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GOD, His people & The World’s Kingdoms/Empires

- What’s gone before.
- What is to come.
- The Gospel of the Kingdom.

* Missed the Rapture? What to Expect.

Ever since God created the Earth in Genesis 1, He willed it to be ruled by Man whom He created; hence Adam was the first world governor & emperor and he was so, under God.
But by disobedience to God & obedience to Satan, Adam changed masters; and though the governing of the earth was still through human agency, Satan became the god of this world’s systems (2 Cor. 4:4).
Now God already determined a new world order would come where His original blue-print would be followed.

This perfect Kingdom/government would come through His choice Man, ruling with all those He’d recover from the old fallen world order.
But before then, the world would clearly have to face the consequences of a government system that had rejected Him.
This group of people recovered from the old fallen world order to rule (saints) would be privileged to have seen how chaotic a world excluding God could be, and His patience in dealing with it;
They’d know firsthand how God never did force His way over their choice in the error of the old order, yet in the midst of it aided and helped those who depended on Him.
They’d therefore be better equip with experiential knowledge to guide the future world order to submit to God willingly under His chosen Man’s rule; rather than follow their own way and end up again with a “failed world” situation.
No one would be able to accuse God of being self-oriented in that time, because it would be clear He had given this present world a chance to achieve its promise of peace & greatness without Him (if it could) and it failed.
So then with creation and Adam’s fall, the journey of this world began.

In the midst of this grand design we have the stories of Old Testament scripture: the individual & national dealings of God with people and with the nation of Israel.
One of the warnings God gave His people was that when they failed to obey Him (because they excluded themselves from the progressive development of order He sought to re-establish through them), they would be made subject to the dominion of the God-less world.
This of course was evident in the constant servitude, captivity, and desolation the Israelites consistently suffered under the heathen/gentile (unbelieving) world.
Not forgetting that this world was running a system of government that did not submit itself to God, but was since Adam, yielded to the Devil.

God only picked Israel to begin a long recovery journey, one of which they weren’t even entirely faithful.
Now through the grand design of things there were going to be seven (7) human empires (world kingdoms or universal government systems) to run the world, and God’s own kingdom (by the God-Man) to be the final.
Seven is a number connected with completion or perfection biblically, and hence it seems God was going to allow man to completely govern himself (as he had chosen); to show if he could produce the best quality of life for himself (mankind).
But God sent Moses, by whom the Law was given to separate the Jews from the rest of the world in knowledge, identity, and lifestyle in expectation of the coming Kingdom after it all.

