So, That happened
[#JiKook AU]

Jimin is a Beauty Youtuber; but not knowing what look to post in his next video, he takes on the challenge of dating his best friend for 24hrs instead. What happens when Jungkook turns out to be a better boyfriend than he thought?
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Jimin has 570,000 subscribers he’s supposed to be uploading a new video for, but he had no idea what to post.

Smokey eyes, cut crease, glitters, and cushion foundation reviews. He’d already posted them all on his channel. Now he needed something else. Something fun.
He sat at his desk in front of a white backdrop contemplating every possible make up look, wanting so bad to hit his cameras record button.

He could just not upload this week but that didn’t feel right. He wanted to be a consistent source of entertainment for his subscribers.
He thought of content ideas constantly but now that it was time to record he was completely drawing a blank. It was frustrating. He knew he’d probably thought of something before—he needed to start writing his ideas down—but for now he figured he’d just bum one from his friends.
Jimin sighed at the aspect of losing their company but got excited about having a video idea.

It wasn’t much different from what he usually does. He would definitely put make up on his bare face before going out, giving that Jungkook says yes, but all in all it was just Vlogging
He would come back. Edit the footage and have the video ready to post by tomorrow. He’d more than likely add labels of the products he used for his look in the description box too. Just to save time answering comment questions.
He wondered if Jungkook would help him edit later. He was really good with videography and had played Jimin’s camera man once when he posted a video on how much he could spend in a Sephora in an hour. Either way Jimin still has to ask him if he would even do the video.

In a quick decision he hit record on the camera set up in front of him and smiled.

“Hey everyone, and If you’re new, Welcome to my channel. I hope you find a home here and check out my other videos where I go full on beauty guru instead of being bare faced like today.”
Jimin playful rolled his eyes before continuing.

“Anyway, from the title you guys can pretty much tell what today’s video is going to be about. I’m going my best friend for 24hrs.”

He giggled feeling giddy and just a bit nervous about how Jungkook will react to it all
Picking up his cell phone he opened the dial pad, keying in Jungkook’s number by heart and hovered a finger over the call button.

“Now, none of this is pre staged. It’s all going to be in real time and I’m going to show you guys how my best friend—Jungkook—will react.”
“Ummm. Before I call, I’ll give you a little bit of background. Jungkook has been my best friend since we met as little kids back in Busan and now we go to the same university together too. He’s a Music Composition major, he wants to do Film scoring once he graduates..”

“Hmm I guess that’s pretty much it so let’”

Jimin picked up his phone again watching the screen light up revealing Jungkook’s contact information. His heart beat sped up noticeably as he pushed the call button and pressed speaker phone so the camera could hear.
He had no idea why he was so nervous. This wouldn’t be anything new. Jimin had gone out with Jungkook on thousands of other occasions although nothing like a date, and this wouldn’t be a real date either. Jimin figured it was just recording that was made him fidget.
The phone rang three times. Jimin was beginning to get discouraged about the challenge happening at all, but looked at the camera smiling anyway.

“God, I hope he picks up. Cause if not I seriously won’t have anything to upload.”

The phone rang three more times then clicked.

Jungkook’s voice sounded deep, and gravelly like he hadn’t used it in a while and Jimin smiled brightly. Jungkook had answered.



“What’re you doing?”

Jimin looked back at the camera noticing himself smiling stupidly in the flip screen.

“I want you to do something for me.”


Jungkook began to sound more awake to the longer they talked and Jimin could feel the butterflies soar in his stomach. He really hoped Jungkook said yes. He needed the material for his channel.
“I want to post a video on my channel of us doing this challenge...together...”

“Okay, what is it?”

Jimin bit his lip and swallowed hard before just spitting it all out in a rush.

“It’s a challenge where you have to date your best friend for 24hrs.”
There was silence on the other line and Jimin looked at the camera actually contemplating whether he should just turn it off now or wait for Jungkook to actually give his answer.

There was snickering and Jimin tried not to let his heart drop to far in his stomach.
Jimin panicked immediately trying to repel the rejection by taking it back.

“It’s okay Kook, you really don’t have to. I just wanted to ask. If it’s too weird then—“

“Yeah, okay.”

“I can just find something else to film and—“

“I said yes.”

“You can come over and help edit—“
“Jimin! I said yes.”

Jimin paused still sputtering slightly, trying to full comprehend that Jungkook had just agreed to date him for 24hrs.


“Yeah, are we staring today?”

Jimin nodded a little dazed about it all but then realized Jungkook could see him.

“Yeah, you have to come pick me up and take me out. We have to do Couple-y things while I record us.”

“Alright well I think I’ve got something in mind. Be ready in an hour?”

