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〽I think it was last week that I said #Discernment is more important now than ever before, and I'm certain I saw my sister @SaRaAshcraft said the same thing very recently as well. The question posed in the attached post is a very valid one. Why would @GenFlynn do that?
〽Critical thinking is your very best friend in situations like these, where emotions tend to override logic.That is a fact, and I've been talking about this for months now. It costs nothing to pause and take a deeper look before rushing hastily to judgment; or worse, blindly
〽following with the "popular" crowd out of complacency or fear of rejection or just plain intellectual laziness. I see a disturbing amount of "gang" mentality being driven on this platform, and the ones who do it most often are the loudest of self-proclaimed Q supporters. Just
〽today, I retweeted several Q drops that are directly relevant to this discussion, and I did it because there are people who assume the Q drop about targeted accounts in some way legitimized the names in the partial list that was posted. Even though Q never endorsed any of them.
〽If you choose to believe that, it's entirely your prerogative. Free will is the most important thing in all of Creation. However, in the interest of seeing the bigger picture, I would strongly encourage looking at other Q drops for additional information. We've talked a lot
〽about behavior. And in situations like this, that is exactly what I personally look for. These people are governed by a set playbook and, because their options are limited, it is easy to spot them by their behavior. There will be a discernable pattern, but to see it, you must
〽set aside ego attachments. Nobody wants to discover they've been fooled or taken advantage of. I am acutely aware of that, having awakened to the abject horror that I was enslaved and abused without my knowledge or consent for my entire life. It is like a psychological rape.
〽I wrote an entire thread on the subject of behavior and specific tactics Luciferians and their minions employ, but I will reiterate some of them here. I learned the hard way to detach my emotions and look for patterns, and I realized that I could have saved myself a lot of
〽heartache if I had been doing that all along. I don't know who most of the people who authored this book are, and it really doesn't matter because no one, including Q, gets to decide for me who is to be trusted or not. What I look for is behavior, and if I see signs that the
〽playbook is being utilized, I take immediate note of that. One of the most blatant signs is people going out of their way to convince others of their legitimacy. If I've got to be sold on something, that's a huge red flag. Another tactic is reversals. It's a gaslighting tactic
〽and I've personally had at least two people try it on me in the last 24 hours. I posted about the book summary referring to the authors as "authorities" on Q, as an appeal to false external authority, and received word salad responses implying that I am working against Q, for
〽pointing out that very un-Q-like deceptive language. They tried that same crap on me when I spoke out about fake survivors; the logical fallacy being if I said they were fake, then I am actually putting other survivors in danger. It's a sneaky tactic right out of the playbook.
〽Perhaps the most common of all tactics is to attack the character of the person who raised the concern, and to encourage others to attack them as well, rather than directly addressing the issue itself. In this case, it would have been a simple matter to put a disclaimer
〽out there regarding the unfortunate wording. That would have shown integrity. Instead, they resorted immediately to tactics. That should speak volumes to the validity of this book (haha I'll leave the unintended pun😜), that such a heavy handed reaction was deemed necessary.
〽Eventually, all of those who are getting away with deception right now will be fully exposed. Until that happens, however, critical thinking is key. Q said it...don't let anyone else drive you. A sovereign being won't follow the crowd but will examine all sides of a situation.
〽A sovereign being will ask the tough questions. If you allow people to coerce you through emotion; if you fear being labeled a dissenter, or being outcast, you're not sovereign. These people may turn out to be on the side of right, but their recent behavior belies that.
〽And until more definitive information becomes available, behavior means far more than words. Ask yourself, what does #WWG1WGA really mean? And if the behavior being displayed doesn't reflect those values, then it would be wise to take note of that, going forward. /END
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