(Because God always has a grand purpose.)
And it wasn’t just Moses, but all the prophets after him were sent to renew the Jews to this expectation and remind them of it... to remind them of a promise that began with Abraham their patriarch.
The concept of the “Messiah” did not arise only because of the sins of the Jewish nation, but for a kingdom that predates Israel. However Israel was charged with the responsibility of the knowledge & expectation of Him, as He’d come from them.
The covenant of God to this people therefore was that since He would use them for this purpose, they were going to enjoy a firsthand benefit, which included their never being rejected of Him forever no matter what.
However when Israel turned away from this hope by emulating the heathen nations, they were ignorantly rejecting this coming kingdom and yielding (like the rest of the world) to Satan: for what reason God did allow the seven (7) human governments to temporarily oppress them.
The aim was always the same: like the prodigal son who returned to his father when he faced the harshness of a life without him, Israel would be exposed to the severe realities of the idolatry of nations they emulated, till they returned (repented) to their God.
The first of these 7 world powers was EGYPT: The place of their incubation as a nation. And although they were delivered out to never return geographically they were often ruled by them for over 1000 years before the next empire.
The second was ASSYRIA: these were oppressors of Israel very often for a space of about 200 years before the next empire.
Often the prophets warned them that their disobedience had caused the oppression but they didn’t heed.
The third was BABYLON (we might spend a little time on this): The writings of Jeremiah the prophet showed that the Jews were appointed 70 years of captivity and servitude to this empire.
About the time general Nebuchadnezzar was becoming king in his conquests, Israel was given over to him as well, and in taking many captive, one of those he took from Judah was Daniel the prophet.
Daniel is very significant to the teaching of the kingdom because he’s the one God used to reveal the full story of the “kingdom”.
He was specially gifted in understanding the supernatural & in the prophetic; and even his secular job itself is governance.
Nebuchadnezzar had become the most glorious emperor of the world, a heathen who served the devil; but though God had permitted Adam (mankind) run the systems as they liked, He hadn’t abandoned it totally.
So God gave Nebuchadnezzar and eventually Daniel in different scenarios, the account of the kingdoms of the world successively all the way to the end.
At some point when Gabriel showed Daniel these things they’re so plain we need no interpretation only a knowledge of history.
The stories of Alexander the Great and his 4 generals; of Seleucus & Ptolemy, Berenice & Antiochus Epiphanes e.t.c the angel is so detailed in narrating our now history (then prophecy) that the only thing not given was names, before he returned to his fight assisted by Michael.
But one very vital theme of the prophecy of Daniel, which is also in the Revelation, and a central theme of this thread is:
“what is the fate of the Jewish people?”
Because in it is the answer to the story of every one and the kingdom.
Nebuchadnezzar saw a vision of the successions of the kingdom from him (the 3rd Empire) the “head” in Daniel 2 all the way to the toes (the 10 Revised Roman Empire) and Jesus’ Kingdom crushing all.
While Nebuchadnezzar saw these empires as one metal human form in decreasing glory from himself-Babylon (Gold) to Revised Rome (Iron and Clay), the prophet Daniel saw the same as gruesome beasts (in Dan 7), as these empires have really been shown to be beastly in reality.
The next kingdom after Babylon was the MEDO-PERSIAN empire i.e the 4th, led by Darius the Mede (also called Ahasuerus) and Cyrus the Persian, believed to be his son from queen Esther. They conquered the last king of Babylon’s Empire at the 70th year of Israel’s servitude to it.
When Cyrus became Emperor in this new MEDES & PERSIAN Empire he released the Jewish people back to their land based on a spiritual nudging as prophesied by Jeremiah. Fulfilling an almost 150 year old pre-birth prophecy of Isaiah where his name was literally mentioned.
The fifth empire to rule the world was the GRECIAN Empire where Alexander the great by the age of 33 had successfully conquered the known world (as spoken to Daniel by angel Gabriel) and had made Greek the official language (Hellenism).

(Why also the NT was written in Greek)
After his death and the splitting of his kingdom into 4 divisions among his four generals; there were successions of Kingdoms in which Syria gained hegemony, and the Maccabean revolt/persecution of the Jewish people under Antiochus Epiphanes (a foreshadow of the Antichrist).
Then the sixth world empire came, which was the ROMANS.
To back up a little, the angel had told Daniel the prophet that in line with the question “The fate of the Jewish people” God had determined 70 groups of 7years which prophetically were called (70 weeks) in Dan 9:24.
These spoke of things which were fulfilled in Christ’s 1st coming, but it was the church that received them. The Jews generally did not but will only receive it in fullness at the end (but not to get ahead of the thread flow).
So 490 years were determined on the Jewish people.
The first 7 prophetic weeks (7x7= 49 years) were the time from the decree to free the Jews till when Jerusalem was completely built up and completely working again; the next 62 weeks (434 years) were from then till when the messiah (Jesus) would be killed, which happened.
These all literally happened according to their time as Jesus died at the end of the 69th week (483rd year) of prophecy which landed at 30-31 AD; this therefore left 1 week (7 years) untouched from the 70 years prophecy of God’s Jewish dealings.

(Keep that in mind.)
Now the real point of the thread continues:

Rome was the empire the Jews were in servitude of when Jesus Christ came. All these empires seemed to have had their glories like Nebuchadnezzar saw but were beastly like Daniel saw.
They were heights of human government and power that excludes the true God from it (you could read about them).
Therefore as they rose, they also fell; much schemings, wars, bloodshed, injustice, sin & wickedness.
It was clear that there was never peace, it was always “surrender or be destroyed”, and beyond the governments themselves, the innate nature of the children of Adam was sin, no rulership of man could fix the sin error and remove all offenses people committed against each other.
In the midst of this Jesus Christ came...
He began teaching the people (Jews first) reminding them of the Kingdom that was supposed to be their hope; the “Beatitudes” are the qualities necessary for the kingdom: Love, Compassion, Mercy, Faithfulness, Peace e.t.c.
He taught these real qualities that would make a kingdom peaceful: “Turn the other cheek” never-before-heard messages.
“No one will slap you in that kingdom, but you must already be the kind that doesn’t slap back because human vengeance perpetuates an evil cycle.
Don’t lust after people because just as a conceived baby will surely be delivered at full time, at lust sexual immorality is conceived and the acting out/delivery is merely a matter of time; same as hate & murder.
If you have an offering to God and you’re in malice with your brother, fix the malice first and then come, because you can’t love an invisible God if you hate his visible child. They need your gift of love, God doesn’t need your offering.”
Jesus does all of these in about 3.5 years with miraculous signs and healings; through which not only were their souls prepared to be made fit for the coming kingdom, but their bodies were restored from Satan’s oppression & operations in sicknesses & diseases.
He majored on the Jews, because they were the ones to whom the promise was made directly.
He didn’t come to set up His earthly kingdom yet, because one empire was still on and another (a two in one) was yet to come before His.
Oftentimes His thousands of followers misunderstood His teachings of the Kingdom and sought to make Him king there, Satan even tried to tempt Him with it. But it wasn’t man or the devil to give Him the Kingdom, God would and at the right time.
But He came to notify the people of truth:
In the beginning God made man to have dominion but sadly He had to watch Man merely become a puppet of the devil in successive kingdoms and not have the real dominion He desired.
Dominion first over their soul (not being in bondage to sin and addictions), and then dominion over the world He had made for them. Instead Satan had ruled people by Sin in different forms and then used them to ruin their world in wickedness.
Wherefore God decided to become a Man, and as a Man win the dominion given to Mankind from under the devil’s control on their behalf.
This is why in Daniel’s prophecy (7:18) the Saints take and possess the Kingdom but in (13-14) it was received for them by the Son of Man.
Jesus uniquely calls Himself the “Son of Man” in His teachings to reiterate this truth to their knowledge but the religious leaders miss it, not seeing the bigger prophetic picture, only their temporal miniscule influence with the Roman governor.
They hand over Jesus to Rome’s power to be killed on charges that He planned to usurp Rome’s authority and although Pilate doesn’t believe them, he consents in order to preserve the idea of loyalty to Caesar’s Rome.
All these again happen in fulfillment of scripture and on the third day, Christ rises from the dead.
He prepares His disciples finally for the work of preaching His gospel of the Kingdom and freedom from satan’s authority, first of the soul and then of life generally.
By His rising from the dead He had validated His identity to His followers as God’s chosen Man to restore the Kingdom, for what reason they ask the question of Acts 1:6
But the 1 week (7 years) of the Jews spoken by Daniel was not yet. God postponed it to allow for what is known as the Church age i.e. the Dispensation of Grace, it was His desire to give this expression (it had before then been a mystery in the mind of God).
The Holy Spirit is then poured out upon believers to give them the foretaste of the Kingdom within: Righteousness, Peace and Joy proving to the Church that God’s kingdom is liberty of the Soul first, and with signs & miracles the gospel is preached.
And for almost 2000 years now the Church age has been on: God using the Apostles and Paul to build believers into the first group of redeemed folks who become the saints to reign in the future world order with Christ.
Everything that was said till now has been fulfilled and what has been said about what is to come will be fulfilled also. One of these days, the Church age where God selected from the nations to be His kingdom leaders will be over.
This will be marked by a worldwide disappearance called the RAPTURE:

The universal church of God would be called up to be with Jesus in Heaven; the break in time would be over for the postponed 7 years (prophetic week) to play out.
I’m not going into the prophetic language but for those who are left here to know what to expect clearly: At about this time there would be strange occurrences and happenings.
The world has seen these but not to the proportions & levels coming:
An imposter christ in conquest, War (Nuclear), Famine (of cannibalistic proportions) and Disease & Disasters successively.
There’d be blood-red moons and eclipses. Wide-spread diseases, earthquakes that shatter richter-scale measurements, meteors, and lots of suffering & deaths. These would be observed to usher in these final periods.
It would be foolish to see this thread and rather than humbly be reconciled to God, begin to question Him for the way things play out; aggrieved folks simply need to bookmark this as they’d be needing it.

