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30 pdf pages of falsely submitted evidence, cries of stalking when we were actually together, together, after 1.5 year and half of being kept from proving allegations, WERE DELETED. PURGED, EXPUNGED, COPPERFIELDED!!!
This happened. After knowing they were false too, that's why I was kept from the bank records as well. But no. And This will not happen to me. Its right there. 30 fucking pages purged from the records because they were CRIMINALLY submitted. Beyond falsely, and now, purged. No way
Want me to prove ac priv break? A day after the hack, I downloaded messages and sent over an email that's pure fraud, it shows how my ex will hide doing coke with my fam, just after sending me pictures with her, and she wrote an email that's pure fraud.
I sent it to my then public defender. The only subpoena he wrote, was to verify the cover her ass email. He then, the next weekend, was put up to probe me at 4am. I have the email. And it asks for more communications. hoping for things that would HURT ME. NOT HELP ME.
I was up, late, playing starcraft with a witness, my public defender, with someone instruction, sent me an email, this was not done alone. It's not a singular event.
The fraud email, at the time, was still hiding how she lied about 3 months of communication, and hid the fact she was out doing hard drugs with my family, and subsequently, how she then lied to the police again of mutual contact, INCLUDING SENDING ME PHOTOS DAYS BEFORE.
Tries to hide also lying of living and working together but crying stalker. That's now proven. Its fraud. Its cover her ass. It's all lies. To hide coke. To hide false statements, to hide obstruction, to hide now utterly proven lies.
At the time of the 4am email, MP was knowingly involved in a state investigation, which he held private from me, placated me, and delayed submitting other subpoenas, on purpose. I can prove this through emails.
Besides my ex trying to cover her ass, like threatening me to lie again if I get her bank records which prove she commited multiple crimes, or then lying to the police hiding mutual communication, even sending pics with my own damn family, she is hiding coke.
Its somehow ok to do all these things. Including act within a state investigation against my well being, doing everything in his power to hurt me instead of help me, including as of late attacking me in court.
These are all crimes.
These are clear violations. Ethics, protocal, and operating procedures. He went as far as not wanting to subpoena texts that would prove she knowingly threatened to lie again to police, to hide her earlier lies if I prove them.
All these things combined, are, unfathomable. But, also, major crimes. This is the second instance, would be, of the victim lying to police, including lying of taking pictures just before calling the cops and sending them to me.
This also obstruction, more false statements, and fraud. But, this also shows major crimes coming from my own public defender, and in official court transcripts will show, during his unhinged attack in open court, he will mock me, misquoting Brady Rule, as I asked for invest info
In any universe, these actions, are crimes, and what it shows the most, is the egregious actions of both the victim, and those sworn to protect me. Setup to lash out at a judge, lied to about DISCOVERYS. Yes, discoverys.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa My evidence, that my new region counsel recieved includes this cover her ass email. This is proof, as the continued and combined actions clearly show dereliction of duty and a complete disregard to any and all my rights.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I can prove a pattern. My first public defender tried to block me after keeping me from evidence, then helped lie under a subpoena then I get hushed up after the attack. And the attorney pulled...
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa It happened with my previous public defender. He did all of the above, including attacking me in court, lying of discoverys, violating all my rights then hushing me with the same standard messaging.... hushed.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa The same day they lied under a subpoena, to hide whatever, as the records clearly show a pattern to keep me from evidence, they cold cased my mothers case on fb. Going as far, now, to delete 95% of the original discovery, AND EVEN LYING IN OPEN COURT ABOUT GIVING ME MY DISCOVERY.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Not only are these utterly egregious, they document, which I have further emails to prove, a continued pattern against my well being, despite a mountain of evidence elsewise, proven false statements, obstruction, and vicious attacks from all parties but me.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa This is unacceptable. Video, which exists, will show the attack in open court, as will transcripts, if the very defined pattern of hushing me after brute lies, assaults, evidence tampering, or abuse of process isnt enough.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I have proof, multiple public defenders acted in concert with outside parties, attacked me, lied about DISCOVERYS, tried to block me and twist behavior to hide their direct assaults in a case tampering manner and against every last right I have.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa This isnt normal. And, aside from lies of stalker YET BEING TOGETHER, OR SENDING PICTURES DAYS BEFORE CRYING STALKER, The continued attacks and hushes, especially the hushed messaging, are literally insane.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I had to wait, downstairs, in the cafe in the courthouse for hours, begging for a discovery, which was slammed in my lap in false delivery and fraud, in open court, because I tried to simply, and very reasonably ask for very simple documents. A discovery.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Which now, had 95% of it, erased. Why? Case tampering.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Each of these attempts that were hushed, are shielding something, it's cleart the second attempt was to hide an attack in court TO GET ME TO LASH OUT AT A JUDGE AFTER WAITING A YEAR AND A FUCKING HALF FOR BANK RECORDS.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa The first hush was far more malicious.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa It arguably hides a doctored call from jail.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I had to risk incarceration to get it. I finally heard it in its entirety, its doctored. And, the lies, the intimidation, then the hush that followed, even now in direct fashion AGAIN, prove malicious activity. I demand answers.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I've been told all bad guys say these things. But. The difference. I'm not a bad guy. I have clear, VERY CLEAR, AND BRUTAL ACTIONS TAKING PLACE WHICH ARE CLEARLY DEFINED.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa And, they come, because they have no choice but to tamper, threaten, attack, setup even, against every last right I have, because I'm not a bad guy. In fact....
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I have more evidence in these combined actions, if an investigation isn't launched, it's an utter joke. To lie under a subpoena? To attack and setup to lash out at a judge, then get hushed each time? No fucking way. Emphasis implied.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Doctored calls, lies under subpoenas, hushed, attacks, hacks, lies of discoveries, ac priviledge a joke, false statements, obstruction, drug dealing and lies, with my own God damn family, no less, these things are unacceptable at any level. And...none of it is me.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa The toll this has is massive. I demand answers, as my situation, with all the proof I've had to literally claw for as I get no help, but is now on record, shows I had to fight all these happenings.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Against every last action being taken against me, and still I must face, but there are clearly defined laws against all these things, high laws and protocal which have gone out the window, to tamper a case. To keep me from evidence. Force trials with unfulfilled subpoenas. Yes.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa And, without showing me new discoveries. The judge, knows this all too. I was accused of delaying while trying to get subpoenas fulfilled, I have been accused of everything, but, the truth, lies in these tweets.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I didnt ask, nor deserve, any of this. I cant help the victim is a pathological liar, which I can also prove.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa I demand answers. I refuse to take another ounce of the shadiest happenstances I've seen in my entire life. All, outside the law, even hushed.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa Aside from hushed, spun in an effort clearly against my well being to hide, vilified to the highest orders while being attacked with no recourse of laws and rights, by those even sworn by oaths to protect me.
@ACLU @ACLUFL @FLBarNews @FLBarPresident @TheFlaBar @FBI @FBITampa All of these actions are chores of the wicked, while I, do, and have always done just the opposite, begged for civility and truth.
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