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Especially for #InternationalWomensDay2019 a thread about how most women don’t pay for their education and how men subsidise them entirely. Some of the technicalities of this thread are UK-specific so not applicable to other countries.
The vast vast majority of women who enter higher education receive their education entirely for free, while men have no way out from student loans and tuition fees. This is without even considering the huge number of scholarships and grants that are only available to women.
To understand how an entire gender is subsidised, we need to go all the way back to school. Education at all levels favours women due to female teachers & teaching methods and anti-male bias. Thus, girls easily achieve the grades needed for their already dumbed down uni courses.
To add to this, girls will more likely go with the educational flow and flock to uni. Few women go into trades, apprenticeships or entrepreneurship because they are more risk-averse and are more attracted to the social kudos given to uni degrees. Anything to avoid actual work!
So, the girl finishes school and enters college. For 3/4 years she receives government money to get drunk every night, chase the rugby captain’s cock, and - maybe - do some studying for a useless degree in a non-demanding humanities subject.
Mum and Dad will also make sure their little princess gets some extra “pocket money” every month to make sure she can rent in a nice area away from all those nasty non-alpha incels on campus and so she doesn’t need a part-time job to distract from study (cock).
After 3/4 years she graduates with reasonable grades in a useless degree that is no use to anyone. She moves to London because that is where all of her friends have gone and struggles to get a job in media or fashion. Mum and Dad pay for her rent that she shares with friends.
Jobs are available but the only ones that would accept someone with a 2:2 in English Lit aren’t attractive and require too much work. Our heroine then solely pursues unpaid work or internships in more glamourous industries.
While she works for free in a media company, Mum and Dad (plus a revolving posse of beta males) fund her rent and lifestyle. Student loans go unpaid because she isn’t actually earning (this is where the UK and US systems differ).
Finally, in her mid to late 20s (if she hasn’t gone back into education) she will start to earn a salary. However, it will barely exceed the minimum £21,000 threshold so she pays back nothing or very little for her student loans.
Simultaneously to all this, she will be on the lookout for a man to marry because all her friends are doing it and she doesn’t want to be left out. If she is paying back any student loan money it will be more than covered by the free gifts/dinners provided by her beau.
Congrats! The girl finally marries. With marriage, she suddenly feels a deep emptiness. She realises she doesn’t really like work. She’s been sold a lie. Getting up in the morning is tough and all the office politics are draining. Is this how life was meant to be?
One “Sorry darling, I know I said I was on the pill but oops I forgot!” later, she is out of the office and back at home earning sweet sweet maternity leave money thanks to her woke employer’s generous labour laws. No more work and no more fees!
Every time the maternity leave is about to run out, repeat the process another 1 or 2 times. This buys years of maternity leave and thanks to female friendly European laws you can’t be fired or replaced! Hubby of course needs to man the fuck up and provide more.
The next few years are a dream of finger painting, baking cupcakes, and box wine while the kids are at school. Maybe the woman will return to work, but it will be part time and certainly not a level to pay back any pesky student loans.
End result...she is a kept woman, mostly men pay for her to have an education (often costing £25,000-£30,000 not including primary school, junior school and secondary school) which of course she has wasted.
The eternal female strategy of maximising resources and minimising responsibility by offloading it onto men wins again, all backed up by Daddy Government.
What of those few women who follow government calls to get into trades? Well, from my own experience, when they join these programs they get all their tools paid for while guys do not. A lot of girls then drop out and sell it all and pocket the money.
All of these unpaid loans and fees add up leading to higher rates and interest rates paid by - you guessed it - men. A whole generation of men are transformed into work horses so that women can basically LARP in their careers.
My advice to any man in the UK Student Loan system: DO NOT PAY BACK A PENNY. Get your degree and leave the country permanently. The Student Loan Company is useless and if you move abroad they can never track you down if you cut off all contact.
Don’t be put off by the scare stories of them finding you, they will never actually spend money in hiring private investigators. Besides, plenty of foreign students (especially EU) take UK student loans them simply disappear back to their home countries after graduation.
They’re playing the system so you should too. Asia, Australia, the UAE... all good places to stay and earn the big bucks without subsidising fat British women’s education.
You may worry about returning to the UK when you’re old: Don’t. All student loans are written off at age 55 anyway. Plus, why go back? Britain is a pozzed shithole that has betrayed its men at every opportunity.
So Happy International Women’s Day to all my readers and remember that the truly strong, independent and capable sex don’t need a day of back-slapping and virtue signalling to brainwash the world into believing something that isn’t true. Be independent men and don’t be duped.
(Conclusion to the girl’s story: she returns to the workforce in her 40s then complains on social media about not earning as much as a man who didn’t stay at home finger-blasting for the last 20 years)
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