Jimin nodded again before smacking himself in the forehead for the gestured stupidity.
“Yeah, Yeah. I can be ready in an hour.”

Jungkook groaned before whining over the speaker. “That means make-up and everything Hyung, not just your shower.”

Jimin laughed feeling the tightness in his shoulders loosen at that familiar territory of their teasing.

“I said I’ll be ready, Promise.”

Jungkook shighed in exasperation most likely not believing him but took Jimin’s word for it anyway.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

“Mkay. Later.”

Jimin hung up the phone looked at it in wonder before scoffing looking at the camera.
“Holy shit. That just happened.”

Jimin seemed to naturally pause as if waiting for the reaction of a friend before laughing again completely astonished. He was going to have to edit more than half of his embarrassing reactions out but part of him wanted to leave the film honest.
“That really just happened...”

Pulling himself together he looked at the camera to keep going. “Well, there it is uh, I’m going to go put my make up on and then I’ll be back to formally introduce Jungkook and the challenge will...begin. Let’s go.”
Turning off the camera Jimin exhaled heavily in relief. It felt good having that off his chest. He also had a feeling that this video was going to be amazing on his channel.

He smiled going over the whole conversation again in his head. He’d been freaking out for nothing.
He should’ve expected the answer. Jungkook always came through for him. He was the perfect best friend and Jimin hoped he knew how much he appreciated him always being there.

Looking behind him at his closet Jimin tried to visualize what to wear. Nothing for this occasion.
An hour really wasn’t going to be enough time.

This one?
It’s just Jungkook, but like a boyfriend
All couples do it right?
Jimin huffed throwing his phone on his bed, while he staring back inside his ripped apart closet.

What was he supposed to do now if Yoongi and Hoseok wouldn’t help him? He didn’t know anything about having a boyfriend. Did he even have time left? He hadn’t started make up yet.
“I’ll be ready, you said. I promise you said.”

Jimin jumped in the air his heart stampeding in his throat as he turned around to look at Jungkook wildly clutching at his chest.

“For fucks sake, Jungkook.”

“You need to stop leaving the apartment door unlocked by the way...”
Jimin wanted to wipe the bratty smile off of his face but hit him in the shoulder, expressing his anguish instead.

“I did it on purpose, so you could get in you ass. You were supposed to make noise, to let me know you’re here.”

Jungkook chuckled and Jimin glared at him.
“Where’s the fun in that?”

Jungkook pushed Jimin’s phone to the side so he could lay flat, letting out a dramatic sigh as his eyes shut. Jimin noticed that Jungkook had dressed pretty much the same as he always did and Jimin figured maybe he was thinking to hard about this.
Jungkook was only in some light jeans, ripped at the knees with a flannel button up tucked in and a thick black belt around his tiny waist.

Jimin had always liked when he parted his hair on the side and he had it done that way now, his forehead peeking through slightly.
The look was casual and Jimin could’ve sworn he’s seen Jungkook in it before. So if Jungkook wasn’t worked up, why was Jimin?

“Stop staring. Are you done yet?”

Jimin snorted turning back to his closet. “Not even close but I’m about to just say fuck it.”
“Thought you wanted this to be all perfect and ‘couple-y’ for your channel.”

Jimin grabbed a large green, quilted, puffer jacket from his closet. He it knew would probably hang off of his shoulder more than the sweater he was in but he didn’t mind.

“Yeah well boyfriends see each other without make up and perfect outfits right?”

Jungkook laughed. “Jimin we’ve known each other all our lives. You know I’ve done nothing but hook ups. I don’t even remember the last time /I’ve/ had anything close to a boyfriend, let alone you.”
Jimin slid the jacket on and grabbed his black boots, laughingly he turned back around to Jungkook.

“You’re right. God, this is so bad. I hope it looks real on camera.”

Jungkook popped an eye open before sitting up. Jimin sat down putting on his rings.
“You could ask my brother, I mean, Yoongi hyung is there now so I don’t know if you’ll get an answer. I got kicked out just for sleeping,”

Jungkook rolled his eyes and Jimin laughed knowingly.

“but I think I’ve got the stereotypes covered for the day. We should be okay.”
Jimin smiled, grabbing everything else he needed, camera included, leaving out the room. Jungkook followed behind him. Both heading for the foyer to slip on their shoes.

“I already tried. They abandoned me. Did you ask your other boyfriend friends while you were at their house?”
“Jin and Namjoon Hyung are roommates. They’re not dating; but no, I didn’t.”

Jimin shrugged sliding on his boots. “We’ll make it work.”

Jungkook was still putting his shoes on when Jimin turned the camera on purposely recording him while he didn’t know.

“You’re so cute, baby.”

Jungkook nearly snapped his neck looking up at Jimin wide eyed, both confusion and shock coloring his features. There was a deep red coating filling his cheeks and Jimin laughed shaking the camera by accident.

