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“CIA supported factions within the Catholic church that were instrumental in promoting and electing the current pope, John Paul II...
Aug 1983

The CIA and the Vatican's Intelligence Apparatus churchandstate.org.uk/2013/04/cia-an…
PROPS to @CarrollQuigley1 for finding this article! This is going to connect a TON of dots in my research!!! Bear with me here, but I’m going to venture to say that the Knights of Malta is the CULT that #Qanon refers to! They ARE the top of the #DeepState #Illuminati pyramid!
Q told us about the CIA Vatican Nazi connection using CIA’s own archives as the source!

Q tells us the CULT runs the World but we are fighting back!

Must read sub-thread:
Quote from original article:
“And who are the American Knights? Mother Jones managed to obtain part of the secret membership list. On it we found some familiar names: ...Barren Hilton of the hotel chain;...”
It appears many of their daughters were ALL educated at the same school! Sacred Heart in NYC!

...who is highly connected to Marina Abromovic of #SpiritCooking fame!

Check out the Knights of Malta cross necklace she is wearing!

Here is Gloria Vanderbilt (daughter of above, mother to Anderson Cooper) pictured wearing the Knights of Malta cross necklace also...

Knights of Malta are historically the “military order” of the Vatican. Their 8-pointed cross comes as very similar to the Iron Cross worn by the Nazi SS!

It is well documented that the Vatican in fact SUPPORTED the Nazi regime... and then helped top Nazis escape prosecution by giving them Vatican passports and false identities to flee at the end of WWII.
The CIA in fact uses missionaries and church clergy as spies in other countries!

Our FBI was in fact founded to protect the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve Bank!

It is my contention that the CIA likewise was also established to protect and aid the CULT, using ANY means necessary!
Did you know William J. Casey, Director if the CIA 1981-1987 was also a member of the Knights of Malta?

The CIA also helped top SS Nazis to escape and brought them to the US and South America, where many then in fact became employees of the CIA!

See Project Paperclip!

(Snowden was CIA, who via cover employment through Booz Hamilton infiltrated NSA)

Remember the Corinthia Hotel in UK Q keeps reminding us of where Strzok/Page were photographed in 2015... it also has Knights of Malta connections and is in fact owned by a Maltese family with Italian Mafia connections!

Why do so many top US politicians and officials have a Jesuit (subdivision of Catholic Church) connection?

How did the CURRENT Pope come into office? Was he also aided in achieving his rank by our CIA?

Did you know that during the Reagan administration, where GHWB was VP and William Casey was CIA Director, the CIA partnered with the Knights of Malta to send aid to the Contras in Nicaragua despite congressional prohibition of same?

That aid to the Contras via money/guns/drugs was in large part all run through Mena, Arkansas where Bill Clinton was then governor and helped cover it all up!

GHWB was CIA Director from 1976-1977 before becoming President and despite his alleged short tenure (He was always CIA. Once an agent, always an agent.) they named CIA Headquarters at Langley after him!

Many many State Dept. employees are in fact CIA agents under cover deployed to our US embassies around the World! That is why I was not surprised when Trump moved Pompeo from CIA Director to Secretary of State! #DrainingTheSwamp

US Aid sends millions $ to foreign countries and to non-profit organizations and is managed by the State Dept. HRC called it a State Dept. “slush fund.”

Clinton Foundation/Crimes Against Children/ Haiti connection:

It is my belief that HRC and her brothers have always been CIA... and Bill Clinton was adopted into the CULT as well!

Another find from within CIA Archives-

“The CIA is a little bit like the Mafia or church in that you don’t ever really leave it.”

That’s because they are all connected and work together!

I find it interesting that this 1973 CIA report prepared for NIS refers to Malta as “THE EYE OF EUROPE.”

We all know how the Evil CULT likes to use the EYE symbology everywhere!

Interesting as well is the fact that the Island of Malta was initially colonized by PHOENICIANS.
It is widely believed and there is much evidence to prove that this CULT actually worships the same Ancient Gods that the Phoenicians worshipped...

“Canaanite deities like Baal and Astarte were being worshipped from Cyprus to Sardinia, Malta, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, Carthage”
It has been shown that King Solomon held much silver that was obtained from the Phoenicians likely via trade through Malta... and also likely he was corrupted by Phoenician CULT religion as well, whereby he started communing with Angels and Demons...

John Dee was personal magician to Queen Elizabeth I of the UK and also practiced this same Phoenician religion.

Freemasons revere King Solomon and also secretly practice this religion at their higher levels!
Based on all of the evidence, one can only conclude that the Knights of Malta, their CIA minions, and the CULT that runs the world all retained their ancient Phoenician Canaanite religions, whereby they worshipped demons and sacrificed children to them, to this very present day!
From the original article:
“The CIA also funded anti-Marxist religious groups that engaged in a wide range of covert operations, from bombing churches to overthrowing constitutionally elected governments.”

Order of Malta, Federal Association, USA currently has over 1,000 Knights and Dames and nearly 60 Federal Association Chaplains in 33 states, the District of Columbia and 3 foreign countries.

#Q Post #2918

Sometimes it takes a ‘roast’ in order to be able to speak the TRUTH and get away w/ it.
[Selected Samples]
[13:45] – Deception
[14:05] – Pretending not to hate Catholics
[14:40] – Haiti
Symbolism will be their downfall.

That speech was given at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, of which GWB referred to as “the elite.” Trump says “that’s ok, you can be the elite... we are the Super-Elite.”
Interesting necklace!
@FLOTUS Melania Trump is Catholic, however @POTUS is Presbyterian.

When they visited the Vatican, the Pope allegedly joked to FLOTUS “What do you give him to eat, Potizza?” (POTUS Pizza?) 😳

The current Pope Francis must really like Pizza! He celebrated his 81st birthday by hosting a big pizza party with children where they had a 13-foot Long Pizza!

Erm... what? #PizzaGate

Not so surprising given who helped oust the former Pope in the #CatholicSpring and get Pope Francis elected...

3/4/18 = [1 year Delta]
Q Post #843

Q again mentions ‘ROAST’ on 3/2/19 =
[1 year - 2 days Delta]
Wow! Check out this chart on the CULT OF BAAL that @AWHumanoid just sent me! Looks legit!
Why do they call it a ‘ROAST’ anyways? Historically speaking, burnt offerings were sacrifices of animals or humans (children) made to the Phoenician/Canaanite/Babylonian Gods.

The Bible mentions Baal multiple times and is closely associated with Moloch.
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