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Page 22
Mr. Gowdy. Why did you tell the Bureau that?
Mr. Ohr. I wanted them to be aware of any possible bias or,
you know, as they evaluate the information, they need to know the
Page 24
...I mean, with Steele,
if I remember correctly, in late July --
Mr. Ohr. Yes.
Mr. Gowdy. -- at a breakfast with Mrs. Ohr?
Mr. Ohr. Yes. @Joestradamus91
Page 25
Mr. Ohr. At some point, I believe in the fall of 2016, I met
with him and Lisa Page, as I told you before.
Mr. Gowdy. Why? Why did you meet with them?
Mr. Ohr. To pass the latest information that I had received.
P 25 Mr. Gowdy. How did you find out who to meet with? Who did
you call to find out?
Mr. Ohr. So, prior to that meeting, I had -- okay. After the July 30th meeting with Chris Steele, I wanted to provide the information he had given me to the FBI. I reached out for Andrew McCabe
Jan 11/17. Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire #LeshchenkoChalupaConnection…
#Leshschenko was one of Nellie's sources and the Ukrainian Court has ruled that his disclosures were MEDDLING in our 2016 election. Why has @FoxNews reported this? #MockingbirdMedia #EnemyOfThePeople
Page 26
Mr. Gowdy. So the Steele and Simpson information, you were
the conduit to Peter Strzok?
Mr. Ohr. Yes. I -- they may have had other conduits
certainly with respect to Mr. Steele, but yes, I did.
Last night's Hannity was pretty explosive @AnnieAsheFields @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1

****NO really, NEW information, not just whining Democrats think Orange Man Bad***
Page 26
Mr. Gowdy. In July of 2016, Chris Steele emailed you and
made reference to, and I'll quote, "our favorite business tycoon."
Mr. Ohr. Yes.
Mr. Gowdy. Who was he referring to?
Mr. Ohr. Oleg Deripaska.
Page 26
Mr. Gowdy. How did you know that that's who he was referring
Mr. Ohr. We had had conversations prior to that time about
Oleg Deripaska earlier that year.
REMEMBER Feinstein poisoned the well with her 2018 JAN leak of the Simpson transcript...How? Listen here.
Also worth noting Ohr's name pops up in some very damning emails from the financial crisis
Cannot recommend this documentary enough
*37:10 in you see Ohr's name @Joestradamus91 @JarradKushner @jodieiscool1 @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @DawsonSField
Page 29
Mr. Ohr. So Chris Steele provided me with basically three
items of information. One of them I've described to you already,
the comment that information supposedly stated and ➡️➡️👌🤣made by the
head, former head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. ⬅️⬅️
Page 29 Item 2
Mr. Ohr. So Chris Steele provided me with basically three
items of information. One of them I've described to you already,
the comment that information supposedly stated and made by the
head, former head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.
Page 29
And then the third item he mentioned was that Paul Hauser,
who was an attorney working for Oleg Deripaska, had information
about Paul Manafort, that Paul Manafort had entered into some kind
of business deal with Oleg Deripaska...…
F*ck all the noise...we need the date it relates to DiFi leak @BenKTallmadge @DawsonSField
Page 30
Mr. Ohr. I looked at my 302s in preparation for my testimony
with the Senate Intelligence Committee back in January of this
Who was this Ukrainian billionaire's lobbyist?