Jungkook had still been bent over in the middle of sliding his shoe on, and seemed completely frozen in that position until he noticed the small red light on the camera signifying that Jimin was recording. He sighed finishing putting on his shoe and Jimin couldn’t stop laughing.
“Okay, ha ha, you got your payback.”

He stood rolling his eyes and Jimin began to calm down as Jungkook pulled out his car keys moving toward the front door.
Jimin turned the camera around to face him, still smiling and instinctively fixed his hair.

“So I’m back and as you can tell Jungkook is here now. I actually wasnt ready when he got here but I left the door unlocked so he could get in and he snuck up on me so that was pay back.”
Jungkook opened the door and Jimin handed him the camera.

“Hold this while I lock the door.”

When Jimin finished he saw Jungkook juvenilely sticking his face all the way in the camera saying hello and he laughed.

“What are you doing you dork?”
Jimin took the camera back as Jungkook moved toward the stairs chuckling and Jimin put the camera on him.

“Okay so we’re leaving for our date now. Baby, where are we going?”

Jungkook shook his head smiling. “That is so fucking weird.”

Jimin hit him in the shoulder and Jungkook laughed again.

“It’s boyfriend-y, and stop cursing on my channel.”

Making it to the front door of the building Jungkook surprisingly held it open for Jimin to go through and Jimin flipped the camera so the lens was facing him now.
Jungkook followed behind him with his hands in his pockets looking at the camera periodically.

“I’m taking you to eat, and then we’re going to see that movie that you want—“

Jimin gasped as if the two hadn’t been planning to see it together anyway and Jungkook shook his head.
“You’re the worst actor.”

Jimin giggled. “Shut up. Anything else?”


They made it to the car and Jungkook looked at Jimin slyly pulling the passenger door open for him. He never normally did these things. It was nice and Jimin felt his heart flip a little.

“But I’m not telling you. You’ll just have to wait and see. I think you’ll like it.”

There was somewhat of a serious but nervous undertone to Jungkook’s words. He was now showing the nervousness that Jimin had been expelling earlier.
But it wasn’t necessary, Jimin knew he would like what ever came next. He’d honestly like anything as long as they did it together. Jungkook was his best friend. His company was enough.

So he nodded giving Jungkook a comforting smile.

“Okay, I can’t wait.”
Jimin got in and Jungkook shut the door moving to the drivers side as Jimin started talking to the camera unconsciously fixing his hair again.

“So where are we going to eat?”

Jungkook checked his mirrors before pulling off, one hand on the wheel and one on the gear shift.
Jimin had always thought men driving was attractive. He didn’t have his own license. Part of the reason being because you could practically walk everywhere in Seoul but the other laughable reason being he liked watching other men drive him.

He’d told Jungkook that when they were in high school and everyone was going for their permit. He’d asked Jimin to take the test with him. Jimin explained why he wasn’t and Jungkook had laughed but, passed the driving portion of the exam within two days of taking the test.
Jimin had been driving with him ever since. Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t really every been in anyone else’s car. Just Jungkook’s.

“That ramen place you like a whole lot.”

Jimin tried to angle the camera so it was catching both of them in the frame.

“Good cause I’m starving.”

“Well when we get there you can order whatever you want baby,”

Jimin had been in the middle of fixing his hair again looking at the flip screen of his camera when Jungkook said that.
He’d turned to look at him so fast he’d ended up dragging his finger down poking himself in the eye by accident.


He clutched at his eye blinking away the pain furiously and Jungkook laughed turning the wheel.

“Gotcha. Oh, and don’t curse on your channel.”
“You’re a jerk, ow. That hurt.”

Jungkook was still laughing as Jimin looked in the visor mirror to make sure his eye wasn’t red, ignoring the erratic beat of his heart. He knew it was only because he liked the endearment.
Not necessarily coming from Jungkook but the name itself caused emotional instability. The good kind, that made your toes curl and the butterflies in your stomach riot, but Jimin knew for sure It was definitely not because Jungkook— his best friend—was the one saying it.
He closed the visor happy that his eye wasn’t red but shyly stared out of the window because his cheek definitely were.

This must’ve been how Jungkook had felt when Jimin had said it. It felt... intimate, and personal.
Jimin swallowed hard willing his blush to go away and hoped that his face was blank or the camera would pick up on his internal struggle.

It was quiet as they pulled up too the restaurant and Jungkook came around the car again before Jimin could get out, opening his door.
They found seats inside fast, and Jimin immediately set up his tripod as Jungkook flipped through the menu.

