explain - musicians will get this. 🎶
6. I could write on this thread forever, but for tonight, I’ll keep it short: the way to 4D from 3D is by raising your vibration. Christ Consciosuness is the way, the truth and the life. Sound is the healing vibration. Positive words, positive frequencies = raising your “vibe” 🙏
7. There is a total of 144 dimensions according to ancient texts. The world has been around much longer than we think. Humans have been here for a very very long time. Now comes the part I’ve been staring at forever 👇🕳 🐇 (next) ...
8. Let’s look at this Q post again:

Count the dots in blue: 23+25=48

48 x 3(D) = 144 .... 🤔

If we are in 3D consciousness, what do we need to do to move to 4D?

Evolve. Love. Christ. Raise our vibration. Be the truth, trust the plan.✝️♥️🙏🇺🇸⚖️
9. And take a look at the dots over the purple line. Count them too. What do you see?

17 !!!!!

17 = Q

Time travel is real. The fabric of space time will be revealed.

This rabbit hole is deep. Remember what Q said to us?

“How must ppl be made aware of an alternate reality?”
10. Tesla knew. He had figured this out. @POTUS knows too.


It’s important to keep your mind open and not fall into dogmas or traps. Truth does not negate our spiritual beliefs and love for God and Christ ✝️🙏♥️
11. Although the cabal had tried to infiltrate this technology and subvert it for their own demonic use, thank God they have been stopped and WH’s are in control. Pray for @POTUS and @FLOTUS and men like @GenFlynn who are responsible 4 bringing justice. 🙏⚖️🇺🇸 #ThisIsNotAGame
12. There is so much more to this story than meets the 👀

Area 51 is real.
So are humans - US from the future. If you can travel to through time, you can surely go #BackToTheFuture ;)

I have met some folks who claim to have done this. I believe them. 🙏🐇⏰🎯
13. Hollywood has been infiltrating our minds and programming us for their own sick dark agendas. NOT ANYMORE! Our awakening is the BIGGEST THREAT to the demons!! Trust God and yourself - your heart speaks the truth.

14. Remember #Starman ?
Go back and watch it. It will blow your mind. Listen carefully to the script. It’s pretty clear and amazing. And this was back in the 80s!
15. The list of movies 🎥 is endless that involves time travel. #Interstellar was the last HW movie I could stomach since finding out about the depth of the sickness here in this tinsel town. The Time Traveller’s Wife is also a good flick. Of course we know the famous ones 👇
16. The #PhiladelphiaExperiment is just one of the more publicly known trials (and errors) of attempting to do this with technology. The truth is, we don’t need tech to do this! Christ knew! ✝️♥️🙏
17. The truth is we are just beginning to #Awaken & there is so much we have yet to learn. So many truths hidden from us by this evil cabal, but enter the age of #GodWins 🎉🙏⚖️✝️

#WeThePeople #DemandFullDisclosure

The biggest secret is that we’re not alone & have never been.
18. Stay tuned. I’ll write more later about this as my curiosity has surely been piqued.

Thank you for reading my thread. 🙏♥️🇺🇸


Godspeed Patriots! 🙏
Here is an earlier tweet 10/18 about Starman 👇🏼💥🤔
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