HINT: He now represents Cohen @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport…
Page 32
Mr. Gowdy. How much of what Chris Steele told you would have
ever come out in a courtroom?
Mr. Ohr. I'm not sure it would have. I --
Mr. Gowdy. Oh, I'm --
Mr. Ohr. This was source information.
Mr. Gowdy. I'm pretty sure it would not.
Mr. Ohr. Right.
Mr. Gowdy. Why not?
Mr. Ohr. It was source information. It was #hearsay.
Page 32
Mr. Gowdy. Why would that information not come in a courtroom? Why is hearsay not allowed?
Mr. Ohr. We don't -- the #RulesOfEvidence are try to ensure that we have, you know, first-person evidence for a courtroom. @jodieiscool1 @BenKTallmadge
Page 34
Mr. Gowdy. And the most powerful tool you have to eliminate
the truth is what? I'll give you a hint. It's in the Sixth
Mr. Ohr. Cross-examination.
Mr. Gowdy. You get to confront the people, right? You get
to cross them?
Mr. Ohr. Yes.
Mr. Gowdy. So best-case scenario, best-case scenario, it's double hearsay. Worst-case scenario, we don't have any -- it could be quintuple hearsay, right?
Mr. Ohr. I think -- I don't know. It definitely is hearsay, and it was source information, which is what I was telling theFBI
Page 39
Mr. Gowdy. That would be a good assumption. So Chris Steele
was working for Fusion GPS and the FBI at the same time?
Mr. Ohr. Yes, I believe so.
Mr. Gowdy. Was he being paid by both?
Mr. Ohr. I believe so.…
P 40
Mr. Gowdy. If I remember correctly, the only sources of
information for you were Simpson, Steele, and Mrs. Ohr.
Mr. Ohr. Yes. Outside the government, yes.
Mr. Gowdy. What was the last part?
Mr. Ohr. Outside the government, yes.
*Does that mean REDACTED govt?* @DawsonSField
P 43
Mr. Gowdy. Who did you give the sticks to?
P 44
Mr. Ohr. The agent. Yes.
Mr. Gowdy. Which agent?
Mr. Ohr. I believe at this point it was Joe Pientka.
Mr. Gowdy. Did you get a receipt?
Mr. Ohr. No.
Mr. Gowdy. No chain of custody receipt?
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1
Page 49 "The only time information went the other way -- it
wasn't information -- was when the FBI asked me to convey to Chris
would he be willing to meet with them again and I did that. "…
What else was going on at the time?…
#MemoWars started Jan 04/18
Page 49
Mr. Gowdy. And your testimony is someone at the Bureau was
willing to reengage with Christopher Steele.
Mr. Ohr. Yes.…
Page 62 Ohr "I believe I met Chris Steele for the first time around
2007. That was an official meeting. At that time, he was still
employed by the British Government...."…
Page 69
BY MS. SHEN: Q So I am going to introduce as exhibit 1 a July 1, 2016, email from yourself to Chris Steele with the subject matter "Availability for a Skype com with CDS?" Mr. Ohr, are you familiar with this email chain?
A Yes.
Page 72 Q Did you, in fact, talk to Mr. Simpson about these
A I believe I spoke with Mr. Simpson a few weeks later in

Page 75 Q During this meeting, did you also talk about the Trump
campaign and the fall election?
A Yes. The Carter Page information I think was
significant because there was some sort of connection, at ➡️least in
the press⬅️👌 I think, between Carter Page and the Trump campaign.
Feb 24/18. Intel Committee Ranking Member Schiff Releases Democratic Response Memo…
So what's the big deal? Weissman is Mueller's deputy
Page 79…
"The caveat I would say is, I continued to have some conversations with Christopher Steele ➡️after May 15, 2017⬅️. I've reported all of those to the FBI, but I do not see any 302s relating to those conversations. "
Page 84 @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1…
Mr. Meadows. So you gave no commentary on the validity of
what the source told you or what you thought? You gave no
Mr. Ohr. I --
Mr. Meadows. Your 302s don't suggest that.
Mr. Ohr. No. I warned them that my wife work for Fusion
Mr. Meadows. When did you do that?
Mr. Ohr. When I first spoke with Mr. McCabe.
Mr. Meadows. In August of 2016?
Mr. Ohr. Yes, uh-huh.
Page 98
MEADOWS: I have credible evidence that would suggest that your understanding is the FBI actually helped Mr. Deripaska figure out how to get here officially?
Are you aware of any of those conversations where he would come as a business delegation with the U.N.?
Did Nellie go to work for a government contractor in SEP 2016? Same VeriSign? @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @CarrollQuigley1…
Worth noting this is the FIRST request to go off the record so far...with what we have been dealing with, going 98 pages without an interruption is in incredible.