The waiter approached as Jimin did the same and quickly decided what to order, and made normal conversation as they waited for their food to come.
Jungkook was adorable slurping his noodles and making funny faces just to entertain Jimin an make him smile. It was comforting for Jimin how natural it seemed for him and Jungkook to be out with each other although this was supposed to be a “date”.
There was even a point where Jimin completely forgot they were supposed to be dating until Jungkook lifted some noodles from his bowl to Jimin’s lips.

“Have some.”

Jimin didn’t think anything about it considering they’d shared food before and slurped at the noodles.
It wasn’t until Jungkook bit into the other side that Jimin’s eyes widened. They both slurped at either end slowly as if it was like an unspoken challenge to see who would give in first before reaching the middle.

If neither of them stopped it was inevitable that they would kiss
Just the thought alone had Jimin blushing furiously as Jungkook looked at him, eyes filled with mirth as he smiled around his end of the noodles. Jungkook was competitive. Jimin knew, and honestly Jimin didn’t believe for a second that Jungkook would stop.
But just thinking about a kiss, rattled Jimin enough to have him pulling back and breaking the noodle thread with a nervous laugh. He instantly placed a hand over his lips hiding shyly behind it and Jungkook laughed too before clearing his throat and looking down at his bowl.
“That was uhhh—-that was couple-y right?”

Jimin nodded still smiling when Jungkook looked back up at him. The younger was blushing too and didn’t seem to comfortable about it as he scratched at the back of his head and looked everywhere but at Jimin.
“Yeah, Okay, We should—we should we’re not late for the movie.”

Jimin nodded again and Jungkook called for the waiter to get that check.
The drive to the theatre had gone relatively quickly and by the time they made it Jungkook had shaken off his uncomfortable state from the near kiss and was talking to the camera again.
“Okay we’re at the movies now. We’re going to see...5 feet apart. It’s a romance I’ve been dying to see and...” Jimin trailed off watching as Jungkook placed money on the counter to pay for their tickets.
Lunch hadn’t been expensive and Jungkook paying had been cute like him opening Jimin’s doors, but Jimin was now feeling a little unnerved with Jungkook reaching into his wallet again.
Sun light was fading and Jimin knew Seoul could be enticing at night with activities making you forget the price.

Both he and Jungkook were still in school, and Jungkook honestly did not need to go broke over this challenge.
“You’re paying for everything and you said there’s more after this...”

Jungkook looked at him briefly as that walked into the theatre to find their seats, and shrugged.

“Yeah. That’s what you’re supposed to do on dates right?”
Jimin rolled his eyes. “That is a primitive ideal Jungkook. It’s okay to go fifty-fifty. We can do that at the next stop Okay?”

As they sat down in front of the glowing screen Jimin noticed that there was very few people in seeing the movie they were seeing.
They were practically the only ones there except for a row of teenagers and another couple up in the far right hand corner of seats already making out.

When he turned back to Jungkook realizing he hadn’t answered him. He found Jungkook staring at him before he raised a brow.

Jimin scoffed because he was being unreasonable and there was no reason Jungkook should feel obligated to pay for everything on a fake date. This was only for the camera Jimin was holding. No reason Jungkook should put himself in a hole for it.
“You’re being ridiculous. This date isn’t even rea—“

“Just... let me do it okay? Let me give you this.”

Jimin took in the serious look on Jungkook’s face wanting to rebut again but noticing he was very serious about this.
“Jungkook I don’t understand why. This is a lot of money.”

Jungkook sighed relaxing back in his seat. “It’s not that much. I’ve got it covered.”

He looked at the screen effectively showing that he wasn’t going to listen to anything else Jimin had to say and Jimin sighed.
“Fine, but you have to promise, if it gets too much we’ll stop and go home. I’ve got a lot of footage already with just this.”

Jungkook nodded but didn’t seem as if he had any plans in doing what Jimin said.

The movie began and Jimin turned off the camera relaxing back.
It didn’t take long to get settled in and Jimin had moments where he was already both laughing and crying. It was calm sitting next to Jungkook watching the film but also cold in the theatre.
Jimin felt a chill run down his spine and fidgeted a little pulling his jacket a little closer.

“You okay?”

Although there weren’t many people in the theatre Jungkook had still leaned close whispering in Jimin’s war making him jump a little before he looked at him nodding.
“Yeah just a little cold.”

Jungkook nodded. “Do you want me to go get you something hot? tea? I can get popcorn.” Jungkook had already started to get up and Jimin shook his head, placing his hand on his chest to prevent Jungkook from getting up.

“No, I’m fine.”

Falling back in the seat Jungkook chuckled and Jimin gave him a smile.



Jungkook looked down where Jimin was still touching grabbed his chest and pulled Jimin’s hand away holding it in his own as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Jimin tried not to look at it. Tried to act casual as if the skinship wasn’t making another chill run down his spine. A warmer one that seemed to settle heavily at the base before blooming wildly all over.