If you find yourself still here after the massive world-wide disappearances, this is what to be expected:

The 7 years determined upon the Jewish people is back in play: only this time they have not simply disobeyed the message of God but crucified His Son and persecuted His servants also.
This 7 years would witness a time of hardship on the world not only to purge it of the evil it had experienced over the many generations. But occurrence that reveal Satan’s last fight to reign in this earth before his arrest and eventual judgment.
Then 7th world Empire will come.
The 7th World Empire would be the REVISED ROMAN EMPIRE (irrespective of what it would be called), a group of Ten (10) Sovereign state entities who were members of the Old Roman division: some states bordering Russia & North Africa too.
They’d be in a league and gain massive socio-economic and political hegemony. They are the Feet & toes of Daniel 2. And like Iron (firm) & Clay (miry) would have a semblance of some monarchical & some democratic governance.
They together would oppress Israel once again under them at the beginning of these 7 years. But almost immediately, 3 of those ten states would be conquered and all would give way to one man. This is the eighth existing within the 7th Empire.
This one man’s origin is geographically located the ancient Syrian region i.e. one of the four Grecian Divisions that succeeded into the Roman Empire. He could be from any of the places within that region.
This man would enter into a league/Treaty with the Jewish people and gain their support; and the rest of the 7 sovereign states will submit to him. The temple of Israel will be rebuilt in Jerusalem and he will be seen as a messiah and friend of Israel.
He will rule over the world (synecdochically speaking) through this Revived Roman Empire and in the middle of the the 7 years break his covenant with Israel. For 3.5 years he will become their enemy.
In this our age we have the benefit of describing certain things clearer than some previous ages could because of increased knowledge so I’d simply say he will become a “Hitler” to Israel & believers.
Pharaoh, Haman, Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Stalin and the worst dictators and Antisemitists the world had ever known were only rehearsals for this guy, the Antichrist.
Because apart from the Dual nature of prophecy (or Double reference), God will often allow foreshadows of what was promised to manifest to keep people alert. But again Man often views them ignorantly and takes them carelessly.
Why do all of these have to happen to the Jews:
• They are loved by God
• They are hated by Satan
• They’ve rejected the love & protection of God in disobedience and Satan still hates them sorely.
This man would move His headquarters to Israel’s temple and replace their Jewish service with his own religio-political dominance.
And then (of course you know) about the universal branding mark, which may well be a microchip implant.

