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Why do I have months of begging for this, literally, months, mid oct thru now, 6 months....for a discovery.
I, literally, begged and begged for this. For months with my previous attorney. Months. One digital copy, of my discovery. I've got the emails that show months of this. Why? When it's this easy?
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar My previous public defender kept me from this, I literally begged for these things, for months, called for appointments, and made myself available, for hours on end, after months of not getting this.
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar This same public defender, literally, got loud on purpose, in open court, slamming papers in my lap, calling them a discovery, which they were not, then recommended I go lash out at the judge. Who does these things?
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar Now, it only took a month to get this after being sent to regional council. My current lawyer, refused to reply to even basic introductory texts, to the point I was forced to go to his office the day before court for some semblance of guidance before court....
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar After, an entire month, I make myself available, in a very respectfull manner, only for him to utter words of me showing unannounced at his office. Well, I wouldnt have HAD to make myself available if he reply to simple communications as even directed by his office.
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar I had to beg to see files previously, only to discover misspelled subpoenas and subpoenas still being unserved, unserved, 1.5 old subpoenas. Only, in each case, to have words uttered of me showing up unannounced when it couldnt be further from the truth.
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar Clear derlicition of duty, across the board. The last public defender shouldn't be allowed to practice law after what he did to me.
@FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar I'm sick of this. My first public defender literally attacked me as well, fully unhinged, what is going on. I demand answers.
Oh, and now, now that every bit of the first discovery has been disproven, its all missing from the new one....HOW CONVIENENT. No, no. Enabling lies. Hiding lies. NO FUCKING WAY!!!! This is more crazy than my ex. Who does all this tampering?
@FBI @FBITampa I told you all this was NUTS!!! Im done. I so done. This is tampering at its very best definition. Among other things. AMONG MANY OTHER THINGS!! Ive got video, I can get transcripts, WE CAN GET VIDEO OF ME BEING ATTACKED IN OPEN COURT!!!
You don't get to cry stalker, give gobs of evidence falsly, set a false narrative, then have prosecution also CHERRY PICK, according to whats been proven BY MY BURDEN, not the state's burden, and KEEP CHANGING THE STORY. NO WAY!! Its funny. MY STORY HASNT CHANGED!
EVERYONE ELSE'S DOES!!! How funny. No way. These are crimes upon crimes. This is reckless prosecution and EVEN ATTACKS BY MY OWN PUBLIC DEFENDER, and when it all blows up, they cut half the story, and cherry pick things that I HAD THE BURDEN TO PROVE....NO WAY!
This is complete insanity. My life has been hijacked for the last 2 years, and Ive had everything thrown at me, HACKS EVEN, I GOT VIDEO OF MY SEARCH RESULTS POST HACK TOO, THAT CLEARLY SHOW AN EVENT HAPPENED, all to have nothing but GAMES!!
Everything, literally, including hacks and setups in court! Games with discoveries as I PROVE EVERYTHING. I couldnt even get files for months. Why? Oh, because case tampering, thats WHY EVERYTHING DISAPPEARED from the new discovery. No way. Not happening. Something stinks...
There were months of emails submitted as stalking, yet WE WERE TOGETHER. There were work emails, as WE WORKED IN THE SAME VEHICLE, but the victim cried stalker and gave evidence as such. NO WAY!!!
In what world are these things acceptable?!
Seriously. I can prove EVERY IOTA of these happening.
I can show lies under subpoenas and attacks in court get HUSHED. Literally the same branded messaging occurred after each RECKLESS attack. AND LIES UNDERT SUBPOENAS.
How, literally, how is this possible? How is this normal? Its not! Period. Its reckless, its egregious, in some cases against BAR protocal, as I can argue, my last public defender WAS IN DIRECT CONFLICT TO AC PRIVLEDGE. Now, cherry pick evidence that helps, hiding atrocious lies!
I have suffered INCREDIABLE losses; life, livelihood, and have CRIED FOR HOURS ON END due to such egregious LIES!!! That now, get hidden, as the STATE, who worked IN CONCERT with my public defender, ILLEGAL, decided to hide all I DISPROVED!!! WTF!!!
Mountains of lies, mountains of emails, which set a whole narrative, FULLY DISPROVEN, disappear. Why? WHY!!!!!!!!!! Desperation. This is not normal. Attacks in court, Hacks the same weekend of the state amending charges, kept from these files, FOR JUST THESE REASONS!!!
Really, I can prove, utterly prove all these things, including how the victim lied again to police, OMITTED TAKING PICTURES JUST DAYS BEFORE WITH MY OWN FAMILY. WHILE OUT DOING HARD DRUGS WITH THAT PERSON. This, this is utterly insane. This is reckless. This is egregious. This...
Is the very definition of overreaching. This, is the very definition of insane. This is the very definition of WTF and #SHITSHOW. Literally, my god people. WTF!!!!!
Why does everyone get to change their stories? Why does everyone get to act in COMPLETE MALICE? Why is this allowed? Why are attacks in court, by those sworn to protect us, all the while keeping me from files, LEGAL? Like, seriously, this is the most egregious shitshow.
I cannot find nice words for these happenings to me. These are all malicious actions. A years long effort that gets swept under the rug after I HAVE TO LIVE THEM FOR ALMOST 2 full years? NO WAY!!!
You don't get to lie about living with, working, EVEN SUBMITTING EVEIDENCE OF SUCH, to have it disappear. Dozens, DOZENS of emails have no disappeared as evidence, to this regard, that show the DEPTH of LIES for the proceedings, conveniently, left out now. NO WAY!