Jungkook whispered okay before looking back to the screen.
He never let go of Jimin’s hand for the rest of the movie and Jimin found himself slightly confused considering Jungkook was doing his bit the camera wasn’t on.

Jimin couldn’t record in the theatre. They would think he was bootlegging the movie, so why?
Why was Jungkook still holding his hand and sitting so close to Jimin that he could feel their knees brush together and the body heat from Jungkook’s shoulder next to him.

More importantly, why did Jimin like it.

He spared a quick glance in Jungkook’s direction to see him actually watching the movie completely oblivious to Jimin’s inner turmoil, but now that he was looking, Jimin could help but notice tiny details.
Like the way Jungkook’s lashes curled or his beauty mark beneath his bottom lip. Jungkook looked...nice when he was relaxed and a Jimin figured if holding his hands made things that way for him. Jungkook could hold his hand whenever and for as long as he wanted too.

The theatre lights popped on a while later signifying that the move was over and embarrassingly Jimin realized he’d been watching Jungkook the whole time.
When Jungkook stood up, taking Jimin’s hand with him, causing him to stand as well, Jimin gave a strained smile. His stomach was turning with so many emotions and he wanted to know what exactly was happening to him. He was so...confused.
He did his best to hide it as Jungkook continued to hold his hand now leaving their fingers together and looking at him.

“Did you like it?”

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah, it was great. Thank you. For taking me.”

Jungkook smiled. “You ready for what’s next?”
Jimin nodded his curiosity winning the best of the swirl of emotion eating at him.

“Yes ...what are me doing?”

Jungkook chuckled pulling him toward the exit. “You just have to wait and see.”

Jimin didn’t know what he expected but it certainly hadn’t been the brightly lit building they were both standing in front of now. Jimin’s jaw dropped and he knew his eyes had to be comically wide as he stared with both shock and excitement.
Jungkook pulled a long black coat from the back seat and had taken the camera from him before they got out of the car, recording Jimin’s expression with a confident smile. It was more than clear he was happy with Jimin’s reaction.
“Are you serious?” The excitement choking him up barely allowed Jimin to speak above a whisper as he finally tore his eyes away from the building and looked at Jungkook. The grinning black haired boy nodded vigorously.

“Wow. Okay, let’s go. This is going to be so much fun.”

Jimin almost grabbed Jungkook’s hand. Subconsciously missing the warmth from the theatre but changed last minute and
Jungkook laughed as Jimin grabbed his jacket while he still tried to hold the camera steady.
Jimin pulled him toward the front door excitedly as he smiled.

“Kook, you know how bad I’ve been dying to go ice skating again.”

Jimin looked back at him and Jungkook nodded. “You may have mentioned it once or twice.”

Jimin knew it had been more than that but things had just been hectic with his studies and he hadn’t been able to drag Jungkook with him again. It had been a birthday gift last year.
But this year Jimin had wanted to go just for the hell of it because he had loved the experience, even though last time Yoongi and Hoseok had been with them and Jimin had gone home with a huge bruise on his ass because he kept falling down, but that was half the fun.
Being able to fall and get back up and do it all again was the beauty of it, while still laughing at yourself and having fun.

Walking in Jimin immediately pulled Jungkook to the skate rental counter and could hear Jungkook chuckling behind him.
“Hyung, you have to take the camera so I can pay for your skates.”

Jimin huffed at that not forgetting what Jungkook had told him in the movie which made it kind of hard to reign in the fact that this was a /unrealistic/ date

A /unreal/ date with his best friend. A /unreal/ date with his best friend who almost kissed him, and held his hand intimately in a dark movie theatre, and took him ice skating just because he had mentioned it before.

A date for his YouTube channel.

Absolutely not a real date.
Jimin swallowed down a lump in his throat. One he couldn’t put a name to but seemed to settle heavily in his stomach as he grabbed the camera from Jungkook and forced a smile.

“Right. Okay. I need a size—“

Jungkook rolled his eyes cutting Jimin off. “I know what size you wear.”
Of course he did. Because Jungkook was his Best friend. /Just/ his best friend.

While Jungkook bought the skates and the rink time, Jimin took a deep breath and flipped the camera around while walking a little ways away, panning the area.

“He bought me ice skating! This is the second half of our date, I can’t wait to get started.”

Jimin flipped the camera to face him, smiling when he saw Jungkook’s back in the flip screen behind him.

“He’s buying our skates right now and then we’re gonna hop on the ice...”
“Tonight has actually been really amazing, Jungkook is perf—“


“Yeah, baby?”

