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If you wanna go down this road, let's fuckin go. The way I replied was kind of joking, but I'm proudly #queer. *Cracks knuckles* also gonna tag @C_Stroop because he's kind of the reason I discovered the #exvangelical and #ExposeChristianSchools side of Twitter.
1) I attended Christian college for 3 years, and was raised in the church. I've read the Bible pretty extensively. I've also studied translations, corruption surrounding what books got "approved", corruption in the church over time, and lemme tell you right now context matters.
And before you say "no it doesn't" in order to justify your homophobia, you don't get to pick and choose where and when historical context and the original translations matter. Which is one of the reasons I hate topical preaching, but that's another story.
2) Psalm 139:4: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well." A verse that claims that God's work, including us, are wonderfully made how we are.
3) Jeremiah 1:5: "I knew you in your mother's womb, before you were born I set you apart, a prophet of nations." Another verse claiming a similar argument, used quite often to tell people that God loves them and made them the way they are INTENTIONALLY.
4.) Do you just how MANY versions of the Bible there are? And how little sense "God allows free will" and "the Bible, written and translated by man, is infallible" makes sense as being used as justification together for your homophobia?
historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainT… if you want a source on that that isn't trying to sell you a Bible. Because pretty much all of them are. Bible salesmen are, well, salesmen. It is ignorant to think that they are not at least trying to make you believe they have good intentions. It sells.
Which is what you think you have when you tell me "I recommend you become an honest student of the scriptures", presuming 1) I haven't read them but more importantly 2) that sexuality is a choice. When, exactly, did you choose to be heterosexual? (I'm assuming you are.)
5.) Are each of us presented with the choice to be hetero or homosexual? Because I seem to have missed the memo where I could've chosen to be straight instead of constantly fearing harassment, ridicule, and losing my family due to my orientation.
6.) But let's get back to the Bible. Did you know the word "homosexuality" didn't appear in it until 1946? There's also actually some pretty strong reasoning to not look at Leviticus 18:22-24 and not see it as condemning homosexuality.
This verse, the "man shall not lie down with man as he does with woman, it is forbidden", is most often actually cited as a mistranslation. The grammar in Hebrew surrounding the word "men" is incorrect, and the word translated as "forbidden" comes from "toevah".
"Toevah" is so old we literally don't know what it means now. We know something is forbidden, but what? Because of how the sentence is constructed in the original language, we have some guesses, mainly that it is probably related to condemning pedophilia, adultery, or idolatry,
Or incest. Oh, here's a source thoroughly dissecting it, too. And I mean really thoroughly. blog.smu.edu/ot8317/2016/05…
Are you going to defend that adulterers should be stoned to death? Or that eating shellfish is a sin? Or what about the law against having sex with a menstruating woman? Should everyone in retail working every Sunday be sent to hell? Those are all in there too.
People always conveniently forget those laws when citing Leviticus. But then you'll also accuse the LGBT community of picking and choosing. Seems convenient. 🤷
7.) Let's look at the New Testament. Paul is said to condemn homosexuality, but according to Biblical scholar Jim Brownson, it's likely that it was actually a warning against pursuing unbridled lust, as represented by the infamous Caligula.
8.) Lastly, I'll take a look at 1st Corinthians 6:9-11, a verse often used to condemn homosexuality, but without actually considering what was originally written.
It's a horrifying verse to be told means you are going to hell for liking the same sex, knowing that you will be miserable in a marriage to someone of the opposite sex. It's also a mistranslation. Because no one translated "malakoi" or "arsenkoitai" in its actual meaning.
"Malakoi" means "effeminate", or contextually "cowardly". Any sexual connotation associated again would be related to unbridled lust or misconduct, not homosexuality. So again we're back to "don't do incest, don't be a pedophile, don't rape, don't commit adultery".
"Arsenkoitai" is a very rare word in Greek. For a while it was thought to mean "male-bedders", but further study of the language and practices at the time indicate that male elite elders would take young men as sex slaves. So again, we're talking about DONT RAPE KIDS.
Which makes sense. Children cannot consent. Adults of the same sex can. Seems like there's a lot of evidence that talks about condemning pedophilia, but not much, or ANY, condemning homosexuality. I could cite more but I am running out of tweets on this thread.
I have LGBT+ Christian friends, mostly #Exvangelical. Why? We did research and critical thinking about these things, we challenged them. But what you don't want is a 26 year old pansexual with disabilities who almost died at the hands of ableism lecturing you on homosexuality.
Guess what, though. That's exactly what you got.

God made me to be a part of the LGBT+ community. I know this because I tried to follow your hypocritical belief system, and not only did it "not work" for me, I almost fucking died. And I'm not going to join in the abuse.
Maybe try critically thinking about what you were taught as a child, why, and read your fucking Bible.
PS a shout-out to @C_Stroop for helping me and so many others feel more confident in talking about this stuff. And also @crazyquantum and @charlotteirene8, who keep me thinking and are brave in talking about their experiences.
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