No matter the cost DON’T RECEIVE THE MARK!
There’d be a massive persecution & deaths following Jews and new believers in that age. Certain 144,000 Jews and many in different nations, sealed by God would be set apart in this age like the Israelites during Egypt’s plague.
But people with the mark are eternally damned with no redemption or hope of it, having accepted the seal of Satan in themselves forever. On these who not only loved sin, but endorsed it will God’s wrath fall.
The earth itself will react: the wrath of the Lamb, i.e. God’s stored anger against unrepentant sinners, who have not only blasphemed/sinned against Him but shed innocent blood of His faithfuls over the years would be released on the world.
There will be two Jewish witnesses (prophets) one of which would be Elijah (who never died), preaching and granting support & comfort to the nation of Israel in this time of great persecution.
These witnesses would show miracles of Biblical proportion and boldness in their post-Rapture ministry, heavily protected until their public assassination. And after 3.5 days would be resurrected (like the saints before) and taken to heaven.
There would be massive sightings of UFOs & Aliens which really are no aliens in the sense of other planetary lives but manifestations of demon spirits and increase in demonic torments & oppressions.
Chapter 6 of Revelation speaks of plagues highly similar to those of Egypt including water turning to blood, and the breakout of painful boils/sores on those with the mark. It would be deemed a medical side effect of having the mark (implants).
Also experienced would be an intensely heated earth (excuses of global warming are already prepared) causing the kindling of flames; the drying up of the great Euphrates river and at another time, absolute darkness.
The great earthquakes, when one considers its effects on bridges and people driving and walking on them, high-rises and people in them; the floods & tsunamis caused is really scary to imagine.
There’d be a proposed one-world religion and there’d be minority believers of Jesus Christ who would be massively persecuted, become the scum of the earth along with the Jews, barely eating, living poorly and always in hiding.
Josephus the Jewish historian says in AD 70, believers of Christ who heeded His word and fled Judea to the mountains escaped the destruction then. A foreshadow of things to come.
Those who flee Israel will find solace in the wilderness i.e. The mountainous location of the ancient city Edom temporarily while most of their brethren in the state will be destroyed by the Antichrist who seeks to wipe them all out.
But his conquest and the other wars he’d have to fight in this age will prevent him until the end of the 3.5 years.
This is Satan’s last controller of the world’s empire and he’d fight with everything he has to keep earth under his control. Imagine Satan fighting hard for this world’s control, that is how that age would be and it is very close.
The 7th world Empire which is yet to come, will resume the last 7 years Daniel spoke about and the world will see evil & sin like never before. Then there’d be no massive christian challenge of wrong-doing like is being preached now, we will be greatly missed.
The 10 sovereign states coming first, and then the Antichrist to whom they’d all submit. Everything the Church preached and restrained by our presence and the Holy Spirit in us will be allowed then.
People ask if there is God why He allows evil to thrive, and we answer now, but at that time the restraining hand of the church will be lifted and the full wickedness and evil that Satan seeks to do before his arrest will go on.
God had called the world for years and they had rejected Him, they insulted Him for not controlling everything in peace whilst refusing to let Him start from their own lives. He’d let the world know how well they can fare without Him but shorten the time to save some.
As it always gets darkest before dawn, and the first 3.5 years of tribulation had passed, the second 3.5 years of the great tribulation being almost over...
The Antichrist will face the wildernesses to wipe out the Jews completely
And this is at the end of the 7th kingdom (though ruled by an 8th), Jesus Christ will then return in the clouds with us, whom He saved in this Age of grace and those before.
His appearance in the skies will have such an effect on this enemies of God and armies of the Antichrist as can be likened to a nuclear effect. The radiation His presence would emit would consume the armies against Israel (imagine the Sun coming close).
At this point Israel and every person in the world would see believers descend: not merely on Satellite television but in reality, and all most especially the Jews would realize they should have believed.
It would be a time of massive repentance all the Jews would be saved; the rest of the governed world without the mark also, after having suffered will be saved. The Antichrist and his kingdom destroyed and now God’s selected person JESUS CHRIST will rule the final KINGDOM
In the Final KINGDOM of CHRIST which will have no end, the world then will see how perfect God through Jesus Christ and His spotless Church can run the world: full of perfect peace, ridding it of the residues of previous empires.
Even nature will be affected and Just like in the garden of Genesis 1&2, the wild animals of now will all be domestic again, all bacterias probiotic, all carnivores become herbivores. Perfect peace under Christ here on Earth.
Unlike most other Empires which were restricted and some uncivilized societies not under their dominion, the kingdom of Christ will be over every human being on the planet.
This is called the millennial reign of Christ, before the final Judgment and renovation of this earth. From this moment, Christ will reign showing us God’s perfect order forever. Bringing what it would have been if Adam had not fallen.
But this time we would all be so grateful knowing how far gone we were, and how far God went for us when we had chosen our failed system for ourselves. We’d know then that real Love recognizes what is best for others yet never forces it.
We’d know the perfect love of God that though was rejected and reviled in ignorance, He through the thousands of years waited, and never gave up on us. When He could most easily have started all over in a new space and time.
Believers will be rulers not only over earth, but after the final Judgment, we’d reign over planets, angelic beings, under Christ through whom God will make all things perfect and reign over all forever.
This is why it is important to confess Jesus as LORD now; by doing so you admit that you do not submit to Satan’s present system of rulership since Adam. And that you’re expecting God’s invisible kingdom to come.
This is most necessary because Adam’s fall had made Satan master of man without our consent, irrespective of what you feel about it. It is therefore necessary to use this consent of faith to reverse it and have Christ as your Lord.
Confession of Sin means admitting to God your part played in the old way and nature; even your desire to be saved.
Confession of the Lordship of Christ means a change of masters; no longer in Adam’s disobedience under Satan, but in Christ’s obedience to God.
You see that life is way bigger than being born, achieving a few successes and making money & some fame, living out your entire pleasures and dying off, you’re in pre-existing battle, no pleasure is worth it in the end.

Choose a side!
If you desire Jesus as Lord, pray out aloud:

“Dear God, I admit that I’m a sinner. I confess that Jesus Christ died for my sins to be forgiven and was raised for my justification & acquittal.
I confess Jesus as my Lord & Savior now and forever.
If you’ve prayed that, your sins have been forgiven through His death and you’ve become translated into God’s kingdom. It only takes for you to live like it, like God’s person that you now are. Righteous!

God bless you! 🙏🏾❤️
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