It was honestly a reflex. Jungkook had called him and Jimin responded. Maybe he should’ve been concerned that it was the first answer that came to mind but he couldn’t take it back now.
He probably could’ve. He could have just play it off as a joke again like he’d done several times earlier, but knowing he’d meant it this time. That he’d actually called Jungkook his baby had his cheeks going red with the slip up.

But Jungkook didn’t even flinch. Just waved Jimin over as if nothing had happened.

“Come grab your skates.”

Jimin nods not knowing if he should be relieved Jungkook hadn’t said anything or if he should think maybe Jungkook has become just as invested in this date as Jimin had.
Either way Jimin try’s to shake it off and move away from the dangerous territory his mind had been pushing him toward. There was no way one date had Jimin liking Jungkook.

What’s more is there’s no way Jungkook could even possibly like Jimin back.
They’d been friends for years. Jimin would known if Jungkook liked him. Would’ve been able to even slightly suspect it. There was just no way.

Jimin made it back to the counter grabbing his pair of skates and smiled at the elderly staff woman behind the counter.
“You two are such a beautiful couple. How long have you been together?”

“Oh no, we—-“ Jimin paused the video ready to correct the woman when Jungkook cut him off.

“Not long, ma’am; but thank you.”

Jimin blanched looking at him shocked but Jungkook payed him no mind as he grab his own skates smiling at the woman and then turning to go. Jimin immediately followed behind him as they found a seat on a bench near the rink to change their shoes.
“What was that?”

Jungkook shrugged helping Jimin our of his sneakers which felt entirely too intimate as he then slid on the skate.

“What was what?”

Jimin snorted. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. The whole “not long but thanks anyway” bit.”
Jungkook shrugged again putting on his own skates once he’d finished lacing Jimin’s.

“We are dating.”

Jimin ignored the skip in the beat of his heart to take the side of sanity. “Yeah, but only for twenty-four hours.”
“Everyone doesn’t have to know that Hyung, plus I was just being polite do we wouldn’t have to explain and we could just get to skating faster. Come, let’s go.”
Jungkook stood so fast, offering Jimin a hand that he couldn’t rebut his explanation, as the temptation to skate came in strong again.

Sighing and deciding to just let it go, Jimin grabbed his hand walking gingerly beside Jungkook away from the bench.
Jungkook had always had good balance while Jimin had always been somewhat of a klutz so taking that first step on the ice Jimin smiled brightly in excitement but squeezed Jungkook’s hand tight, knowing he’d never let him fall.

Jungkook couldn’t stop laughing.

Jimin waddled and waded on the ice so cutely unable to keep his balance. Simultaneously holding his legs too far apart and too close together, almost falling on his butt and taking Jungkook with him because he was still clutching His hand tight.
Jungkook honestly didn’t mind though. He liked how warm and weighted the feel of Jimin’s hand was, like being anchored to earth. Jungkook would fall a thousand times if it meant Jimin would continue to look this happy.
His tiny nose was red along with the tips of his ears and Jungkook could almost kick himself for not telling him to bring a hat for this surprise but he’d forgotten, wanting Jimin to capture his most honest reaction on camera.

The camera.
The high tech menace was the only thing helping Jungkook close the gap between what he wanted and reality.

He’d been hiding his feelings for Jimin for a long time. So long that he probably could’ve had an acting degree by now instead of screwing around to work on film score.
Jungkook didn’t know exactly when his feelings for Jimin started to change. He just knew that one day Jimin’s smile was particularly captivating or that his hair was so shiny and soft looking he wanted to run his hand through it.

It was suddenly wanting to see Jimin happy because it made him happy and to wipe his tears because every time they fell they hurt like a knife to the chest.

It was jealousy over Jimin’s one night hook ups and wanting to see him with no one else but himself.
He had no idea how to tell Jimin how he felt. It had been a secret kept so long, and Jimin had been so open about feeling nothing but friendship for him. It was terrifying to even think about confessing now.
So when Jimin called with this absurd social media concocted challenge for him to date Jungkook for 24hrs he jumped at it.

So he could show him.

He’d show Jimin how much he cared and how good of a boyfriend he’d be. Their friendship meant everything but Jungkook wanted more.
He was skating backwards around the rink now, holding both of Jimin’s hands as the blonde let Jungkook’s momentum pull him forward while he pouted.

“You’re always so good at everything. You’ve never even Ice skated before, in your life.”

Jungkook laughed. “Not true.”
Jimin rolled his eyes. “That one time we all went together doesn’t count.”

Jungkook could only smile fondly, “you’re doing great now.”

“Because you’re helping me.”

“I could let go...”
Jungkook went to take his hands from Jimin jokingly only for him to surge forward grabbing back onto them tightly.