Page 100
MEADOWS: Was there an unofficial coordination that the FBI terminated and now they're recognizing you're this backdoor conduit to get them the information?
Page 104 RE Simpson📞➡️Ohr 1/20/17:

Mr. Ohr. He was concerned that one of the sources, Chris Steele's sources, was going to be supposed and that would put the source in personal danger.

Related? @Joestradamus91 @We_Have_Risen @BenKTallmadge
They got them from BRUCE OHR 07/30/16 & there’s documentary proof THREAD:

@ChuckRossDC : "Ohr’s testimony, a transcript of which was published Friday, also confirms reports that Simpson was the source of a heavily disputed allegation about conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell."…
Ms. Cleta Mitcell on 09/08/18 @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @stranahan
Demotion 1 of 2 page 143…
Demotion 2 of 2 : AG didn't want Ohr having ANY contact with the White House 😂😂@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @We_Have_Risen Pages 144 - 145…
Just for fun 05/28/18 Caputo response to Clapper's botched appearance on the View and predicts when all is done Clapper et al will be in orange jumpsuits @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @We_Have_Risen @MadAddictSport @themarketswork
So who is Jim Crowell?
06/20/17 Two important political appointees were named to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s team at the Department of Justice Monday.…
12/06/17Attorney General Jeff Sessions today announced that James A. Crowell IV has been named Acting Director for the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA).…
Schools left the DOJ in JUL 2018

07/05/18 Rod Rosenstein's right-hand man is stepping down from the Justice Department…
07/09/18 DOJ's Scott Schools Heads to Uber as Chief Compliance Officer…
Crowell is still around and appears to be doing well...
02/25/19Meet the Director, James A. Crowell IV (“Jim”) serves as the Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA).…
Worth noting Schools' departure aligns with OIG approaching Ohr in JUL 2018
Page 146

Q Have you at any point been approached by the
Department's Inspector General's Office regarding your contacts
with Mr. Steele?
A Yes.
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport
Q If you can, share approximately when that occurred? I
won't pry into the details of it.
A I think it was in July --
Q And have you fully cooperated with his request?
A Yes.
Q To the best of your --
A Yes.
Thank you MS. HARIHARAN!!! Page 155

"...with regards to when Mr. Steele was officially terminated as a
for the FBI..."
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1…
Yes I freaking know we are already knew that! It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside for a Democrat investigator to say it!
Page 155
ANSWER: A Well, the conversations or the texts that are reported on in this article all follow the FBI asking me to ask Chris if he would be willing to meet with them again.
I conveyed that to Chris Steele. He conveyed back to me that he was interested. @jodieiscool1
Page 156 OHR:
"A It's kind of speculation, I think, on my part. I mean,
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @Joestradamus91 @jodieiscool1 @We_Have_Risen @909946zill…
Demotion 2 of 2 con't on Page 241…
@TheLastRefuge2: "No-one spends that much time gathering, formatting and distributing that much information for free. She had/has to be a government contracted employee for the DOJ. [At least she was in 2015 and 2016]"
Transcript complete.
Mr. Ohr. She had an ongoing contract with something called
➡️Plusis (ph) that does training for law enforcement on, among other
things, cybersecurity.⬅️ I don't recall if she earned money from
them during the -- late 2015 to September 2016.
Ohr testified that he did not disclose until after Sep 16 meeting that Steele was unstable (my words).
Upon information and belief, @TheLastRefuge2 is confident Nellie works for govt and always has. Specifically, tweets in the same time frame as ➡️Plusis⬅️are featured in this article @BenKTallmadge @jodieiscool1…
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