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It's my 10 year anniversary on Twitter. The sun is the same in a similar way but we're older, and shorter of breath, and one day closer to death. #NowPlaying
I joined Twitter because I'd just had a major foot surgery in Feb of 09. It was just something that could keep me occupied while my foot healed (which, by the way, never did happen.) I wasn't cleared to travel until Sept of that year. We promptly flew to Oahu.
I was still walking with a boot on and using a walking stick. I have the pics somewhere of me and James hiking in a rain forest while I hobbled along. But hobble I did. Anyway, I regret that surgery. It made the problem worse. But that is why I joined Twitter. On this day, 09
Anyway, I had gone a couple of years uninsured and just gotten catastrophic health insurance. The foot was first. I also had a lump in my throat. It turned out to be a massive tumor on my thyroid. It was benign. So a 2nd surgery happened in May, 09 and again, I tweeted.
That surgery was a success. They took out the tumor and half my thyroid. I've never needed thyroid meds. The other half made up for it. I tweeted about all of it. I was non political at first. I used blip fm to tweet music a lot.
I used a little fairy as an avatar. I called it something else and didn't know what "an avatar" was. I asked people. I asked a lot of questions. Some people answered, others ignored me. It's much the same today in that regard.
There was an account on here who I thought was Chris Isaak. It was my 2nd follower. I was thrilled. I blocked my first follower, a sweet old lady who tweeted about gardening, so that I could say that Chris Isaak was my 1st follower on Twitter. It wasn't him.
But I spent a few thousand tweets trying to get 'him' to retweet me, and he did but as I say, it wasn't him. One of his band members did follow though, and still does to this day. So, I wiled away those halcyon days stalking a fake Chris Isaak on Twitter.
I only started tweeting about politics when Obamacare was being talked about. That started it all. And I met up with 8 other ladies, and we decided that we should use Twitter to help elect conservatives. So we formed @TheTwisters .
..and we created a website and vetted candidates, and held money bombs for those candidates, many of whom were elected in 2010. That was one of the best usages of Twitter I've seen since I've been on here & how so many Congresscritters came to follow me here.
Though most of us are still in touch, only me, @GaltsGirl & @Conservativeind still tweet. None of us kept a list, unfortunately, and the site is long gone but we were quite good at what we did and our elect rate was excellent. Good times. 10 years ago.
I guess it was a year later that we formally started @TheTwisters but prior, we were hanging out online. On CPunk calls, and generally, having fun. I think Chuck DeVore is the first candidate we sponsored. They were all happy for our help too.
We were in the mix when we were trying to elect Scott Brown to be the 41st vote against Obamacare. One week Twitter was raising a million dollars a day for his campaign. A success, and a failure upon reflection. But at the time, we were doing good stuff.
As I say, they were all grateful for the help.
Side note, what is Scott Brown doing overseas, I wonder.
This was fun. An emergency Twisters board meeting to talk about Christine O'Donnell. We'd vetted her and decided to sponsor her and then she became a witch. We dropped her. It was a good call. We took it all very seriously. We wanted winners
But most of them were not witches and for a very long time, I was really proud of the candidates we sponsored, many of whom were elected. I'm even still proud of one notable Senator. 2010 was an epic year to be a young conservative activist.
Make that two notable Senators. I mean, we were very good at picking the winners.
The exception was candidates from California. We sponsored a bunch of them. Excellent candidates, not a single winner. That red wave ended at the Rocky Mountains in 2010. It's when I began to realize that CA politics are hopeless.
...and we did not fight. Imagine, nine women, no major fights. Others were a bit jealous of us so we had a few online brawls but we were tight. As I recall, we only had one major candidate quarrel. I still won't talk about it or him. And my mind hasn't changed on him either.
Chuck DeVore, Nick Popaditch, Elizabeth Emken, Meg Whitman, Tim Donnelly, many, many great California candidates. Zero winners. California was our nemesis. I think we eventually decided, no more Californians. It was hurting our win/loss ratio.
The Scott Brown thing was intense. It wasn't just us doing the fundraising, obviously, but we were up late, writing blog posts, scheduling tweets, creating the money bombs. Then all day, tweeting, calling, FBing. Everyone was united. And you know what happened. #bqhatevwr
Besides politics, I was involved in helping to rescue both Jon Hammar and Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexican prisons. The best things I've ever done online, helping those two Marines. We actually tried to help three, but only two came home.
I only went to one Teaparty. That was enough. I was a semi regular on a San Diego radio show. That was fun. I've met a bunch of great people, had a lot of fun. Grown up quite a bit. Survived the housing crash and the recession with y'all. It's been quite a decade...
..and no regrets. I'd do it all over again. It gave me skills I never thought I'd have. It's all a matter of balance though and at one time, I was far too involved in the inside baseball stuff which I don't like. And, I hate drama but drama is Twitter's middle name.
So, that's my story, that's my decade. I'm still here but I've been trying to temper my usage. It's not difficult for me to do either. I only tweet if I have something to say and I did today.
And what of the next (God willing) ten years? I don't know exactly. We're selling this house. We're moving somewhere and we're running our business still.. I am getting older and wiser and I look for more fun these days...
Last note on politics, it was as true in 09 as it is today, immigration was *the* issue. 10 years & we're still battling about it. I don't see a Rubio or a Haley ever getting elected unless & until there's immigration reform. And we're no closer now than we were in 09
So, if you're one of the congresspeople who follow, I helped elect you, Fix immigration. It's tearing our country apart.
..and to my darling Twisters, "They say there's a heaven for those who will wait
Some say it's better but I say it ain't
I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints
The sinners are much more fun" - Still love you crazy ladies. It was a blast. ♥️🌪️
I think this is the tweet that sent people to @TheTwisters account and I do think Chuck was our first candidate.
I'm going to add 1 last tweet to my 10 year tweet thread & then pin it. I've learned that I can't please everyone, and I don't even try. To be blunt "I tweet what I want". I'm generally nice, and approachable but it's my page. We can disagree but I insist on civility. Thanks.
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