Jungkook laughed at the panic covering Jimin’s face but couldn’t help but feel warm inside as well.
He hadn’t been sure if he’d made Jimin uncomfortable by holding his hand in the theatre or even with the whole incident with the woman at the counter but Jimin seemed to take it all in stride and Jungkook planned to milk this challenge for all it was worth.
After a few moments of silence Jungkook noticed Jimin sniff. “Are you cold? Do you want to take a break to warm up? Your fingers are freezing.”

Jimin shook his head watching a small girl fly by on her skates doing a pretty spin and zooming around the bend.


“You okay?” Jimin had looked so introspective so suddenly that it had Jungkook concerned. Had Jimin taken his joke seriously? “You know I really wouldn’t let go right?”
Jimin chuckled and his full lipped smile came back looking at Jungkook. “Of course. I’m fine, just thinking about editing. I’m not cold, I love being here but we should go soon.”

Jungkook nodded. “We’ll have dinner first, and ice cream. Then We can go back to You’re apartment.”
The mention of ice cream had Jimin smiling even brighter.

“Careful Jeon Jungkook, you’ll spoil me.”

He turned to pull Jungkook from the rink on wobbly legs, never hearing him whisper how much he truly wanted too.
Jimin was invested.

Jimin had become so invested in the date that sitting at dinner together he’d forgotten to set his camera up. He sat right next to Jungkook at the small table holding his hand in excitement because Jungkook had brought him to a Steak house.
Once they’d ordered Jungkook had relaxed back and Jimin grabbed a spoon off the table using it as a makeshift mirror to fix his hair.

“Would you stop that? You look fine.”

Jimin pouted pitting the spoon down. “Just fine? I knew I should’ve put make up on.”
Jungkook leaned close to him placing his chin on Jimin’s shoulder it was closer than before. Closer than they’d been when they almost kissed eating ramen for lunch, and Jimin could feel the warmth of Jungkook’s cheek against his neck, but he wasn’t panicking.
It actually felt really good having him that close it made the butterflies in his stomach go crazy but the good kind and he almost leaned his head against Jungkook’s.

“You look amazing. Make up or not, you always look amazing.”
The heated blush that crept up Jimin’s cheeks should just be permanently placed there. He looked down at Jungkook the best he could watching him drag his plump bottom lip between his teeth as he bit back what Jimin thought was nerves.
He’d never received a compliment like that from Jungkook it was always teasing about how long Jimin too and how pale he was without his makeup or how Jungkook never understood how his scalp survived with Jimin dying his hair so much.
Jimin knew he never meant it to hurt him. It was just friendly teasing but knowing that Jungkook actually thought he looked good all the time, well, that was just something that had Jimin tingling all over.

He opened his mouth to tell Jungkook how good he though he always looked
But the waiter came out with their food popping hot and Jungkook moved away from him. Jimin instantly missed his warmth and would gladly sacrifice the meal to have Jungkook close to him again but instead he settled for brushing their legs together beneath the table
Completely missing Jungkook’s content smile.
“We should’ve got two.”

Jungkook shook his head. “Nah I didn’t really want any.”

He placed another spoonful of ice cream in front of Jimin’s face and Jimin immediately parted his lips to receive it. True to his word Jungkook had bought Jimin ice cream from a stand after dinner.
They were walking back to his car and Jimin had been shocked when Jungkook had only bought one small cup of the Chocolate ice cream holding the spoon out to feed him.
That warm feeling feom dinner had returned and Jimin didn’t question it just ate with a smile.
Since both of Jungkook’s hands were busy, one with the spoon and the other holding the cup, Jimin had opted to bury his hand in the crook of Jungkook’s elbow leaning his head on his thick shoulder.
The night air wasn’t too cold which was perfect while eating ice cream but there was still a breeze ever now and then. It ruffled Jimin’s hair making him want to fix it out of habit but then he’d remember Jungkook’s compliment from earlier.
It was as if Jungkook was imprinted in Jimin’s mind in a whole other way from just being his best friend. Jimin had never known this side of him. Had never seen Jungkook actually date or put in the effort to. It was shocking yet...amazing.
Jungkook was quite literally the perfect boyfriend.

Ice cream appeared in front of him again and Jimin was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of Jungkook’s voice as well.

“Car’s right there...”

Jimin hummed, Jungkook took moment to look at his wrist watch.
“And its eleven-thirty which means by the time I get you home the challenge is over...”

Those words were like ice water in Jimin’s veins, waking him up and causing him to lift his head from Jungkook’s shoulder and loosen the grip on his arm.
Jungkook looked at him his expression completely unreadable.

“So, you wanna tell me what you thought of our date?”

Jimin didn’t. Mainly because he didn’t want it to end. So he forced a smile and shook his head coming up with an excuse on the fly.
“No. I—um...we should talk about front of the camera. At my apartment. Like an ending-ment type thing...”