Its like, I lived through and proved a nightmare, only to have a new nightmare IMPOSED upon me, a FULL FABRICATION AND CHERRY PICKING, and the results of said first nightmare, CAUSATION!!!!, then led as the new charges.
It is utterly the opposite of justice to do these things. Lets beat the shit out of someone, take his wallet, utterly defame him, THEN ERASE IT FROM THE RECORD, only to use the caused reaction against him. NO FUCKING WAY!
What the heck is with this? You cant just erase 3 months of lies from the record because I had to go through HELL TO PROVE THEM. 1.5 yr old subpoenas, rendered moot, ON PURPOSE, to hide the dereliction of duty and PROVES RECKLESS BEHVIOR ACROSS THE BOARD. NO WAY.
I refuse to be a victim to ANY OF THIS!! I have cried a lifetime of tears because of all these lies, to have them whisked away after disproving all of them, despite EVERY EFFORT MADE to keep me from doing so. I had to do it all myself!!!! FOR GODS SAKE... NO!
I was in parking lots crying, at places we were at mutually but the victim lied and cried stalker, so hurt of the false accusations I COULDNT MOVE. I was kept from subpoenas to prove this for 1.5 years!!!!! Only to have those things disappear from the records? NO FUCKING WAY!!!!
No way.
Every game possible is being played. AND IM NOT PLAYING ONE OF THEM!!!
These are crimes. Period.
Across the board.
And its not me.
Im living the nightmare of these people's actions and lies.
No way.
Ive lost too much life due to so many lies and crimes against me, hacks, attacks in court all in malicious manners to HURT ME!!!!

This is insane. You don't get to erase someones crimes and lies, false statements and false evidence, in order to make a better case TO RETALIATE!
You don't go from withholds, to hacks, attacks in court, and deleting mountains of lies, TO RETALIATE AND MAKE A BETTER CASE AFTER THE FIRST ONE BLEW UP, BECAUSE IT WAS ALL LIES!! WTF!!! What world is this normal in? Im suppose to be fine with this? No. No way.
This is retaliation and case tampering at the VERY DEFINITION. These are erasing crimes, in order to criminalize another. NO FUCKING WAY!!!
You don't get to cry stalker, WHILE LIVING WITH SOMEONE, PRESENT MOUTNAINS OF EVIDENCE, make someone live through a god damn nightmare, only to have it erased. After, I had to wait 1.5 years on subpoenas, PURPOSELY NOT SERVED! No way!
Over 30 pages were deleted from the original discovery, to the new one which is only 16 pages. 2/3 of a discovery disappeared because they were all gross lies, now hidden. 46 to 16. WTF?
That's how many lies and crimes were just hidden, after a 1.5 of trying to prove them, purposely kept from subpoenas to prove them, now, they get COPPERFIELDED. WOW.
Literally. 30 pages have been cut from discovery because someone cried stalker but was actually living with, working with, and sleeping with, but cried stalker. No way. Then, I'm hacked, and attacked in court, now 2/3 of a stack of lies disappears?
But somehow, this is on me? No way. You cant just omit 2/3 or literally all of the evidence, that was submitted falsely to case tamper. No way. That's beyond reckless.
Everything from the original report was deleted. There are two bits, literally out of a mountain deleted because over the last year and a half, the burden of proof was on me. WTF? That's not allowed.
It's actually over 75% of all original FALSELY SUBMITTED evidence, as other pages are mere particulars have been deleted. Why?
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident Someone deleted 90% of the original report, to hide mountains of lies.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident How is this allowed? How can someone cry stalker, when I proved all the mountain of evidence as complete lies, then its omitted afterwards? No way. I need answers, this is beyond reckless.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident People got together and decided to bury evidence that was the most vicious lies, that literally ruined my life, all to further hurt me. This is #wow. Literally, 90% of the original discovery, poof, gone.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident I have cried everyday for years now because of these accusations, have begged for the truth, all the while being kept from proving an entire discovery of lies, only once proven, its buried....
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident They took everything out except 2 emails. My God man. That's sick.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident Why? Because it's all lies. Even what's left is out of context. This is egregious.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident How can you bury 95% of the original happening? Only once is proven false, shows incredulous depth of lies, and actually, knowingly keep that from seeing the light of day?
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident You cant do these things. Normal people dont do these things. People cry for days on end, move to the furthest reaches of the next county in fear of these assaults and lies. Which I did.
@FBI @FBITampa @TheFlaBar @FLBarPresident This....I'm at a loss for words. Its brutally sick.
No way the entire case that led to everything gets buried after proven, way beyond proven, gets buried. LITERALLY every iota was deleted because it was submitted falsly. You cant cry stalker when you lived and worked together and play games and literally OMIT 95% of everything.
KIn no way is it legal to make a mountain of false statements, KNOWINGLY, cry stalker when living with, and working with someone, THEN OMIT IT!!! These are crimes upon crimes.
You people are sick.
People had to delete, LITERALLY 95% of a discovery. People had to attack me in court. Literally set me up to lash out at a judge, which I did the exact opposite. People had to keep me from subpoenas that go 1.5 yrs and only after I literally deplore they get served. Then BOOM....
This is exactly why I was kept from my discovery for months. EXACTLY WHY....There are a few other reasons too. Just like the reason behind lying under a subpoena. Just like being hushed multiple times. Cause and effect. My god, how far are you all going to go?
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