When Jungkook just nodded tossing the empty ice cream cup in a trash can they passed by Jimin felt the tightness in his chest loosen and exhaled in relief.
When they made it back to his apartment Jungkook ended up the same way the whole night had begun.

On Jimin’s bed with his eyes shut, and Jimin had the strangest since of deja vu, seeing the scene making him feel like the night may start all over again.
Jimin sighed setting up his camera on the desk and sat in his chair making sure to catch Jungkook in the frame laying down in the background. He put on his best smile before hitting record and recapping the night.

“Okay so we’re back at my apartment now and as you can see...” Jimin point over his shoulder at Jungkook’s seemingly lifeless form, and the pause made Jungkook pop an eye open.

“Jungkook is still here. We’re going to share how we felt about the night and then I’ll let you go.”
He waved at Jungkook to come over and he groaned sitting up as he did. He squatted neck to Jimin since being closer he had to adjust to be in the frame and Jimin smiled instinctively running his fingers through Jungkook’s hair to fix it.

“Okay so, I go first?”

Jimin nodded.

“Hmm Okay, so I thought it was great, I thought it was fun. Jimin is a boyfriend just like I thought he’d be. Whiny and spoiled—-“

“Hey!” Jungkook chuckled and Jimin glared mockingly at Jungkook before going back to play with his hair.
“Okay, he wasn’t /that/ spoiled. He actually didn’t even want me to pay for everything which is like key date mannerisms—“


“Hush, I’m still talking.”

Jimin giggled and Jungkook placed a hand on his thigh beneath the desk and squeezed making Jimin all warm again.
“And other than that I was honored to be apart of the challenge and I hope I was a good enough boyfriend for you guys to like the video.”

Jungkook nodded looking at Jimin so he could go and Jimin exhaled dramatically.

“It was the absolute...”

Jimin paused for more dramatic effect and Jungkook squeezed his thigh again.

“The absolute best date I’ve ever been on and Jungkook was absolutely perfect it was very few moments where I was like ‘oh this is awkward, I’m dating my best friend’. It was more like...
“I was dating someone who knows me really well or identifies with me if that makes was comfortable and I really liked it.”

Jimin looked at Jungkook again and saw him smiling, then looked back at the camera.

“Okay so it’s...” Jimin picked up his phone to look at time.
“Eleven-fifty seven, so we’re not ending exactly at midnight but still today was great so I hope you all had fun watching.”

Before Jimin could turn the camera off Jungkook got up grabbing his car keys as if he was about to go and Jimin felt panicked.

“Jungkook wait!”

Jungkook paused looking back at him.

“There is, more thing that we have to do to end the night?”

Jungkook shrugged. “Okay what?”

Jimin looked at his phone. Eleven-fifty eight.
“I, uh...ummm...KISS ME!”

Jungkook’s eyes widened but Jimin was already in deep and he might as well keep digging. He jumped from his seat not caring whether he and Jungkook were being caught on camera.

Jungkook was still frozen as Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck going on his toes and without hesitation pressed his lips too his best friends.

That seemed to be all it took to melt Jungkook’s icy exterior.

He soon held onto Jimin’s waist absolutely enthralled by the soft feel of his lips, and Jimin sighed pressing closer when he felt Jungkook respond.

They completely molded into one another, and that warm feeling Jimin had been feeling off and on all night turned blazing hot.
He whined loving how Jungkook captured his bottom lip between his own and tugged a little. Jimin wanted more, wanted to be closer. His heart was thrumming so hard he just knew Jungkook could feel it.

Blood was rushing in his ears and Jimin couldn’t stop his tongue from peeking out for just a little taste. He swiped at Jungkook’s top lip shivering when he heard him groan and taking it as an okay which was good. Jimin wanted more.
Jungkook let him in, both of their tongues colliding and it was exhilarating. Jimin didn’t want to stop. Couldn’t stop as Jungkook took control his tongue licking sweetly at the roof of his mouth before the both pulled away to breathe.

It was then, when Jimin opened his eyes to see Jungkook looking back at him, that the shock set in.

They’d just kissed.

He’d just kissed his best friend.

This could change everything between them and Jimin had no idea how he could’ve let things go this far.
Jungkook cleared his throat stepping back, causing him to release Jimin at the same time, and Jimin knew he’d never felt so cold. He wrapped his arms around himself biting at his bottom lip nervously but could still taste Jungkook and released it immediately.

Jimin shook his head not trying to clear his mind. Trying to make all of his feelings make sense.

“Jungkook, I—-“

Jungkook raised a hand and shook his head effectively stopping Jimin from speaking.

“Don’t. It—it’s okay, really. I just—-I have to go.”
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